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Full text of "A genealogical account of the Mayo and Elton families of the counties of Wilts and Hereford; with an appendix, containing genealogies, for the most part not hitherto published, of certain families allied by marriage to the family of Mayo:"

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(js Chapter I. The Origin and Local Diftribution of the Name of Mayo, with fome General Notes on 
N^Perfons and Families that have borne it. _1_jL356SS 

v « Chapter II. Elton of Hazle in the Parifli of Ledbury, in the County of Hereford, with Defcendants in 

I the Hall, Watts, and Prichard Families, and an Account of the Elton Foundation at Brafenofe College, Oxford. 

Chapter III. Mayo of Bodenham and Hope-under-Dinmore in the County, and of the Parifli of S. Peter in 
, ^ the City of Hereford. 

Chapter IV. John Mayo of Devizes, in the County of Wilts, and the Defcendants of his eldeft fon, John 
Mayo, Vicar of Avebury. 

Chapter V. Charles Mayo of S. Peter's in Hereford, with the Defcendants of his fon, Charles Mayo, M.A. 

V) Chapter VI. Herbert Mayo, D.D., fon of Charles Mayo of S. Peter's in Hereford, with his iflue to the 
prefent day. 

Chapter VII. Thomas Mayo and William Mayo, M.A., fons of Charles Mayo of S. Peter's in Hereford, 
together with the Offspring of Thomas Mayo. 

Chapter VIII. Jofeph Mayo, fon of Charles Mayo of S. Peter's in Hereford, and his Defcendants in England, 
the United States, and South Auftralia. 

Chapter IX. Appendix. A Brief Account of certain Families which have intermarried with the Family of 


Y attention was firft drawn to the hiftory of my own family at an 
interview with the Rev. Edward Hawkins, D.D., the Venerable 
Provoft of Oriel College in Oxford, on 28th February, 1863. 
He afked me on that occafion what relationfhip I bore to Thomas 
Mayo, M.D., who, like his father, John Mayo, M.D., had been 
a Fellow of that Houfe. I was unable at the time to give more 
than the vague reply that a relationfhip exifted, though I could not ftate the precife 
degree, but I then refolved to put myfelf in a pofition to anfwer in time to come any 
queftions of a fimilar character which might arife. I found ready to my hand a 
quantity of valuable material for ■ a genealogy, which had been collected fome years 
before by my mother, whofe thoughts had been turned in that direction by inquiries 
from perfons of the family name in the United States. Into her labours I then 
entered, and by flow degrees, and by employing intervals of leifure which from time 
to time occurred, I have collected the further material, of which, together with that 
previoufly at my command, the prefent memoirs are compofed. 

The plan I have here adopted has been to point out in an introductory chapter 
thofe families of the name of Mayo which I have met with in my inquiries, as a guide 
to others who may follow me in the fame field of genealogical refearch, prefaced by 
fome remarks upon the name and arms, and then to give an account of the Elton 
family of Hazle in the parifh of Ledbury, Herefordfhire, from which four branches 
of my own family are defcended, and thus claim kindred with John Elton alias 
Baker, Canon of Sarum, the founder of the Elton Fellowfliip at Brafenofe College 
in Oxford. In the fucceeding chapters I have given, in the form of a narrative, the 
hiftory of my own family, concluding with fliort notices of fome other families allied 
to it by marriage, the pedigrees of which, for the moft part, have not been publifhed 
hitherto. The folding pedigree exhibits the Elton and Mayo families in a convenient 
form for reference, and traces a defcent from Charles the Great. Anderfon's " Royal 
Genealogies," Dugdale's "Baronage," Harl. MSS. 1396 and 1982 (" Vifitation of 
Shropfhire "), Vincent MSS., Royal College of Arms, Meyrick's " Heraldic Vifita- 

The Occa- 
fion of the 
writing of 
this Book, 

with the 






viii Preface. 

tions of Wales," " Stemmata Shirleiana," Robinfon's " Manfions and Manors of 

Herefordfhire," and many other works have been confulted during its compofition. 

and the I have to exprefs my thanks to all the members of the Mayo family, who have fo 

received"?n readily given me all the information at their command, and alfo to many other perfons 

compofing w j 10 ^ ave cour teoufly affifted me in various ways, and allowed me to take extracts 

from regifters, MSS., and documents of various kinds in their cuftody or poffeffion, 

among whom I may particularly mention the authorities of Brafenofe College, 

Oxford, of Belmont Priory, Herefordfhire, Sir Albert W. Woods, Garter King of 

Arms, Colonel Chefter, Rev. C. J. Robinfon, W. H. Cooke, Efq., QX:., G. H. 

Sawtell, Efq., and Dr. Robert Druitt. 

The particular fources of information confulted, beyond thofe already mentioned, 
need not be enumerated here, as they will be named in their proper places in the text 
of the volume. In conclusion, I beg the kind indulgence of the reader for any 
defects in the prefent work which may prefent themfelves to the eye of the practifed 
genealogift. My only defire is that what is here recorded may be of ufe and intereft 
to generations yet unborn, which might otherwife be unmindful of the ftock from 
whence they fprang. 

C. H. M. 


The edition of this work is limited to 250 copies, of which a few 
remain not yet difpofed of, and for which an early application is advifable. 
Copies of the large Pedigree on thick paper, fuitable for framing, may be 
had at five millings each, and copies of the engraving of the Interior of the 
Hall of Chefhunt Great Houfe at two and fixpence. 

Apply to Rev. C. H. Mayo, 

Long Burton Vicarage, 


vii^jji-u uuvrn ana icuulcu lu may uy me iuis or its concluding lynaoie. une 
leflbn, however, is taught by this variety and diverfity, viz., the identity of Mayhew is identical 
and Mayo, 1 and from this confederation a ray of light is thrown upon the derivation Mayhew, 
of the name. 

The common fuppofition that the name takes its origin from the Irifh town muft 
at once be laid afide. And, indeed, the name appears to be as rare in Ireland as it is 
common in England, for, to take a Angle illuftration, while thirty-four 2 perfons of 

1 Compare the name Walthew and its variant Waltho. (" Herald and Genealogift," 1 864, 
page 312.) 

2 Of thefe thirty-four Oxford graduates, twenty-five are accounted for in the fucceeding chapters 
as defcendants of John Mayo, of Devizes, Wilts. 


viii Preface. 

tions of Wales," " Stemmata Shirleiana," Robinfon's ct Manfions and Manors of 

Herefordfhire," and many other works have been confulted during its compofition. 

and the I have to exprefs my thanks to all the members of the Mayo family, who have fo 

received in readily given me all the information at their command, and alfo to many other perfons 

lpofing w foo have courteoufly affifted me in various ways, and allowed me to take extracts 

from regifters, MSS., and documents of various kinds in their cuftody or pofleflion, 

among whom I may particularly mention the authorities of Brafenofe College, 

Oxford, of Belmont Priory, Herefordfhire, Sir Albert W. Woods, Garter King of 

Arms, Colonel Chefter, Rev. C. J. Robinfon, W. H. Cooke, Efq., Q;C., G. H. 

Sawtell, Efq., and Dr. Robert Druitt. 

The particular fources of information confulted, beyond thofe already mentioned, 
i -^ i ^a u^ oo thpv will be named in their proper places in the text 




The Origin and Local Distribution of the Name of Mayo, with some 
General Notes on Persons and Families that have borne it. 

HE name of Mayo is found occurring in various parts of the The name 
world, and under widely different circumftances. It has been ° ayo 
appropriated to an Irifh. town and county, to an ifland of the 
Cape de Verde group, to an anaefthetic compound of hemp in ufe 
among the Chinefe, to a game at which Lord Strafford played 
" excellently well," to a dandy frequenting the bull-fights, and to 
the Grand Vizier of the King of Dahomey. Regarded, however, as an Englifh family 
name, it is moft frequently met with in the fouth and weft of this ifland, and few 
parifh regifters in the counties of Hereford, Gloucefter, Wilts, and Dorfet, can be 
opened without prefenting us with examples. It is fpelt in many ways, varying from 
the extended form of Mayhowe to that of Mao, and often, as it will prefently appear, 
clipped down and reduced to May by the lofs of its concluding fyllable. One 
leffon, however, is taught by this variety and diverfity, viz., the identity of Mayhew is identical 
and Mayo, 1 and from this consideration a ray of light is thrown upon the derivation Mayhew, 
of the name. 

The common fuppofition that the name takes its origin from the Irifh town muft 
at once be laid afide. And, indeed, the name appears to be as rare in Ireland as it is 
common in England, for, to take a fingle illuftration, while thirty-four 2 perfons of 

1 Compare the name Walthew and its variant Waltho. (" Herald and Genealogift," 1 864, 
page 3 iz.) 

2 Of thefe thirty-four Oxford graduates, twenty-five are accounted for in the fucceeding chapters 
as defcendants of John Mayo, of Devizes, Wilts. 


The Origi?i and Local Dijlribution 

occurs as a 

to Mat- 

It is further 
reduced to 
" May." 

the name of Mayo, and eight or more of Mayow, graduated at Oxford between 1659 
and 1868, no perfon fo called is to be found among the graduates of Dublin from 
1 59 1 to the prefent day. 

John D'Alton, at page 159 of his " Illuftrations Hiftoric and Genealogical of King 
James II/s Army Lift," commenting on the name of George Mayo, a Lieutenant in 
Sarsfield's Regiment of Horfe, ftates that " this furname does not occur again in the 
Lift, nor does it appear in the roll of outlawries either of 1641 or 1671. Some 
' Meaghs ' and ' Moyaghs ' do appear therein. The name of Mayowe is in the 
Chancery Rolls as in Kerry in the fourteenth century ; that of Mayhew alfo occurs in 
Irilh Records of about the fame period; and in a Roll of afleflment of fines laid 
upon Sheriffs, Mayors, Senefchalls, &c, of record in the Chief Remembrancer's 
Office here (Dublin), is one of Geoffrey Mayhoo in 1428." 

But to return to England, an early occurrence of the name, and in its extended 
form, is found in Glover's Roll of Arms, fuppofed by Sir Harris Nicolas to date from 
between 1245 and 1250. Herbert le Fitz Mayhewe (No. 78) is there mentioned as 
bearing " pty dazur & de goulz oue trois leonfeaux rampants d'or ; " and Woodward 
in his " Hiftory of Wales," page 415, narrates that according to the old copy of 
S. David's annals the Welfh flew Sir Herbert Fitz-Mahu, apparently in 1246, near 
the caftle of Morgan Cam. The fame Roll of Arms gives the clue to the origin of 
the name. On three occafions Mahewe is ufed as a Chriftian name ; in the cafe of 
Mahewe de Lovayne (No. 116), Maheu de Columbers (No. 191), and Maheu de 
Redmain (No. 218). There can be little doubt that it is here a foftened form of 
Matthew. Bardfley, in his " Englifh Surnames," mentions two other inftances, — Adam 
fil. Maheu from the Hundred Rolls, and Mayeu de Bafingbourne from the Parlia- 
mentary Writs, — and takes the fame view of its origin. Lower, in his" Patronymica 
Britannica," page 219, under the name Matthew ftates that "This baptifmal 
name introduced here at the Conqueft has not only become a furname but the parent 
of many others ; to wit, Mathew, Matthews, Matthewfon, Mathie, Mathiefon, 
Matfon, Mayhew, Mayo, Matts, Matty, Maddy, Madifon." Under Mayow, 
Mayhew, page 221, he fays again, " Probably one of the many modifications of 
Matthew." 1 

It has already been ftated that the name has fuffered a ftill further reduction by 
the lofs of its final fyllable, and inftances may be given where an uncertainty has 
appeared to exift as to the form of fpelling to be adopted. For example : Walter 
Mayo vel Meye admiffus in artibus 26 January, 151 1 (Gough MS. 7. Bod: Lib:); 

1 The Foul Fiend himfelf rejoices in the poiTeffion of this name- 
" The Prince of Darknefs is a Gentleman, 
Modo he's call'd, and Mahu.' 1 

King Lear, Aft iii., Scene 4. 

of the name of Mayo. 3 

the will of Robert Mayo of Broughton Gifford, gent., 16 November, 1572, in the 
Prerogative Court, though his family name was ufually written May, as in the Wilt- 
fhire Vifitations; the will of Henry Mayo alias May of Kellways, Wilts, 1661, 
proved in the Court of the Archdeacon of Wilts ; and the will of Maria Florentia 
Mayo, proved P. C. C. 12 April, 1677, where the name occurs fometimes as May, 
and at other times as Mayo. Here too the teftimony of armorial bearings can be 
adduced, for while " Sable a chevron between three rofes argent a chief or " is 
afcribed to Mayo, the fame bearings with variations in tincture only are afcribed to 
May of Charterhoufe, Somerfet (from Wiltlhire), May of Exeter and others. 
Curioufly enough a family in North Carolina has changed its name back from May 
to Mayo within the laft fixty years. 1 

If it be granted that the genefis of the name has here been correctly given, and 
that it belongs to that wide clafs of names derived from Chriftian names, it will 
readily be underftood that many families of the fame name may be looked for, which 
are quite diftinct from each other in their origin, and that a common appellation is 
here no indication of a common anceftry ; and the reader will fee that this fact, com- 
bined with the great diverfity of fpelling, varying from Mayhew to May, has ren- 
dered the tracing of an early pedigree no eafy matter, and he is requefted to pardon 
any fhortcomings on this fcore. 

It may be well to point out the habitat of fome few Mayo families. To begin Famiiie 
with Cornwall. Pedigrees of Mayhowe of Loftwithiel, and of Mayow of Looe, 
Bray, and Morval, are given in the Vifitations ; from the latter defcends in the female feated in 
line the prefent family of Wynell-Mayow. Here alfo belonged John Mayow, Fellow 
of All Souls College, the diftinguifhed Oxford philofopher of the feventeenth century, 
and that Mayow of Clevyan in S. Columb Major, who was hanged on a tavern fign- 
poft as a rebel againft the injunctions of Edward VI. concerning religion. Mayow's 
wife delayed afking for his releafe till too late, by reafon of her adorning herfelf with 
a French Hood! (Gilbert's " Hift. of Cornwall," vol. ii., page 198). 

Dorset contains many perfons of the name, and a fhort pedigree is given in one Dorfet, 
of the Vifitations, but here it is now chiefly confined to the yeomanry of the county. 
A few of its poflefTors have entered holy orders. 

The name is common in Gloucestershire, as at Kempley in the north, at Gioucefter- 
Tetbury and at Charfield in the fouth of the county. From Francis Mayo of Char- Ire ' 
field fprang the family feated at Bayford, Herts, which gave a High Sheriff" to that 
county in 1668. 

Herefordshire, again, is well fupplied with this family name. To take a fingle Hereford- 
inftance, the regifters of Much Marcle are embarraffingly full of it. Hence was ire ' 

1 Kindred names are Mayot, Maycock, and Mayos, — the former two being equivalent to " Little 
Matthew," the latter to " Matthews." 

have borne 

4 The Origin and Local Dijlribution 

derived James Mayo of Tottenham, whofe pedigree is in the Middlefex Vifitation of 
North- From Holmden, Northamptonshire, came Henry Maio alias Nichols, of 

ampton- Southam, Warwickfhire, whofe pedigree is in the Vifitation of the latter county in 

Middlefex, Another family of Mayo was formerly fettled at Hadley, Middlesex. 

Norfolk The Norfolk and Suffolk Vifitations give pedigrees of Mayhew, the former 

and Suffolk, at cupped am j Billockby, the latter at Clopton, Helmingfton, and Bedingfield. 

This flight fketch may be fufficient to indicate fome of the localities where 
and wnt- families of Mayo are now or were formerly to be found. Wiltshire ftill remains, 
referved to the laft as particularly interefting to thofe who are concerned with the 
contents of this volume. More than one family of the name are here found. 
Mayow of Dinton figures in the Vifitations of 1565 and 1623, and from this fource 
probably fprang Thomas Mayhew who emigrated to Bofton from Salifbury between 
1630-40, and whofe defendants are numerous in New England. Berwick S. John 
had alfo for fome generations a family of the fame name. Poulfhot was the home 
of another family which alfo has given its offspring to the New World, and from 
William Mayo who emigrated about 1720 has arifen one of the moft influential 
families of Virginia. It may be remarked that in the Poulfhot Regifter the name is 
written as May previous to 1635, as May and Mayo indifcriminately between 1635 
and 1 640, and as Mayo after the year laft named. At Chippenham refided Jenkin 
Maye, who married a daughter of Sir Hugh Spencer, and was the anceftor of May of 

SCharterhoufe, Somerfet, bearing " Sable, a chevron or between three 
rofes argent, a chief of the fecond." At Devizes was married, in 
( 1 67 1, John Mayo, from whom are deduced the numerous offspring 
^^a&B whofe generations are chronicled in the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th 
<^v/y chapters of this volume. His defcendants in their various branches 
^mS^a' have borne for arms, Sable, a chevron between three rofes argent, 
\^ a chief or; — a dove with olive branch in its mouth proper, for 

mayo. cfefl; • anc i the motto, " Nuncia Pacis Oliva." 

coats of It ma y here be noted that there are certain diftinct types of arms borne by 

arms con- f ammes f this name. 

netted with 

this name. i t Where the fhield bears three ducal or creft coronets, as in the arms of Mayo 

of Cornwall, of Dorfet, of Bayford from Gloucefterfhire, of Virginia from Poulfhot, 
and Mayhew of Suffolk and Norfolk. 

2. Where we have a chevron charged with five lozenges between three birds, — 
which is attributed to Mayo of Dinton only. 

3. Where the charge is a woodman or wildman, with a club over his fhoulder, 
borne by Sir Peter Mayo (according to Guillim), and depicted on the monument of 
William Mayo at Brington, Northampton fhire ; and alfo borne by a family of Mayer. 

of the name of Mayo. 5 

4. Where rofes are the principal bearing, as in the cafe of Richard Mayo, Bifhop 
of Hereford, Mayo of Much Marcle, Tottenham and Devizes, and families of the 
name of May. 

This introductory chapter may be brought to a conclufion with a reference to a 
few remarkable perfons who have borne this family name, but who are not introduced 
in the fucceeding pages. 

Richard Mayo, otherwife Mayeo, Maiewe, Mayhowe, Mayhue, &c, was born Richard 
near Hungerford, educated at Winchefter, became Fellow of New College 1459, Bi <W° f 
Proctor, firft Prefident of Magdalen College, King's Chaplain circa 1 491, Archdeacon Hereford - 
of Oxford, 29th January, 1496, King's Almoner, was admitted "ad eundem " at 
Cambridge 1 500, Archdeacon of the Eaft Riding 1501, Prebendary of Ramfbury 
(Sarum), was fent to Spain in 1501 to bring the Lady Katharine to be married to 
Prince Arthur, and was made Chancellor of Oxford 1503, and Bifhop of Hereford 
1 ft November, 1 504. He died 1 8th April, 1 5 1 6, and his will, dated 24th March, 
15 1 5, was proved 10th May, 15 16, P.C.C., Holder 18. Arms: Argent, on a fefs 
fable between three rofes gules a lily of the firft, ftalked and leaved vert. 

John Mayo was a celebrated painter in Germany, nicknamed " John the. johnMayo, 
Bearded." He wore his beard fattened to his girdle, and though he was a very tall Bearded." 
man it hung upon the ground when he flood upright. John would fometimes untie 
it in the prefence of the Emperor Charles V., who took great pleafure in feeing the 
wind make it fly againft the faces of the lords of the court. See Encycl. Brit., 
Article " Beard," vol. iv., page 528. He was born in 1500 and died in 1559. 

Colonel Christopher Mayo had warrant 14th July, 1652, to raife 3,000 Col. 
foot in Ireland, out of fuch natives as had been in active arms againft the Parliament, M " op ei 
and tranfmit them for fervice of the King of Spain to Bilboa and St. Sebaftian and 
other parts of Spain equally diftant from England. The " Howard Papers," at page 
80, relate a defperate encounter he had in London with the Portuguefe, 21ft 
November, 1653, when he received feven dangerous wounds, and had twelve men 
on him at once, and yet drew his fword and fought with them as long as he was 
able to hold fword in hand. 

John Mayo, Esq., died 28th January, 1735, aged 78, "a great favourite with JohnMayo, 
King James II., who fettled on him for life £800 per annum, with leave to jointure vounte/*" 
a wife in £300, and he beftowed that favour on a maiden gentlewoman a few days 
before he died." — Gentleman's Magazine, vol. v., page 50. 


Elton of Hazle in the Parish of Ledbury in the County of Hereford, 
with Descendants in the Hall, Watts, and Prichard Families, 
and an Account of the Elton Foundation at Brasenose College, 

the Elton 




HE family of Elton, of which an account is given in the following 
pages, was long fettled in the county of Hereford, and was feated 
at Hazle in the parifh of Ledbury, in the latter part of the fix- 
teenth century. The Manor of Hazle had previoufly been held 
of the church of Hereford by the Walwyns for nearly 200 years. 
Thomas Walwyn held it at his death in 1531, and probably his 
fon Sir Richard Walwyn, who died in 1578, was alfo owner of the leafe. The 
Manor of Ledbury pafled into the hands of the Crown in 1559, and Anthony Elton 
was apparently the firft of his family to become pofTefTed of the eftate. His defen- 
dants continued to hold it for a confiderable period, until it was alienated in 1720 
to Jacob Tonfon, the noted London publifher. The Manor Houfe ftill exifts, and 
though much altered, and converted into a farm refidence, retains the oak wain- 
fcoting in the principal room, with the Elton arms and creft above the fireplace, and 
a ftaircafe of oak with carved wicket-gate and baluftrade. 

But the earlier home of the family was at Elton in the county of Chefter, a 
fcion of which houfe entered Herefordfhire, probably under the aufpices of Bifhop 

In Ormerod's Hiftory of that county, vol. ii., page 22, it is ftated that Thomas 
de Helton was witnefs to a grant of land in Hapsford along with Peter le Roter, 
Lord of Thornton, Ranulph Redtor of Thornton, and others, about the year 1268. 
His fon Thomas flourifhed in the reign of Edward II., whofe fon, another Thomas 
de Helton, died before his father, leaving a daughter, Felicia, coheirefs to her grand- 
father, and married to William de Frodfham, (Inq: 35 Edw. III.). This family 
bore Paly of fix argent and gules, on a bend fable three mullets of the firft. 

But it is with the branch of the family fettled in Herefordfhire that we are now 

Elton of Hazle. 7 

concerned, and the narrative which follows is bafed upon the Heralds' Vifitations of 
the latter county, continued and greatly extended by extracts from parifh regifters 
and other fources of information ; and much help has been derived from the Phillipps 
MSS. preferred at Belmont Priory, near Hereford. 

The pedigree begins with William Elton of Ledbury, " de- 
fended of Elton of Elton of Chefhire." The arms affigned to his 
family are, " Paly of fix or and gules, on a bend fable three mullets 
of the firft." Creft, " a dexter arm embowed in armour argent 
tied round the arm with a fcarf vert, the gauntlet holding a fcimitar 
proper, pommel and hilt or." 

William Elton married Sybil, daughter of Roger Wilfe of Pit- 
houfe, in the parifh of Dymock, Gloucefterfhire, and had iffue two fons, William and y/\Ke, 
John, whofe names have come down to us. Allufion may be made to another fon, 
in "Letters and Papers Foreign and Domeftic of the reign of Henry VIII.," vol. i., 
page 845, where mention is made of a pardon for Edward Elton alias Baker, late of 
Ledbury, Herefordfhire, alias of Hynxfey Hall in the Univerfity of Oxford, fcholar 
alias clerk, 15th July, 15 14 (Pat: 6 Hen. VIII. p. 2. m. 7.). 

However this may be, one of the fons of William and Sybil Elton was: 

John Elton alias Baker, LL.D. This ecclefiaftic was prefented in 15 10 to the and has 
Rectory of Marlborough S. Peter, Wilts, by Edmund Audeley, Bifhop of Sarum, Elton alia" 
and in the next year, by the fame prelate, to the Vicarage of Sherfton, in the fame j^£ of 
county. On 18th June, 151 1, he was " licentiatus ad incipiendum" at Oxford, and Saram > 
5th April, 1 5 12, collated to the Prebend of South Grantham in Salifbury Cathedral. 
The next year he exchanged Marlborough S. Peter for the Wardenfhip of S. Kathe- 
rine's Hofpital, Ledbury, and on 24th October, 15 14, was made Prebendary of 
North Grantham in Salifbury Cathedral, of which he was a Canon Residentiary. 
The year 15 14 faw him further preferred to the church of Myldenhall, Wilts, by 
Walter Hungerford, Knight. 

In 1 5 1 5 he refigned the Vicarage of Sherfton, and on 9th May was made Pre- 
bendary of Withington Parva in Hereford Cathedral. In 15 17 he was alfo made 
Rector of the portion of Netherhall in the Church of Ledbury. "30 Mart. 15 17. 
Mr. Johes Elton alias Baker collatus ad Rectoriam feu Porcionem de Netherhall in 
Eccl: Ledbury, per refig: Mri. Henric' Horneby s.t.p. Penfio annua x librar. folut. 
refignanti jam feni." (Regifter Booth.) 

In 1526 he was prefented to the Vicarage of Cryckelade, Wilts, by the Dean 
and Chapter of Sarum, and a note in the Bifhop's regifter ftates, " Hie notatur de 
unione Ecclas de Myldenhall cum Eccl. Weleford." In 1529 he was made Rector 
of Childrey, Berks, and in 1534 was prefented to the Vicarage of Yetminfter, Dorfet. 

On 13th Auguft, 1539, he was collated to the Chancellorfhip of Hereford 
Cathedral, and on the 22nd of the fame month to the Prebend of Grimftone in Salif- 

Elton of Hazle. 

Founder of 
a Fellow- 
fhip at 
B. N. C. 

bury Cathedral, having refigned the Prebend of North Grantham. According to 
the Phillipps MSS. he was collated to the Archdeaconry of Hereford, 13th Auguft, 
1543, but this Statement appears to be erroneous. It would alfo feem that he was 
fometime Rector of Welford, Berks, and perhaps Vicar of Bifhops Norton, Lincoln. 
He died in 1547, and the Prebend of Grimftone, vacant by his death, was filled up on 
the 24th of Auguft of that year. 

The beft known act of his life was the foundation of a Fellowship at Brafenofe 
College, 'in the Univerfity of Oxford. By deed, dated 20th May, 1529, he gave 
lands in Stanlake and Duglington, Oxfordfhire, and in Kemmerton, Gloucefterfhire, 
to the Principal and Scholars of Brafenofe College for the maintenance of one fcholar 
of his kin from the Diocefe of Hereford or Worcefter, and he directed in default of 
fuch a perfon being found, the faid fcholar to be a native of the Diocefe of Sarum, 
or in default again to be chofen from amdng the moft fitting perfons in the 

The following is a copy of the entry in the Compofition Book of Brafenofe 
College, in the pofTeffion of the Principal, by whofe permiflion this tranfcript has 
been made: — 

The Deed 
of Founda- 

Compositio Mr i. Elton alias Baker. 

Hasc Indentura tripartita facta vicefimo die Maij Anno Regni Regis Henrici 
Octavi vicefimo inter Johannem Elton alias Baker Canonicum Ecclefias Cathedralis 
Sarum ex una parte et Thomam Ware Praspofitum Domus five Aulas beatas Maria? 
vulgariter diet: Oriel College et focios ejufdem ex altera parte et Matthasum Smith 
Principalem Aulas Regiae et Collegij de Brafen nofe in Oxonia et fcholares ejufdem 
ex tertia parte Teftatur quod prasdictus Johannes die confectionis prasfentium dedit^" 
et conceflit prasdicto Principali et Scholaribus Aulas Regiae et Collegij prasdicti terras 
tenementa reditus et fervitia cum pertinentijs in parochijs de Stanlake & Duglington 
in comitatu Oxon ad annuum valorem trium librarum trium folidorum et trium dena- 
riorum quae nuper fuerunt Philippi Fettieplace generofi ac etiam terras tenementa 
reditus & fervitia cum pertinentijs in parochia de Kemerton in comitatu Gloceftrias ad 
annuum valorem quinquaginta fex folidorum et octo denariorum quae nuper fuerunt 
Gulielmi Cotton generofi. Habend: et tenend: prasdictas terras tenementa reditus & 
fervitia cum pertinentijs praefato Principali Scholaribus & fucceflbribus fuis in per- 
petuum. Pro quibus quidem terris tenementis et reditibus et fervitijs prasdictis 
prasfati Principalis et Scholares pro fe et fucceflbribus fuis conveniunt et concedunt 
prasdicto Johanni et executoribus fuis et prasdicto Praspofito et focijs et fucceflbribus 
fuis quod ipfi et fucceflbres fui pro terris tenementis reditibus et fervitijs illis poft 
diem dat: prasfentium perpetuis et continuis temporibus accipient et exhibebunt in 
Aula Regia et Collegio prasfato Unum Scholarem de dicecefi Herefordienfi vel 

Elton of Hazle. 9 

Wigornienfi oriendum de cognatione five confanguinitate prasdicti Johannis et per 
eundem (dum vixerit) nominandum et affignandum et poft mortem dicti Johannis 
per Principalem et Scholares praefatas Aula? Regias et Collegii eligendum et admitten- 
dum modo et forma prasdictis omnino fervatis fi aliquem hujufmodi fcholarem in 
Univerfitate Oxonias prasdictae ftudio et eruditioni fe difponentem juxta ftatuta et 
ordinationes Aulas Regias et Collegij prasdicti huic prasfenti fcripto conventionali non 
repugnantia inveniri pofie contigerit et exhibitionem fuam habebit ex bonis didtae 
Aulas et Collegij ut focij et fcholares perpetui inibi habent in perpetuum et in pofterum 
habere poterunt, et fi talis in Univerfitate prasdicta inveniri non poterit in quo con- 
ventum eft fraudem feu dolum non haberi tunc in defectu hujufmodi fcholaris ea vice 
eligetur et admittetur ut fupra aliquis fcholaris idoneus ut prasmittitur in dicecefi 
Sarum oriundus quo deficiente concedunt dicli Principalis et Scholares pro fe et fuc- 
ceflbribus fuis eligere et admittere unum fcholarem ex aptioribus qui in Univerfitate 
prasdicta reperiri poterit. Et idem Principalis et Scholares pro fe et fuccefibribus 
fuis conveniunt et concedunt quod unus fcholaris juxta prasfentem ordinationem et 
fecundum ftatuta Aulas et Collegij antedicti praefenti conventioni ut prasmittitur 
confona de altera dicecefium prasdictarum vel de dicecefi Sarum et ipfarum dicecefium 
fcholaribus deficientibus de aptioribus qui in Univerfitate Oxonias prasdiclas reperiri 
poterit in perpetuum in Aulam et Collegium de Brafen nofe prasdict: recipietur et 
exinde fecundum ftatuta ejufdem amovebitur et alius in loco eorum modo et forma 
fupradictis eligetur et admittetur de tempore ad tempus in perpetuum. Et prasfati 
Principalis et Scholares pro fe et fuccefibribus fuis conveniunt et concedunt prasdiclo 
Johanni et executoribus fuis et prasdiclo Praspofito et fcholaribus quod prasdictus 
fcholaris pro tempore quo in Aula et in Collegio fupradiclo fuerit percipiet et habebit 
tales et confimiles commoditates & exhibitionem in Aula et Collegio prasdicto et in com- 
munijs eruditione et commoditatibus alijs quales et quantas quicunque alius fcholaris per- 
petuus in eadem Aula et Collegio habet et in futurum habebit juxta ftatuta et ordina- 
tiones Aulas et Collegij prasdicti facta et fienda. Qui quidem fcholaris quicunque ad 
Aulam Regiam et Collegium fupradictum auctoritate feu vigore prasfentis conventionis 
futuris perpetuis temporibus admittendus vinculo juramenti tempore admifilonis fuss in 
eadem Aula et Collegio per eum corporaliter praeftandum inter castera onerabitur ad 
quotidie dicendum pro tempore quo fuerit Scholaris feu focius ejufdem loci pfalmum De 
profundis cum fuffragijs et oratione Abfolve quasfumus Domine pro animabus pras- 
fati Johannis Baker Richardi Wells clerici benefactorumque ejufdem Richardi et 
omnium fidelium defunctorum. Infuper concordatum eft et conventum quod poft 
mortem dicli Johannis omnes fcholares et focij dictae Aulas Regias et Collegij de 
Brafen nofe exiftentes in Collegio prasdiclo orabunt pro anima dicli Johannis in 
omnibus orationibus fuis tanquam benefactoris Collegij prasdicti. Provifo femper 
quod fi terras tenementa et reditus prasdicti cum fuis pertinentijs five aliqua inde 
parcella de castero extra manus prasdicti Principalis et fcholarium habeantur recu- 

vs on 

10 Elton of Hazle. 

perentur five alio legitimo modo devolvantur abfque fraude collufione feu culpa 
dicli Principalis et fcholarium Aulas & Collegij antedicli quod ex tunc et abinde onus 
prasfati Principalis et fcholarium de exhibitione fcholaris prasdi&i ceflabit fecundum 
ratum terrarum tenementorum et redituum extra manus prasdidti Principalis et fcho- 
larium ut prasmittitur recuperatorum five devolutorum. Et prasdidtus Principalis et 
fcholares diclas Aulas Regias et Collegij de Brafen nofe concedunt pro fe et fuccefibri- 
bus fuis quod fi contingat diclum Principalem et fcholares diclas Aulas et Collegij de 
Brafen nofe feu fucceflbres fuos aliquo tempore futuro deficere feu ceflare ab exhibi- 
tione fcholaris praadicli modo et forma prasdiclis idem Principalis et fcholares 
Collegij five Aulas de Brafen nofe pro fe et fuccefibribus fuis concedunt per prasfentes 
prasfato Praspofito Domus five Aulas beatas Marias prasdiclas vocat: Oriel College et 
focijs ejufdem et eorum fuccefibribus in perpetuum viginti folidos fterlingorum 
nomine pcenas pro quolibetdefedtuhujufmodi et quod tunc et toties bene licebit pras- 
fato Praspofito Domus five Aulas beatas Marias prasdiftas vocat : Oriel College et 
focijs ejufdem et eorum fuccefibribus in perpetuum in omnia et fingulas terras et 
tenementa Principalis et Scholarium didlas Aulas et Collegij de Brafen nofe et fuccef- 
forum fuorum intrare et pro viginti folidis fterlingorum fupradidtis nomine pcenas eis 
ut prasmittitur conceflis diftringere et diftridtiones fie captas penes fe retinere 
quoufque ijfdem Praspofito et focijs Domus five Aulas beatas Marias pro tempore 
exiftentibus fatisfaclum fuerit pro didtis viginti folidis nomine pcenas quoties aliquis 
talis defeftus fiet in perpetuum. In cujus rei teftimonium his Indenturis, etc., etc. 

A List of the Fellows on the Foundation of John Elton alias Baker. 

the Elton 

Foundation. Elefted. M ' A - 

25 Sept. 1547 

William Stock, Hereford 1552 

18 Nov. 1557. Hugh Long, or Lang, Gloucefter .... 1564 

1 9 Jan. 1565. Thomas Seward, Hereford. ..... ^^9 

22 Feb. 1583. Gabriel Walwen, Worcefter 1594 

14 Dec. 1588. Ambrofe Elton. 

6 July, 1594. Thomas Elton, Hereford .... . 1597 

2 Nov. 1 6 14. Richard Hill. 

(Burfar in December, 1633.) 
6 Nov. 1649. Robert Ridgway. 

(Afterwards transferred to another foundation.) 
10 Nov. 1650. John Carpenter. 

(He had been recommended by the Parliamentary Committee, 

11 September, 1650.) 

21 Feb. 1655-6. Jofeph Gwillym, Hereford ..... 1660 

170a. 1670. John Seddon, B.A., Shropfhire . . 1672 

Elton of Hazle. 



20 June, 1679. Robert Cocks, B. A., Gloucefter . 

17 Oct. 1696. Benjamin Prichard, B.A., Hereford 

17 July, 17 19. John Prichard, Hereford . 

20 May, 1 740. Herbert Mayo, Hereford . 

13 Feb. 1765. Houftone RatclyfFe, Lancafter . 

("In defectu confanguinitatis.") 

5 Feb. 1782. Samuel Bethell, Hereford . 

12 Feb. 1795. John Huifh, Hereford 

16 Dec. 1799. George Elton, Gloucefter . 

22 May, 1806. Robert Newton, Lancafter . 

30 Mar. 1 8 10. Arthur Matthews, Hereford 

1 9 Nov. 1840. Henry Rendall, Sarum 




] 8l I 


Here follows an abftracl of Canon Elton's will : — 

John Elton alias Baker, Canon Refidentiary of the Cathedral Church of Sarum ; wffl. 
17 April, 1547. My body to be buried in the Cathedral Church of Sarum nigh 
unto Mr. Robert Audeley. To our Lady Church of Sarum one fute of vefti- 
ments of redd tiflue. To my feven fervants £6 . 13.4, and their lyvery of blacke. 
To Mr. Gyles Hacklayt £3.6.8. To the Parifh Church of Ledbury two 
cenfers of fylver, " fo that they delyver unto myne executors too of the worfte 
of theirs." To Thomas Elton of the city of New Sarum £6 . 13 . 4. To James 
Goode, my fcholar and fervant, £6.13.4. Forty {hillings a year for ten years to 
the poor inhabitants of Sarum. My executors to keep yearly for ten years an obit 
in the Cathedral Church of Sarum. Forty millings to be diftributed among the 
miniftrers of the faid Cathedral Church, being prefent at Dirige and Maffe. To 
William Lewes, my vicer, a gowne. Four gowns to other perfons. To the chapel 
of my Lorde Busfhop Audeley in the Cathedral Church of Sarum, my payre of vefte- 

Item I forgive to all the Vicars and quorifters of the Cathedral Church all fuche 
dueties and debts as they are in debt to me, and forty (hillings more to be given to 
the Vicars. To John Woodward forty fhillings. To Mr. Doctor Tregonwell one 
nutte gilte with a cover. To Mr. John Ernie the elder efquyre a ftanding piece 
gilte. To Mr. John Ernie the yonger oon ftanding cuppe gilte. To Mr. William 
Elton my brother too the beft faltes gilte with a cover. Item I forgive Thomas 
Elton all fuch debts which he oweth me. Forty fhillings for the poor of Welford. 
Thirty fhillings to the poor of Myldenhall. Twenty fhillings to the poor of 
Greklade. Twenty fhillings to the poor of Chilrey. Sixty fhillings to the poor of 
Ledbury. Twenty-two fhillings to the poor of Yatminfter. Twenty fhillings to the 
poor of Bifhop's Norton Co. Lincoln. To the Lady Church of Sarum two blue copes 


12 Elton of Hazle. 

in difcharge and for Mr. Doctor Hille. To Mr. Robert Okyng, one grey amice. To 
Mr. William Cannynge, the fame. To Mr. John Crayford, the fame. To Mr. Thomas 
Nelfon, a gown. To Mr. William Hutton, a gown. The refidue of my goodes not 
gyven nor bequeathed I do gyve and bequeath to Mr. Doctor Tregonwell, Mr. John 
Ernie the younger gent., Mr. William Elton my brother, and Mr. Richard Willefen, — 
my executors, — to difpofe of them to the honor of God and the welth of my fowle. 

In the prefence of Robert Burton Curat of the Cathedral Church of Sarum, 
Robert Byrde pfon of Chilmarke, Robert Tyderleigh, and Thomas Elton. 

The will was proved in the Prerogative Court, 8 November, 1547. 

wuiiam, The other fon of William Elton and Sybil {nee Wilfe) was William Elton, who 

of William was buried at Ledbury, 19 Auguft, 1558, having furvived his brother, to whofe 
"' will he was one of the executors. He is ftated to have held lands of the Chantry of 
our Lady in the Church of Ledbury, temp. Edward VI. He twice married ; firft, 
marries (i) Margery, daughter of John Carew, by whom he had ifTue two daughters — 1 . Anne, 
buried at Madley 22 June, 1591, having been wife of Richard Willaflbn of 
Sugwas in Eaton Bifhop, lefTee of the Upper Hall in Ledbury, and one of the 
executors to Canon Elton's will, who died 23 February, 1574, and was buried on 
the I ft of March following, at Madley, leaving an only daughter and heirefs, Anne, 
who was married to Alexander Denton, of Hillefdon, Bucks, and died, 29 October, 
1566, aged 18 ; 2. Elizabeth, married to Richard Seaborne, of Sutton, Hereford- 
fhire, and buried at Pentridge, 6 May, 1605. 

Recumbent figures of Richard and Anne Willafion are preferved in Madley 
Church, and others of Alexander and Anne Denton in the fouth tranfept of Here- 
ford Cathedral. The latter monument has the infcription : — 

"H?cacc lietlje alejanoec SDenton of %Uefoon in pe Count* of Buc&inrjljm ana 
SLrim W topfft, oototjljtcr and Ijepre of ILvicljaro afllgllpCon of feuffgetoasf in pe 
Count* of Hereford: to' &nne occcaffco tije xxW* of <3Dctober 3nn, SDnt [1566, 
tlje rtmi] tlje peace of Ijec ap, tlje [xxiii of] W aije." 

A deed indented, by which Richard Wyllyfon, of Sugwas, Efq., and John 

fSeborne, of Sutton, gent., grant to Thomas Wilton, of Ledbury, 
gent., a parcel of land called Le Crofte, and another called Typ- 
plynge pocke, together with a mefiuage or tenement, all fituate in 
Ledbury, dated 8 December, 1 7 Elizabeth, is now in the poflef- 
fion of the writer. 
William Elton married, fecondly, Margery, daughter of William 
Leiehton, of P!afh, in Cardington, Shropfhire, by Dorothy his 
LtiGHTON. w jf Cj daughter of Sir Thomas Lacon, Knt., a lady deicended from 

the royal blood. 

Elton of Hazle. 




the latter 
Edward I. 










It may be noted that this Dorothy Lacon was afterwards married to Sir Richard 
Walwyn, of Hellens, Knt, from whom defcends the Shepheard family, of which 
an account is given in the laft chapter of this book. 

The iiTue of William Elton by his marriage with Margery Leighton were 
Anthony, Roland, buried at Ledbury, 3rd June, 1576, f.p., Edward, buried 17th 
March, 1565-6, Sybil, who may be the " Sibill Elton gent." married to Anthony 
Nafhe, 17th July, 1578, Anne, and Peter, buried 23rd April, 1594, 
the hufband of Ann Norris, whofe defcendants are recorded towards 
the end of the prefent chapter. Ann outlived her hufband, and was 
fubfequently married, 16th February, 1595, to John Hope, gent. 

Anthony, the eldeft fon, who appears to have been the firft 
pofTeflor of the Manor of Hazle, was buried at Ledbury, 13th 
September, 1587, having married Alice, daughter of John Scuda- 
more, of Kentchurch. He had a numerous family. 


14 Elton of Hazle. 

and has I. William, the eldeft fon, who died without iflue, and was buried 26th April, 

Ham* Elton, 1593- An " inquifitio port mortem" was taken at Hereford, 27th October, 35 

whole's Elizabeth, before Robert WoodrofF, gent., Efcheator, by which it was found that 

young, William Elton, late of Ledbury, gent., deceafed, on the day on which he died was 

feifed in fee tail, as to himfelf and the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten, of 

the Manor of Hafill in the faid county, and in one tenement called Halhoufe in the 

faid parifh, and three parcels of meadow lying in Longmeadow, Chabuorfhorne, and 

Pefebridgefield, in the Parifh of Ledbury. That he died 25th April, 35 Elizabeth, at 

Ledbury, and that Ambrofe Elton, gent., is brother and next heir of William Elton, 

and is of the age of twenty-one years on the firft day of March, before the taking of 

this inquifition, and before the death of the faid William. That Alice Elton, widow, 

mother of the faid William Elton and late wife of Anthony Elton, gent., father of 

the faid William Elton, is now furviving at Ledbury, and has dower of the third part 

of the premifes. That the Manor of Hafill is held of the Queen as of her Manor of 

Ledbury, by knight fervice, by the fourth part of a knight's fee, and is worth per 

annum in all outgoings beyond reprifes, eight pounds. 

The fecond fon of Anthony Elton was — 

II. Ambrofe, mentioned in the foregoing Inquifition, of whom an account will 

prefently be given ; and next to him came — 

Thomas III. Thomas, a doctor of medicine, baptised at Ledbury, 19th April, 1573, 

m'a.' matriculated at Oxford, 14th November, 1589, aged 15 years, from Brafenofe Col- 

FeUowof ^ e § e > F e l' ow on tne Elton Foundation, 6th July, 1594, and Mafter of Arts in 1597. 

b. n. c, He married Jane, daughter of Sir Edward Afton, Knt., of Tixall, Staffbrdfhire, and 

was buried 1 ith Auguft, 161 8, in the Abbey Church of Bath. His will was proved 

in the Prerogative Court, 9th December, 1 6 1 8, by Jane his relict. 

(Meade 125.) -Thomas Elton of the City of Bathe, Somerfet, Doctor of Phifick, 
the laft day of July 16 18. To be buried near my children where they now lye in 
the abbye Church of Bathe. I bequeath after the deceafe of my wife all thofe moneys 
now remayninge in the hands of Sir Walter Afhton unto my children equally. My 
wife whole executrix. Sir Walter Afhton, my Ladie Culpepper, Sir George Ivie, 
my brother Ambrofe Elton, and my brother Thomas Afhton to be Overfeers of this 
my will. Signed and fealed, Thomas Elton ; in the prefence of Edward Stirridge, 
Margaret Edwards her marke. 

" ffor the better explanation of the guifte and bequeft of the fome of eight 
hundred and fiftie poundes, covenanted by me fhould be preferved and difpofed 
amongft my children, after the deceafe of Jane my wife as appeth by an annuety 
granted by Sir Walter Afhton to us both during our lives, I therefore fay and do give 
unto Walter Elton my fonne, after the deceafe of Jane my wife, the fome of one 
hundred and fiftie pounds. Unto my fonne Richard one hundred pounds. To my 
daughter Jane Elton one hundred pounds. To my daughter Anne Elton one 


Elton of Hazle. 15 

hundred pounds. To my daughter Bridget Elton one hundred pounds. To my 
daughter Marie Elton one hundred pounds. To my daughter Magdalene Elton one 
hundred pounds. And to the child now remayninge in the womb of the faid Jane 
nowe my wife the fome of one hundred pounds alfo, if it live ; if not, that hundred 
pound to be divided amongft the reft equally. Item I give and bequeath unto the 
Poore of the Pifli twentie millings." 

This child was baptifed in Bath Abbey, under the name of Thomas, 3rd Sep- 
tember, 16 1 8. 

Other children of Anthony Elton were — ' and, 

IV. Anne, baptifed 15th Auguft, 1574, and married 3rd November, 1600, to other?,' 
James Jauncey, of Wefthide, who was buried 16th December, 16 19 (Ledbury 

V. Margery, baptifed 29th January, 157 5-6, and married to Hugh Scrivener, M.D. 1 

VI. Edward, baptifed 26th February, 1576-7. 

VII. Joyce, baptifed 24th May, 1 578, and married 1 2th Auguft, 1 594, to Anthony 
Northen, of Ledbury. 

VIII. Francis, baptifed 12th July, 1579. 

IX. Richard, baptifed 15th September, 1580. 

X. Roger, baptifed 23rd March, 1 581-2. 

XI. Dorothy, baptifed 28th Odtober, 1584, and married to Nicholas Adys, of 
Gloucefter, who was buried in the Cathedral there, 24th December, 1623. 

XII. John, baptifed 7th February, 1584-5; and 

XIII. Alice, who, according to the Vifitation of the County in 1634, was married 
to — Lettice, a Lieutenant in the Low Countries. She was probably baptifed at 
Dymock, 14th April, 1587. 

Ambrofe Elton, the fecond fon of Anthony Elton, became the- head of the family Ambrofe 

Elton, Fel- 
_ — _ low of 

1 Hugh Scrivener, whofe name has been mentioned above, lived at Sherborne in Dorfetftrire. 
The regifter of that parifh has the following entries — 

1610. Oft. 19. Phillips filia Hevvgo Scrivener fepult. 

161 1. June 11. Margarety Scrivener filia Hugonis Scri : medici, fepulta. 
161 1. June 30. Ambrofe Scrivener filius Hugonis Scri : fepult. 

161 1. July 15. Jane Scrivener filia H. Scri : fepult. 

161 1. July 29. Alfe Ikon generofa, fepult. 

161 1. Aug. 3. ffrancis Scrivener fis Hugo, medici, fepult. 

161 1. Aug. 4. Edward Elton, generofus, fepult. 

161 I. Aug. II. Anthony Scrivener, fis H. S. fepult. 

161 1. Aug. 21. Willia : Scrivener, fis Hugo S. fepult. 

An outbreak of the plague at this time vifited the town of Sherborne. In the months of June, 
July, and Auguft, 161 1, fo many as 230 perfons were buried. During the fame months in the previous 
year the burials had been only 24 in number. 

1 6 Elton of Hazle. 

on the death of his brother William, from whofe " poft mortem " inquifition it 
appears that he was born ift March, 157 1-2. He matriculated at 
Oxford, 22nd November, 1588, aged fifteen, from Brafenofe College, 
where he was Fellow on the Elton foundation from 14th December, 
1588 to 1594. He afterwards refided at Hazle, was a Juftice of 
the Peace, and ferved in the office of High Sheriff in 161 8. He 
married Anne, daughter of Sir Edward Afton, Knt., of Tixall, and 
fifter of Walter, firft Lord Afton, of Forfar, in the Peerage of 
Scotland. A monument in the fouth aifle of Ledbury Church bears 
the following infcription : — 

" Near this place were inter'd the Bodies of Ambrofe Elton of the Hafel in this 
Parifh Efq. and Anne his wife, whofe virtues and focial qualitys juftly deferve to be 
perpetuated. He was born in 1578, and at 12 years of age enjoy'd a fellowfhip in 
Brazenofe Colledge in Oxford that was founded by one of his family. He was in 
the Comiffion of the Peace upwards of fifty years, which truft he executed with great 
integrity and ability. Anne his wife was daughter of Sr. Edwd. Afton Knight and 
Baronet, and fifter to Walter Lord Afton of Tixall in the County of Stafford, by 
whom he had three fons and fourteen daughters; and from their own loins they liv'd 
to fee above 120 children. He dyed the 19th of February, 1659. His wife dyed 
5th of February, 1660. In memory of whom this monument was erected by one of 
their great-grandfons, Thomas Levett of the Citty of Lichfield Efq r . 1753." 
Arms of Elton impaling Afton. 
and has The children of Ambrofe Elton and Anne (nie Afton) now require our attention. 

feventeen /-r-11 r 

children. Thefe were— 

1. Mary, baptifed ift October, 1601. 1 

2. Anne, baptifed 9th December, 1602, and married 12th November, 1622, to 
William Unett, M.P., of Caftle Frome. He died 22nd Auguft, 1 624, and his widow 
then became the wife of Thomas Cocks, of Caftle Ditch, Gloucefterfhire, anceftor of 
Earl Somers, and brother of Sir Richard Cocks, Bart. 

3. Elizabeth, baptifed 21ft December, 1603, and married, 9th May, 1621, to 
Richard Unett, of Hatsford, Herefordfhire. 

4. Conftance, baptifed 16th December, 1604, and buried 13th November, 1653, 
having been married, 12th December, 1626, to John Skynner,of Ledbury, who died 
14th September, 1655. 

5. Sufanna, whofe hiftory will be mentioned prefently. 

6. Margaret, baptifed 31ft May, 1607. 

7. Joyce, baptifed 23rd April, 1609, and married to Edward Skynner, of Led- 

1 The dates are taken from the Ledbury regifter. 

Elton of Hazle. 17 

8. Gertrude, married to Abraham Blackleech. 

Their monument, with recumbent effigies, is in the fouth tranfept of Gloucester 
Cathedral, and bears the following infcription : — 

" To the memorie of Abraham Blackleech gent., fonne of William Blackleech The Biack- 
Efq., a man not onely generally beloved in his life, but deferuedly indeared to Pof- me „t. 
teritie by rare examples of feldome attained Piety exprefTed in his Bounty to S. Paules 
in London, to this Church, to the high wayes about, & the poore in this Citie, who 
layeing afide the vilenefle of mortality was admitted to the glory of eternity, Novembr. 
the 30th 1639." 

" Gertrude his wife, daughter of Ambrofe Elton Efqr. t5? Anne fifter to Walter 
Lord Afton, hath ereSted this monument as a teftimony of his Fame & her ohfervance." 

Arms of Blackleech impaling Elton, Elton impaling Afton, and Blackleech im- 
paling Gules, twelve crofTes crofllet and a faltire or. 

9. Marie, the next daughter of Ambrofe Elton, baptifed at Ledbury, 2nd 
February, 1612-13, and married there 17th February, 1633, to Edmond Weaver, 
of Hereford,— of the Above Eign, — and of the Inner Temple, born at Leighton's 
Court, 2nd February, 16 10, M.P. for Hereford 1640. Administration to his eftate 

was granted nth March, 1672. From him defcended Arthur Matthews, who was The de- 
fellow of Brafenofe College on the Elton foundation, and whofe anceftry is here Ar"hu°r 
given. (See volume of" Founder's Kin Pedigrees, R. College of Arms," 2nd L. 2, j^f,"^ 5 ' 
pp. 327-8-) B " NC - 


(Will dated 6 Jail. 1737, pr. at Hereford 14 Apr. 1739.) 

(Died 27 Sep. 1738. ) 


( Born 4 May, 1719 ; died May, 1768. ) 

( Born Oct. 1753 ; died Jan. 1826. ) 

(Mar. 28 Sep. 1697 ; died 19 May, 1726. ) 


(Mar. at How Capel 18 Sep. 1750; died 29 Dec. 1799.) 

(Mar. at Much Marde 8 Nov. 1778 ; died Nov. 1823. ) 

ARTHUR MATTHEWS, Fellow B. N. C. 1810 ; bom and bapt. at S. Owen's, Hereford 20 Feb. 1788. 

10. Dorothy, baptifed 30th October, 1615, and buried 28th July, 1619. 

11. Judith, baptifed 13th January, 1616-17, and married 7th April; 1634,10 
Vincent Phillips. 

12. Ifabel, buried 15th November, 16 19. 

13. James, baptifed 21ft March, 1617-18, and buried 4th February, 1619-20. 

14. Hefter, baptifed 15th Auguft, 1619, and buried 13th July, 1622. 

Elton of Hazle. 

fon of 

His laft 
will and 

15. Ambrofe. 

16. John, baptifed 29th September, 1624. 1 

17. Bridget, baptifed 30th November, 1628. 

Ambrofe, juft before mentioned, was baptifed at Ledbury, 23rd September, 1621, 
ferved as High Sheriff, 1647, and married Mary, daughter of Sir Giles Bray, of 
Barrington. She was buried at Ledbury, 2nd October, 1671. This infcription is 
from Ledbury Church : — 

" To the memory of Mary the wife of Ambrofe Elton of ye Hafle, gent., 
daughter of Sir Giles Bray of Barrington in the County of Glouc. Knt. defcended 
from ye Ld. Reginald Bray who came in with Henry the 7th. Shee departed this 
life 27th day of September ao. 1671, aged 53. She had iffue 6 children, 3 fons, and 
3 daughters." Arms of Elton impaling Bray. 

The will of Ambrofe Elton is in Ent. 139 (P.C.C.). " In the name of God, Amen. 
I Ambrofe Elton late of the Hazell in the parifh of Ledbury in the County of 
Hereford Efq., being in good health and underftanding, doe make this my laft will 
and teftament, vizt., I give and bequeath unto Gertrude my daughter all my perfonal 
eftate whatfoever and wherefoever, my debts being firft difcharged. And I doe hereby 
make my faid daughter fole ex x of this my laft will and teftament, hereby revoaking 
all former wills by me made. In witnefs whereof I have hereunto fet my hand and 
feale, this one and twentyeth day of May, Anno Dni millimo fexcefimo octogefimo 
octavo, annoq : regni Regis Jacobi fecundi Angliae, etc, quarto. Ambrofe Elton. 
Signed, fealed, publifhed and declared in the prefence of Anne Buckenhill, Edward 
Buckenhill, Jo. Skinner." 

This will was proved 1 ith October, 1689. His children were — 

I. Bray Elton, of Broad Rifmgton, Gloucefterfhire, buried at Ledbury, 31ft 
October, 1698, aged fifty-five, unmarried, his will being proved at Hereford, 10th 
January, 1698-9, by Anne Lucy, his executrix, wherein he mentions Ambrofe, his 
brother, and Anne, Mary, and Charles, the children of his fifter Anne Lucy. 

II. Ambrofe, mentioned in his brother's will. 

III. Frances, baptifed 7th December, 1663, and buried 9th April, 1667, at 

IV. Anne, heirefs to her brother, married to Jonathan Lucy. Monumental 
infcriptions in the church at Ledbury give the following dates relating to their 
defcendants. Charles Lucy died 27th October, 1764, aged feventy-two, and Eliza- 
beth his wife, 8th February, 177 1 , aged fixty-nine. Their fons, — Charles died 28th 
January, 1786, aged fifty-nine; Edward, 7th March, 18 12, aged fevenfy-eight (his 

1 Martha, wife of John Elton, gent., was buried 10th March, 1649-50. Elizabeth, wife of John 
Ebon, of Hall Houfe, gent., was buried 21ft February, 1658-59. John Elton, gent., was buried 9th 
February, 1662-63. Some of thefe entries may refer to him. 

Elton of Hazk. i g 

wife, Elizabeth, died 27th May, 18 14, aged feventy-fix) ; and William, 17th June, 
1796, aged fixty. Their daughter Elizabeth (Hall) died 13th December, 1804, 
aged eighty. 

" Sacred to the memory of Charles, fon of Charles and Elizabeth Lucy of this 
town, defcended on the grandfather's fide from the Lucys of Carlecote in Warwick- 
fhire, on the grandmother's fide from the Eltons of the Hazel in this Parifh. He 
died Jan y . 28. 1786 aged 59 years." Arms of Lucy, with a mullet for difference. 

V. Gertrude, buried at Ledbury, 11th September, 1689. Her will was proved 
30th January, 1690 (Dyke 88), P.C.C., of which an abftracl is here given. The 
will of Gertrude Elton late of Hazel. To my eldeft brother, Br: Elton Efq, £200. 
To my God-daughter Sn. Browich a bed and bolfter at Mr. Hall's at Redmerly. 
My coz : Mr. A. Bray. My coz : Jane Cox. My coz : An Jones. My coz : An 
Bromwich. To the maids at Mainfha and Bro Court each five fhillings. John 
Cocks executor. 

VI. The name of the fixth child is not known. 

It is now neceflary to turn back to Sufanna, fifth daughter of Ambrofe Elton, Sufanna, 
and Anne (nee Afton). She was baptifed at Ledbury, 2nd March, 1605, and died brofe Elton 
10th March, 1689, aged eighty-four, having been twice married, firft to Richard ^, d ^ n n e ' 
Hall, of Ledbury, 30th October, 1622, who was buried there 3rd November, 1631, is married 
and fecondly to Sir Richard Cocks, of Dumbleton, Gloucefterftiire, who was created Richard 
a Baronet, 7th April, 1661, and ferved as High Sheriff of his County, 1665. A long "* u ' 
but interefting infcription exifts in the church at Dumbleton. Richard 

" In Memory of Sir Richard Cocks, Baronet, and of Dame Sufannah his wife. Bart/' 
He was the 2nd fon of Richard Cocks of Caftleditch in the County of Hereford Hermonu - 
Efqr., and of Judith his wife, daughter and coheir of John Elliot Efq. She was the Dumbleton. 
daughter of Ambrofe Elton of the Hafle in the County of Hereford Efqre, and of 
Ann his wife daughter of Sir Edward Afton of Tixall in the County of Stafford. 
He in his younger days accompanied his uncle Chriftopher Cocks, (who was honored 
by King James I with a public character,) unto Mufcovy, and after his return he 
retired into the Country, and was concerned with no publick matters more than the 
offices of Juftice of Peace and High Sheriff. She was a lady diftinguiftied by very 
great ornaments of mind and body, the vifible remains of which continued with her 
to her laft Hour. They kept good hofpitality, loved their tenants and neighbours 
and on all occafions did them all the fervice they could. He lived peaceably with 
them and kept them in peace one with another. She healed their difeafes and cured 
their fores. He was a great fufferer for his love to the Royal Family and for his zeal 
for the laws and Eftabliftied Religion of his Country. They were indulgent parents, 
good to their fervants, and charitable to the poor. They gave their children good 
fortunes and liberal education. They had three fons, Richard, Charles, and John ; 

20 Elton of Hazle. 

and two daughters Judith and Elizabeth ; — but John (the younger), and Elizth., the 
relict of Sir John Fuft of Hill in this County Baronet, only furvived them. She out 
of a juft remembrance and gratitude to fo good parents, and believing the memory 
of them would be grateful to their neighbours, ordered her brother John Cocks to 
erect this monument for them. He died Sept. 16. a.d. 1684, aged 82. She died 
March 10. a.d. 1689, aged 84." 
Arms of Cocks impaling Elton. 

Richard Cocks, mentioned in this monument as having died before his father, 

married Mary, daughter of Sir Robert Cooke, of Highnam, and had a fecond fon 

named Robert, a doctor of divinity, who held the Elton fellowihip 1679-1696, and 

fucceeded as third baronet in 1726. 

JfH f n m ' ly ^ e f amu y of Hall, to which Sufanna Elton's former hufband belonged, had 

for fome time been fettled at Ledbury. In the early portion of the 

regifter occur — 

Francis, fon of Walter Hall, baptifed 24th June, 1 57 1. 
Rychard, fon of Francis Hall, baptifed 25th July, 157 1. 
William, fon of Francis Hall, baptifed 6th September, 1573. 
According to the Vifitation of Herefordfhire in 1683, Walter 
Hall, a younger brother of the Halls of Grantham, Lincolnshire, 
hall. h a d jflue Richard and Francis, the firft fettlers at Ledbury. 

The win The will of Richard Hall was proved in the Prerogative Court, 10th May, 

Haii. 1632, by Sufanna, his relict. (Audelay, 56.) 

Richard Hall of Ledbury in the County of Hereford, Gent., 24 Oct. 1631. 
Whereas I doe ftand charged by Covenante unto Ambrofe Elton Efquire, my Father- 
in-law, to fecure and fettle the benefitt of one hundred pounds to the ufe of Sufan 
my loving wief during her lief for the increafe of her joynture, — I will that fhe fhall 
hold and enjoy all my copie hould lande called Jugge, being pcell of the mannor of 
Ledbury forren during her life, and bequeath her the two tenements in the Burrough 
of Bromyard which I purchafed of my brother ffrauncis Hall, together with all pfitt 
and advantage that fhall arife or accrue out of or for my pte or inteft of the faid 
mannor or Lopp of Ledbury forren. To my daughter Sufan ^200 to be paid her 
at the age of eighteene years. To my daughters Anne and Dorothy ^200 a peece, 
to be paid them at eighteene. To my fon Richard the fum of £50 to be paid him 
after the death of Urfula Baggefhewe my mother-in-law. To my nephews Richard, 
William, ffrauncis, and Edward Hill, and my nieces Millberowe and Elizabeth Hill, 
my filler Elizabeth Hill's children, 40 fhillings a peece. " I have received into my 
hande the fum of two hundred pounds which was fettled in the hands of John 
Webley gent, for the paymt of one annuitye or yearly rent-charge of twenty pound 
unto Urfula Baggefhawe my mother-in-lawe, during her natural life, and afterwards 
to be equally divided betweene my fifter Hill, myfelfe, my brother ffrauncis, and 

Elton of Hazle. 2 1 

my brother John Hall, to every of them fiftie pounds a peece according to the laft 
will and teftamentof my father." My wife executrix. My brothers fFrauncis Hall and 
John Hall Overfeers. Signed in the prefence of John Webley, fFrauncis Hall, and 
John Hall. 

Sufanna Elton, by her former hufband Richard Hall, was the mother of fix His 
children : — 

a. Sufanna, baptifed 27th September, 1623. 

b. Conftance, baptifed 18th December, 1624, and buried 17th February, 1629- 


c. Anne, baptifed 16th January, 1625. 

d. Richard, baptifed 22nd January, 1626. 

e. Francis, baptifed 3rd September, 1629. 

f. Dorothy, baptifed 14th May, 1631. 

The name of Francis Hall (e) occurs in the Ledbury regifter, 29th September, 
1653, as a Juftice of the Peace for folemnizing marriages. He died 5th Auguft, 
1680, and was buried at Ledbury, having married at Lugwardine, 4th September, 
1 649, Conftance, daughter of John Skynner of Ledbury and Conftance (Elton) his 
wife. She died 19th June, 1703, having had iffue — 

a. Conftance, baptifed (as were the reft) at Ledbury, 25th December, 1650. and grand- 
She died 28th December, 1706, and was buried at Ledbury, having been married 

there 15th June, 1680, to Anthony Biddulph, who died 10th May, 1718, aged 
60 years. Her monument ftates that fhe had lyved in the ftate of wedlock 26 
years, 6 months, and 12 days. Four children of this marriage are regiftered at 
Ledbury, viz. Anthony, baptifed 30th June, 1681, Robert, 12th Oclober, 1682, 
Francis, 23rd November, 1683, and Michael, 20th Auguft, 1685. 

b. Sarah, baptifed 23rd January, 1652-3. 

c. Elizabeth, born 3rd September, 1654, and buried 29th July, 1656. 

d. Elizabeth, died 23rd November, 1708, aged 49 years, unmarried. 

e. Anne, baptifed 5 th December, 1661. 

f. Margaret, baptifed 2nd February, 1664-5. 

g. Mary, baptifed 10th December, and buried 13th December, 1666. 
h. Sarah, baptifed 4th November, 1669. 

i. Mary, baptifed 7th July, 1672. 

Sufanna, the eldeft daughter of Richard Hall and Sufanna (nee Elton), was sufanna,hi. 
buried at Ledbury, 6th Auguft, 1696. She was married 5th Oclober, 1644, (but dau s hte . r > 
apparently not at Ledbury,) to William Watts, M.A., Clerk in Holy Orders, Vicar of toclL 
Much Marcle, 21ft November, 1636, on the prefentation of the King; Prebendary Wa " s ' 
of Bartonfham in Hereford Cathedral, 7th Auguft, 1660, and Canon Refidentiary ; 
and Vicar of Upton Bifhop, 167 1. An entry in the regifter of Much Marcle ftates 
that " William Watts M r of Arts of Trinity Coll. in Cambridge and Balioll in 

22 Elton of Hazle. 

Oxford was inducted into the Parochiall Church of Much Marckle by M r Phillip 

Tinker on the 23rd. of November 1636, and read his articles on the 27th of the 


William Watts died in 1679, and adminiftration was granted to his widow, 20th 

Auguft, 1680, by the Hereford Confiftory Court. 
The letter A letter written by him to Archbifhop Sheldon is preferved among the Tanner 

WattTto MSS. — xiii. 108— in the Bodleian Library: — 

Abp. Shel- 

" May it pleafe your Grace to accept, By the hands of our moft honoured Chan- 
cellour Sir Timothy Baldwin, thankful acknowledgments of yor devoted Servant for 
yor great and comfortable favors, which yor Grace did unto me in my eldeft fon, 
whom I had devoted unto God in the miniftry before he was born, that in order 
there unto you were pleafed to caft an aufpicious ey upon him, and to command him 
to fignify unto me that you wd take him unto yor care to provide fome preferment 
for him, that (under God) in the ground of my hopes that he who is the ftaff of mv 
hope being helpt up by yor ftrong hand may helpe to fupport the great burden of a 
wife and 10 children that lie upon my aged and infirm body, the frail thread of 
whofe life being cut afunder they mull all immediately be driven forth into the 
world, the more diftrefled condition than ordinary and common beggars becaufe of 
their better breeding, which yet capacitates them to anything but want, from which 
Good Lord deliver them by the intailed favour of yor Grace upon the heyre of my 
hopes and their fubftance, and that upon the moft humble and earneft requeft of, 
moft reverend father in God, of yor Grace his moft anciently devoted fervant, 

" Hereford, 25 June, 1674. " William Watts." 

William Watts and Sufanna (nee Hall) had iflue — 
The I. Sufanna, who was married at Much Marcle, 23rd November, 1666, to 

of canon Thomas Head, gent., of Hart Hall, Oxford. This Thomas Head matriculated at 
Oxford 29th March, 1661, aged 21, fon of Henry Head of London, armiger, 
and graduated B.A. 13th October, 1663, and M.A. 15th June, 1666. There was 
a fon Thomas the iflue of this marriage, who was baptifed at Ledbury, 21ft Novem- 
ber, 1667. Thomas Head was buried at Much Marcle, 29th May, 1673, being 
then ftyled " of Hereford, gent." On a flat ftone within the altar rails at Much 
Marcle Church is the infcription, " Mrs. Sarah Winch, widow of Robert Winch of 
London, daughter of William Sherwell of Plymouth, Efq. Her firft hufband was 
Mr. Henry Head of London, merchant, by whom fhe had an only fon Mr. 
Thomas Head, who lieth here entombed by her. She died 10 May, 1675." Arms 
in a lozenge, the centre a crofs moline for Sherwell ; dexter, the arms of Head ; 
finifter, Argent on a fefs gules three crofles patonce of the firft, on a canton azure five 
fleurs-de-lis or. 

of C; 

Elton of Hazle. 23 

A black marble flab once bore the following infcription : — 

" Reliquiae Thomae Head, Artium Magiftri et Medicinae Therapeutical peritiflimi, 
quern, cum ad Dodtoratus gradum provenire debuit, Deus ad celeftem gradum pro- 
movit 25 Maii aetatis fuse 36. a.d. 1673." 

Arms, Argent a chevron ermine between three griffin's heads erafed fable. 

II. William Watts, the eldeft fon, was baptifed, (as were the reft,) at Much 
Marcle, ift April, 1647, and matriculated at Oxford 14th March, 1662-3, aged 16, 
from Brafenofe College. He graduated B.A. 6th July, 1666, M.A. 13th May, 
1669, B.D. 15th July, 1676 ; was inftituted Rector of Abbey Dore 9th January, 
1676, on the prefentation of Jane Scudamore, widow; became Prebendary of 
Hinton in Hereford Cathedral 30th April, 1677, and Canon Residentiary ; Pre- 
centor of Hereford 25th February, 1685-6 ; and Archdeacon of LlandafF. He was 
buried at Abbey Dore 15th October, 1722. In his will, dated 14th October, 17 1 8, 
and proved 8th November, 1722, P.C.C. (Marlborough, 227), he fpeaks of his 
property already fettled by deed, and appoints his u deary wife Mary " his executrix. 
He married in 1680 Mary Witherftone of Sutton S. Nicholas. 

An original document, now in the pofleflion of Herbert-Harman Mayo, records 
fome interefting particulars, and is reproduced in facfimile in the next two following 

The regifter of S. Peter's, Hereford, contains the baptifm of William fon of 
Mr. Wm. Watts, clerk, and Mary his wife, 13th November, 168 1. A daughter 
Sufanna was married to John Floyer, of Whitehoufe in Lantillio Pertholey, Mon- 
mouthfhire, and of the Middle Temple, London (Mifc. Geneal. et Herald., vol. i., 
page 124). 

III. Elizabeth, baptifed 16th November, 1648. cc My daughter Elizabeth 
Watts buried April 30, 1649." — Much Marcle Regifter. 

IV. Ann, baptifed 29th November, 1649. " George, the fon of M r William 
Arney, & Anne his wife, fecond dr. to M r Wm. Watts late Vicar of Marcle, was 
borne March 27th. betwixt eleven and twelve o'clock at night, and was baptifed 
March the 30th., 168 1."— Much Marcle Regifter. 

V. Mary, baptifed 2nd February, 165 1-2. 

VI. Dorothy, baptifed 24th October, 1654. 

VII. Richard, born 10th November, between 7 and 8 of the clocke at night, 
baptifed 19th of fame month, 1655. 

VIII. John, baptifed 3rd February, 1656-7, and matriculated at Oxford, 2nd 
February, 1675-6, aged 18, from Balliol College. He graduated B.A. 27th 
November, 1679, and was inftituted Vicar of Much Marcle, 16th January, 168 1, on 
the prefentation of Sir John Ernly. He married there, by licence, in March, 1684-5, 
Elizabeth Holland, by whom he had Sufannah, baptifed May, 1686, and William, 
baptifed February, 1 690-1, and he again married, at the fame place, by licence, 24th 


Elton of Hazle. 

<rfl^f ar> *-<, <£rijj<'y-r.&j-/k>iff<m unit* jfciJ! ujfcs 

fh JrafsnzZpfi Toft:* <&$*- 1 ' *Jj J<**n? *t tf* Jf£ ' 




I*- l*(£m**i u,&*yU-m {*&l"rll? o e ****$ fa $*y 

0* J v //„..- &^iU, ^7 _ „ ^ 




Elton of Hazle. 

2 5 



Auguft, 1694, Blanch, daughter of Roger Lingen, of Radbrook, Gloucefterfhire, 
and Ann his wife, daughter of Fulk Walwyn of Much Marcle. By this marriage 
he had three children, baptifed there, John, 8th Auguft, 1695, Blanch, 21ft July, 
1696, and Jofeph, ift June, 1699. He was buried there, 10th June, 1700. 

IX. Gertrude, whofe hiftory will be prefently narrated. 

X. Jofeph, born on Saturday, 10th Auguft, and baptifed Sunday, 1 8th Auguft, 

XL Elizabeth, baptifed 27th December, 1663. 
Gertrude Watts, " fixth daughter of M r Wm. Watts and Sufanna my wife was 
borne on Satturday, febr. 19th., and was bapt. on Thurfday March the third 1658-9." 
— Much Marcle Regifter. She was married to Benjamin Prichard, M.A., Clerk in 
Holy Orders. He matriculated at Oxford 29th March, 1667, aged 15, from Chrift 
Church, as fon of Meredith Prichard, of Hopton Wafers, Shropfhire, and graduated 
B.A. 20th October, 1670, and M.A. 3rd July, 1673. He was inftituted to the 
Rectory of Croft, Herefordfhire, 26th July, 1676, on the prefentation of Sir Herbert 
Croft; to Sutton S. Nicholas, 26th May, 1678, on the prefentation of William 
Watts, clerk ; to the " Upper Hall " portion of the Rectory of Ledbury, 1 24th 

1 " The Church of Ledbury has two finecure Reftors, called Portionaries, becaufe they change 


his daugh- 
ter, is 
to Benj. 


Elton of Hazle. 

of Here- 




His fon, 
is Fellow 
ofB. N. C. 

September, 1678, in the gift of the king ; to Much Marcle, 29th December, 1679, 

the patrons then being Richard and Francis Hall ; and to Ledbury Vicarage, 5th 

April, 1682, on the prefentation of John Tryft. In the regifter of Sutton S. 

Nicholas is the entry, " M r John Watts, Rector, was buried Mar. 14th., to whom 

fucceeded Benjamin Prichard, Maftr. of Arts, 1678." Another entry ftates that 

" John Watts Mafter of Arts of the College confecrated to the Holy Trinity in 

Cambridge and of the College of Balliol in Oxford was inducted into the Rectory of 

Sutton, 20th day of February 1661-2." He was ordained in 1627, and was brother 

of Canon William Watts. On December 26th, 1685, Benjamin Prichard was 

collated to the Prebend of Cublington in Hereford Cathedral. He was buried at 

Ledbury, 23rd January, 1 701-2, aged 51, and his monument in the fouth aifle bears 

the following infcription: — 

" H. S. E. Benjaminus Prichard, hujus Ecclefiae Vicarius, et alter Portionifta, 

Rector de Sutton, Ecclefia; Herefordenfis Prebendarius, qui fingulari pietate, humili- 

tate eximia, omnigenam ornavit literaturam, amicis maximum reliquit fui defiderium, 

•u 1 /~»u\. (Domini 1701 ) 

omnibus exemplum. Obnt anno < ^ ' l 

r I iEtatis 5 1 J . 

Gertruda, uxor ejus amantiffima, ex qua. novem habuit filios & quinque filias, 
hoc marmor M. P. Sub hoc marmore fepulta jacet Gertruda, uxor Reverendi 
Benjaminis Prichard fuprafcripti, cler. Obiit Martii nono, anno astatis feptuagefimo, 
annoque Domini millefimo feptingentefino vicefimo feptimo, in fpem beatae re- 

On 1 ft October, 1722, Gertrude Prichard joined with her eldeft fon, Benjamin 
Prichard, in the fale of i-i2th part of the Manor of Ledbury. She was buried 
there, 12th March, 1727-8. 

The nine fons and five daughters of Benjamin and Gertrude Prichard will now 
follow in due order. 

1. Benjamin, "ye fon of M r Benjamine Prichard Rector of Croft & Gertrude 
his wife fixth, fifth, [the latter word ftruck through with the pen] daughter of M r 
Willm Watts Vic. of Marcle was baptized May ye 22nd 1679." — Much Marcle 
Regifter. He matriculated at Oxford, 26th May, 1693, from Brafenofe College, of 
which fociety he became Fellow on the Elton Foundation, 17th October, 1696, and 
graduated B.A. 26th January, 1696, and M.A. 4th July, 1699. He relinquiftied 
his Fellowftiip in 17 19, having been inftituted Rector or Portionift of Ratcliffe 

their portions of tythes and other returns every third year. They are in the Bifhop's gift, and receive 
inftitution and induction, and thefe two alternately nominate the Vicar, and to them belongs the 
Upper Hall Houfe and the Lower, adjoining the Churchyard." — Camden's " Britannia," ed. Gough, 
1789, vol. ii,, page 456. Thefe finecure Reftories are now abolifhcd, and the patronage veiled in the 

Elton of Hazle. 27 

Stepney, Middlefex, 7th February, 17 18. He was alfo inftituted Rector of 
Corringham in EfTex, 22nd May, 1725, on the prefentation of Robert Biddulph, 
which he held for lefs than a year. His will is in the Prerogative Court (Plymouth, 
241), and an abftract of it is here given : — 

In the name of God, Amen. Benjamin Prichard, clerk, and Rector or Portionift 
of Ratcliff, Stepney, Middlefex. To my fon Benjamin the 200 pound bond which 
I have upon my brother Randolph, and what money I have in Mr. Francis 
Cockaine's hands, and likewife thofe houfes and tenements in Lancashire left to 
my wife by her father and mother. To my fon Thomas the 400 pound bond I 
have in Mr. Thomas Chefhyre's hands. To my fon William the 300 pound bond 
and the 100 pound note I have in the Rev. Dr. Robert Shippen's hands. Dr. 
Shippen, my brother Herbert Prichard, and Mr. Francis Cokaine, to affift my 
executrix in the management of her affairs. To my wife Anne the falary which 
will be payd after my deceafe by the Mercers' company, and all my books, houfe- 
hold goods, plate and manufcripts. She fole executrix. This twenty — day of May 
1726. Benj. Prichard. Witnefies, Jofeph Watfon, Lucy Minors, W. Coles. 
Proved 8 November, 1726. 

Of the three fons mentioned in his will, Thomas matriculated at Oxford, 9th 
September, 1739, aged 15, from S. Alban Hall, and graduated as of Trinity College, 
B.A. 2 1 ft October, 1743, M.A. 17th October, 1746, and was ordained Deacon at 
Oxford 5th June, 1748 ; and Benjamin, "fon of Reverend M r Benjamin Prichard, 
Rector of Stepney, and Anne his wife, baptifed3i May 1720," occurs in the regifter 
of Ewelme, Oxfordfhire. He matriculated at Oxford, 10th April, 1742, aged 21, 
from Brafenofe College, and graduated as of Magdalen College, BA. 26th October, 
1745, M.A. 8th July, 1749, and was ordained Deacon 20th September, and Prieft 
20th December in the year 1747, at Oxford. A tablet on the wall of the north 
aifle of Ewelme Church has this infcription : "Sacred to the memory of the Revd. 
Benjamin Prichard, M.A., who died on the 8th. day of November 1777." On 
another tablet : " Sacred to the memory of M rs Frances Prichard, wife of the Rev. 
Benjamin Prichard, M.A., who died the 9th. day of October 1776." 

Adminiftration of his eftate was granted in 1777. (P.C.C.) 

The regifter of Ewelme gives the baptifm of Henry, fon of Benjamin and 
Frances Prichard, privately baptifed 23rd December, 1747, and received into the 
Church 20th January, 1748, and of Benjamin baptifed 10th June, 1749. The 
former matriculated at Oxford, 10th October, 1767, aged 19, from Brafenofe 
College, and graduated B.A. 5th February, 1772, and M.A. 16th July, 1774, and 
was ordained Prieft at Oxford, 20th December, 1772. John-James, fon of Benjamin 
Prichard, clerk, of Hinley, Lancashire, matriculated at Oxford, 22nd May, 1760, 
from Brafenofe College, aged 17. He may have been another fon of Benjamin and 
Frances Prichard. 

28 Elton of Hazle. 

i. William, " the fon of M r Benjamine Prichard and Gertrude his wife was 
borne upon Wednefday the tenth day of November betwixt twelve and one o'clock 
at noone, and was baptized November the 18th 1680." — Much Marcle Regifter. 
He matriculated at Oxford, 9th June, 1698, aged 17, from Magdalen Hall, and 
graduated B.A. 13th November, 1702, and M.A. 4th July, 1720. He was made 
Rector of Corringham, Effex, 2nd June, 1735, on the prefentation of Robert 
Biddulph, in which living he was fucceeded by Charles Mayo in 1743. 

3. Jofeph, " the fon of Benjamin Prichard, Rector of this Parifti and Gertrude 
his wife was baptized and was born on the 25th of December betwixt 10 and 1 1 at 
night, 1 68 1." — Regifter of Sutton S. Nicholas. 

4. Gertrude, baptifed (as were the reft) at Ledbury, 25th November, 1683, and 
married there, 28th November, 1708. In the fouth aifle of that church is a ftone 
with this infcription : — 

"In memory of M r Caleb Randolph of this town, merchant, who died April the 
20th 1741, aged 70. He was very liberal to the poor in his lifetime, and by his 
will gave them A large Legacy, the particulars of which are entered upon a Table 
fet up in this Church by his Executor. Alfo in memory of Gertrude his wife, who 
was eldeft daughter of M r . Benjamin Prichard, Vicar of this Church. She died 
November the 4th 1709, aged 26 years." 

5. Herbert, baptifed 13th May, 1685. He matriculated at Oxford, 10th July, 
1702, aged 15, from Brafenofe College, and graduated B.A. 11th April, 1706, and 
M.A. 17th February, 1709. He was inftituted Rector of Stebonheath, alias Spital- 
fields Stepney, 1 ft June, 1728, and Rector of Chriftchurch, Spitalfields, 10th July, 
1729, having relinquifhed the former benefice. The latter living was again vacant 
in lefs than a year and a half. 

6. Thomas, baptifed 16th December, 1686. 

7. Robert, baptifed 3rd November, 1688, and buried 3rd March, 1688-9. 

8. Charles, baptifed — - February, and buried 22nd February, 1689. 

Anne, his 9. Anne, " ye daughter of Benjamin Prichard, clerk, and Gertrude his wife, was 

becomes' baptized July ye 4. 1691." — Ledbury Regifter. She was buried at S. Peter's, 
c'hariM Hereford, 13th May, 1754, having been the wife of Charles Mayo. " M r Charles 
Mayo, Mayo and M rs Anne Prichard were married 24 April 17 14." at Ledbury. See 
Chapter V. in the account of the Mayo family. 

10. Catherine, baptifed 22nd July, 1693. 

11. Lucy, baptifed 15th Auguft, 1695, and married 1 8th November, 1715, to 
John Minors, jun r . In 1739 he is ftyled, " of Clements." She died 1 8th December, 
1776 (Regifter ofS. Peter's, Hereford), and was buried 23rd December at Ledbury, 
aged 81, " from Hereford." 

12. Samuel, baptifed 26 May, 1697. He matriculated at Oxford, 5th February, 
17 13-4, aged 16, from Brafenofe College. 

Elton of Hazle. 29 

13. Elizabeth, baptifed 25th March, 1699. 

14. John, baptifed 24th February, 1701. He matriculated at Oxford, 22nd and his 
May, 17 17, aged 15, from Brafenofe College, and became Fellow on the Elton p r "cnTr<C 
Foundation, 17th July, 17 19. He graduated B.A. 6th February, 1720, and M.A. ^'^ 
1 2th October, 1723. He refigned his Fellowfhip in 1740, having been inftituted 
Rector of Chriftchurch, Spitalfields, Middlefex, 19th January, 1738. He died 

28th September, 1782, unmarried. 

In his will, dated 15th November, 1779, with a codicil 27th July, 1781, and 
proved P. C. C. 15th November, 1782 (Goftling, 556), he defcribes himfelf as of 
Windfor, Berks, and mentions his great nephew Charles Mayo, and his nephews 
Jofeph Mayo and Benjamin Prichard. Charles Mayo executor. 

To render the account of the Elton family complete, the defcendants of Peter Peter, ion 
Elton and Ann {nee Norris), already mentioned at the thirteenth page, are here Elton and 
brought before the reader. The dates, unlefs where it is otherwife ftated, are ^Leigh- 
taken from the Ledbury regifter. ton > 

The children of Peter and Ann Elton were — 

I. Edward, of Nether Hall and Munfley, baptifed 3rd May, 1583, and buried has iffue 
22nd December, 1652. He married Jane or Joane, daughter of Thomas Hayward Elton, ot 
of Bodenham, and fhe was buried 5th May, 1656. ^" 

II. Margery, baptifed 2nd February, 1584-5, and (?) married to John Bucken- 
hill, 27 th November, 1600. 

III. Sufanna, baptifed 24th Auguft, 1586. 

IV. Elizabeth, baptifed 6th July, 1588. 

V. Richard, baptifed 29th April, 1590, and buried 2nd Auguft following. 

VI. Elizabeth, baptifed 9th January, 159 1-2. 

VII. William, baptifed 2nd September, 1593. 
Edward Elton and Joane (nee Hayward) had ifTue — 

1. John, of Nether Hall, and of Paunceford Court in Munfley, baptifed 10th whofefon, 
January, 16 12. His will was dated 6th May, and proved at Hereford 1 8th f Nether 
January, 1698, by Peter, his fon, executor. He married Elizabeth, daughter a ' 

of Dr. Parker, clerk, of Munflow, where fhe was buried 10th January, 1688, 
aged 83. 

2. Edward, baptifed 20th January, 16 16-7. 

3. Alice, baptifed 26th April, 161 8. 

4. Peter, baptifed 4th February, 16 20-1. 

5. Joane. 


Elton of Hazle. 

has iffue 
George, of 

and Peter, 

of Horn 

Elton has 
a Ton, 
of Nether 

his coufin, 

John Elton and Elizabeth (nee Parker) had iflue — 

i. George, of Nether Hall, buried i ith January, 171 1, who married Elizabeth 
Beard, of S. Mary-le-Crypt, Gloucefter, buried ift July, 1708. 

ii. Peter, of Horn Houfe, in Much Marcle, and of Paunceford Court, in 
Munfley. He was buried at Much Marcle, 14th June, 1705, and his will was 
proved 20th January, 1705-6, by his fon John, executor. He married Eleanor, 
daughter of Anthony Smith, of Much Marcle, and fhe was buried there, 10th 
Auguft, 17 1 5, aged 62. Their children will be mentioned prefently. 

iii. Richard, buried at Much Marcle, 21ft February, 1697, aged 58, unmarried. 

iv. Martha, married to Stephen Hopkins. 

v. Elizabeth, married to Richard Matthews, of Ledbury. 

vi. Mary, wife of — Bullock, of Ledbury, but not named in her father's will. 

The children of George Elton and Elizabeth {nee Beard) were — 

a. John, baptifed 30th November, 1674. Adminiftration to his eftate was 
granted at Hereford to his brother George, 25th June, 1 7 1 9. 

b. George, of Nether Hall, baptifed 29th December, 1675. He died 6th 
November, and was buried 8th November, 1753, aged 78, and his will was proved 
at Hereford by his fon George, executor, 21ft January, 1754. He married 26th 
November, 17 14, at Much Marcle, Eleanor, his coufin, daughter of Peter Elton, of 
Horn Houfe. She died 3rd Auguft, was buried 7th Auguft, 1761, aged 75, and 
her will was proved at Hereford 28th September following. 

c. William, baptifed 4th June, and buried 19th June, 1677. 

d. Thomas, of S. Lawrence, Milk Street, London, baptifed 10th June, 1678. 
He was buried at Hemfted, Herts, 12th January, 1748, having married Hefter 
Wickham, of London, who died ift January, 1744, and was buried at Hemfted. 
Their children were Thomas, unmarried ; Hefter, married to Jofeph Kirkman ; 
Anne, married to James Hammond ; Mary, married to Thomas Minors, of Bir- 
mingham ; Elizabeth, unmarried ; and Catharine, wife of Frederick Comerall, a 
merchant in London. 

e. Elizabeth, baptifed 16th January, 1679-80, and married to John Perks, 
20th April, 1 7 10. 

f. Martha, baptifed 29th September, 1681, and married to Thomas Jones, 15 th 
September, 1724. 

c. Charles, baptifed 15th Auguft, 1683, and buried 13th May, 1740, adminif- 
tration being granted to his fon Richard, at Hereford, 14th July following. He 
married at Ledbury, 18th April, 17 15, Mary Fowler, of Worcefter, and fhe was 
buried 28th June, 1740. Their children were, Richard, baptifed 3rd January, 17 16, 
ob. f. p. ; John, baptifed 14th May, and buried 3rd Odtober, 1719; Elizabeth, bap- 
tifed 1 6th March, i72o(ftie died 6th September, 1795, unmarried); Mary, baptifed 
9th May, 1723, and married to Chriftopher Holyland; and Margaret, baptifed 13th 
January, 1726. She died 17th January, 1779, a g ed 53' unmarried. 

Elton of Hazle. 31 

h. Parker, baptifed 25th October, 1685. He died 12th June, and was buried 
17th June, 1699. 

1. Peter, baptifed 2nd February, 1687. He died 22nd October, and was buried 
23rd October, 1702. 

j. Margaret, baptifed 18th April, 1692, and married to Richard Painter. 

The children of George and Eleanor Elton were — 

a. Mary, eldeft daughter and at length fole heirefs, baptifed 15th July, 17 16. 
She died 30th June, 1785, aged 68, having been married at Ledbury, 1 8th June, 
1752, to Michael Powles of Rofs, and of Nether Hall "jure uxoris." He died 12th 
December, 1769, aged 53, having had iflue one child, Michael, of Nether Hall, 
clerk, who died 9th March, 1799, aged 44, f. p. 

b. Eleanor, baptifed 25th January, 17 17. She died 24th, and was buried 26th 
September, 1759, aged 41. Adminiftration was granted at Hereford to her mother, 
25th October, the fame year. 

c. Elizabeth, baptifed 30th May, 172 1. She died 1 8th March, aud was buried 
20th March, 1727. 

d. John, baptifed 14th June, 1723. He died 16th April, and was buried 18th 
April, 1724, aged 11 months. 

e. George, of Nether Hall, baptifed 18th October, 1725. He died 7th May, and his 
and was buried 9th May, 1756, aged 31, f. p. Adminiftration was granted at 
Hereford to his mother, the fame year. 

It will now be neceflary to refer back to Peter Elton of Horn Houfe, who PeterEiton, 
married Eleanor Smith, as already ftated. They had iflue — Houfcl" 

I. John, of Munfley, only fon, baptifed. there 5th May, 168 1. He died 31ft has iflbe 
December, 1765, aged 84, and was buried at Much Marcle, 3rd January, 1766, as ofMunfieyj 
"late of Horn Houfe." He twice married: firft, Anne, daughter of Dr. Benfon, 
Rector of Cradley, who died 10th July, 17 19, aged 23j ar >d was buried at Much 
Marcle, f. p.; and fecondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Haynes, born in S. 
Nicholas, Gloucefter, married at Oxenhall, Gloucefterfhire, 26th November, 1724, 

and buried in Gloucefter Cathedral, 4th January, 1787. 

II. Elizabeth, eldeft daughter, married 24th November, 1698, at Much Marcle, 
to James Baggett, and died without iffue. 

III. Margaret, fecond daughter, who was buried at Munfley, 20th June, 1722, 
and married at Much Marcle, 17th June, 1709, to Francis Jauncey, of Munfley 
(buried 31ft December, 1731), and had iflue Francis, born 17 10; Eleanor, born 
171 1, and married to Harry Skinner of the Napp, in Pixley ; Anne, born 1716, and 
buried 1763, f. p. ; Martha, born 1718, and buried 1765, f. p. ; Francis, born 1719; 
and Margaret, baptifed at Munfley, 26th Auguft, 17 14, and died 14th September, 
1763, aged 49, wife of Thomas Mayo of Moorend, in Munfley, who died ift 
March, 1787, aged 8 2. The children of Thomas and Margaret Mayo were William, 
Thomas, who married Elizabeth Spencer, John, Francis, Margaret, married to William 

32 Elton of Hazle. 

Shayle, Elizabeth, Ann, the wife of John Smith, Martha, and George, ftyled of Up- 
leadon, gent., who died 14th November, 1834, aged 76, and whofe wife, Elizabeth, 
died 26th April, 1836, aged 72, both being buried at Munfley. The arms of this 
family of Mayo, from the monument in Munfley Church, are Per pale indented gules 
and argent, two lions rampant. 

IV. Martha, third daughter, married at Ledbury, 8 th June, 17 19, to Thomas 
Sheriff", of the Thorn. 

V. Eleanor, married to George Elton, of Nether Hall, her coufin, as before ftated. 
The children of John Elton and Elizabeth (nee Haynes) were — 

whofe fon, 1. John, eldeft fon, baptifed at Much Marcle, 21ft October, 1725, and buried 

ofNewen£ at Newent, nth January, 1779. He married at Upton on Severn, 1 8th April, 

1758, Elizabeth, daughter of William Gwynne, of Much Marcle. She was buried 

at Newent, 9th July, 1788. 

2. Peter, fecond fon, of Hallen in Much Marcle, died 13th April, and was buried 
there 16th April, 178 1, aged 53, f. p. His will was dated 7th March, and proved 
15th June, 178 1, at Hereford. He married Elizabeth Matthews, of Much Marcle. 
She died 6th July, and was buried there 9th July, 1783, aged 56. Her will was 
dated 13th June, and proved 8th November, 1783, at Hereford. 

3. Edward, third fon, of Burley Hill, in Lanfamlet, Glamorganfhire, born at 
Stonehoufe, and baptifed at Much Marcle, 28th June, 1731. In 1766 he purchafed 
the manor of Tibberton, in Gloucefterfhire, from his mother, who inherited it by the 
death of her brother. He then refided in Gloucefter, and probably acquired money 
in commercial enterprife, and died at Swanfea, in 1807, aged 77. He married at S. 
Nicholas, Gloucefter, 25th June, 1772, Hefter, daughter of Benjamin Burroughs. 
She died 20th March, 1799, and was buried at S. Nicholas Church. Their children 
were — 

i. Gilbert, born at S. Nicholas, Gloucefter. B.A., 18th June, 1795; M.A., 
24th January, 1799, °f C. C. C, Oxford. 

ii. George, fecond fon, born 20th September, and baptifed 31ft December, 1777, 
at S. Nicholas, Gloucefter. B.A., 26th October, 1797; M.A., 12th June, 1800. 
Fellow of Brafenofe College on the Elton Foundation, 1799. He died 10th April, 
1806, and his monument is in the north aifle of Gloucefter Cathedral. 

iii. Hefter, baptifed at S. Nicholas, Gloucefter, in March, 1776. 

4. William, fourth fon, married Mary Carpenter, and had iflue, Mary, Peter, 
and Edward. 

5. Elizabeth, married at Much Marcle, 16th July, 1749, to Percival Lloyd, of 
Ingftone in Foy, Herefordfhire. 

John Elton and Elizabeth (nee Gwynne) had iflue — 

i. Elizabeth, eldeft daughter, baptifed at Newent, 19th September, 1760, and 
buried there, from Gloucefter, 21ft October, 1842, aged 82, and unmarried. 

Elton of Hazle. 33 

ii. Mary, fecond daughter, baptifed at Newent, 1 5th November, 1762, and buried 
there 10th March, 1766, aged 3 years. 

iii. Sufanna, third daughter, born 5th July, and baptifed 1 8th September, 1765, has a 
at Newent, and died 15th October, 1790, aged 25. She was married at Newent, by Sufanna,' 
licence, 12th December, 1785, to John Coles, of Gloucefter, merchant, who was hdreftof 
buried in the parifh of S. Nicholas, having had iffue Sarah, who died 19th February, ^^f c er ' f 
1790, aged 2 years; Eliza, who died ift March, 1791, aged 14 months; and JohnCoies. 
Sufanna, who died at Barton Street, Gloucefter, in 181 1, the wife of John-Mervin Her 
Prower, Vicar of Purton, Wilts, and Hon. Canon of Briftol, who died in 1869, suffnn",' 
leaving an only child, John-Elton-Mervin Prower, of Purton Manor Houfe, Major £7 a ™ d 
in the R. Wilts Militia, T.P. and D.L. for Wiltfhire, and High Sheriff in 1862, for- ™" vin 
merly Captain 67th Foot. He was baptifed at S. Nicholas, Gloucefter, in the 
autumn of 181 1, and married in 1844, Harriet, daughter of William Payn, Efq., of 
Kidwells, Berks, and has iflue. 

iv. John, fon and heir, born 18th April, and baptifed 24th April, 1768, at 
Newent. He married at Longtown, in September, 1804, Mary Ann, daughter of 
— Sparkes, clerk, who was buried at Newent, from Hucclecote, 27th September, 
1836, aged 61. John Elton refided at Hucclecote, near Gloucefter, and died there, 
17th July, and was buried at Newent, 23rd July, 18 12, aged 44, f. p. On his 
monument in Gloucefter Cathedral he is defcribed as " Laft male heir of the family of 
Elton of Ledbury." 

v. W r illiam, baptifed at Newent, 20th September, 177 1, and buried there 21ft 
Auguft, 1788. 

The arms of fome of the families mentioned in the foregoing pages. Arms of 

fome Elton 

Aft on. A. a fefs S. in chief three lozenges of the fecond. 
Biddulph. V. an eagle difplayed A. armed G. 
Blackleech. Barry of fix S. and O. 
Bray. A. a chevron between three eagles' claws S. 
Cocks. S. a chevron between three attires of a ftag fixed to the fcalp A. 
Floyer. S. a chevron between three arrows A. 

Hall. A. a chevron between three talbots' heads erafed S. langued G. 
Lacon. Quarterly per fefs indented ermine and Az. 
Leighton. Quarterly per fefs indented O. and G. 
Lingen. Barry of fix O. and Az. on a bend G. three rofes A. 
Lucy. G. fem^e of crofTes crofllet three luces hauriant A. 
Scudamore. G. three ftirrups leathered and buckled O. 

Seaborne. O. on a fefs G. between three parrots V. a rofe of the firft between 
two fleurs-de-lis A. 


34 Elton of Hassle. 

Skynner. S. a chevron O. between three griffins' heads erafed A. 

Unett. S. a chevron ermine between three lions' heads couped A. 

Weaver. O. on a fefs Az. between two cottifes G. as many garbs of the field. 

Willafon. S. a chevron A. between three lions rampant O. 

Witherftone. Az. a Catherine wheel O. 

offfhoots The Ledbury regifter records the baptifm of the following children of Arthur 

family. °" Elton, who is fuppofed to have been an illegitimate oftlhoot of the family: — Anthony, 
28th September, 1572 (buried 13th November, 1572); Edward, ift April, 1576; 
Peter, 5th January, 1577-8; Ifabel, 30th October, 1579; Joane, 29th September, 
158 1 ; Richard, 10th March, 1582-3; Ann, 14th February, 1584-5; Margaret, 
20th Auguft, 1587 (buried 17th February, 1587-8); Maude, 20th July, 1589. 
We alfo find Arthur Birte alias Elton marrying AnneDrewe, 30th June, 1572 ; Ann, 
wife of Arthur Elton, buried 30th Auguft, 1573; Johann, wife of Arthur Elton 
alias Birts, buried 28 th September, 16 19 ; Arthur Elton, buried ift December, 16 19 ; 
Edward Elton marrying Elizabeth Langford, 3rd February, 1607, and buried 
26th December, 1621. At Hereford is the will of Arthur Elton of Ledbury, 
Toy lor, proved 4th December, 16 19, who mentions his wife, Johane, deceafed, and 
his children Edward, Peter, and Maude, wife of Thomas Stocke. At Hereford is 
alfo the will of John Elton of Ledbury, Innholder, dated 6th March, 1683, and 
proved 22nd May, 1684, who mentions his brother Thomas Elton, his fon Charles, 
and his daughters Elizabeth Childe, Sufanna Hankyns, Dorothy Driver, and Anne 
Randolph. The following entries may relate to his family : 

John Elton married Anne Garners, 29th November, 1640. 

Richard Childe married Elizabeth Elton, 22nd May, 1662. 

William Hankins married Sufanna Elton, 5th November, 1664. 

Ane, wife of John Elton, buried 22nd January, 1676. 

Charles Elton, buried 5th October, 1688. 

The following entries in the Ledbury regifter have not been accounted for in the 
foregoing pages : 

John Bucknill married Elizabeth Elton, 13th November, 1559. 

John Evans married Anne Elton alias — , 7th Auguft, 1572. 

Thomas Willis married Anne Elton, 29th September, 1572. 

William Love married Joan Elton, 23rd November, 1584. 

Thomas Gardiner, of Paynfwicke, married Ann Elton, gent., by licence, 27th 
June, 1603. 

Elizabeth Elton, buried 17th November, 1639. 

Richard Elton, buried 20th January, 1661. 



Mayo of Bodenham and Hope-under-Dinmore, in the County, and of 
the Parish of S. Peter in the City, of Hereford. 

N the fixteenth century, and early in the feventeenth, Thomas 
Mayo, gentleman, was living in the parifh of Bodenham in 
Herefordfhire, where he died 22nd January, 1625. His monu- 
ment was feen and the infcription copied by Thomas Dingley in 
the reign of Charles II., and a fketch of it may be found in his 
" Hiftory from Marble," page 236, publifhed for the Camden 
Society in 1866. Under an "I.H.S." the following words are infcribed — 

" Here lyeth the Body of Thomas Mayo, Gent., and Catherine his wife. He 
deceafed the XXII January An. D. MDCXXV." 

The writer of this memoir vifited the Church of Bodenham, 28th June, 1877, 
and found that the monument had difappeared. The clerk informed him that it 
was " done away with when the church was renovated, thirty years ago." Thomas 
Mayo's will was proved in the Confiftory Court of Hereford, and is calendared in 
the Index in 1625 as number 267, but has been miflaid or deftroyed. 

He was fucceeded at Bodenham by his fon Thomas Mayo. Catherine his wife 
long furvived him, and was buried at Bodenham, 19th September, 1653, and 
adminiftration of her eftate was granted to Humphrey Mayo, her grandfon, 19th 
May, 1665, at Hereford. 

Both Catherine Mayo and her fon suffered during the Civil Wars for their 
loyalty to the royal caufe. The interefting particulars here given are extracted 
from the Royalifl Compofition Papers in the Record Office, Second feries, vol. xlv. 
No. 611. 

" Katharine Mayo of Bodenham in the County of Hereford widdow. Her 
delinquency that in December laft fhe was fequeftered for adhearing to ye forces 
raifed againft the pliament. She peticoned here ye xxith. of March 1649. She 
compounds upon a Particuler delivered in under her hand by wch fhe fubmitts to 
fuch fine, etc., and by wch it appears That fhe is feifed of a frank tenement for her 

Mayo, gen- 
tleman, of 


Mayo, his 
fon and 


Loyalty of 






Mayo of Bodenham. 

The Depo- 
sition of 
Mayo, and 
his petition 

life the Rev. to Thomas Mayo, her forme, and his heires, of and in certaine lands 
in Wellington in the faid County of Hereford, of the yearly value before the 
warrs £10. 

22 Mch 1649. Jo. Readinge. 
Fined at £10." 

" Thomas Mayo of Bodenham in the County of Hereford gent. His delin- 
quency that he was in Armes againft the pliament But faith that his eftate being 
knowne to be under £200 value he refted upon the votes of the pliament for his 
difcharge, and was not fequeftered till the beginning of Decemb. laft. He peti- 
tioned here the 22nd. of March 1649. He compounds upon a particuler delivered 
in under his hands, by wch he fubmitts to fuch fine, etc., and by wch it appears, 
That he is feifed of a Revercon in fee from and after the deceafe of Katharine Mayo 
widdow his mother, (who is now ready to compound for her life in pofTeffion), of 
and in certaine Lands in Wellington in the faid County of Hereford of the yearly 
value before the warrs £x. He faith he is pofTeffed of a Leafe for two lives of a 
farme called Bodenham Devereux in Bodenham aforefaid, which he holds of David 
Williams under the yearly rent of £60 which he faith is the full value thereof. 
22 Mch 1649. Jo. Readinge. 
Fined at £i$-" 

Firft feries, vol. xcvii. No. 291. 

"June ye 10th 1652. Thomas Mayo of Bodenham upon his oath depofeth 
that, about a week before the Comrs for fequeftracon came to fitt at Hampton 
Court, William Hill tould this Depont that the Comrs intended to come and take 
pofTeffion of the houfe from him, and that he would have a guard of mufkettiers to 
keepe the faid houfe againft the faid Comrs, and afked this Depont to ioyn wth him 
in that Aft, wch this Depont utterly refufed, and that to the beft of his knowledge 
nyther of thofe men that kept the houfe came in but the night before the oppoficon, 
And further he fayth not. 

Thomas Mayo." 

Vol. xli. No. 781. 

" To the Right hoble the Comiffies for Compoundinge at Habadafhers Hall. 
The humble peticon of Thomas Maio of Bodenham in the County of Herifford 
gent. Sheweth, 

" That ffitzwilliam Conefby did in the yeare 1638 borrow of Pall Abrahall gent, 
the fume of 1300^ and that Tho Eaton gent and Jois Jefferes fpinfter became bound 
unto the faid Abrahall, and the faid Conefby did at the fame tyme affign over a 
Leafe of cirtaine lands coppies or woods in the pifh of Marden in the faid County 
as ... . fecurity unto the faid Eaton and Jefferies. And the faid Conefby faylinge of 

Mayo of Bodenham. 37 

payment of the faid fume of 1 300^, they the faid Eaton and Jeferes entred and were 
pofTeffed thereof, and in the yeare 1650 affigned and fold the faid eftate unto yor 
petico' who inioyed it quietly untill ffebruary laft, and was then queftioned by the fd. 
ComiiTios. yr Petico' hath exhamined andpued his deeds before the faid Comiffos, and 
that it hath not been taken nor reputed to be belonging unto M r Conefby fince 
1 640, nor never fqueftred. your petico's humble rqueft is that yr honor' would be 
pleafed to grant yr order unto the Comiffios to cirtify the depoficons allready taken, 
and that yr petico' may exam other witnefTes touching the p'mifes, and that yr 
petico' may inioy his eftate accordingly, and yor petico' fhall ever pray, &c. 

" Thomas Maio." 

"Note. 23 June 1652. The petr. to make good his Title and the Corns to 
Certify ye tyme of fequeftracon and ye petr is at liberty to examine his witnefTes here 
or in ye Countrey to ye proof of ye title and it is referd to Mr. Brereton." 

In the petition of Thomas Goodier of Lentoll Starks, an infant, Thomas Mayo 
of Bodenham appears as his next of kin and guardian. 

The Regifter of Bodenham mentions thefe children of Thomas Mayo : — " Eliza- 
beth daughter of Thomas Mayoe gent, and Mary his wife," was baptifed 9th July, 
1635; Mary, another daughter, 9th January, 1636-7; Thomas, their fon, 6th Sep- 
tember, 1638 ; and Humphrey, 14th Auguft, 1640. This fon Thomas was buried 
25th January, 1640-1. 

In the Bodenham pariih account books we have Mr. Mayoe paying a rate of 
VIS. id. in 1653. In 1656, Thomas Mayoe, gent., pays 19^. 4^/. In 1667, 
Hum. Mayo, gent., pays lis. 6d. " Humph. Mayo's" name appears as Church- 
warden in 1662. In a valuation of the parifti about this time occurs the entry, 
" Mr. Mayo for the Courtte, £44 16. o." 

Among the fines, in Michaelmas Term, anno 1664. Rot 81. 60. s. HerefF.fs. Afineof 
occurs the following, relating to the eftate of Thomas Mayo : — " Inter Willielmum Wellington 
Jarrett et Thorn' Boys quer' et Thorn. Mayo et Mariam ux' et Humfrid' Mayo def ', Hanneii- 
de tribus mefluag', tribus cotag', tribus hort', duobus columbar', tribus gardin', tribus combe, 
pomar', trecent' acr' terr', fexagint' prati, ducent' paftur', decern bofci, quinquagint' an °d wif!"' 
jampn' et bruer' et com. paftur', cu' pertin' in Wellington, Hannellwood alias Han- terton - 
nerwood, Pencombe, Bodenham, et Wifterton, corm Richardo Raynsford mil'." 

Humphrey Mayo, whofe name has already been mentioned, refided at Hope-under- Humphrey 
Dinmore, in a manfion called the " Bury," and ferved as High Sheriff of his County ^riffof 
in 1698, and was buried at Hope, 28th March, 171c. 1 His will is in the Hereford '°- H / . ere " 

^ TT I 11 ' 

Probate Regiftry. " Humphrey Mayo, Efq., of Hope-under-Dinmore, 19th January, the afore- 
17 13. All lands, etc., to my fon, Thomas Mayo. My coz. Elizabeth Gorge. To 

1 A "Humphrey Mayo of Bodenham," married Mary Boulcott of Martley, in 17 10. 

38 Mayo of Bod en ham. 

my fon William £600. To my four grandchildren, two fons and two daughters, 
children of William Mayo, ^100 a piece. A fum of money to be inverted in land 
for an annual charity for the poor of Hope-under-Dinmore, Wellington, and Boden- 
ham. My daughter Grenowes and her hufband. Thomas Mayo executor. To be 
buried in the church of Hope." Proved 6th April, 171 5. 

There is a board now in Bodenham Church with a record of this bequeft, which 
at the time of the Parliamentary Return of Charitable Donations, 1786-1788, vol. i., 
page 462, brought in £2 per annum. 

Humphrey Mayo married and had iffue four children, Thomas, William, Mary, 

and Jane, but the exifting regifter at Hope does not begin until long after the period 

Thomas of their birth. Thomas Mayo, the eldeft fon, fucceeded his father at Hope, and like 

sheriff of him, filled the office of High Sheriff in 17 16. He was buried 24th Auguft, 17 19, 

ford"" 6 an d his will is at Hereford. " Thomas Mayo of Hope-under-Dinmore, gent., 14th 

Auguft, 17 1 9. All lands to my brother William Mayo. My fifter Mary Green- 

houfe. My coz. Tamberlain Gwillim. My coz. Jane Hunt. My god-daughter 

Mary Mayo, and her fifter, and her two brothers. My coz. Elizabeth Gorges." 

Proved 26th Auguft, 17 19. 

He never married. His fifter Mary was married 4th June, 17 13, at Hope, to 
" Mr. Greenoufe ; " and fhe was buried there as " Mrs. Mary Greenhoufe of Shrop- 
fhire," 12th June, 1728. From the Chancery proceedings hereafter to be mentioned, 
it appears that Mr. Greenhoufe was of Detton Hall in the parifh of Neen Savage, 
Shropfhire, and that his wife made a will, 4th June, 1728. 

Jane, the other fifter, was married to Tamberlain Gwillim, and had iffue Tamber- 
lain Gwillim, fon and heir, baptifed at Wellington, Herefordfhire, 21ft April, 1696. 
and wu- William Mayo, the fecond fon of Humphrey Mayo, of S. Peter's in Hereford, 

M!' and of Hope-under-Dinmore, was admitted a freeman of Hereford, 13th October, 
brother, 1601, and then defcribed as gentleman, and was elected Member of Parliament for 

Ions Of S ' ° -.,.—, 11'JTT 

Humphrey the City of Hereford in 1722, and died while in office, and was buried at Hope, 
29th March, 1723, on the fame day as Ann his daughter. His will was proved in 
the Prerogative Court, 24th April, 1723 (Richmond 80). "William Mayo of the 
parifh of Hope-under-Dinmore, Efq., 13th December, 172 1. All meffuages, lands, 
tenements, hereditaments, and premifes whatfoever, both freehold and leafehold 
eftates, tythes, etc., to my fon Thomas Mayo. My daughters Ann and Mary. 
To my wife Anna all houfehold goods, plate, Jewells, with my coach and four 
mares and harnefs. My nephew Tamberlain Gwillim. My niece Jane wife of 
Crefwell Hunt. Thomas Mayo my fon, fole executor." On 20th December, 1736, 
commiffion iffued to James Hughes, of S. Clement Danes, to adminifter the eftate of 
the faid William Mayo, left unadminiftered by Thomas Mayo, fon of the faid de- 
ceafed, alfo deceafed, to the effect only to attend, fupply, fubftantiate, and confirm the 
proceedings which had been already or might thereafter be had and made in certain 


Mayo of Bodenham. 39 

caufes or fuits depending in the High Court of Chancery between Tamberlain 
Gwillim, plaintiff, and Rogers Holland, Efq., Defendant, etc., concerning certain 
legacies given to Anne Mayo, fpinfter, and Mary Holland, formerly Mayo, late wife 
of the faid Rogers Holland, refpectively deceafed, etc. 

William Mayo married Anne or Anna , who was buried at Hope, 3rd July, 

1733. They had iffue the following children, regiftered, fo far as the firft feven are 
concerned, at S. Peter's, Hereford. 

Mary, baptifed 26th July, 1692, and buried 23rd July, 1699. 

Humphrey, baptifed 18th September, 1694. 

Auguftine, buried 24th February, 1 700-1. 

Elizabeth, buried 23 rd October, 1701. 

Lewis, buried 8th July, 170a. 

Thomas, buried 2nd August, 1702. 

Gerrald or Gerrard, baptifed 20th April, 1703. 

Ann, buried at Hope, 29th March, 1723, unmarried (Adminiftration P.C.C.). 1 

Mary, married at Hope, ift March, 1 730-1, to Rogers Holland, of Chippen- 
ham and of the Temple, London, M.P. for Chippenham, 1727-37, and fubfequently 
a Welfh Judge. She died 28th March, 1736, having had one child who died in 

Thomas, born in 1705, and matriculated at Oxford, 26th June, 1721, aged 16, Thomas, 
from Trinity College, as fon of William Mayo, " armiger," of Hope-under-Dinmore. wViam 
He died young, and was buried at Hope, 13th July, 1730, though his burial is alfo Ma y°> M - p - 
entered at the fame date in the regifter of S. Peter's, Hereford. His will was proved 
in the Prerogative Court, 24th September, 1730 (Auber 262). 

"Thomas Mayo of Hope-under-Dinmore, Gentleman, 21 ft May, 1730. To 
my fifter all real and perfonal eftate whatever. My mother. My aunt Wellington. 
My aunt Elizabeth Smith. My uncle Challis. My uncle Smith. My coufin 
Tamberlain Gwillim. To Herbert, third fon of M r Edmund Thomas, all my law 
books. My 'fifter executrix." Mary Mayo made oath that fhe was the only fifter 
of the faid Thomas Mayo. 

On 4th November, 1736, power was granted to Rogers Holland, Efq., hufband 
of the above Mary Mayo, to adminifter the eftate of the late Thomas Mayo, left 
unadminiftered by Mary Holland, alfo deceafed. 

With the death of Thomas Mayo this branch of the family became extinct, The Mayo 
whereupon Tamberlain Gwillim, one of the clerks in the office of Arthur Trevor, thrown into 
Efq., one of the Examiners of the Court of Chancery, filed a brief in Chancery chancer y- 

1 " Tricefimo die Aprilis 1723 emt Como Anns Mayo viduas, matri nrali et ltimae Annas Mayo 
nuper de Hope fubter Dinmore in Com Herefordias fed apud Hampftead in Comitatu Middxia 
foluts defta; hen etc. ad adftrandum bona jura et credita dictae deftae de bene et jurat." 

40 Mayo of Bodenham. 

claiming the eftates, which he defcribes as divers manors, meffuages, lands, tenements, 
tythes, and hereditaments in the counties of Hereford, Worcefter, and elfewhere, as 
againft Rogers Holland. (See Chancery Proceedings, a.d. 17 14-1758. Mitford 
2272, Gwillim v. Rogers, b. r. r. r. r.) 

Rogers Holland made anfwer to this Bill, nth June, 1736 ; and Samuel Birch, 
4th January, 1737, who mentions a farm called Weftintin, in the parifh of Wool- 
hope, purchafed by William Mayo. There is alfo an anfwer of Mary Wellington, 
widow, 20th April, 1737, one of the defendants to the Amended Bill of Complaint 
of Tamberlain Gwillim, who ftates me was executrix to the will of Anna Mayo, 
widow, deceafed, proved in the Confiftory Court of Hereford, about 3rd May, 
1733. (Chancery Proceedings, a.d. 1714-1758. Winter 724. Gwillim v. Wel- 
lington, r.) 

It does not appear how this fuit terminated. 

The following is taken from the Vifitation of Middlefex, made in the year 1663. 


MIDDLESEX, Gent. (Will dated 19 Jan. 1676; admon. II Apr. 

1677. P. C. C. Hale, 40. | 

(Ob. f. p.) 

Arms, Sable, a chevron between three rofes argent, a chief or. 


John Mayo, of Devizes, in the County of Wilts, and the Descendants 
of his Eldest Son, John Mayo, Vicar of Avebury. 

ITH the prefent chapter commences an account of the defen- 
dants of John Mayo, who was living in the parifh of S. John 
Baptift, in Devizes, Wilts, in the reigns of Charles II., James II., 
and William III., being the firft of his family to fettle in that 

He married, 25th April, 1671, at S. Mary's, Devizes, 
Joane, fecond daughter of William Hayes the elder, gentleman, of that parifh, and 
Katherine his wife, one of the Chief Burgefles of Devizes in 1654. The entry in 
the regifter runs, "John Maio & Joan Hayes were married the 25th day of Aprill 
1 67 1." William Hayes was buried there 8th February, 1683-4, and Katherine 
Hayes, 29th January, 1685-6, but their daughter Joane was buried at S. John's, 
27th December, 17 19, where fhe had received baptifm 12th March 1646-7, having 
for many years furvived her hufband, who was buried at the latter church 4th Sep- 
tember, 1692. It is probable that John Mayo was a fcion of the family of which 
an account has been given in the preceding chapter. His fon Charles went to 
Hereford at an early age, and fettled in the parifh in which refided William Mayo, 
a few years later Member of Parliament for that city, and at the age of twenty-four 
married the daughter of one of the principal citizens ; and it may be noted that 
John Mayo calls his third fon Humphrey, a name which has already been feen to 
have been in favour with the Herefordfhire family. A tradition of kinftup with 
Richard Mayo, Bifhop of Hereford, has prevailed among the defcendants of John 

Ten children were the ifTue of the marriage of John Mayo with Joane Hayes. 

I. John, baptifed 30th Auguft, 1673. 

II. William, baptifed 5th January, 1674-5. He man "ied Frances , by 

whom he had kven children, as appears from the regifter of S. John's, Devizes ; 
viz., Richard, baptifed ift November, 1700, and buried 23rd April, 1701 ; Jeane, 


John Mayo, 
rending at 




and has ten 

42 yohn Mayo of Devizes. 

baptifed 6th November, 1702; Frances- Anderfon, baptifed 27th December, 1703 ; 
Robert, baptifed 25th September, 1705, and buried nth January, 1707-8 ; Sarah, 
baptifed 1 8th March, 1706-7, and buried 18th May, 1708 ; Robert, baptifed 29th 
July, 1708, and buried ift Auguft, 1708 ; and Mary, buried 12th Auguft, 17 10. 

III. Humphrey, baptifed 3rd January, 1676-7. 

IV. Jane, baptifed 3rd December, 1678. She died 4th November, 175 1, 
having been married to Jacob Maynard at S. Mary's, Devizes, 19th December, 
1703, by whom fhe was the mother of three children, Jane, baptifed 18th October, 
1705; James, baptifed 20th October, 1707, and died 4th November, 1786, aged 
feventy-nine ; and Mayo, baptifed 2nd Auguft, 1 7 1 o, and buried 6th January, 1 7 1 1 - 1 2. 
Jacob Maynard had previoufly married at S. John's Church, 10th April, 1702, Mary 
Hillier, who was buried there 21ft July, 1703. He was himfelf buried 28th July, 

In the churchyard of S. John's Church, a little to the north of the weft door, is 
a flat ftone with the infcription, " Jane Maynard, daughter of John Mayo and Joan 
his wife, died 4th of November 1 7 5 1 , aged 73 years." Some older monuments 
bearing the name of Mayo are fpoken of, but they cannot now be difcovered. 

V. Henry, baptifed 10th October, 1680, and buried 20th July, 1683. 

VI. Charles, baptifed 18th November, 1682, and buried 28th February, 1682-3. 
VII. "Henry, baptifed 15th April, 1684, and buried 15th February, 1684-5. 

VIII. Charles, baptifed 21 ft March, 1685-6. 

IX. Henry, baptifed 2nd October, 1688. 

X. James, baptifed 17th Auguft, 1691. In this cafe the entry runs, "James, 
fon of Jo. May \_fic\ and Joane his wife." 

To this point, unlefs where otherwife ftated, the dates of baptifm, marriage, and 
burial are taken from the regifter of S. John Baptift, Devizes. 

Attention will henceforth be directed to the defcendants of two of thefe ten 
children of John Mayo and Joane (nee Hayes), viz., to John (I.) and Charles (VIII.). 
John Mayo, their eldeft fon, baptifed, as we have feen, 30th Auguft, 1673, 
johnMayo, matriculated at Oxford, 16th October, 1695, from Hart Hall, but by an error in the 
his eideft regifter he is then ftated to be 18 years of age. Some interval elapfed between his 
cated at leaving the Univerfity and receiving holy orders, as he was not ordained until the 
year 1704, when on the 24th of September he was admitted to the Diaconate in 
Salifbury Cathedral by Bifhop Burnet, and licenfed to the curacy of All Cannings. 
In the regifter of ordinations, he is defcribed as " Civilifta," that is, Civilian, or Stu- 
dent of Civil Law. He was ordained Prieft 3rd June, 1705, by the fame prelate, and 
licenfed to Calne. 
becomes O n ' 2tn November, 17 12, he was inftituted to the Vicarage of Avebury, Wilts 

vicar of (g James), on the prefentation of the Queen, void by the death of John White, the 
laft incumbent, which living he held until 1746, when he refigned, and his fecond 

John Mayo of Devizes. 


fon was appointed his fucceflbr. In a copy of the poll for electing a Knight of the 
Shire for the County, taken at Wilton, 8th September, 17 13, his name occurs as a 
freeholder under the qualification of Avebury (Gough's Collections for Wilts, Bodleian 

During his incumbency was caft the tenor bell now in Avebury Church, which 
bears the infcription, " John Rofe, James Pope, churchwardens. Richard Phelps, 
London, Nat : Par : Hujus fecit 17 19. The Reverend Mr. John Mayo, Vicar." 

Two letters only from the pen of John Mayo are known to be in exigence. 
They are in the porTernon of Mr. Thomas Kemm, the Manor Houfe, Avebury, and 


are dated refpectively 25th March and 25th May, 1720. One of them is here 
given : — 

Calne, May 25, 1720. 


I receiv'd the Honr. of your Ladyps of the 2 1 ft Inftant for wch I humbly 
thank you. Tho' I troubled yor. Ladyp. fo very lately yet I prefume this will not 
be unwellcome to you becaufe of the Good News it brings after the very melan- 
choly Tydings of my former. I heartily thank Or. Heavenly Father that he has 
heard or. Prayers ; for the Burials at Avebury are ceas'd, there having been no 
Funeral for a Week paft, & nobody at p'fent is dangeroufly ill. I am forry to 
alloy this good Advice with bad for this day fev'night in the night was a very vio- 
lent Shower of rain mixt with Lightening, the former caufd a great Flood wch. 
fpoild the Crop in the water meadows, & the later fired a Carpenters Houfe at 
Broad Hinton. I am very glad yor. laft did not mention anything of yor. Ladyps 

Letter of 
John Mayo, 
clerk, to 
Lady Hol- 


Jolm Mayo of Devizes. 


Illnefs & I am very willing to hope 'twas becaufe there was no occafion for it ; no 
grounds for fuch unwelcome news. The late Sicknefs did not reach Bechampton. 
I thank God I & all my Family continue pretty well. We beg yor. Ladyp. to accept 
of or. moft humble Duty & M r Holford of or. moft humble Service. I cannot 
forget yor. Charity to the Poor wch. I hope will come up as a Memorial before 
God to yor. Eternal Advantage wch. will infinitely exceed the Profitts of the 
South Sea, neither can I be unmindfull of kindnefTes to, my very good Lady, 
Yor Ladyps moft obedient 

& moft obliged humble Servt. 

J. Mayo. 

To the Lady Holford 

in Lincolns Inn Fields 



It may be noted that the parifh regifter fhows that nine deaths occurred in May, 
1720, and the number of burials in that year was much above the 
average. Both thefe letters are fealed with a coat of arms, " Argent, 
on a chevron fable between three rofes a lily," the coat that is afligned 
to Richard Mayo, Bifhop of Hereford. 

John Mayo married Mary, daughter of — Hayward, a medical man at Calne, who 
furvived him and was buried there 13th Auguft, 1755. He himfelf had been buried 
at Avebury 15th December, 1752, where his monument ftill remains, pardy cover- 
ing a large family vault in the churchyard below the eaft window of the church. 

It is thus infcribed: — 

" M : S: JOHANNIS MAYO Devifis in hoc Com : nat: in Aula : Cervin : 
Oxon : erud : et per annos XXXIII hujus Eccl : Vicar: ob : 10 D. Decrs A. 1752 
bonorum Operum et Dierum plenus. Et : 80. Johan : et Jacob: Filii P: P:" 

John Mayo of Devizes. 45 

Subjoined is a fhort abftradt of his will, proved in the Court of the Treafurer of and win. 
Sarum. John Mayo of Calne, Wilts, clerk, 13th February, 1750. My only 
daughter Elizabeth Tucker. To my eldeft fon, John Mayo, my three eftates at 
Colftone in the county aforefaid, after the deceafe of my wife, viz. thofe called Grays, 
Hifcocks, and Gouwins, — for the lives they fhall be held by at my deceafe. To my 
fon James Mayo, my executor, my houfe, garden, &c. at Calne. Sworn at Devizes, 
14th September, 1753. (Seal, a double-headed eagle difplayed.) 

John Mayo and Mary {nee Hayward) had four children, Elizabeth, John, James, 
and Benjamin. 

Elifabeth, their only daughter, was born at Calne, ift May, 171 1, according to His 
an entry in the regifter there, and was married to Thomas Tucker, a medical man E^beth. 
refiding in that town, where fhe lived for many years and was buried 28 th April, 
1797, having long furvived her hufband. Under the date ift December, 1758, the 
Calne regifter records that " Mr. Thomas Tucker, Doftor of Phyfick, was 

John Mayo, the eldeft fon, was born 30th September and baptifed 2nd Odtober, His eldeft 
1 7 13, at Calne, according to the Avebury regifter, that of Calne recording his birth ^0,° " 
only. He matriculated at Oxford 14th Oclober, 1730, from Queen's College, aged B - CL -> 
17. A bible dated 1634, now in the pofleflion of Mrs. Thirmuthis Baker, contains 
the entry, " This Bible was given me by my Grandmother Hayward, when I went 
to Oxford in the year 1730. J. M." He graduated as B.C.L. 10th June, 1737, 
having on the 30th of June in the preceding year been ordained Deacon in the chapel 
of the palace, Salifbury, by Bifhop Sherlock, and licenfed to the curacy of Calne. 
On 8th November, 1737, he was inftituted to the Re&ory of Beechingftoke (S. Reaorof 
Stephen), upon the prefentation of John Mayo, fenior, clerk, of Calne, void by the ftoke,'" 8 
death of John Chapman; and on 26th April, 1762, to the Vicarage of Wilcot (H. and v. of 
Crofs) in the patronage of George Wroughton, on the refignation of Robert 

The following notes are taken from a MS. in his handwriting preferved in the 
Beechingftoke regifter. 

" My father bought the next prefentation of M r . Walker; the incumbent then Notes from 

the Beech- 
WaS one M r . Chapman of Bath, who was then fo healthy and ftrong a man that my i ng ftoke 

father's beft friends told him that M r Chapman's life was as good as mine ; but in Re *' fter - 

lefs than two years after the purchafe, viz. May 1737, M r Chapman died. I was 

then in my 24th year. In the month of Novr. that year I was inftituted and 

inducted." " In the year 1743 I began building the Parfonage houfe, and finiftied 

it entirely at my own expenfe without demanding or receiving anything from M r 

Chapman's executors for dilapidations. In the year 1744 I came to refide with my 

family in my new houfe." "At Mich: 1753 I entered upon my Parfonage and 

commenced Farmer, and had the firft year about 50 qrs. of wheat upon the glebe lands 

46 yohn Mayo of Devizes. 

and tythes. I went to Devizes Market and fold the corn myfelf, and conftantly 
attended the tything of hay and corn." " In the year 1755 I was nominated a Com- 
miflioner of the Land Tax, and in the year 1757 I acted with M r Poore of Rufhall, 
M r Shergold Rector of Little Cheverell, and Squire W ... of Conock." " In the 
year 1756 I ferved in perfon as Surveyor of the Highways, and caufed a coach- 
quarter to be cut from Limber Stone to Catnam Coppice." "At Mich : 1757, upon 
an accurate furvey of my receipts, I found that in the four years I had had it in 
hand the Parfonage had brought me in 370 pounds and upwards more than the 

In a copy of a "Poll for the County of Wilts, 1772" (Bodl: Lib: B. F. 11. 
384), John Mayo is recorded as voting for Ambrofe Goddard, his qualification being 
Bitchamftoke (i.e. Beechingftoke), but his refidence Woodborough, the next parifti. 
By his will, dated 14th July, 1778, and proved in the Prerogative Court, 13th Feb- 
ruary, 1779 (Warburton, 63), he appointed as his truftees William Barwis, M.D., 
and William Clare, furgeon, both of Devizes, Wilts. He married Barbara, by 
whom he had five children, John-Hayward, John, Lucy, James, and Charles. Thefe 

Monuments infcriptions are in the chancel of Beechingftoke Church. On the north wall, " To 

mgftoke. the memory of the Rev. John Mayo, 40 years Rector of this Parifh and 1 7 years 
Vicar of Wilcot, who died Jan. 25th, 1779, aged 65 years." On the fouth wall, 
" Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Barbara Mayo, widow of the Rev. John Mayo, late 
Rector of this Parifh and Vicar of Wilcot, who died Feb. 1 ith, 1796, aged 77 years. 
Alfo of Mrs. Lucy Mayo, their daughter, who died Feb. 4th, 1 8 1 2, aged 
67 years." 

His five To pafs on to their five children : — 

children. r j ohn . Ha yward, born 8th Auguft, 1741 (Beechingftoke regifter). The 

regifter of Calne under 8th Auguft, 1741, records the baptifm of "John-Hayward 
fon of Mr John Mayo, Rectr. of Beeching-Stoke," and his burial on the 2 1 ft of the 
fame month. 

2. John, born 16th June, 1742 (Beechingftoke regifter). He lived at S. Mary's, 
Devizes, and married at S.John's Church there, 24th April, 178 1, by licence, 
Elizabeth Hillier, of the latter parifti. They died without iffue. 

3. Lucy, born 13th Auguft, and baptifed 17th September, 1744 (Beechingftoke 
regifter). She lived at her birthplace with her brother Charles, and died there 4th 
February, 18 12, aged 67. Her will is in the Prerogative Court (Oxford, 184). 

4. James, born 19th January, and baptifed 17th February, 1746 (Beechingftoke 
regifter). He died 15th November, 1802, and adminiftration to his eftate was 
granted in the following month, P.C.C. He married Mary, daughter of Samuel 
Saunders of Ilminfter. 1 Her will is dated 6th May, 1826, and was proved in 

1 Thomas Bum, of Ilminfter, died 1736-7, and had iflue John, Thomas, Ann, and Samuel. Ann 

John Mayo of Devizes. 47 

January, 1831, P.C.C. They had one child, Mary, baptifed 29th January, 1776, 
at S. John's, Devizes, who was married to Thomas Collins of Ilminfter. She made 
her will in 1857, and died 13th December, 1863, aged 88, without iflue. Thefe 
additional infcriptions exift on the fouth wall of the chancel of Beechingftoke. 
" Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Ann Saunders, widow of Mr. Samuel Saunders of 
Ilminfter, who died Dec. 26th, 1798, aged 83 years. Alfo of Mr. James Mayo, fon 
of the Rev. John Mayo late Rector of this Parifh and Vicar of Wilcot, who died 
Nov. 15th, 1802, aged 55 years. Alfo of Mary his widow who died Aug. 
24th 1830, aged 80 years." 

5. Charles Mayo, fifth child of John and Barbara Mayo, was born 7th Decern- Charles 
ber, and baptifed 15th February, 1750, at Beechingftoke. He matriculated at Ox- m.a.,' 
ford 29th April, 1767, aged 16, from Queen's College, and proceeded to the degrees hfs^mngeft 
of B.A. 8th February, 177 1, M.A. 7th July, 1774, and B.C.L. 1 ft February, 1779. fon ' 
On the iftof May, 1775, he was inftituted to the Reftory of Huifti (S. Nicholas) on Reflorof 
the prefentation of the Truftees of Froxfield Hofpital, of which he was chaplain, and 
to Beechingftoke, 8th February, 1779, on the prefentation of John Walker Heneage, an d Beech- 
and held both livings until his death. He was a man of great fimplicity of character, mg ° e ' 
and was thought to bear a confiderable refemblance in perfon to Dr. Syntax. As an 
inftance of his abfence of mind the ftory is told that a friend met him one day, deep 
in thought, walking from Devizes to Beechingftoke with his horfe's bridle hung over 
his arm, from which the beaft had flipped its head, without the owner, who had 
been leading it, becoming aware of its efcape, until aroufed from his reverie. His 
leifure was principally devoted to literary purfuits, and he was the author of four 
works, of which the titles are given below. 

" A Chronological Hiftory of the European States, with their Difcoveries and author of 
Settlements, from the Treaty of Nimeguen in 1678 to the clofe of the year 1792, Hiftory, 
etc. Alfo Biographical Sketches of the Sovereigns who have reigned during that 
period, and of thofe perfons who have been principally interefted as Statefmen, 
Warriors, Patriots, etc. Bath: Printed by S. Hazard for G. G. and J. Robinfon, 
Paternofter Row, and J. Faulder, New Bond Street, London. MDCCXCIII." Fo. 

Another edition MDCCXCV extends to 1794. 

"A Compendious View of Univerfal Hiftory from the year 1753 to the Treaty 
of Amiens in 1802. Bath, 1804." 4 . 

(Dedicated to John Walker Heneage.) 

became wife of Samuel Saunders, who died February, 1775, and had iflue Mary, married to James 
Mayo, and Ann, married 6th Auguft, 1783, at S. John's, Devizes, to John Tapfcott, a folicitor, ob. f. p. 
Samuel Bufh died in 1763, and had iflue Jane, born 1746, Ann, born 1748, neither of whom were 
married, and Mary, born 1751, and married 1775 to Samuel Alford, M.A., clerk in holy orders, of 
Curry Rivel, Somerfet. 

4 8 

"John Mayo of Devizes. 

founds two 
for fons of 

A lift of 
Mayo Exhi- 

Memoir o 
Mayo in 
" Gent. 

" Difcourfes on the Principles of religious Worfhip and fubjects connected with 
them, particularly the Liturgy of the Church of England ; with notes illuftrative and 
explanatory. Bath. 1818." 8°. 

" Difcourfes on the Internal Evidence of Chriftianity as difplayed in the con- 
nexion of Natural and Revealed Religion, and the Doctrines of the Immortality 
of the Soul and a Future State ; etc. London. Rivingtons. 1824." 8°. 

By an indenture dated 23rd February, 1829, made between himfelf and the 
Truftees of the Somerfet Hofpital at Froxfield, after reciting that he had placed the 
fum of £2,500 in their hands, and ftating that he was defirous to teftify his attach- 
ment to the Church, and to check the progrefs of Infidelity on the one hand and of 
Fanaticifm and Calvinifm on the other, Charles Mayo directed that the aforefaid fum 
fhould accumulate for 21 years after his death, and that the intereft mould then 
be applied, to the amount of £70 per annum, as an exhibition to be held at any 
College in Oxford, for a period not exceeding feven years, by the fon of a clergyman 
refident for 15 years in the County of Wilts. By 7th Auguft, 1833, the truft-fund 
had reached the fum of £3,177 13s. \od., and the Truftees have fince been able to 
provide exhibitions for two fcholars. (See the Report of the Charity Com., Wilts, 
18 15-1839, page 437.) 

The following perfons have benefited by this endowment. 


Hugh Allan, Wadham College 

Arthur Henry Harington, Wadham College . 

Philip Afhby Phelps, Queen's College . 

John Henry Wilkinfon, Magdalen College 

George Nutt, New College .... 

Frederick Townley Dowding, Magdalen College 

William Holden Scott Laxton, Trinity College 

Shirley Allan Spooner, Pembroke College 

Geoffrey Jofeph Bulkeley Buckley, Brafenofe College 

Bernard Henry Tower, Pembroke College 

Charles Norton Edgcumbe Eliot, Balliol College 

Charles Mayo's will was dated 4th November, 1829, and proved in the Preroga- 
tive Court, (Beard 268,) and on the 27th of the fame month he died, and was 
buried at Beechingftoke. A fhort memoir in the " Gendeman's Magazine," vol. xcix., 
narrates that "He has given by his will £100 ftock to the fund for the relief of the 
widows and orphans of the clergy in the Diocefe of Salifbury, and a fmall annual 
fum to the future Rectors of his late parifhes for the fupply of books to the young 
and for the occafional relief of the aged and infirm. His remains were attended to 
the grave by his brother, his executors, two of his neareft relatives, and by the 
Rev. Archdeacon Macdonald, and by all the clergy of the immediate neighbourhood, 

16 July, 


9 J ul y> 


14 July, 


10 July, 


14 July, 


9 July, 


14 July, 


10 July, 


l e 

8 July, 


11 July, 


1 5 July, 


yohn Mayo of Devizes. 


with whom, as with their predeceflbrs during that long period, he lived on the 
terms of the greater! cordiality and friendfhip." 

CHARLES MAYO, M.A., B.C.L., I75O-1829. 

He rebuilt the chancel of Beechingftoke in 1791 and the Rectory Houfe of 
Huifh at his own expenfe. In the former is this infcription on the north wall : — 

" Alfo to the memory of the Rev. Charles Mayo, 

54 years Rector of Huifh, and 

50 years Rector of this Parifh, 

who died 27th Nov. 1829, aged 78 years." 


Verses addressed to Charles Mayo, author unknown. 

Charles, e'er his five-and-twentieth year, 
Two Livings had, three hundred clear ; 
His Parfonage was a fnug retreat, 
A d — d convenient houfe and neat ; 


to Charles 

50 "John Mayo of Devizes. 

For fuel there's fufficient wood, 

And, God be thanked, the cellar's good. 

But not the joys that quiet yields, 

Nor garden, houfe, nor fruitful fields, 

Could Charles content, he loathed his home, 

He loved to ramble, loved to roam. 

He flies through England, Scotland, Wales, 

Acrofs the Dover Streights he fails, 

Of travelled youths becomes the flow'r, 

And with Squire Awdry makes the tour, 

Till tired at laft he home returns, 

His coach he fells, his journal burns. 

Now fix'd, content, he taps his barrel, 

Exhorts his neighbours not to quarrel ; 

With tythes his barns replete he fees, 

And chuckles o'er his furplice fees ; 

Studies to find out latent dues, 

And regulates the ftate of pews, 

Rides a dun mare with purple houfing 

To lhare the monthly club's caroufing ; 

Sends prefents of his choiceit fruit, 

And prunes himfelf each faplefs fhoot ; 

Plants colliflow'rs, and boafts to rear 

The earlieft melons of the year ; 

Builds in his copfe a fav'rite bench, 

And ftores his pond with carp and tench. 

But what are all the joys of life 
Without the firft, — a loving wife ? 
Or what's a table richly spread 
Without a woman at its head ? 
Charles then muft wed, ere 'tis too late ; 
He looks around to find a mate ; 
And (his difcernment all muft own) 
Picks out a coufin of his own, 
Not over weighty in the purfe 
(But many doctors have done worfe), 
And, though Ihe boail no charms divine, 
Yet Ihe can carve, and make birch wine. 
How happy now the hours glide 
Round lovefick Charles's fire-fide ! 
He muft, 'tis true, remain at home, 
But from her could he wifh to roam ? 

Alas ! too foon his thoughtlcfs brcaft 
By cares domeftic is oppreft ; 
And a third butcher's bill and brewing 
Threaten inevitable ruin ; 
For children frefti expenfes get, 
And Charley now for fchool is fit. 

John Mayo of Devizes. 51 

" Why did I fell my quiet life," 
He cries, " for family and wife ? 
Return, ye days, when endlefs pleafure 
I found in reading or in leifure ! 
No cares were then for forward peas 
A yearly-longing wife to pleafe ; 
My thoughts no Chrift'ning dinner croft, 
No children cried for butter'd toaft, 
And every night I went to bed 
No care nor forrow in my head." 

Charles Mayo was at this time engaged to his coufin Mercy- Beata Mayo, but 
he never married. (See chapter vii.) 

One of his letters to this lady, addrefled, " Mifs M. B. Mayo, Mrs. Mayo's, 
St. Owen's Street, Hereford," is interesting on account of the perfonal allufions 
which it contains. 

Stoke, Tuefday, 

3d June, 1787. 

My dear Merbe, — 

" I moft heartily rejoice with you & M rs Mayo upon your Brother's 
fuccefs at the Foundling Hofpital. Such a Teftimony of his merit from fo 
numerous & refpectable a Body will certainly place him in the moft advantageous 
light, & be of very eflential fervice to him in his Entrance upon Practice. We 
are much pleafed with my little Worthy's Attention to poor Lucy. I hope you will 
ever find her deferving of it, and that this kindnefs will lead to a Friendfhip that will 
contribute much to the Happinefs of both, and confequently to that of your humble 
fervant. I have been full of engagemts fince my Return. Amongft the reft, 
tell Lucy, M r Coham 1 dined here upon his parochial vifitation. Dr. Gibbes 2 met 
him, and M r Heneage took me on his way from Earl Stoke, where he had been to 
make a kind of complimentary vifit upon the approaching Marriage of Mifs Smith 
to Ld. Compton, fon of Ld. Northampton. Your Uncle and Joe 3 likewife were 
here. All in good Humour ; and we fpent a pleafant Day, of courfe. Joe is 
wonderfully improved by the Univerfity. Has now all the appearance of being a 
worthy young man. We are going together to day to meet the Gibbes's at M r 
Hazeland's. The other day we efcorted my mother to Woodborough, and we are 
foon to have a grand Gala at Wootton. 4 I am much flattered by the Honour 
confer'd on me at M rs Bethel's, and hope to hear it is often repeated. The Arch- 

1 Arthur Coham, Archdeacon of Wilts, 1779-99. 

2 Reftor of Woodborough, whofe daughter Mary-Jane became wife of Jofeph Mayo, fubfequently 
Reftor of Ozleworth. 

3 Jofeph Mayo, who died in 1789, and his fon Jofeph, afterwards Reftor of Ozleworth. 

4 Wootton Rivers, of which Merbe's uncle William Mayo was Reftor. 

52 John Mayo of Devizes. 

deacon told us that M rs Meade went off at laft with a heavy Heart. I fear it was 
from a Prefentiment of not returning foon from the Land of White Boys. A 
propos, I have had an offer of a feat in my Friend Fitz-Gerald's carriage thro' 
Ireland & Wales ; which I had Fortitude enough to decline. Pray give my beft 
Refp" to M rs Mayo & any other Friends at Hereford, Cook in particular. 

I am, my dear Merbe, 

Y' s most aff ly & sincerely, 

Chs. Mayo. 

Benjamin The narrative now returns to Benjamin, third fon of John Mayo and Mary 

thi a rd°fo n A of (*** Hayward), omitting for the prefent his elder brother, James. Benjamin 
John Mayo was born 2nd July and baptifed, 30th July, 1720, at Calne, (Calne and Avebury 
n «Hay- regifters,) and matriculated at Oxford from Queen's College, 28th April, 1737, aged 

17, and graduated B.A., 6th February, 1740. He then fettled at his birthplace, 
where he practifed the art of medicine until his death on 17th November, 1750. He 
was buried there on the 23rd of the fame month. This epitaph has been preferved 
among the family papers, but cannot now be difcovered in the church. 

" Memoriae facrum Benjamini Mayo, Collegii Reginenfis Oxonia Commenfalis et 
Artium Baccalaurei, poftea de hoc oppido Pharmacopolas. Obiit xv Kalendis 
Novembris, anno Salutis millefimo Septingentefimo quinquagefimo." 

The following is an abftract of his Will, proved in the Court of the Treafurer of 
Sarum. Benjamin Mayo of Calne, Wilts, apothecary, 16 November, 1750. My 
brother John Mayo. My brother James Mayo ; to him all money due from the 
eftate of George Stretch of Bewchampton deceafed. Money upon truft to Rev. D' 
Edmund Aubery and Rev. M r Atkinfon of Langley Burrell, to apply the intereft 
to the ufe of my honoured father and mother, and, after their deceafe, to the fole 
and feparate ufe of my fifter, Elizabeth Tucker, my executrix. Sworn at Calne, 
27 June, 1 75 1. 

James James Mayo, fecond fon of John Mayo and Mary (nee Hayward), was born at 

fecondfon'' Calne at 9 o'clock in the morning of Trinity Sunday, 27 May, and baptifed 3rd 
of John June, 17 16, according to the Avebury register; and the Calne regifter, in the lift 
Mary, me of births, has the entry, "James fon of Mr. John Mayo of Abury, 27th May, 
aywar ' 1 7 16." He matriculated at Oxford, 15th May, 1734, from Queen's College, aged 

18, and took his degree of B.A., 1 8th May, 1738. He was ordained Deacon, 
17th June, 1739, by Thomas, Bifhop of Oxford, in Chrift Church Cathedral, and 
Prieft in the chapel of the Palace, Salifbury, 5th September, 1743, and was then 
licenfed to the Curacy of Avebury. On 4th February, 1746, he was inftituted to 

becomes that Vicarage, being prefented by the Crown on his father's refignation, and this 
Avebury living he held, with that of Winterborne Moncton, alfo in the gift of the Crown, 

yohn Mayo of Devizes. 53 

and which was united to Avebury in the following year. In 1757 he became 
fecond matter of the Calne Grammar School, and the next year, on nth October, Matter of 
1758, was promoted to the Head Mafterfhip. At a meeting of the Truftees of this Grammar 
fchool, on 25th June, 1757, it was ordered, "That the Rev. James Mayo, of Scho0 '' 
Avebury, be and is hereby appointed Ufher of the faid fchool from henceforth under 
Mr. Rogers the prefent mafter during the pleafure of the Truftees of the faid School, 
to teach the boys of the town and parifh of Calne under the fame orders and 
directions as were made on 27th of September 1734 by the seven truftees then being 
in the faid truft, with this difference only that nine boys fhall be educated in the 
Latin tongue, inftead of /even, the prefent number of the truftees being nine." 
Carlifle's " Grammar Schools," vol. ii., page 742. 

On 23rd March, 1767, he was inftituted to the Rectory of Ditteridge, vacant by and Re^or 
the death of Mark Hall, on the prefentation of William Northy, of Ivy Houfe, °a°e. tte " 
Chippenham, and was re-inftituted to Avebury on the fecond day of the following July. 
At the poll for the county election in 1772, before mentioned, James Mayo voted 
for Ambrofe Goddard, his place of refidence then being at Calne, but his qualification 
at Avebury. James Mayo died ift September, and was buried 8th September, 1788, 
at Avebury, aged 72. His will is in the Records of the Court of the Treafurer HisWiii. 
of Sarum. James Mayo, the elder, of Calne, clerk, 17 July, 1788. To my 
loving friends Charles Mayo of Beechingftoke, clerk, and John Flower, of Calne, 
Schoolmafter, my freehold mefluage or tenement at Quemerford, with all the clofes 

thereto belonging, which I purchafed of Street; — in truft to fell them 

and to apply the proceeds to the ufe of my wife and family. Sworn 27th Auguft, 

James Mayo twice married ; on the firft occafion Mary Blanchard, who died He twice 
29th October, and was buried at Calne, 2nd November, 1767, aged 39; and i^sTffu'e 3 "' 
fecondly, in 1769, Ann Rofe, who died 15th July, at Sarum, and was buried 20th 22chlldren 
July, 1 8 14, at Avebury, aged 71. 

By his firft wife he had iftue — 

1. Elifabeth, baptifed at Avebury, 8th April, 1752. She died 28th Auguft, and His firft 
was buried there 13th September, 1798, unmarried. 

2. John born 25th July, 1753, and baptifed the fame day at Avebury. He 
refided at Bath, and married Jane Butcher, and died 3rd May, 1830, and was 
buried at Avebury on the 11th of the fame month, aged 76. She died 23rd 
November, and was buried by her hufband, 30th November, 1836, aged 81. 
Their only child was Jane, who died in infancy, and was buried at Avebury, 15th 
March, 1787. 

3. James, a memoir of whofe life will be given hereafter. 

4. Mary, born 3rd May, and baptifed 29th June, 1757. She died 23rd 
September, and was buried 3rd October, 18 19, aged 62, at Avebury. 

54 John Mayo of Devizes. 

5. Martha, born 9th February, baptifed 30th March, and buried 22nd May, 
1759, at Avebury. 

6. Ann, buried at Avebury, 29th May, 1760, but her baptifm . is regiftered 
neither there nor at Calne. 

7. Benjamin, cc fon of the Revd. Mr. James Mayo and Mary his wife, Vicar of 
Avebury and Monkton, and fchool-mafter of the Free School at Calne," was 
baptifed at Calne, 22nd May, 1761. He was buried at Avebury, 31ft July, 1761. 

8. Ann, buried at Avebury, 31ft March, 1763, but there is no record of her 

9. Barbara. The Calne regifter has the entry " Barbary dr. of the Revd. Mr. 
James Mayo and Mary his wife baptifed 20 July 1763." She died 28th March, 
1793, and was buried at Tarrant Keynfton, Dorfet, unmarried. 

10. Lucy, born 27th September, and baptifed 25th October, 1765, at Calne, 
which fact is regiftered both at Calne and Avebury. She died 26th September, and 
was buried 5th October, 1820, at Avebury, aged 55. She was married, 7th July, 
1803, to John Gibbons, who died, 29th Auguft, 1806, aged 39, without iftue, and 
was buried at Avebury 4th September following. 

James Mayo had iftue by his fecond marriage ' — 
Hisfecond ii. Ann, born on Thursday, 8th November, 1770, and buried at Avebury, 

amiy ' 3rd April, 177 1, but no entry of her baptifm exifts either at Calne or Avebury. 

12. Benjamin, born on Saturday, 15th February, 1772, and baptifed at Calne, 
15th September, 1773. He went to Jamaica about May, 1792, and died there foon 
after, it is fuppofed of yellow fever, unmarried. 

13. Charles, born on Sunday, 18th July, and baptifed 15th September, 1773, 
at Calne. He died 13th November, and was buried, 22nd November, 1829, in 
Stepney churchyard, having married and had iftue Lucy, wife of Peter Aftiley, 
Alfred, who died 6th February, 1864, f. p., and Mary-Jane, married to Ford. 

14. William-Hayward, born on Thurfday, 7th October, 1774, and baptifed, 
15th July, 1776, at Calne. He died unmarried, 13th November, 1838, and was 
buried on the 20th of the fame month in Paddington churchyard. 

15. Thirmuthis, born on Sunday, 17th March, and baptifed, 15th July, 1776, 
at Calne, on the fame day as her brother. She died, 1 8th October, at Stoke 
Newington, and was buried at Avebury, 28th October, 1798, aged 22, and 

16. Jofeph, born on Sunday, 28th September, 1777, and baptifed, 29th July, 
178 1, at Calne. He died, 7th Auguft, 1845, having married and had iftue, Jofeph, 
Benjamin, Mary, the wife of William Drew, Emily, and Julia. 

1 A bible, dated 1776, and infcribed "Ann Mayo's Book, 1785," now in the pofleflion of Mrs. 
Thirmuthis Baker, contains the dates of the birth of the children of James and Ann Mayo. 

yohn Mayo of Devizes. $5 

17. Samuel, born on Monday, ill February, 1779, and baptifed, 29th July, 
178 1, at Calne. He died at Wimborne in November, 1801, and was buried at 
Tarrant Key niton, unmarried. 

18. Henry, born on Friday, 23rd February, and baptifed 29th July, 178 1, at 
Calne. He died 24th Auguft, and was buried 29th Auguft, 1858, having married 
and had iffue, Elizabeth, married to Daniel-Nicholas-Chriftian Eggbrecht, Henry, 
Charles, James- Legaflic, and Ann-Legaffic, wife of George Francis. 

19. Thomas-Alfred, born on Monday, 19th May, 1783, and baptifed at Calne, 
1 ft November, 1788, as fon of " Rev. James Mayo deceafed, and Anne his wife." 
He died 21ft April, 1855, and was buried in S. John's Wood Cemetery. He 
married 13th March, 18 10, in the Abbey Church, Bath, Margaret- Lawrance, 
daughter of William Blagrove of Abingdon, born 24th December, 178 1, and died 
2nd January, 1856. Their children were — 

I. Thirmuthis, born 8th April, 1811, and married, 15th September, 1831, to 
Henry Baker, who was born 25th February, 1804, and died 23rd January, 1867. 1 

II. Alfred, of Sydney, N.S.W., born in 18 12. He married Elizabeth Wyllie, 
and has four fons and two daughters. 

in. Edward, born in 18 14, married Catherine-Mary Hade, and died without 
iflue, 1 ft September, 1880, and was buried in Colchefter Cemetery. 

iv. Eliza, born and died in 18 16. 

v. William, born 19th October, 18 18, and died nth April, 1880, and was 
buried in Ipfwich Cemetery. He married Louifa Delamotte, of Sandhurft, but had 
no children. 

20. Ann, buried at Avebury, 19th Auguft, 1785, in infancy. 

21. Maria, born 25th February, 1786, and died in infancy. 

22. Ann-Jane, born on Tuefday, 30th September, 1788, and baptifed the ift 
of November following at Calne, and buried at Avebury, 23rd January, 1789. 

Thefe additional infcriptions are copied from monuments in Avebury church- Monuments 

j at Avebury. 

" In memory of MARY, the Wife of the Revd. James Mayo Vicar of this 

1 Their children are — i. Thermuthis, b. 23rd July, 1832. ii. Hefter-Eliza, b. 21ft December, 
1833, m. 5th September, 1856, to Theophile-Emanuel Bolt, Evangelical Pallor at Verviers, Belgium. 
iii. Emily-Wright, b. 24th Oftober, 1835, m - to William Baker, M.A., Vicar of Crambe, York, 20th 
Auguft, 1873. iv. Lucy-Anne, b. 29th May, 1837, d. 13th May, 1863. v. Marian, b. 2nd Decem- 
ber, 1838, m. 5th February, 1873, to Wyatt-A. v. S. Papworth, F.R.I.B.A., London, vi. Margaret- 
Lawrance, b. 26th September, 1 840, m. 26th July, 1866, to Henry-William Jones, Vicar of S. Andrew's, 
Nuttall, Ramfbottom. vii. Henry- William, b. 28th Oftober, 1842, d. 19th July, 1864. viii. Amelia, 
b. 23rd May, 1845, d. ift July, 1880, m. 7th November, 1866, to Arthur Brookman. ix. Ellen 
b. 16th June, 1847. x. Louifa, b. 3rd December, 1850, m. loth July, 1880, to Herman-Julius Linde, 
Lutheran Pallor at Pflugrade, Pomerania. 

56 jfohn Mayo of Devizes. 

Parifh, who departed this life October the 29th 1767, in the 40th Year of her Age. 
Alfo of Elizabeth the elder!: Daughter of ye above, who died 28th Auguft 1798, 
Aged 48. Alfo of Mary, their fecond Daughr., who died 23rd Septr. 18 19, aged 
62. And of John Gibbons, who died 29th Augft 1806, aged 39. Alfo of Lucy 
the wife of the above John Gibbons, who died Septr. 26th 1820, aged 55. Alfo 
of John Mayo, who died 3rd May 1830, aged 76, and of Jane his Widow, who 
died 23rd Nov. 1836, Aged 81 Years." 

"Sacred to the Memory of the Revd. James Mayo A.B., who died Sepr. ift 
1788, Aged 72, having been forty-two years Vicar of this Parifh. A Clergyman 
who was efteemed by all who knew him for his ftrict integrity, his extenfive charity, 
and a confcientious difcharge of all the duties of a chriftian Minifter. Alfo of Ann, 
Widow of the Revd. James Mayo, who died 15th July, 18 14, Aged 71. And of 
Thermuthis, their fifth daughr., who died 18 Octr. 1798, Aged 22." 

In the chancel of the church, againft the fouth wall. 

"Sacred to the memory of John Mayo of Bath, the eldest son of 
the late Vicar of this Parish, who died 3RD May 1830, aged 76. Also 
of Jane his wife who died the 23RD Novr. 1836, aged 81 years. And of 
his five sisters, viz. Barbara who died in the year 1793, Elizabeth and 
Thermuthis in 1797, Mary in 1819, and Lucy in 1820." 

james James Mayo, the fecond fon of James Mayo and Mary {nee Blanchard), was born 

feind^on'' 2J ft September, and baptifed 20th October, 1755, at Avebury. He matriculated at 
of james Oxford 23rd March, 1774, aged 18, from Queen's College, and graduated B.A. 
10th October, 1777. The fame year he was ordained Deacon at Salisbury, and ap- 
pointed fecond mafter of the Grammar School at Wimborne Minder, which poft he 
Head"" ^ e ^ tm ^ e was mac ^ e head mafter in 1787, in which office he continued until his 
Mafter of death. On 24th November, 1779, ^ e was inftituted Rector of Blackland, Wilts, 
Grammar being prefented by John Bilhop and William Effington, and on 16th February, 
c °°,-' 1780, he fucceeded his father in the living of Avebury-cum-Winterborne Moncton, 

and Vicar ' -" O J ' 

of Avebury, on the prefentation of George III. He married, 1 6th June, 1783, at Wimborne 
and marries Minfter, by licence, Jane, daughter and heirefs of John Barfoot of that town (fon of 
Soot James Barfoot and Mary Dean), by Mary his wife, daughter of Thomas Baftard of 

Blandford, by Mary his wife, daughter and heirefs of Henry Horlock of Charlton 

Marfhall. 1 

1 Thomas Baftard died July, 1 73 1, aged 45, and was fon of Thomas Baftard of Belchalwell, after- 
wards of Blandford, and Bridget his wife, fifter of Thomas Creech the poet, Fellow of All Souls', 
Oxford. The lall-namcd Thomas Baftard is faid to have been grandlon of Jofeph Baftard and Joyce his 

wife, d. and h. of Baker of Kinglbridgc, fecond fon of John Baftard (aged 30 in 1620), fon of 

Jofeph Ballard of Duloe, Cornwall. Arms: Or, a chevron azure. See Hutchins' " Hift. of Dorfet," 
3rd ed., vol. iii., page 523, and Burke's "Hiftory of the Landed Gentry," 6th ed., 1879, P a S e 9 2 - 

jfohn Mayo of Devizes. 


James and Jane Mayo were buried at Tarrant Keynfton, where this infcription is 
to be feen on a ftone in the churchyard. " In Memory of the Rev. James Mayo, 
Vicar of Avebury, Wilts, and Head Matter of the Free Grammar School, Wim- 
borne, who died Auguft ift, 1822, aged 66 years. And of Jane his wife, who died 
April 1 2th, 1836, aged 74 years. William their fourth fon died 0<5t: 5th, 1818, 
aged 21. Mary their eldeft daughter died O& : 28th, 1844, aged 57 years." 

He is alfo commemorated by a ftained glafs window at the eaft end of the north 
aide in the church of Wimborne Minfter, beneath which is a brafs plate infcribed, 

"SID 2Det (Bloriam, et t'n St^emonam ijacobi 9£apo, a.©., »>cljolae Beg: €iiy. 
bicmae %%%Wl annosf magtttri, et atoeburiae tn com: (Lflliltsf: (Uicacti, qui obtt't 31mo 
die mens.: SLugti, anno 3D'ni 9p>CCC££391, annoef natus %%U3 : jfrecnon 3|anae 
uxovis ejus, moctuae#313mo. Die mens: iapr: anno Wni 9p)CCC3BKE(IH3, actatis 
suae %&$}0i: pans meoia fjujitfce Mtri becocata eft anno SD'ni ^^>€€€%WLJ3% 
Quorum tcegf filti, totiDem filiae fupec(ttte0, Ijoc aeue poQto, parentum memoriam 


His will was proved in the Prerogative Court (Herlhell 537). 

James Mayo and Jane (nee Barfoot) had iflue ten children. 

I. James, born 9th September and admitted ift November, 1784 (Wimborne 
regifter). He matriculated at Oxford 14th January, 1802, aged 17, from Queen's 
College, and graduated, as of Pembroke College, B.A. 14th November, 1805, 
M.A. 15th January, 1810. He became fecond mafter of Wimborne Grammar 
School in 1802, and fucceeded his father in the head mafterfhip in 1822. He was 
Vicar of Guflage All Saints, 18 17-1833, and Vicar of S. Peter's, Shaftefbury, 1819- 
1823, and on his father's death was inftituted to Avebury cum Winterborne Monc- 

His monu- 
ment at 

and memo- 
rial brafs in 

He has ten 
1. James 

Mafter of 

jfohn Mayo of Devizes. 

and Vicar 
of Avebury, 

2. John 
Mayo of 
Stoke next 

3. Mary 

4. Charles 





ton at the date laft named. He married, 17th November, 1829, Jane, daughter of 
Jofeph Willis, of Norden in Purbeck, but had no children. Their monument may 
be feen in Wimborne Churchyard, weft of the church. 

" The Rev. James Mayo, A.M., Vicar of Avebury, Wilts, and many years Mafter 
of the Free Grammar School in this town, died Augt. 1 8 th, 1 851, aged 66. Jane, the 
wife of the Rev. James Mayo, A.M., died July 29th, 1 846, aged 43." 

II. John, born 15th February, and admitted 17th October, 1786 (Wimborne 
regifter), was in the Eaft India Houfe, and refided in Connaught Terrace, London, 
and afterwards at Stoke-next-Guildford. He married, 24th December, 1 831, at S. 
Mary Magdalene, Paddington, Matilda (born 2nd July, 1798), daughter of Major 
Robert Horfley, nth Light Dragoons. He died in London, and was buried at 
Avebury, 9th March, 1866, where his monument bears the infcription: — 

" Sacred to the Memory of John Mayo 

of Stoke-next-Guildford, Surrey. 

Born 15 Feb. 1786. Died 2 Mar. 1866. 

Second fon of the Rev. James Mayo 

Vicar of this parifh, 1789-1822. 

By grace ye are faved. Ephes. ii. 5." 

He had four children, all baptifed at S. M. Magdalene, Paddington. 

1. Matilda-Jane, born 1 8th January, 1833, and married 24th March, i860, 
at Stoke-next-Guildford to her coufin James Druitt, of Chriftchurch, Hants 
(Chapter IX.). 

2. Mary, born 22nd May, 1834. 

3. Ifabella-Horfley, born 2nd June, 1836. 

4. John-Horfley, born 26th November, 1838, of the India Office. 

III. Mary, born 23rd September, 1787, and admitted 5th February, 1789 
(Wimborne regifter). She died 28th October, 1844, and was buried at Tarrant 

IV. Charles, born 29th December, 1788, and admitted 5th February, 1789 
(Wimborne regifter) . He was educated in his father's houfe at Wimborne Grammar 
School, and after paffing through the courfe of inftruclion at S. Bartholomew's 
Hofpital, became, on the 5th April, 181 1, a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, 
and very foon afterwards, hearing that the Governors of the County Hofpital at 
Winchester defired to increafe their ftaff, came down and was elected furgeon to that 

It is added in a memoir in the " Medical Times and Gazette," December, 1 876, 
that " of courfe this could not be expected to be altogether pleafing to the exifting 
functionaries, who for a time gave him, as he thought, no cordial co-operation. The 
following letter from Mr. Abernethy, dated Aug. 1 8 1 2, at the time when Charles Mayo 

John Mayo of Devizes. 59 

was preparing for his firft operation of lithotomy, will tell its own tale as to the ftate 
of feeling at the time. It will alfo mow how thoroughly Abernethy was prepared to 
back his old pupil." 

" My dear Sir, — If the governors of any hofpital entrufted me with the care Letter from 


of patients, I would take care to do my duty to the beft of my ability. I would 
not bleed and purge a patient repeatedly, prior to an operation for lithotomy to the 
extent you defcribe, at the fuggeftion of any man, if it did not appear to me proper. 
There is but one general rule for a man's conduct : Do as you would be done unto. 
I would not defer the operation beyond that time when it feemed moft conducive to 
the patient's welfare to perform it. You know I ufe a gorget, which cuts as well as 
any knife I ever tried, and has the advantage of being a conductor for the forceps. 
If I ufe a knife it mould be fuch a one as Mr. Cooper ufes. I know not what to 
advife you to do. You reprefent your patient as much reduced, and if the fubject 
were unfavourable for an operation, I would rather fend him to a London Hofpital 
than run the rifle of his dying after an operation, however well you might perform 
it. This is the beginning of my lectures. I have fcarcely time to write. Had it 
happened at any other feafon I would have gone to Winchefter. 

" Yours moft fincerely, 

"J. Abernethy." 

" The operation was performed and the patient recovered. From this time for- 
ward, up to the year 1870, Charles Mayo's life was one of the bufieft profeffional 
work. He gained considerable reputation as a lithotomift, which was brought to a charies 
climax by his fuccefsful extraction of one of the largeft ftones on record, weighing ^rJa 
more than fourteen ounces, in December, 18 18. As a lithotomift his manner of pro- lithotomift, 
ceeding and inftruments were bold and fimple, in imitation of Chefelden. He per- 
formed feveral operations for axillary and other aneurifms, fome of which were made 
known through the" Medical and Chirurgical TranfacTions," a cafe of complete tranf- 
pofition of the vifcera, cafes of deep encyfted tumours in the neck (" Lancet "), and cafes 
of epifpadias. Hernia, in* all its varieties, came under his notice, and the laft entry in 
his cafe-book is one of obdurated hernia, entered in 1873, at the age 84. His expe- 
rience, too, in the obftetric department was very large. He was a thorough lover of and devo- 
profeflional work, allowed nothing to interfere with the difcharge of his duties, and - pro femon. 
fhowed a genuine kindnefs to all who were in real diftrefs or trouble. He was a man 
of exuberant health and activity, up early and late, and never feeming to feel hunger or 
fatigue, — fo, at leaft, fome of his pupils ufed to think when he fummoned them to 
make poft-mortem examinations, drefs compound fractures, and do other unfavoury 
work at the hofpital before breakfaft. He had many pupils, — in fact, for many years 
Winchefter was quite equal to one of the fmaller London hofpitals in the extent of 
its practice and means of profeftional education. His old pupils became lifelong 


"John Mayo of Devizes. 

Is thrice 
Mayor of 

He marries 
Her monu- 
ment in 

D.M., his 
elder Ion, 

friends, and foon forgot the cauftic epithets with which their matter irritated their 
felf-efteem, efpecially when they thought they had done fomething clever. They 
forgot the rough furface, and valued the fterling metal underneath. The practice of 
the hofpital in Charles Mayo's hands was homely, but effective. It would be diffi- 
cult anywhere, with any apparatus, to turn out better fet fractures than Mayo turned 
out with fimple wooden fplints." 

On nth December, 1843, he was made Honorary Fellow of the Royal College 
of Surgeons. He was on three occafions Mayor of Winchefter, in 1840, 1845, and 
1852. In 1 8 5 1 the citizens gave him a grand entertainment in honour of the fortieth 
anniverfary of his hofpital appointment. He could never believe that he was growing 
old, and difliked the honour done him by removing him from the active to the con- 
fulting ftaff of the hofpital in 1870, when in his 83rd year. In 1874 he became 
blind, but found occupation and folace in daily attendance at the cathedral fervice. 
He died 27th November, 1876, having nearly completed his 88th year, and was 
buried on the ift of December. The former part of the funeral fervice was chorally 
rendered in the cathedral, and the body fubfequently interred in the cemetery. He 
married 1 ith February, 1836, at S. Thomas, Winchefter, Jane, daughter of Thomas 
Dennis, of Hazlemere, Surrey, and Overton, Hants, Clerk in Holy Orders. 1 

In the fouth aifle of the cathedral is a monument with this infcription: — "M.S. 
Janas Caroli Mayo Chirurgi et hujus Civitatis prasfecti conjugis dilecYiffima;, quae, 
quum omni qua? Chriftianam decet virtute efTet ornatifllma, fide, ingenio, forma prae- 
ftanti, filium intra paucos dies enixa, 3tio die mens: Novris a.f 1840, annos nata 31, 
febri et languori fuccubuit. Eheu ! quantus erat infelicis mariti dolor, qui, quum 
in umbratilem vitam et artis fuas curas folennes rediturus, illam diu fibi felicitati, 
liberis exemplo, domui (ux ornamento fore fperaret, eodem tempore fe Civitatis pras- 
fectura civium fuorum plaufu ornatus abdicavit, et inter eorundem lacrymas conjugis 
optimas exfequias celebravit." 

She was buried in S. Thomas's churchyard. 

The children of Charles Mayo and Jane (nee Dennis) were four in number, and 
were baptifed at S. Thomas's, Winchefter. 

1. Charles, the elder fon, born 13th January, 1837, was educated on the Foun- 

1 Thomas Dennis was born at Bramfhot, and matriculated at Oxford 31ft May, 1783, aged 18, 
from Magdalen Hall. He did not graduate. He publifhed "A New Verfion of the Pfalms in Blank 
Verfe, with a Latin Verfion of the Eighth Pfalm in Alcaic Verfe. By the Rev. Thomas Dennis, 
Curate of Haflemere, Surrey. London; Printed for J. White, Horace's Head, Fleet-Street, 1808." 
pp. iv. and 272. He had a brother, Whitehead Dennis, alfo in Holy Orders, born at Bramfhot, and 
matriculated at Oxford 26th February, 1778, aged 16, from Queen's College, B.A. 17th December, 
1781, M.A. 19th March, 1785. Their father was Jonathan Dennis (fon of Nathaniel Dennis), born 
in Cauldbeck, Cumberland, matriculated at Oxford 9th July, 1728, aged 17, from Queen's College, 
B.A. 6th April, 1733, M.A. 8th July, 1737. In Holy Orders. 

yohn Mayo of Devizes. 61 

dation of Winchefter College, from Auguft, 1848, and thence elected to New Col- 
lege, where he was fubfequently Fellow. He matriculated at Oxford, 3rd July, 1856, Fellow 
aged 19, and having obtained a third clafs in Claffical Moderations, graduated B.A. college, 
8th December, 1859, anc * M.A. 16th October, 1863. His tafte for archaeology is 
feen in his firft literary effort, " A Hiftory of Wimborne Minfter, the Collegiate 
Church of Saint Cuthberga, and King's Free Chapel at Wimborne. London, Bell 
and Daldy, i860," pp. vi. and 136. It is illuftrated with anaftatic plates and wood 
engravings, and was publifhed anonymoufly. 

" The book," to quote an obituary notice in the " Medical Times and Gazette," 
October, 1877, " is one which from the fulnefs of detail, from the fkill and perfpi- 
cuity with which the fucceffive flages in the conftruction of an ancient church are 
defcribed, would have done credit to any antiquary or architect. Another example 
of his fcientific taftes may be feen in an invention which he made a few years later 
for propelling fhips, of which he had models made, and for which he took out a 
patent dated 30th July, 1867. He entered warmly upon his profeffional purfuits, 
becoming M.R.C.S. in 1861, and going to Vienna for fome months ftudy. He 
proceeded alfo to Prague, where he ftudied the laryngofcope under Czermak and 
Turck, and before his return to England vifited all the chief hofpitals in Germany, 
and made himfelf complete mafter of the theory and practice of hofpital conftruction. 
On his return he ferved a fhort time as Houfe Surgeon to the RadclifFe Infirmary at 

" But now the Civil War was raging in America, and thither he bent his fteps in ferves 
October, 1862, where his credentials procured him a hearty reception. Of his life surgeon- 
and adventures at this period, he has given a full account in a paper contributed to American 
'Vacation Tourifts and Notes of Travel in 1862-3. Edited by Francis Galton. civil War. 
1864. Macmillan. 8vo.' It is called 'The Medical Service of the Federal Army,' 
pp. 372-417. He underwent a week's examination by the Surgeon-General's Depart- 
ment, which was effential for taking a ftaff appointment, and then was fortunate 
enough to obtain one of the beft appointments in the fervice, that of taking charge 
of fick and wounded volunteer officers in Wafhington itfelf. During an interval 
when work was lighter than ufual he had the opportunity of vifiting the army of the 
Potomac, under General Hooker, oppofite Frederickfburg ; and foon after his return 
to Wafhington he obtained the pofition of Staff" Surgeon-Major and Medical Infpector 
of the 13th Army Corps, and was ordered to Vickfburg to join Grant's army befieging 
that place. Diarrhoea and malaria, which ravaged the armies on both fides, did not 
fpare the doctors, and Mayo was obliged to refign in order to fave his life. After a 
narrow efcape of being blown up with a fteamer in which he was to have travelled, 
and a vifit to Saratoga Springs, he returned to England in a very dilapidated condi- 
tion in October, 1863. The next few years were fpent partly in Oxford in his con- 
genial purfuits, where he took his B.M. degree, 1 8th December, 1865, and was 


yohn Mayo of Devizes. 

He acts as 
of the 
Alice Hof- 
pital, in tht 

and is 


Coroner to the Univerfity, 1 865-1 869, and held the office of Dean of his college, — 
and partly in London, where he became phyfician of the General Difpenfary in Bartho- 
lomew Clofe.' He alfo ftudied midwifery for fome time in Dublin, where he took a 
Doctor's degree. He became M.R.C.P., London, in 1869, and D.M., Oxford, in 
1 87 1." In 1869 he edited the 13th edition of the 'Seamen's Medical Guide.' 

" On the breaking out of the Franco- Pruffian war he was not flow in obtaining 
employment on the German fide. He had the good fortune to be fent to Darmftadt, 
where he came under the notice of the Princefs Alice and her fifter the Crown Prin- 
cefsof Pruffia, whofe practical good fenfe and adlive kindnefs were always mentioned by 
him with admiration and gratitude. Here he had ample fcope for his ingenuity and fkill 
in conftruclion. He fuperintended the building of a hofpital which he was proud to be 
permitted to call the c Alice Hofpital,' and piqued himfelf on the abundance of good 
ventilation. He alfo invented fome fick-tranfport carts. With thefe he was fent, 
through the influence of the Crown Princefs, to Lagny, near Paris, in January, 1871. 
From this place he went with his letter to the Crown Prince at Verfailles ; and there 
he had the honour of receiving hofpitality from the men upon whom the eyes of all 
Europe were fixed. In a letter of January 13th, 1871, he fays, — ' 10.30 p.m. I 
have come back from dining with the Crown Prince. There were about eighteen or 
twenty to dinner,' including the Crown Prince, between Bifmarck and Moltke, be- 
fides many generals and colonels, and Generalarzt Wagner. ' During dinner we 

could hear the great guns firing away A telegram was brought in faying 

that Chanzy's army was defeated, with the lofs of 18,000 prifoners and twelve guns. 
This was treated as improbable. Bifmarck faid jocofely, ' probably the correfpon- 
dent has made a miftake, — he meant to fay 1 8,000 guns and twelve prifoners ! ' But 
about an hour afterwards a French telegram was produced, in which precifely the 
fame numbers were given, with the addition that Le Mans was occupied by Prince 
Frederick Charles, and that the Grand Duke of Mecklenburg was in purfuit. I ex- 
plained my photographs of carts to the Crown Prince. Moltke afterwards took them 
up and examined them, and I tried to engage him in converfation, but failed. He 
feems to fay little to anybody. The Prince came and talked to me for a quarter of 
an hour about various things, including the Alice Hofpital." 

The Alice Hofpital was in exiftence for nine months, and about 700 German 
and 250 French fick and wounded foldiers were treated in it. The number of deaths 
was 5 1 . 

Charles Mayo remained in the German fervice till the fubfidiary military eftablifli- 
ment was broken up after the peace. He brought back with him the decorations of 
Knight of the firft clafs of the Order of Philip the Generous, Hefle, 8th April, 1 87 1 ; 

1 He printed a letter to the Prefident and Governors of St. Bartholomew's Hofpital, relating to the 
cafualty patients, dated 9th September, 1869, Svo., pp. 8. 

"John Mayo of Devizes. 63 

the third clafs of the Order of the Pruflian Crown ; the Imperial German War Medal 
for Non-combatants ; the Bavarian Crofs of Merit ; and the Heffian Crofs for Medical 
Service (Sanitatz-Kreuz). A tranflation is here given of a communication from the 
Grand-Ducal Miniftry of War, dated Darmftadt, 5th May, 1871 (No. 4724), ad- 
dreffed to "The directing Phyfician of the above hofpital, Staff Surgeon-Major Dr. 
Charles Mayo." 

" In confequence of the notification made to His Royal Highnefs the Grand- Letter fron 
Duke that you, together with Staff Surgeons Galton and Rundle and the two Aflif- Ducal 
tant Surgeons, wifh to conclude your duties at the Hofpital with the 1 5th of this "' w "^ 
month, H.R.H. has been pleafed to permit you to be relieved from your prefent 
pofts on that day. In having the honour of making this known to you, the Miniftry 
of War, with the full fanction of H.R.H., exprefles to you its moft thankful acknow- 
ledgments for the prudence and untiring energy with which you have built, fitted 
out, and conducted up to the prefent time the Alice Hofpital. The confcioufnefs of 
having done a great work, and lightened the fuffering attached to very many of the 
facrifices of war, will accompany you as an enduring reward. The Miniftry of War 
begs you to undertake the exprefiion of its acknowledgments to your colleagues. 

(Signed) "Dornseiff." 

Charles mayo, m.a., d.m., 1 837-77. {From a Photograph.) 

Charles Mayo on his return from Germany meditated for a while fettling in 
practice in England, but foon (1873) embraced the opportunity of entering the 
Dutch Medical Service, and joined their army in the fwamps of Atchin. He wrote He next 
the account of this war which appeared in the " Times " newfpaper, 1 9th October, 47 Atdii. 
1874, reprinted in a pamphlet of thirty-one pages entitled " The Dutch War in War ' 
Sumatra." In July, 1874, he returned to England with the Dutch Medal for Service 
in this war (" Atjeh 1873 en 1874"), and refided chiefly in Oxford, where he pub- 

6 4 

John Mayo of Devizes. 

and lubfe- 
quently as 
Officer in 

window in 

and monu- 

lifhed a pamphlet entitled " The Organ in New College Chapel," pp. 19, privately 
printed, February, 1875. ^ e was weu acquainted with this mufical inftrument, and 
was the author of feveral inventions for coupling flops and otherwife improving the 
mechanifm of organs, and had collected a large number of organ-pipes from various 
fources, which he intended to put together fome day when he fhould have leifure to 
conftruct a perfect inftrument. It may here be noticed that he was Surgeon to the 
Inns of Court Volunteers, and to the National Rifle Aflbciation, in which capacity 
he attended the annual rifle matches at Wimbledon. He was occafionally confulted 
on fanitary queftions, and fometimes contributed articles to the medical prefs, e.g. 
an analyfis of Cohn's book on Embolifm (" Medical Times and Gazette," vol. i. 

Being ftill indifpofed to fettle down in England, he failed for Fiji, as one of the 
Government Medical Officers, in the fuite of Sir A. Gordon, on March 25th, 1875. 
Here he was ftationed at Kandavu, and after fuflering much difcomfort and great 
proftration of ftrength and energy, he was at laft attacked by acute dyfentery. He 
was moved to the hofpital at Levuka, where he was put on board the S.S. Lyee 
Moon, for Sydney, in the hope that his life would be faved by a fea voyage. But he 
died on the afternoon of the 15th July, 1877, after being on board thirty-three hours, 
and was buried at fea, 200 miles fouth-weft of Kandavu. 

A memorial window to him and his father has been placed (1879) in the north 
aifle of the nave of Winchefter Cathedral, exactly oppofite the font. It contains 
figures of S. Swithin, S. James Major, William of Wykeham, SS. Cuthberga, Luke, 
and Cecilia. Under the figures are the Mayo arms, with the mottoes, "Nuncia 
pads Oliva" and " Vehit ad fidera virtus." There are two legends: " In Memoriam 
Caroli Mayo, Chirurgi, patris venerabilis. Obiit 27 Novembris 1876 aetatis fuae 87." 
<c In Memoriam Caroli Mayo M.D. Collegii Beataa Virginis Marias in Oxon. Socii, 
fratris dileftiffimi. Obiit 15 Julii 1877, aetatis fuas 40." The window is the work 
of Clayton and Bell, of Regent Street. A brafs tablet beneath it bears the following 

"To the Glory of God. In loving memory of Charles Mayo F.R.C.S., 3rd fon 
of the Revd. James Mayo Vicar of Avebury, Wilts, and Head Mafter of Queen 
Elizabeth's Grammar School, Wimborne, Dorfet; born Dec : 29. 1788 ; for fixty years 
furgeon to the Royal County Hofpital Winchefter. After a life of unceafing activity 
and warm devotion to his profeffion, he fell afleep Nov: 27, 1876. 

" Alfo of Charles Mayo M.D. his eldeft fon, bom Jan: 13. 1837 > Fellow of New 
Coll: Oxford, Knight of the Heflian Order of Philip the Generous. He fervedwith 
diftinction in the American Civil War, in the Franco- Pruflian War, in the Dutch 
campaign in Atchin, and laftly held the poft of medical officer in the Fiji Iflands. 
He was an able mufician & architect, but was chiefly known and beloved for his 
unfelfifh care of the fick and wounded. He died during the voyage from Levuka 

"John Mayo of Devizes. 65 

to Sydney, N. South Wales, July 15. 1877, and was buried at fea. Thy will be 

^HvA ^/f/f^ ( ^^ L ^ 


This extract from the Battalion Orders of the Inns of Court Rifle Volunteers, Extraft 
dated 27th October, 1877, will be read with intereft : — orders of 

"The commanding officer has heard with the deepen: forrow of the death of Dr. g" " s rt ot R 
Charles Mayo, who for nine years performed the duties of Affiftant Surgeon to the Volunteers. 
Regiment. The commanding officer is allured that every member of the corps will 
join with him in deploring this great lofs, not only on account of Dr. Mayo's con- 
fpicuous ability in his profeffion, but for the never-failing zeal and kindlinefs with 
which he difcharged his duties to the corps ; and amongft thofe who had the 
privilege of his friendfhip and greater opportunities of appreciating his manly and 
unfelfilh nature, his name will ever be held in affectionate remembrance. 
" By order, 

"Cary Borrer, Captain and Adjutant. 

" For Lt.-Col. Bulwer, V.C., M.P., Commanding 
Inns of Court Rifle Volunteers." 

His elder After, who was in Rome in the fpring of 1880, had the privilege of a interview 
private interview on 23rd April with H.I.H. the Crown Princefs of Germany at the princef™" 
German Embafly. The Crown Princefs fpoke of Charles Mayo with the warmeft German y- 
fympathy and forrow for his lifter's lofs, aflbciated as his memory was to herfelf 
with that of the Princefs Alice. She faid that his goodnefs and kindnefs would not 
be forgotten, and requefted that the aflurance of her fympathy might be given to all 
his family. 

2. Jane, elder daughter of Charles Mayo and Jane {nee Dennis) was born 7th 
March, 1838. She is the authorefs of thefe mufical compofitions : — 

Three fongs, words from The Chriftian Year; 

Maggie, a Ballad, 1869 ; 

Wait awhile Laddie, a Ballad, 1872 ; 

Gavotte in F for the Pianoforte, 1872 ; 


"John Mayo of Devizes. 




younger fon 

of Charles 



5. Elifa- 
beth Mayo. 

6. Jane 
to Robert 

8. William 

Gavotte in D minor, for the Pianoforte, 1873 ; 
In the Twilight, a Song, 1873 ; 
Lynette's Song, words by A. Tennyfon, 1873 ; 
The Lady Gabrielle's Lute Song, 1874; 

The March of the Men of Winton, 1876 ; and Gigue, 1876. See the Catalogue 
of Mufic in the Britifh Mufeum Library. 

3. Mary, younger daughter, was born 10th July, 1839. 

4. James, younger fon, was born 30th October, 1 840, and educated at Win- 
chefter College, where he was a Commoner from March, 1852, to July, 1858, and 
at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he entered 13th October, 1858. He 
graduated B.A. 12th April, 1862, with a third clafs in the Claffical Tripos, M.A. 
June, 1865, and B.D. 10th March, 1881. He was ordained Deacon at Farnham 
Caftle, 2 1 ft December, 1865, and Prieft, at Norwich, 22nd December, 1867, and 
became M.A. of Oxford (Worcefter College), by incorporation, 8th June, 1871. 
He was inftituted to the finecure rectory of Buckland, Kent, 14th January, 1874. 
He married, ift July, 1879, at S. James, Weftminfter, Annie, daughter of John 
Andrews, and had iflue — 

i. James, born 12th May, 1880, at Watford, died 5th September, and was 
buried there 8th September, 1880. 

ii. A daughter, born 27th November, 1881, at Watford. 

V. Elifabeth, fecond daughter of James Mayo and Jane (nee Barfoot), born 
30th September, and admitted 29th October, 1790 (Wimborne regifter). She refided 
at Wimborne, and died there 5th March, 1877, and was buried at Tarrant Keynfton. 
To her kindly and willing aid the writer is indebted for many of the particulars 
contained in thefe memoirs. Requiefcat in pace. 

VI. Jane, born 28th December, 179 1, and admitted 25th February, 1792 (Wim- 
borne regifter). She died 1 8th July, 1874, and was buried in Wimborne Cemetery. 
She was married 29th June, 18 13, at Wimborne, to Robert Druitt, furgeon, of that 
town, who died 23rd March, 1822, aged 37. See the ninth chapter. 

VII. Barbara, born 24th October, 1793, and baptifed 23rd 
October, 1794 (Wimborne regifter). She was married 21ft Sep- 
tember, 18 18, at Wimborne, to Humphrey-John Hare, of Docking 
Hall, Norfolk, J.P.,D.L., Clerk in Holy Orders, as his fecond wife. 
He was fon of Edward Chriftian, Rector of Workington, Cumber- 
land, who, in 1798, aflumed the name and arms of Hare upon 
inheriting the Docking eftate. He died 30th April, 1856. The 
hare. ninth chapter contains an account of his family. 

VIII. William, born 15th November, 1796, and admitted 22nd June, 1798 
(Wimborne regifter). He died 5th October, 18 18, and was buried at Tarrant 

yohn Mayo of Devizes. 67 

IX. Henry, born 14th Auguft, 1799, ^ ut not registered at Wimborne. He died 9- Henr y 
25th February, 1800, and was buried at Tarrant Keynfton. 

X. Thomas, born 7th July, 1801, and admitted 2nd July, 1802 (Wimborne 10. Thomas 
regifter). He thrice married — 1. on 29th May, 1837, at Hinton Martell, Lucy- ayo ' 
Elizabeth, daughter of William Ainfworth. She died nth April, 1858, aged 46, 

and was buried in Wimborne Cemetery. Their fon, William-Templeman, born 2nd 
December, 1838, a member of King's College, London, and matriculated at London 
Univerfity, 1855, died nth Auguft, 1857, and was buried at Wimborne. 

2. On 30th April, 1859, at Widcombe, Eliza, daughter of Thomas-Salway 
Meyler. She died 5th February, 1861, f. p., and was buried in Widcombe 

3. On 4th September, 1862, at S. Michael's, Briftol, Mary [nee Francis), and 
widow of William Meyler, B.A., Reclor of Rudbaxton, Pembroke fhire, 1844-57. 
She died 13th December, 1878, aged 72, and was buried at Whitchurch, Pem- 


Mayo, bor 
at Devizes 

and marries 
I. Anne,d. 
of Thomas 


and z. 
Anne, d. of 

Charles Mayo of S. Peter's in Hereford, with the Descendants of 
his Son, Charles Mayo, M.A. 

T will now be necefTary to refer back to the early part of the preceding 
chapter, and to refume the thread of the narrative with Charles, 
the eighth child of John Mayo and Joane (nee Hayes). 

Charles Mayo was baptifed at S. John Baptift's, Devizes, 21ft 
March, 1685-6, and early in life fettled in the parifh of S. Peter 
in Hereford, 1 where he lived and died. As has already been 
fhown in a previous chapter, William Mayo, who reprefented the city of Hereford 
in Parliament in 1722, lived in this parifh, and many of his children were baptifed 
there. Young Charles Mayo loft little time in entering the eftate of matrimony. 
On 7th May, 17 10, he married at his parifh church, Anne, daughter of Thomas 
Alderne, J. P., and Cuftos of S. Giles' Hofpital, by his third wife 
Mary, daughter of — Auftin, and widow of Henry Dryden, of 
London, a brother of the poet. Thomas Alderne had previoufly 
married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Edward Honywood, Bart., of 
Evington, in Kent, and, after her deceafe, Eleanor, daughter of John 
Guife, of Abbotfcourt, in Gloucefterfhire. His daughter Anne was 
baptifed at S. Peter's, Hereford, 24th November, 1687, and was 
buried there 10th October, 17 13. A more detailed account of her 
family will be found in the ninth chapter of this book. 

The next year fees Charles Mayo again a married man. On 24th April, 17 14, 
he married, at Ledbury, Anne, daughter of Benjamin Prichard, M.A., Prebendary of 
Hereford, and Vicar and Portionift of Ledbury. Her anceftry has already been given 
in the preceding pages. She was buried at S. Peter's, Hereford, 13th May, 1754, 
having furvived her hufband. Charles Mayo was admitted a freeman of Hereford, 

1 John, fon of William Mayo, of the city of Hereford, matriculated at Oxford from S. Edmund 
Hall, 14th July, 1626, aged 19. 

Charles Mayo of S. Peter s in Hereford. 69 

1 6th March, 1709, and filled the office of Mayor in 1730, and was buried at 
S. Peter's, 13th November, 1741. Portraits of Charles Mayo and Anne Prichard, 
his wife, are now in the pofTeffion of their defcendant, Charles-Theodore Mayo, Vicar 
of S. Andrew's, Hillingdon. 

An abftracl of the will of Charles Mayo, proved in the Prerogative Court, 22nd 
December, 1741 (Spurway, 354), is here given : — 

" In the name of God, Amen. To James Brome of Withington Co. Hereford His 
gent., and to my fon Charles Mayo, clerk, all and lingular my free and leafehold 
mefTuages, lands, tenements, and hereditaments in the City of Hereford, and alfo my 
perfonal eftate, in truft. My wife Anne to enjoy during her life the mefTuage or 
tenement in the parilh of S. Peter, where I now dwell. To my daughters Gertrude, 

charles mayo, 1 685-6 — 1741. From an Oil Painting. 

Sufanna, Ann, and Catherine, each jjioo. To my fons, Thomas, William, John, and 
Jofeph, each £100. The guardianfhip of my younger fons and daughters to my 
wife and truftees. My fons Alderne, Henry, Charles, and Herbert. If my wife 
ihall make no deed of appointment of the remainder of my eftate, it fhall be divided 
equally among my four younger fons and four younger daughters. James Brome 
and Charles Mayo, executors. Dated 19 September 1741." 

The above-named James Brome was High Sheriff of Herefordfhire in 1759. 

Charles Mayo had ifTue by his firft marriage one only fon, Alderne, baptifed Aideme 
27th May, 171 1, at S. Peter's. He died unmarried at no great interval from his ddeftfon! 
father's death, as appears by his will, proved in the Prerogative Court, 1 8th Sep- 
tember, 1742 (Trenley, 278), by the executor named therein. 

" I Alderne Mayo, Surgeon of the Roehampton fhip, Capt: Robt: Turpin Com- The win 
mander, bound for Nevis, and being in bodily health, etc., give, bequeath, and Mayo. 

jo Charles Mayo of S. Peter s in Hereford. 

difpofe unto my dear friend Mr. William Martin of the parifti of S. Paul Shadwell, 
in the county of Middlefex, furgeon, all fuch wages, fum or fums of money, lands, 
tenements, goods, chattels and eftate whatfoever, as mail be anyways due owing or 
belonging unto me at the time of my deceafe, and I do hereby nominate and appoint 
my faid ffriend William Martin executor of this my laft will and teftament, hereby 
revoking all former and other wills, teftaments, and deeds of gift by me at any time 
heretofore made, and I do ordaine and ratify thefe prefents to ftand and be for and 
as my only laft will and teftament ; in witnefs whereof to this my faid will I have 
fet my hand and feal the fourteenth day of September, Anno Dni 1741. Alderne 

ANNE, NEE PRICHARD, WIFE OF CHARLES MAYO, 169I-I754. From Otl Oil Painting. 

The iirue By his fecond marriage Charles Mayo had iflue fixteen children, whofe names are 

Mayo"" given in order, the dates being taken from the regifter of S. Peter's Church : — 
fecon . d I. Charles, baptifed igth May, 171c. 

marriage. ' r 7 / J / J 

II. Gertrude, baptifed 25th May, 1716, and buried 22nd April, 1750. 

III. Anne, baptifed 9th May, 17 17, and buried 16th July, 1720. 

IV. Henry, baptifed 19th June, 17 18. Ob. f. p. 

V. Sufanna, baptifed 29th September, 17 19. 

VI. Herbert, baptifed 15th December, 1720. 

VII. Anne, baptifed nth December, 1721. 

VIII. Benjamin, baptifed 13th November, 1722, and buried 4th November, 

IX. Thomas, baptifed 29th October, 1723. 

X. Catherine, baptifed 22nd January, 1724-5, and buried 29th May, 1788 
(S. Owen's Regifter). 

Charles Mayo of S. Peters in Hereford. 71 

XI. William, baptifed 31ft May, 1726. 

XII. John, baptifed 24th July, 1727. Ob. f. p. 

XIII. Jofeph, baptifed ioth Auguft, 1728. 

XIV. Benjamin, baptifed 23rd September, 1729. He died before 1739. 

XV. James, baptifed 12th April, and buried 25th May, 1731. 

XVI. Elizabeth, baptifed 15th July, and buried 28th July, 1732. 

Of thefe children it will be neceffary to fpeak hereafter concerning Charles, 
Sufanna, Herbert, Thomas, William, and Jofeph. 

Charleston of Charles Mayo and Anne (nee Prichard), was baptifed at S. Peter's, Charles 
Hereford, 19th May, 1715. He matriculated at Oxford, 3rd March, 1728-9, at m.a., 
the early age of 13 years, as "generofi Alius," from Brafenofe College, and graduated t y the 2nd 
B.A. nth October, 1732, but did not take his Mailer's degree till 7th July, 1744. wife ' 
In 1739 n ' s pedigree was attefted by a certificate from the R. College of Arms, of 
which a copy is here given : — 

" To all to whom thefe prefents mall come, Greeting. We the King's Heralds J^f*^ 
and Purfuivants of Arms within that part of Great Britain called England, being at the 
defired by Charles Mayo Batchelor of Arts, now of Brazen-nofe College in Oxford, college, 
to certify his kindred or relation in Blood to Anthony Elton heretofore of Ledbury 
in the County of Hereford, do therefore teftify that that part of this Pedigree from 
William Elton who married Margery Leighton to Sufanna one of the daughters of 
Ambrofe above-named is copied truly from Vifitation Book of Hereford C. 25 
fo. 61 ; that the next part from the faid Sufanna to Gertrude the wife of Benjamin 
Prichard clerk is alfo truly copied from the Vifitation Book marked ill L. 2 
folio 144; and we do further certify that the remaining part of the above-written 
pedigree is attefted by the depofitions of Lucy wife of John Minors and of the Revd. 
John Prichard clerk Rector of Chriftchurch Middlefex, given on oath and entered in 
the Books of our College. In teftimony whereof we have hereunto fet the feal of 
our Corporation the 15th. day of January 1739-40, and the thirteenth year of the 
Reign of our Sovereign Lord King George the Second, etc. L. S." 

(See C. 23 ; 2. L. 2. pp. 193, 194, and 195 ; and Vinci. 1 15. Coll. of Arms.) 

This document is now in the pofieflion of the family of the late Dr. Mayo of 

Charles Mayo entered Holy Orders, and after having ferved the cure of S. Mary and be- 
Matfelon (Whitechapel), became Reclor of Corringham, Eflex, ill September, 1743, Reflorof 
on the prefentation of Robert Biddulph, which he held for about ten years, and j'^ e 
Rector of Caftle Frome, in Herefordlhire, 15th May, 1753, on the prefentation of 
Robert Unett, where he was buried 14th April, 1760, having died on the ninth of 
the fame month. He was admitted a freeman of the city of Hereford in 1755. He 
married 1 ft December, 1 748 , at Clapham, Surrey, by licence, Ann Taylor, of S. Paul'Sj He marries 
Covent Garden, daughter of Richard Taylor, M.D., of Newport, Ifle of Wight, and Taylor. 

72 Charles Mayo of S. Peter s in Hereford. 

Grace his wife. His marriage is regiftered in the R. College of Arms. She died 
20th July, 1758, at Hedington, in Oxfordshire. 

Charles Mayo's will is here given as it is regiftered in the Prerogative Court 
(Lynch, 294) : — 
His win. "Hereford Jan y 17. 1759. Dr. Brother, Being at length reftored to the ufe of 

pen ink and paper, I have laid hold of the opportunity of writing to you, to tell you 
in the firft place I have made my will in manner and form following. I give and 
bequeath unto my beloved brothers Herbert Mayo and Wm. Mayo all my real and 
perfonal eftate whatfoever and wherefoever, upon this truft and confidence that they 
the faid H. Mayo and W. Mayo fhall apply all my effects fhare and fhare alike to 
the ufe and behoof of my beloved fon and dr. Charles and Anne Mayo in the manner 
as to them the faid Truftees to this my laft Will and Teftament fhall feem mod fit 
and expedient for their future intereft and welfare ; and in cafe either of my affore- 
mentioned children fhould die before they come to the age of 21 years, I will and 
appoint the furvivor of them to inherit the fhare of the deceafed, and in cafe the 
furvivor fhould die before he or fhe arrives at the age of 21 years, I give and 
bequeath unto my beloved brothers Herbert Mayo and Willm. Mayo all my real 
and perfonal eftate whatfoever and wherefoever in manner and form following, unto 
Herbert Mayo for his infinitely greater trouble which he hath taken in the manage- 
ment of my concerns I give and bequeath two-thirds of my real and perfonal eftate 
whatfoever and wherefoever, and unto William Mayo one-third. This is the laft 
Will and Teftament of me fign'd feal'd and deliver'd as my act and deed. Charles 
Mayo. Witnefs my hand Jan y 15. 1759, in t ^ ie P re ^" ence of Thos. James. Richard 

On 10th July, 1760, adminiftration of the eftate of Charles Mayo, late of Caftle 
Frome, Herefordfhire, but in the parifh of S. Peter, in the city of Hereford, widower, 
deceafed, was granted to Herbert Mayo, clerk. 

The children of Charles Mayo were two only in number: — 

Ann, baptifed 26th September, 1749, at S. Mary Matfelon, and 
Charles Charles, baptifed 24th July, 1754, in the fame parifh. The latter praftifed for 

of Charles niany years as a folicitor in London, and lived fucceffively in Hammet Street, Mino- 

mT' I l ll lilil|i||[| ! i||||fliiiriii|f t " es ( S ' Botolph, Aldgate), in S. Nicholas Lane, and in Cloak Lane 

\&k>' I m tne City, and in Great Ormonde Street, Bloomfbury, and died in 

I2y[| ''' 'I Milman Street, Bedford Row, 7th Auguft, 18 14, and was buried 

W^^^W at ^ Andrew's, Holborn. He had been admitted a freeman of 

\^|%|®/ Hereford, 30th September, 1776. In the will of his uncle Jofeph 

\1 I lir Mayo he is ftyled " of New Inn," and at the time of his marriage 

>||[r refided in the parifh of S. Helen's, Bifhopfgate. His own will is 

knowlys. regiftered in the Prerogative Court (Bridport, 327), and his portrait 
is in the poffeflion of Charles-Theodore Mayo. He married 14th June, 1791, 

Charles Mayo of S. Peters in Hereford. 73 

at S. Helen's, Bifhopfgate, by licence, Elizabeth, daughter of William Knowlys marries 
of S. Dunftan's in the Eaft, and fifter of Newman Knowlys, Recorder of London, Kn'owtys, 
and fome account of her family will be found in the ninth chapter. She died 1 9th 
April, 1837, and was buried at Kenfal Green Cemetery, in the grave numbered 

The children of Charles Mayo and Elizabeth (nee Knowlys) were fix in number, and has 
and were all born in London. 

I. Charles, their eldeft fon, was born at No. 1, Hammet Street, Minories, on 1. Charles 
the 9th of June, 1792, and was baptifed at S. Botolph's, Aldgate, on the 9th of July L lj£ 
in that year. He began his education at the Grammar School at Henley on Thames, 
and fubfequently entered at Merchant Taylors School, whence he was elected to a 
Scholarfhip at S. John's College, Oxford, in 18 10, and matriculated on the 25th of 
June, as " generofi filius." He became a Laudian Fellow of his College on the Fellow of 
26th of April, 18 13, was placed in the fecond clafs in daffies in Eafter Term, 18 14, college, 
and graduated as B.C.L. 23rd January, 1817, and as D.C.L. nth October, 1822. Oxford > 
He was originally intended for the bar, but having become fubject to deafnefs he 
found that he could not fufHciently hear the proceedings of the courts of law, and 
remained at Oxford taking pupils till the year 1 8 17, when on the 30th of May, upon 
the recommendation of the Dean of Chrift Church he was elected Head Mafterof the 
Grammar School of Bridgnorth, in the county of Salop. He entered on his duties Head 
in the following Auguft and remained at Bridgnorth two years, during which he Bridg'L'rth 
was ordained Deacon 21ft December, 18 17, and Prieft 6th fune, 18 19, in Chrift School > 
Church Cathedral, by the Bilhop of Oxford. Having heard through Mr. Synge, of 
Glanmore Caftle, County Wicklow, of Peftalozzi's principles of education, he obtained 
leave of his college to travel, 7th April, 18 19, and having refigned his fchool at 
Bridgnorth in July of that year, he joined Peftalozzi's eftablifhment at Yverdun in who, after 
Switzerland as Englifh Chaplain, having brought with him fome Englifh pupils, who Yverdun, 
were under his immediate care, and received their Englifh and Claflical education 
from him. In this he was affifted by the Rev. William Browne, M.A., Fellow of 
Worcefter College, Oxford, who returned to England with him, and afterwards efta- 
blifhed a fchool of his own at Cheam (fee Chapter VIII.). For nearly three years, 
till April, 1822, he remained at Yverdun, maftering the principles of Peftalozzianifm, 
and then returned to England, having determined to devote his life to their introduc- 
tion into this country. He at once (Auguft, 1822) eftablilhed a fchool at Epfom for eftabinhes a 
the purpofe of ftiowing their application to the education of the upper daffies, and on Ep^ 3 ' 
the number of the boys outgrowing the accommodation of the houfe there, he and then 
removed to Cheam after the Midfummer holidays in 1 826, where he continued to carry at c eam ' 
on his fchool until his death. The popularity and fuccefs of the undertaking may be Dr. Mayu's 
underftood from the fact that boys' names were entered feveral years before their apache?. 



Charles Mayo of S. Peter s in Hereford. 

fchool age, and on fome occafions immediately upon their births. 1 Dr. Mayo for 
fome years would only admit boys while between the ages of feven and nine, and fuch 
was the anxiety of fome parents to obtain admiffion for their fons, that in one cafe 
they have been known to make falfe ftatements as to age, and to inftrucl: the boy to 
keep up the deception for years. With great earneftnefs of purpofe in Dr. Mayo's 
character was combined a fincere and all-abforbing yet fomewhat fimple piety, which 
was tinged with the principles of the Evangelical revival of the early part of the 
nineteenth century, while at the fame time he was a confident and loyal fon of the 
Church of England. By way of contrail to this ferious fide of his character, he was 


pofTefTed of a mod lively difpofition, with a ftrong appreciation of fun and humour. 
The union of thefe qualities gave him immenfe perfonal influence with his pupils, 

Anecdote many of whom to this day bear witnefs to their obligations to it. 

of him 

An anecdote 

1 Many of his pupils were afterwards highly diftinguifhed at the Univerfities and in public life. 
Among thefe may be named Henry Shepheard, ill clafs Lit. Hum., 1835, Fellow of Oriel, V. of 
Thornton Steward, and fubfcquently Mafter of Cheam School and Inc. of Cafterton. Hon. Samuel 
Waldegrave, double firft, Oxford, 1839, Fellow of All Souls, and Bifhop of Carlifle. Henry Luard, 
D.D., Fellow and Tutor of Trinity, and Regiftrary of the Univerfity of Cambridge. The three fons 
of the prefent Lord Cottefloe, Thomas-Francis Fremantle, Scholar of Balliol, Hertford Scholar, 1849, 
1 ft clafs Lit. Hum., 1852, M.P. for Bucks ; William-Henry Fremantle, lit clafs Lit. Hum., 1853, 

Charles Mayo of S. Peter s in Hereford. 75 

related by one of his pupils at Bridgnorth will fhow at once his appreciation of a while at 

1 - -i l- -11 ^ „ fr . it. Bridgnorth. 

joke and his tact in dealing with boys. " On the 29th or May, writes the Rev. 
Edward Hardwicke, " then called Oak-Ball day, the boys, thinking they had a 
fufficient plea for a holiday, waited upon him by deputation to beg it. This was 
peremptorily refufed. They were not however to be fo put off. Under cover of 
loyalty they got together fome flout oak boughs and fluffed his defk, which was in 
the fhape of a large pulpit, with them, and awaited not without fome mifgiving his 
coming. In he came, and for a moment flood puzzled by the fpectacle before him ; 
but only for a moment ; for wriggling his flight frame in among the boughs, he flood 
up and faid, ' I fuppofe you mean me to be Charles in the oak,' and adding, ' you 
mufl have the holiday,' not a little increafed his popularity with the boys." 

During the time he was at Cheam, Dr. Mayo took great interefl in the founda- Hiscon- 
tion and management of the Home and Colonial Training College in Gray's Inn with the 
Road, which was for manyjyears conducted by his friend, Mr. Reynolds, and his fifler, c°™niai nd 
Mifs Mayo, and was intended to fhow the application of Peflalozzianifm to elementary College. 
education. He alfo took every opportunity of making known the advantages of the 
fyflem throughout the country, and among other efforts for that purpofe he delivered 
a lecture on the life of Peflalozzi at the Royal Inflitution, May, 1826. He there Lefture at 
defcribes the leading principles of his method to be that education fhould be effentially inflitution. 
religious and moral, and that it fhould be organic, i.e., not merely a mechanical incul- 
cation of knowledge, but an organic development of the human faculties, moral, 
intellectual, and phyfical. He alfo fhows that that development fhould be foflered 
by the active exercife of the faculties and difpofitions which have been implanted in 
the human mind, and by liberty controlled by parental influence, and that care fhould 
be taken that the advance fhould be harmonious and progreffive. " In the ordinary 
methods of teaching the courfe of inflruction is founded on abflract fcientific con- 
fiderations of the knowledge to be conveyed. In the Peflalozzian method the courfe 
is arranged on pfychological principles derived from the confideration of the nature 
and pofition of the beings to be inflructed. In every branch of fludy the ' point de 

Fellow of All Souls, Englifh Eflay, 1854, R. of S. Mary, Bryanftone Square; and Charles-William 
Fremantle, Deputy Mafter of the Mint. Auguftus G. V. Harcourt, I ft clafs Nat. Science, Senior 
Student of Chriftchurch, and Lee's Reader in Chemiftry, Oxford. Admiral James Hillyer. Rear- 
Admiral Sir William L. G. Hofte, Bart. Rt. Hon. Hugh Childers, Secretary for War. Rt. Hon. Sir 
James Ferguflbn, Bart., Governor of South Auftralia. Col. Sir George Pomeroy Colley, K. C.S.I. , 
C.B., C.M.G., Commiffioner of Natal. Vernon Lufhington, Scholar of Trinity, Cambridge, and 
QjC. ; and Godfrey Lufhington, id clafs Lit. Hum., 1854, Fellow of All Souls. Laurence Kington, 
now L. K. Oliphant, author of "The Duke and the Scholar," "Sources of the Englifh Language," &c. 
To thefe may be added Lord Hobart, Scholar of Trinity, Oxford, Governor of Madras, the late Earl 
Ferrers, and the Earl of Donoughmore, Prefident of Board of Trade, 1859, tne prefent Earl of Denbigh, 
Lord Dundonald, Marquis of Bath, Earl of Carrick and his brother the 4th Earl, who died at Cheam, 
1846, and Lord H. Thynne, M.P., late Treafurer of the Houfehold. 

j6 Charles Mayo of S. Peter s in Hereford. 

depart ' is fought in the actual experience of the child, and from that point where he 
intellectually is he is progreffively led to that point where the instructor willies him to 
be." It will be feen that, while the name of Peftalozzi has nearly been forgotten, 
many if not mod of his principles have infenfibly been adopted and affimilated in the 
modern fyftem of education. 
Failing In the year 1845 Dr. Mayo's health, which for fome time had been failing, 

now became fo weak that he was obliged to obtain the affiftance of his brother-in- 
law, the Rev. Henry Shepheard, late Fellow of Oriel College, who came to Cheam 
at Chriftmas, and immediately took the management of the School, and eventually 
fucceeded to it. Dr. Mayo died on the 23rd of February, 1846, and was buried in 
Cheam Churchyard. [C. T. M.] 



In the old chancel of Cheam Church is an elaborately carved monument affixed 
to the eaft wall, and bearing the following infcription : — 

"This Tablet is erected in grateful and affectionate remembrance of the Reverend 
Charles Mayo LL.D. late Fellow of St. Johns College, Oxford, by Pupils and Friends, 
who, having been many of them his own fons in the faith and all of them witneffes 
of his Work of Faith and Labour of Love and Patience of Hope, defire to give 
glory to God through our Lord Jefus Chrift for raifing him up to illuftrate both in 
theory and practice the bleffings of an education bafed upon Intellectual Develope- 
ment, Scriptural Teaching, and Chriftian Influence. He was born June ix. 
MDCCXCII, and having for many years taught in this place on the principles of 
his beloved friend the venerable Peftalozzi, entered into his reft Feb. xxiii. 

Dr. Mayo's Dr. Mayo publifhed — 

tions"" " Obfervations on the Eftablifhment and Direction of Infant Schools, being the 

Subftance of a lecture delivered at the Royal Inftitution, May, 1826." London, 
1827. 8vo. 

" Memoirs of Peftalozzi, being the Subftance of a lecture delivered at the 

Charles Mayo of S. Peter s in Hereford. jj 

Royal Inftitution, Albemarle Street, May, 1826." London, 1828. 8vo. Second 
edition. 1 

"The Teacher. By J. Abbott. Revifed by Rev. Charles Mayo, LL.D. 26 
February, 1834." 8vo. 

Prefaces to Leflbns on Number, 1 January, 1835, and Leflbns on Form. By 
C. Reiner. 

" Practical Remarks on Infant Education for the ufe of Schools and Private 
Families. By the Rev. Dr. Mayo and Mifs Mayo." London, 1837. 8vo. Second 
edition, 1838; fourth edition, 1849 '■> ^^ edition, 1857. 

" Three Sermons on the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, preached in the parifli 
church of Ewell, Surrey, by the Rev. Charles Mayo, D.C.L.,late Fellow of St. John's 
College, Oxford. London, 1840." Pp. 49. 

" Chriftian Devotednefs. A Sermon preached at St. George's Bloomfbury on 
May 1, 1 845. By the Rev. Charles Mayo, D.C.L., in aid of the Funds of the Home 
and Colonial Infant and Juvenile School Society." London, 1845. ^P- 2 4- 

In addition to thefe publications, Dr. Mayo put forth a number of works, 
publiflied or privately printed, for the ufe of the boys at Cheam School. The 
principal of thefe are — 

"An Introductory Grammar of the Latin Language." London, 18 — . 

" Exercifes adapted to an Introductory Grammar of the Latin Language, for the 
ufe of the younger clafles at Cheam School." London, 1836. Pp. 11. 

" An Introductory Grammar of the Greek Language for the ufe of the younger 
claries at Cheam School." London, 1832. Pp. 99. 

" Greek Exercifes taken almoft exclufively from the Anabafis of Xenophon, 
and adapted to the Cheam School Greek Grammar." London, 1834. Pp. 47 
and 47. 

" Excerpta e C. J. Caefaris de Bello Gallico Commentariis. Extracts from Casfar's 
Commentaries on the Gallic War, connected by a brief narrative in Engliih for the 
ufe of Cheam School." London, 1834. Pp.63. 

" A tranflation of Cicero on Old Age. With notes." Pp. 23- 

" Praxis on Horace's epiftle to the Pifones, otherwife called the Art of Poetry, 
to which is prefixed a life of Horace." Pp. 42. 

"A tranflation of Xenophon's Anabafis, Book I." Pp. 2g. 

"A tranflation of the firft book of Homer's Iliad." Pp. 20. 

" Outlines of Roman Hiftory from the earlieft times to the Emperors, for the 
ufe of Cheam School." London, 1836. Pp. 29. 

" Verbs occurring in c Outlines of Roman Hiftory,' with a lift of abbreviations 
and a Chronological Hiftory of Events." London, 1834. Pp. 13. 

1 In the "Edinburgh Review," vol. xlvii., page 1 1 8, is a review of this Ledture. 


Charles Mayo of S. Peter s in Hereford. 


Vicar of S. 



Mayo ; 




" Analyfis of Hiftory Ancient and Modern, for the ufe of Cheam School." 
London, 1838. Pp. 16. 

Dr. Mayo married 30th June, 1831, at S. Mary Abbots, Ken- 
fington, Mary, daughter of Edward -Walwyn Shepheard, of Great 
RufTell Street, London, for an account of whofe family the reader is 
referred to the concluding chapter of this work. She was born 2nd 
July, 1799, and baptifed at S. Pancras, and died 10th May, 1877, 
and was buried at Cheam. They had iflue — 

i. Charles-Theodore, born 12th April, 1832, baptifed at Cheam, 
and educated at Cheam, Harrow, and Oxford, at which Univerfity 
he matriculated, 2nd April, 1 85 1, aged 18 years, from Balliol College. He 
obtained a fecond clafs at Moderations in both the Claffical and Mathematical 
Examinations, and a fecond clafs in the Mathematical, and a third clafs in the 
Claffical Final School. He graduated B.A. 14th June, 1855, M.A. 18th June, 

1857, was ordained Deacon 20th December, 1857, and Prieft 19th December, 

1858, at Farnham, by Charles-Richard, Bifhop of Winchester, and was admitted 
Incumbent of S. Andrew's, Hillingdon, Middlefex, 10th May, 1865. He married 
23rd June, 1859, at Redhill, Surrey, Mary-Anne, daughter of Edward Collins. 
She was born 8th February, 1833, and died 24th November, 1874, aged 41, and was 
buried at Cheam. The arms of Collins are Or a griffin fegreant fable. He has ifTue — 

1. Mary-Katharine, born 22nd March, and baptifed 25th April, i860, at 
S. John's, Redhill. 

2. Ethel, born 14th June, 1861. 

3. Gertrude-Elizabeth, born 22nd Auguft, 1863. 

4. Charles-Richard, born 2nd October, and baptifed 27th December, 1864, at 

ii. Mary, born 23rd September, and baptifed 26th October, 1834, at Cheam. 

iii. Theodore, born 25th March, and baptifed 22nd April, 1839, at Cheam, and 
educated at Harrow and Trinity College, Cambridge. He obtained the place of a 
Senior Optime in the Mathematical Tripos, and a third clafs in the Claffical Tripos, 
1862, and graduated B.A. 1862, and M.A. 1865. He was ordained Deacon 16th 
June, 1867, and Prieft 7th June, 1868, at Wells, and is Chaplain to the Marquefs 
of Ormonde. He is the editor of " The Book of the Litany, according to the Ufe 
of the Church of England, with various mufical notations, and fuch Prayers, Col- 
lects, and Thankfgivings, as may be faid with the Litany, and Part of the Commi- 
nation Service. Froome-Selwood : W. C. & J. Penny, mdccclxxiii." Quarto. 

He has alfo edited Spenfer Nottingham's Refponfes of the Litany noted to the 
Third Tone. Froome-Selwood, 1874. 8vo., and " The Order for the Celebration 
of the Holy Communion, with mufical notes chiefly taken from Merbecke's Book 
of Common Prayer, for the ufe of Choirs." 

Charles Mayo of S. Peter s in Hereford. 79 

II. Elizabeth Mayo was born 18th June, 1793, in Hammet Street, and baptifed 2. Elizabeth 
at S. Botolph's, Aldgate. On the return of her brother, Dr. Mayo, from Switzer- vot a e y d °' to % e 
land, in 1822, fhe joined him at Epfom, and removed with him to Cheam in 1826, " ufe ° f 

.. ... . . education. 

where fhe remained till 1834, helping him in the inftruction of his boys, and in 
applying the principles of Peftalozzi to Englifh education. During this time fhe 
wrote the work by which her name is beft known, " LefTbns on Objects," which 
was followed by " LefTbns on Shells." In 1834 fhe removed with her mother 
to Belfize Lane, Hampftead, and thence to Oakhill Park, in the fame parifh, 
in 1853. 

From 1 843 and onwards her efforts were concentrated upon the work of the 
Home and Colonial School Society. For two years, in 1 848 and 1 849, fhe edited 
a quarterly magazine publifhed by that Society, until failing health compelled her to 
relinquifh it. The following notes are communicated by Mr. E. Coglan, one of the 
Matters of Method at the Home and Colonial College, who had the advantage of 
perfbnal communication with Mifs Mayo for many years : — - 

" Dr. and Mifs Mayo were devoted to the Principles of Education advocated by Notes on 
Peftalozzi, but they did not always agree with the methods and plans adopted by „' r t ™ rk 
him and his immediate afTociates in teaching different fubjects. They fought to give " ome . and 
more definitenefs to his religious views, and to bring them more into harmony with School 
found Chriftian principles. They knew that Peftalozzi himfelf was not a good 
teacher, and where they departed from him in any of his methods and plans of 
teaching they fought others more in harmony with his principles. When Dr. Mayo 
began his work at Cheam, Peftalozzianifm was generally looked upon as ridiculous 
and contemptible, fynonymous with all that is impracticable and fantaftic. Now the 
principles of Peftalozzi are recognized and advocated by every educated fchoolmafter 
in the country, and the fpirit of his methods pervades many fchools whofe teachers 
never heard of his name, and this general recognition is in no fmall degree due to 
the work of Dr. Mayo at Cheam and of Mifs Mayo at the Home and Colonial. 

" It is rather difficult to fay exactly what the work of Mifs Mayo was at this 
inftitution between the years 1843, ana o %"> l %55> f° r ft^ exercifed a general fuper- 
vifion over everything that was taught, wrote model fketches and lefTons on many of 
the fubjects, and fometimes in the earlier of thefe years gave lefTons to fhow how 
certain fubjects ought to be handled in clafs teaching. 

" Her work after I came to the inftitution in 1845 ma y b? fummed up thus, — 

" 1. She reviewed and revifed the programme of work in each of the fchools, 
and was always confulted by the teachers when they wifhed to make any change. 

" 2. She either initiated or fupervifed the courfes of lefTons given in the fchools 
on Objects, Scripture, Geography, Natural Hiftory, &c, and her fketches and lefTons 
on thefe fubjects ftill continue in ufe both in the fchools and in the training of the 

80 Charles Mayo of S. Peter s in Hereford. 

" 3. Within the years above mentioned, and perhaps for fome time afterwards, 
all new officers wrote and fent to her every week fketches of the leflbns on Objects, 
Scripture, etc., they were to give the following week. Thefe were returned with 
her remarks, which were always valuable becaufe pointing out where fome plan was 
unfuitable or fome principle violated. 

" 4. Reports of leflbns given in the fchools were feen by her in the ftudents' 
journals and criticized. If anything in thefe reports feemed to require more than a 
marginal note, the teacher was fent for or vifited, and the matter fet right. 

" 5. Some of the journals kept by the ftudents in training were fent to her every 
week. Thefe fhe read through with great care, pointing out any violations of edu- 
cational principles or approved methods of teaching. This work fhe confidered of 
fo much importance that fhe hardly ever allowed anything to interfere with it, and 
fhe continued to do it whilft her health enabled her to do fo. I may add that her 
criticifms were very direct, often (harp, always clear, going to the root of the matter, 
always genial becaufe never ill-natured or farcaftic. She was ever open to the officers' 
vifits, and feemed never happier than whilft fharing with them the treafures of her 
knowledge and experience." 

It may be noted as an interefting fact that the late Mifs Cheflar, the well-known 
member of the London School Board, who died 3rd September, 1880, learnt her 
principles of teaching from Mifs Mayo, whofe frequent gueft fhe was at Hampftead. 

Her death, Mifs Mayo died at Malvern, ift September, 1865, aged 72 years, and on the 

8th of the fame month was buried in Kenfal Green Cemetery, in her mother's 

and tablet A tablet to her memory has been erected in a fchool-room in the Home and 

memory. Colonial Society's buildings, Gray's Inn Road, and is thus infcribed : — 

" The Committee of the Home & Colonial School Society erect this tablet to 
commemorate the ineftimable fervices of Mifs Elizabeth Mayo, in having adapted to 
the Englifh mind & character the principles of Peftalozzi leavened with evangelical 
truth. She devoted herfelf to the direction of the fchools & the training of the 
ftudents of this inftitution, & endeared herfelf to all by her hearty fympathy, wife 
counfel, & friendly aid. Mifs Mayo's intereft in this fociety continued during 30 
years, until her death in 1865, at the age of 72. Her laft labour of love was the 
preparation of an edition of " Religious Inftruction for the Young," & her bequeft of 
^500 has led to the erection for the education of the Middle Gaffes of this ftructure, 
to be called The Mayo School-room." 

Mifs Mayo was the author of the following publications : — 

Her pub- " Leflbns on Objects as given to children between the ages of fix and eight in a 

Peftalozzian School at Cheam, Surrey." London. Fp. 8vo., 1831. 

There are many editions, the 15th in 1858, pp. xiv. and 227, and the 16th in 
1859. (Preface by C. Mayo.) 


Charles Mayo of S. Peter's in Hereford. 8 1 

" Lecciones fobre Objec"tx>s." London, 1839. 8vo. A tranflation of the work 
above mentioned, tranflator unknown. 

" Leflbns on Shells, as given to children between the ages of eight and ten in a 
Peftalozzian School at Cheam, Surrey." London, 1832. Fp. 8vo. 

Second edition. Seeley. London, 1838. Pp. xiii. and 228, with ten plates. 

Third edition. Seeley. London, 1846. (Preface by C. Mayo.) 

" Leflbns on Scripture Prints." London, 1 840. 8vo. pp. viii. and 70. 

" Leflbns on Miracles." London, 1845. Fp. 8vo. 

" Model Leflbns for Infant Schools." i2mo. Part 1, 1848, Part 2, 1850, and 
Part 3. 

" Leflbns on Religious Inftruclion." 1849. Fp. 8vo. 

III. Newman-Knowlys, the fecond fon of Charles Mayo and Elizabeth (nee 3. Newman- 
Knowlys), was born 28th March, 1796, in S. Nicholas Lane, London, and refided Mz^J" 
at 20, Hamilton Terrace, S. John's Wood. He died 4th December, and was buried 

at Kenfal Green Cemetery, nth December, i860 (grave numbered 7,570). He 
married 6th Auguft, 1823, at S. Mary Abbots, Kenfington, Frances Wroughton, 
who died 22 nd July, and was buried in her hufband's grave 28 th July, 1871. Their 
children were — 

i. Frances-Beckwith, born 24th June, and died in the following December, and his 

„ children. 


ii. Emily, born 7th January, 1826, died at Ramfgate 16th July, 1875, aged 
49, and buried in the cemetery at Reading, Berks. She was married 28th Septem- 
ber, 1859, at Trinity Chapel, Edgware Road, to Edward Merriman, who died 12th 
January, 1869, and was buried in Reading Cemetery. They had iflue five children, 
Lewis-Edward, born 25th July, i860, Emily-Sophia, born 25th July, 1 861, and 
died 4th February, 1862, Newman-Frederic, born 17th Auguft, 1862, Herbert- 
Mayo, born 20th June, 1866, and died 25th March, 1869, and Julia- Frances, born 
19th February, 1868. 

iii. Julia, born 16th April, 1827, at Peckham. 

iv. Jemima-Sophia, born 3rd July, 1829, at Peckham, died 24th June, 1851, 
aged 21, at Kilburn, and buried at Kenfal Green Cemetery, in the grave numbered 


IV. Herbert, the third fon of Charles Mayo and Elizabeth (nee Knowlys), was 4 . Herbert 
born 21ft Auguft, 1798, in S. Nicholas Lane, London, and as a young man was Mayo ' 
placed in the office of Mr. John Knowlys, his mother's brother, of Woodsfarm, 
Surrey, and of 17, Mincing Lane, a wealthy Eaft India broker. Soon after the 
return of his brother, Dr. Charles Mayo, from Switzerland, and through his influence, 

he entered with earneftnefs into the religious movements of the day, and thencefor- devoted to 
ward devoted all his leifure moments to work among the poor in fchools and work- dbarityand 
houfes, and elfewhere. It was to him that David Nafmyth, the founder of the &^ n ~ 


82 Charles Mayo of S. Peter s in Hereford. 

" London City Miffion," firft confided his plan for the formation of that fociety, 
which was eftablifhed in 1835. Herbert Mayo was on the managing committee of 
that inftitution, as well as on that of the Home and Colonial School Society, and 
worked inceffantly for both objects from their commencement. He refided at 
Hampftead from 1 848 until his death, and took an active part in promoting the 
religious welfare of the Sailors' Orphan and Soldiers' Orphan Inftitution, and the 
Government Reformatory for Girls, all of which are eftablifhed in that neighbour- 
hood — teaching himfelf in each every week. He was a conftant vifitor at the 
Hampftead Workhoufe, in which Union he was a Guardian of the Poor, and was 
greatly beloved by the inmates. The North London Confumptive Hofpital at 
Mount Vernon was fituated near his houfe in Oakhill Park, and at the requeft of 
the clerical chaplain he acted practically as his fubftitute in the fpiritual care of the 
patients in the inftitution. The laft work to which he devoted himfelf was the found- 
ing a branch of the Young Men's Chriftian Aflbciation at Hampftead, a fact re- 
corded by an infcription placed in their principal room by the young men of that 
fociety. Befides thefe engagements at home, he beftowed much thought upon the 
Proteftant congregations of Italy, and after the winter of 1856-7, which he fpent at 
Nice, made feveral journeys to that country with the purpofe of vifiting the paftors 
and encouraging them in their work. 

His death, Herbert Mayo died at Broadftairs 14th September, 1874, and was buried on the 

burial, 21ft of the fame month in the Kenfal Green Cemetery, in the prefence of a large 
aftembly of all claries, and at his grave his two favourite hymns were fung, the one 
by a body of City Miftlonaries, the other by thirty foldiers' daughters from the 
Home. The Rev. J. Kirkman, Vicar of S. Stephen's, Hampftead, writing in his 
parifh magazine of October, 1874, in giving fome account of his character and 

and cha- labours, ftates that he was foremoft in all good works connected with that parifh, fo 
that his name was a fanction, and its abfence a fufpicion on any fcheme, and adds that 
through a fphere far beyond thefe inftitutions he was vifible with the light of humility, 
loving gentlenefs of difpofition, genuine active friendfhip, and largenefs of heart. 

His mar- Herbert Mayo married 3rd November, 1834, at the parifh church, Stoke New- 

ington, Mary-Anne-Grace, daughter of Thomas Quin, Surgeon R.N. She died 
1 2th February, and was buried at Kenfal Green, 17th February, 1872, in the grave 
numbered 6,655, where her hufband was fubfequently interred, having had iffue five 

and i. Herbert-Samuel, born 1 6th July, 1836, died 16th February, 1847, in Bromp- 

ton Crefcent, aged 10 years, and buried at Kenfal Green (grave numbered 6,655). 
ii. Mary-Elifabeth, born 13th September, 1838, and baptifed 10th April, 1839, 
at S. James, Holloway, chapel-of-eafe. 

iii. Agnes-Matilda, born 9th February, and baptifed 1 6th June, 1840, at S. 
James, Holloway. 




Charles Mayo of S. Peters in Hereford. 83 

iv. Martha-Conftance, born 12th November, 1841, and baptifed 30th March, 
1842, at S. James, Holloway, and married 30th May, 1877, at S. Mark's, Hamil- 
ton Terrace, to Erneft- Frederick- Jofeph, fecond fon of Baron Porcelli of Palermo. 

v. Anne-Katharine, born 25th May, and baptifed 17th October, 1844, at S. 
John's, Upper Holloway, and married 15th June, 1869, at S.John's, Hampftead, to 
Peter Bayne, M.A., LL.D., as his fecond wife. Mr. Bayne is author of " Life and 
Letters of Hugh Miller, 1871," "The Days of Jezebel, an Hifrorical Drama, 1872," 
"The Chief Actors in the Puritan Revolution, 1878," " Leffons from my Matters, 
Carlyle, Tennyfon, and Rufkin, 1879," and other works. 

V. Richard, fourth fon of Charles Mayo and Elizabeth {nee Knowlys), was born 5 . Richard 
7th September, 1799, in Cloak Lane, London, and baptifed 3rd October following M a j[°' 

in the church of S. Thomas the Apoftle. He entered Merchant Taylors School 
July, 1807, and matriculated at Oxford 19th June, 18 18, aged 18, from S. John's 
College, as "generofi nlius." He obtained a fecond clafs in Literis Humanioribus, 
and graduated B.A. 25th May, 1822, and M.A. ill June, 1826, and was ordained 
Deacon 13th June, and Prieft 19th December, 1824, by William, Bifhop of London, 
at the requeft of the Archbifhop of Canterbury. He was licenfed to the curacy of 
Wrotham, Kent, ift December, 1824, and became Perpetual Curate of Plaxtol, in p. c. of 
the fame county, 29th September, 1841, and died 30th April, 1864, unmarried. He Kent. ' 
was author of " Cottage Readings, or Inftructions and Prayers for the Unlearned. 
S.P.C.K. 1837," pp. 36, and of a fecond feries of the fame, pp. 52, publifhed in 

VI. Charlotte-Anne, another daughter of Charles Mayo and Elizabeth {nee 6. char- 
Knowlys), was born in Cloak Lane, 13th June, 1801, and died 19th April, 1802. M ayo . "" 

The narrative here for a moment reverts to Sufanna, daughter of Charles Mayo sufanna, d. 
and Anne {nee Prichard), who was baptifed at S. Peter's in Hereford, 29th Septem- Mayo^n" 
ber, 1719, and was married (S. Owen's regifter), 26th May, 1755, to Samuel p 1 ™^'? 
Bethell, B.A., Rector of S. Nicholas, Hereford, and Rector of Stretton near Sug- becomes 
was. He was buried in S. Owen's burial-ground, Hereford, 26th May, 1777, Samuel 
leaving iffue two fons and one daughter. Some account of his family is given in the B ^. e ' 
ninth chapter of this work. 


Herbert Mayo, D.D., son of Charles Mayo of S. Peter's in Hereford, 


Reflor of 
and then of 
S. George's 
in the Eaft. 

The " Gen- 

ERBERT MAYO, the fon of Charles Mayo and Anne {nee 
Prichard), was baptifed in the parifhof S. Peter in Hereford 15th 
December, 1720. He matriculated at Oxford 9th April, 1739, 
from Brafenofe College, as "generofi Alius," aged 18, and on the 
20th of May, 1740, was elected to the fellowlhip founded by his 
anceftor Canon Elton, which he held until the year 1765. He 
graduated B.A. 15th October, 1742, M.A. 13th June, 1745, B.D. 3rd April, 1762, 
and D.D. 28th June, 1763, and was ordained Prieft 23rd December, 1744, by 
Thomas, Bifhop of Oxford, in Chrift Church Cathedral. 

In the earlier part of his life he held fucceffively the curacies of Stratford-le-Bow, 
Whitechapel, and Spitalfields. " During this period," fo fays the memoir of him in 
the " Gentleman's Magazine," volume 72, part i., pp. 88 and 682, "when college 
offices occafionally required his attendance, he proved his zeal for the welfare of the 
fociety to which he belonged by a liberal enforcement of difcipline and a judicious 
arrangement of the complicated and at that time confufed ftate of the accounts." In 
1764 he was prefented by the College to the Rectory of Middleton Cheney in 
Northarnptonfhire, and was inftituted on the 7th of May in that year, but upon the 
living of S. George's-in-the-Eaft becoming vacant fhortly after, he refigned the former 
and more eligible preferment on the 31ft of the following July, in order to labour 
near the fphere of his former work, and was appointed by the College to this living. 
In 1799 he was prefented to the Vicarage of Tollefbury, Eflex, by William Beau- 
maris Rum, the patron, and was inftituted on the 3 ift of May, but he conftantly Te- 
nded in S. George's parifh during his incumbency. 

To quote again from the " Gentleman's Magazine," " Under the defcriptions of 
a citizen, a Chriftian, and a clergyman, in all the domeftic and focial relations, his 
character was ftrictly irreproachable and highly meritorious. His rectitude, fteadi- 
nefs, and liberality of principle, his perfect command of temper and felf-government, 

Herbert Mayo, D.D. 85 

the firmnefs of his attachments and opennefs of his manners, and above all the ex- 
tenfivenefs of his impartiality and economy of his benevolence are qualities which, it 
is hoped, have not vainly fhed their luftre through a licentious age." 


Another interefting memoir of Dr. Mayo was fent by " A London Curate," an( j "The 
11th January, 1802, to "The Orthodox Churchman's Magazine," volume ii., church-* 
pages 30-32. He writes, "Gentlemen, The venerable Herbert Mayo, D.D., ™ an ' s . „ 
Rector of St. George's, Middlefex, died on the 5th inftant, aged 82 years. Will you 
permit one, who loved him while living, to embalm his memory in your pages 
now that he is dead. Dr. Mayo was a native of Herefordfhire, and was educated at 
Brafenofe College, Oxford, which prefented him to the living of St. George's. Dr. 
Mayo was a divine of that clafs which, though it enjoy not all the fplendid celebrity 
that adorns fome others, perhaps excels all in real utility ; that is to fay, he was a 
good pariffi prieji. He was a man of great experience in that particular branch of his defcribe 
profeflion, having been for fome time Curate of Bow le Stratford, then ten years go^/parito 
Curate of Whitechapel, then ten years Curate at Spitalfields, before he entered upon pneft ' 
the living of St. George in the Eaft, where I think he refided thirty-eight 
years. There is no church in London where divine fervice is performed with 
more rubrical correclnefs than in St. George's. The affiduity of a paftor, attentive and dilate 
to all the minutiae of propriety in the ufe of the Liturgy, produced a correfpondent rubrical 
regularity in his congregation. Everything at St. George's is done svayrifiovwg ical exaanefs ' 
koto ra&v. Dr. Mayo had a peculiar but by no means unimpreflive mode of 
preaching in his earlier years, but his labours were not confined to the pulpit merely. 
He was the inftructor of the young in the catechetical way, the reclaimer of and paftorai 
the difiblute, the grave rebuker of the blafphemer, the admonilher of thofe who had airidmty ' 
reached the gradation of unthinking levity in the fcale of offence, and were tottering 
on the brink of vice. He was the comforter of the fick and cherifher of thofe who 
languished under the deprefiion of poverty. He adminiftered the aids of religion 
to thofe who were pafling from time to eternity, and often, by the fide of the grave, 
exerted a vigour beyond the routine of duty, whilft he taught thofe who attended on 
the interment of their friends to prepare for their latter end. He was particularly 
fond of negroes and uninftrucled men of colour, who, employed generally on board his fondnefs 
of (hip, occafionally refided in his parifh, which is full of feafaring people. I fuppofe ofne 8 roes > 

86 Herbert Mayo, D.D. 

no clergyman in England ever baptifed fo many black men and mulattoes; nor did 

he at any time baptife them without much previous preparation that the inward and 

fpiritual grace might accompany the outward and vifible form of baptifm. The 

attachment of thefe poor people to him was very great. Several of them never came 

into the port of London, without waiting upon him, by way of teftifying the refpect 

his zeal as a in which they held him. Dr. Mayo was a magistrate of the county of Middlefex, 

for Middfe- an d performed the functions of that office, in his parochial relations, with great 

{ "' attention. The zealous care with which he watched over the charity fchools in his 

his care of . _ J 

the fchools panih was very becoming. One of them is a fchool of high character, — Raine's 
pariih, Hofpital I mean, — into which young girls are tranfplanted out of the ordinary 
parochial fchool, and are taught all forts of ufeful houfehold work, and then, after 
having lived five years in fervice, and bringing teftimonials of their good behaviour, 
they are entitled to draw lots for a marriage portion of one hundred pounds, and are 
married to fome induftrious mechanic, a member of the Church of England. Dr. 
Mayo was treafurer of this excellent foundation. I faw him laft May day, in the 
prefence of a numerous affemblage of the truftees and others, among whom were 
both the members of Parliament, deliver a purfe of £100 to one of the young 
women who had been married by him that morning. The good old man gave the 
new-married pair a fuitable charge in a mod: affectionate way. His infirmities, 'tis 
true, impeded his fpeech not a little, he feemed to feel it was the laft he mould 
make on fuch an occafion, but I affure you, gentlemen, that there was an eloquence 
in his very paufes, and fomething fo touching in the tears that trickled down 
his cheeks, that they muft have had hearts of ftone who could hear him 
unmoved. ... I hope I mall not hurt the feelings of his family (a wife, two fons 
both married, and two daughters), who furvive him, when I fay that never man was 
his frugality happier in all his domeftic relations. . . . Dr. Mayo was a man of true frugality. He 
rofity. was a contributor to moft public charities, from Chrift's Hofpital downwards. He 
has walked, leaning on my arm, in the ftreets of London, to fave the expenfe of a 
coach, and given the half-crown to the orphan fon of a clergyman, when he 
got home. He had the management of the property of many perfons. A fmile he 
had of peculiar benignity. He was a man of great good humour, and often 
indulged in a fpecies of chaftened pleafantry, and Dr. South himfelf was not 
fonder of a pun. He was bleffed with a long feries of years of uninterrupted 
health. Rain never flopped him. Dr. Mayo was a Tory in politics. His religious 
principles were truly orthodox." 

Dr. Mayo died 5th January, and was buried at S. George's, 13th January, 
1802. His will, which is very brief, is dated 16th February, 1797, and was proved 
in the Prerogative Court, 6th February, 1802 (Kenyon, 126), and in it he leaves all 
his eftate at the difpofal of his wife and names her fole executrix. His portrait was 
painted by L. F. Abbott, and engraved by Charles Picart, and publiflied by the latter 

Herbert Mayo, D.D. 

8 7 

at No. 26, Caftle St. Eaft, Oxford St., 2nd May, 1803. He married Mary, 

daughter and heirefs of George Coldham, furgeon, ofS. Paul's, Covent Garden, and 

Rebecca his wife, daughter of Sir John Shaw, Baronet, of Eltham 

and Chefhunt, by his fecond wife Sarah, daughter and coheirefs I 

of William Paggen of London. 1 The arms of Coldham are I 

Azure, a mullet argent voided gules. A memorandum, communi- ' 

cated by Charles-Erfkine Mayo, ftates that "The Revd. Herbert 

Mayo, D.D., Reclor of St. George Middx, Br., an Inhabitant of 

St. Clement Danes, and Mary Coldham of St. Paul's Covent Garden, 

Spr., were married by Licence in the parifh Church of St. Clement 

Danes on the 15th of January 1765." His marriage is alfo regif- 

tered in the College of Arms, and a pedigree of his defcendants, mowing their 

connection with the Shaw family, is contained in Berry's " Pedigrees of Hertford- 

By his wife, 
Mary, d. of 

Herbert mayo, d.d., 17ZO-1802. From a Miniature. 

fhire Families," page 48. Mary Mayo outlived her hufband for many years, and 
died 9th February, 1824, aged 91. 

Dr. Herbert Mayo had iflue two fons and two daughters. I. Paggen- 
William. II. Charles. III. Rebecca-Mary-Anne. The memorandum before 
quoted records that, " Rebecca-Mary- Anne Mayo was born on Monday the 14th 
Novr. 1768 at 7 o'clock in the morning; Blandy Shaw of Bath her mother's firft 
coufin being Godfather, Mrs. Ann Irons her aunt, of Chefhunt, Herts, and 
Mrs. Mary Hughes of Eltham, Kent, her firft coufin, God-mothers. N. B. 
Baptized in 'the Church." She was baptifed at S. George's, 9th December 

he has fou 

1 Peter Paggen of Wandfworth, who died in 1720, aged 69 (fon of another Peter Paggen), had a 
grant of arms, " Vert, a fefs embattled between three ragged ftaves erect argent," and creft, " Two 
ragged ftaves in faltire filver, chained fable." See also Manning and Bray's " Hiftory of Surrey," vol. 
iii., page 356. 

88 Herbert Mayo, D.D. 

following, aged 26 days, but under the name of Rebecca only, and died 
1 6th June, 1855, aged 86, and unmarried. 

IV. Jane-Gertrude, who "was born on Monday the 4th of December, 1774, 
between 2 and 3 o'clock in the morning ; Mrs. Denifon, wife of Dr. Denifon, 
Principal of Magdalen Hall, Oxford, and Mrs. Jane Pearley of Iflington, her 
mother's coufins, being God-mothers, and the Revd. John Prichard, Rector of 
Chriftchurch, Middx, God-father, who is her Father's Uncle. N.B. Baptized at 
Church." She was baptifed at S. George's on the 30th of the fame month, aged 27 
Charles days, and died unmarried, 14th May, 1848. 

F.R. y s.,'his' II. Charles Mayo, the fecond fon of Herbert Mayo and Mary (nee Coldham), 

2nd fon, was b orn 2 ^ t h March and baptifed at S. George's, 16th April, 1767, aged 24 days. 

Fellow of He was admitted to Merchant Taylors School in 1776, and from thence elected 

college" $ Scholar or Probationary Fellow of S. John's College, Oxford, in June, 1785. His 

contemporaries at that election were Dr. Bufh, afterwards Dean of Battle, and 

William Benjamin Portal, of whom a memoir may be read in the " Gentleman's 

Magazine," vol. 82, part ii., page 85. Charles Mayo matriculated 28th June the 

fame year, aged 18, became Fellow in 1788, and graduated B.A. 22nd April, 1789, 

M.A. 14th January, 1793, and B. D. 


and Pro- 2 1 ft June, 1796. In 1795 he was elected by the Univerfity Profeflbr of Anglo- 

Angio- Saxon on the foundation of Dr. Rawlinfon, being the firft to hold that office, which 

o"fo"d, he occupied for t-he allotted fpace of five years. His inaugural lecture was 

announced for ioth November, 1796, at noon. Mr. Daniel Prince's letter, 18th 

March, 1795, quoted in Nichols' " Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century," 

vol. iii., page 708, ftates, "The candidates for the Saxon Profenbrfhip are Dr. Finch 

and (Chas. ) Mayo, both fellows of St. Johns." Dr. Samuel Parr is quoted at page 85 

of Wordfworth's " Social Life at the Englifh Universities in the 1 8th Century," as 

defcribing the lectures of profeflbrs at Oxford, and as ftating that " The lectures of 

the Saxon ProfefTor [Charles Mayo] were much applauded." Charles Mayo entered 

Holy Orders, being ordained Deacon 30th May, 1790, and Prieft 19th June, 1791, 

by Edward, Bifhop of Oxford, in Chrift Church Cathedral, and was for fome time 

Curate at Handborough in Oxfordshire, during the incumbency of Dr. Michael 

Whitehall Marlow, Prefident of S. John's College. He was King's Preacher at Whitehall from 

Preacher, .' J ° ° 

the Univerfity of Oxford, 4th Auguft, 1799, and 3rd Auguft, 1800. He was after- 
and Lee- wards Morning Lecturer at the old chapel of S. Michael, Highgate, which pofition 
Highgate, he held for thirty years, until the chapel was taken down in 1833. The prefent 

Herbert Mayo, D.D. 89 

Vicar of S. Michael's writes under date 15th November, 1880: " He was a man 
of mark, who rendered excellent fervice to this parifh out of pure love, I believe, for 
he was not incumbent of the old chapel, nor the officially appointed preacher, as I 
underftand, but a voluntary curate." 

He did not however refide in Highgate, and in the regifter his name only occurs in 
reference to a baptifm on 9th June, 18 16, and a burial on 31ft July in the fame year. 
The church of S. Michael was built in 183 2, to which he gave a window reprefenting 
our Lord and the Apoftles, which has fince difappeared. He was eledted a Fellow of 
the Society of Antiquaries, 14th December, 1820, and a Fellow of the Royal Society, 
1 ft March, 1827, and was a Governor of Cholmeley School in Highgate in 1842. 

Charles Mayo refided during the greater part of his life at Chefhunt, Herts, to refides at 
an eftate in which place, comprifing the manor of Andrewes and Le Motte, with the 


Charles mayo, b.d., f.r.s., 1 767-1 858. {From a Miniature.) 

old manor-houfe attached called Chefhunt Great Houfe, the property of the Shaw 
family, he was next in reversion under the will of William Shaw, junior. He 
fucceeded to this eftate on the death of Anne Shaw in December, 1824, having been 
previoufly lefTee of the houfe and manor. Charles Mayo died without ifTue, 10th where he 
December, 1858, aged 91, and was buried at Chefhunt, and a fhort reference to his 
career occurs in the " Annual Regifter " for that year. His will was proved in 
London, 13th January, 1859. He married 2nd June, 1801, at Chefhunt, Louifa, 
daughter of James Landon, 1 of Chefhunt and London, and Anna his wife, daughter 

1 A pedigree of the family of Landon is printed at page 46 of Berry's work already mentioned. 
Arms, Gyronny of eight, or and azure, an inefcutcheon argent. The Palmers have a royal defcent 
through Anne, daughter of Thomas Lord Wentworth, and wife of Sir John Poley of Bradley, 
Suffolk, Knt. 


90 Herbert Mayo, D.D. 

of Philip Palmer of Richmond. Louifa Mayo was born i 8th January, 1774, and 
died 22nd September, 1852, at Colefgrove, in the parifh of Chefhunt, and was buried 
in the churchyard. On a raifed tomb in Chefhunt churchyard, between the fouth 
porch and the tower of the church, are thefe infcriptions : — 
Monuments " Sacred to the memory of the Rev. Charles Mayo, B.D., who died Dec. 10. 

at Chef- r> n J " 

!„„(. 1858, aged 91. 

" Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Jane Gertrude Mayo, who died May 14. 1848. 

Alfo of Louifa the beloved wife of the Rev. Charles Mayo, who died Sept. 22. 1852, 

aged 79. Alfo of Mrs. Rebecca Mary Anne Mayo, who died June 16. 1855, a S e( ^ 89." 

The manor of S. Andrew or Andrewes, and Le Motte or Moteland,was granted 

Heinherits by Henry VIII. to Cardinal Wolfey. Salmon (Hiftory of Hertfordfhire, 1728) 

ofAnTrewes ftates that the firft of thefe is an entire manor, and the other is fometimes called the 

and Le moiety of the manor of Moteland, but where the other moiety lies is not known. 

On Wolfey's difgrace the Earl of Worcefter and his countefs received a grant of this 

eftate, and afterwards Thomas Denny, whofe fon John fold it to George Dacres, 

whofe defcendant Sir Thomas Dacres again fold it to James Earl of Salifbury. James 

his fon difpofed of it to Sir Edward Defbovery, whofe executors conveyed it to Sir 

purchafed John Shaw, Baronet, in 1694. Sir John Shaw had iffue by his fecond wife, Sarah, 

sL S wBar h t n daughter and co-heirefs of William Paggen of London, three fons and fix daughters, 

in 1694, a n of whom eventually died without iffue, with the exception of (i) William Shaw, 

who married Elizabeth, daughter and heirefs of John Blandy, of Inglewood, Berks ; 

and (ii) Rebecca Shaw, baptifed 28th November, 1702, at Eltham, died 30th 

October, 1764, and buried at S. Paul's, Covent Garden, having been married to 

George Coldham, who died 29th June, 1737, and was alfo buried there, leaving 

ifTue two daughters, Mary, married to Herbert Mayo, D.D., and Anne, who died 

unmarried, 9th Auguft, 1774, and was buried at Clifton, Somerfet. 

On the death of his father Sir John, the eftate came to William Shaw, fenior, 
before mentioned, who in Hilary Term, 1750, levied a fine or fuffered a recovery, 
whereby he cut off" the entail of the eftate, and on an intended marriage of his 
eldeft fon, John Shaw, with Meliora, daughter of Thomas Huxley of Eaton 
Park, Bedfordfhire, conveyed it to truftees for the ufe of John Shaw for life, re- 
mainder to the ufe of Meliora Shaw for her life, remainder to the ufe of their 
fons fucceflively in tail male, remainder to the heirs of John Shaw for ever. 
John Shaw died without iffue, 17th May, 1772, and Meliora in 1788, when 
the eftate defcended to Anne, widow of William Shaw, junior, third fon of 
William Shaw the elder. All the children of William Shaw the elder having 
eventually died without iffue, the manor and eftate, in December, 1824,011 the 
death of Anne Shaw, came, under the will of William Shaw, junior, her late 
hufband (heir expectant on the death of Meliora, widow of his brother John), to 
Charles Mayo, B.D., grandfon of Rebecca, daughter of Sir John Shaw and Sarah 







Herbert Mayo, D.D. 91 

Paggen. See Clutterbuck's Hiftory of Herts, vol. ii. p. 102, and Cufians' Hiftory 
of the fame county, Hundred of Hertford, page 215. From the latter work, at 
page 217, is taken the following defcription : — 

" Cheihunt Great Houfe, as the old manor-houfe is now generally called, (lands with the 
on the north fide of GofF's Lane, about half a mile north-weft of the church. It is 
faid to have been built during the reign of Henry VIII., and to have been the 
occafional residence of Cardinal Wolfey. It was originally quadrangular, enclofing 
a courtyard, and in 1750 was modernized and encafed with brick by Mr. John Houfe, 
Shaw. In 1801 the Rev. Charles Mayo, who was next in reverfion to the eftate, 
pulled down a confiderable portion of the manfion that had fallen into decay, and left 
it as it now exifts. In the hall are preferved fome excellent examples of old armour, 
and feveral interefting portraits. Among others, which are faid to be original, are containing 
paintings of Cardinal Wolfey, Queen Elizabeth, Sir Hugh Middleton, Charles I. by ? e aionof 
Vandyke, Charles II., Archbifhops Juxon and Laud, Richard Cromwell, who lived P ortralts - 
in retirement at Pengelly Houfe in this parifh for fome years, Lords Fairfax, Orrery, 
and Radnor, James II., William III., and Queen Anne, together with numbers of 
portraits of the Shaw family. In the room, which is pointed out as Wolfey 's bed- 
chamber, is a rocking-horfe, which is faid to have belonged to Charles I., when as a 
child he lived at Theobalds, and alfo his arm-chair." Some years ago two Ikeletons, 
with a pitcher and a lantern, were difcovered enclofed in a cavity in the wall, in a 
corner of the crypt or vault below the houfe. 

I. Paggen- William Mayo, the elder fon of Dr. Herbert Mayo, was born in Paggen- 
London, nth January, and baptifed at S. George's, 7th February, 1766, aged M ayo, m 
28 days. The memorandum before quoted ftates that in " 1766, Paggen-William J*-^-' 
was born on Saturday the nth of Jany. abt. 11 o'clock in the forenoon; f.r.c.p., 
Paggen Shaw, Efqre., a Turkey merchant, being one Godfather, his father's bror. of Herbert 
the Revd. Wm. Mayo the other, and his mother's aunt, Mrs. Mary Shaw, God- D- d°' 
mother. N.B. Baptized in Church." He was admitted at Merchant Taylors 
School in 1775, and from thence elected Scholar of S. John's College, Oxford, in 

&. 9^ 


1784, and matriculated 30th June in that year, aged 18. He became Fellow in becomes 
1787, and was elected to a Medical Fellowfhip, 6th July, 1792. He graduated s^Ws 
B.A. nth April, 1788; M.A. 27th January, 1792; B.M. 12th July, 1792, and CoIIege ' 
D.M. 20th January, 1795. Shortly after taking his firft degree in medicine he 
fettled in London, and in 1793 was, together with Dr. George Morris and Dr. 

92 Herbert Mayo, D.D. 

Matthew, appointed phyfician to the Forces under the Earl of Moira (" Gentleman's 

Magazine," vol. 63, p. 1 1 58). The poll of phyfician to the Middlefex Hofpital 

becoming vacant in the fummer of the fame year, he applied for the appointment, 

phyfician an d was elected, 23rd Auguft, having received 115 votes. Dr. Scot, the other 

Middlefex candidate, fecured 81. (Hiftory of the Middlefex Hofpital, by Erafmus Wilfon, 

1845, page 199.) He was admitted a Candidate of the Royal College of Phyficians, 

30th September, 1795, and a Fellow, 30th September, 1796. He was Cenfor in 

d prac- 1797, Gulflonian Lecturer in 1798, and Harveian Orator in 1807. While he lived 

in London he refided in Conduit Street, Hanover Square. Subfequently he lived 

for many years at Doncafter, whither he withdrew after refigning his hofpital 

appointment, 6th January, 1801, and eventually removed to Bridlington, where he 

died, 6th July, 1836, and was buried. His will was proved P.C.C. (Norwich, 298). 


; medi 
cine in 
London and 

paggen-william mayo, m.a., d.m., F.R.c.P., 1 766- 1 836. [From a Miniature by Grima/di, 1800.) 

By his wife He married 8th February, 1798, Charlotte, daughter of Stephen Buckle, LL.D., 

«>Buckie °f Swannington, Perpetual Curate of S. Mary Coflany, Norwich, Rector of Hack- 
ford cum Whitwell, Norfolk, and Rector of Shipmeadow, Suffolk. 1 She died 7th 
January, 1828, at Bridlington, aged 59. Arms of Buckle, Sable, a chevron between 
three chaplets Argent. 

1 Stephen Buckle, of King's College, Aberdeen, was ordained Deacon by Thomas, Bifhop of 
Norwich, 6th November, 1757, and Prieft 19th February, 1758, and was made Reftor of Hackford 
zoth February, 1758, on the prefentation of George Hunt Holley, P.C. of S. Mary Coflany, 26th 
March, 1761, on the nomination of Lord Townflicnd, and Rcdlor of Shipmeadow 13th April, 1764, 
the King prefenting pro hoc vice. He held thefe preferments till 1797. One of the fame name 
graduated B.A., Cains College, Cambridge, 1764. 

Herbert Mayo^ D.D. 


Dr. Paggen- William Mayo had ifTue fix children : — 

i. William-Herbert, born 26th April, 1799, baptifed at S. George's, Middlefex, 
and admitted to Merchant Taylors School, September, 18 13. He fucceeded to the 
Chefhunt eftate and the lordfhip of the manor of Andrewes and Le Motte on 
the death of his uncle Charles Mayo in 1859. In the report of the names of the 
owners of land, England, 1875, vol. i. page 12, Herts, his eftate at Chefhunt is 
ftated to comprife 887 a. 2r. 39 p., of the grofs eftimated rental of £1,975 per 

ii. Francis-Charles, born nth July, 1802, and baptifed at Buxton. He entered 
the Hon. Eaft India Company's fervice (Madras Prefidency), 13th February, 1821, 
and his commiffion as Lieutenant is dated the firft of May in the fame year. He 
was penfioned 5th November, 1825, in England, and died at York 15th May, 1843, 
aged 41, and unmarried. 

iii. Herbert, born 30th May, 1803, and baptifed at Don- 
cafter. He held an appointment in the H.E.I.C.S., which he 
refigned in India 25th Auguft, 1821. In 1834 he was elected 
a Fellow of the Geological Society. He married 16th March, 
1830, at Chefhunt, Sarah, daughter of Ezekiel Harman, of 
Theobalds, in that parifh. 1 She died 6th January, 1867, aged 68, 
at Enfield, Middlefex. 

iv. Mary-Ann, born 14th Auguft, 1804. 

v. Jane-Catherine, born 1 ith September, 1805. 

vi. Charles-Erfkine, born 4th October, 1809, and baptifed at Buxton. He 
entered at Clare Hall, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. 1833, and M.A. 1837, 
and was ordained Deacon in 1833, and Prieft the next year, by the Bifhop of 
Chefter. He was Vicar of Laneham, Notts, 1 843-1 856, and now refides at Colef- 
grove, Chefhunt. He married 23rd January, 1838, at Holy Trinity, Hull, Eliza- 
beth, daughter of John Mainprize. Their children are, 1. Theodofia-Elizabeth, 
born 4th February, 1839, baptifed at Eaft Drayton, Notts, and married 29th Septem- 
ber, 1864, at Chefhunt, to Thomas- Francis Leman, of Nottingham; and, 2. Charles- 
William, born 8th March, 1842, and baptifed at Dalby, Yorkfhire. He died 3rd 

he has fix 
children : 

2. Francis- 
Mayo ; 

3. Herbert 

4. Mary- 
Ann Mayo j 

5. Jane- 

6. Charles- 

1 Ezekiel Harman, who redded at Bovvden Park, Wilts, and afterwards at Theobalds, Herts, died 
28th May, 1845, aged 72. Sarah his wife, nee Wright, died 13th April, 1845, aged 72. His five 
fons were — Ezekiel-Dickinfon, died 7th January, 1876, aged 75, at Aboyne, N.B. ; Bernard-Dickin- 
fon, died 1 6th February, 1878, aged 74; Charles-Henry, died 19th Auguft, 1849, aged 41 ; Frederick, 
died at Barton Ifles, Jamaica, 24th November, 1838, aged 29 ; and John Harman, M.A., Vicar of 
S. James, Enfield, died 16th Auguft, 1880, aged 66. See a raifed tomb in Chefhunt Churchyard. 
On a hatchment in the church are the arms, Azure, a chevron between fix rams accofted counter- 
tripping argent, for Harman, impaling Erminois, a fefs cheque argent and azure, between three 
griffin's heads of the laft. 


Herbert Mayo, D.D. 

The third 
fon, Her- 
bert Mayo, 
has iflue, 
i. Herbert- 

who twice 


January, 1873, having previoufly married 26th June, 1866, at Tatterftiall, Lincoln- 
fliire, Mary- Ann, daughter of Charles Blades, M.R.C.S., and left iffue, Edith, born 
1 8th April, 1867, Henry, born 31ft December, 1869, and Alice, born 15th May, 
1872, all baptifed at Chefhunt. 

iii. Herbert Mayo and Sarah (nee Harman) had ifTue feven children : — 
1. Hj^rbexfcHjyraan, born nth March, 1831, in Oxford Street, London, and 
baptifed at S. Marylebone Church. He was elected Scholar of Pembroke College, 
Oxford, and matriculated 26th May, 1847, as " generofi filius," aged 16, and took 
his degree of B.A. in October, 1851. He fubfequently refided for fome years at 
Madeira. On 23rd May, 1869, he was ordained Deacon, and in May, 1870, 
Prieft, at Exeter. In 1874 he became Vicar of Talland, Cornwall, and in 1876 
Chaplain to the Torbay Miffion to Seamen. He has twice married ; on the firft 
occafion, 27th September, 1852, at Weft S. Dunftan's, London, Jane-Sophia, eldeft 
furviving daughter of John Thorp, Clerk in Holy Orders, of Summertown, 
Oxford. She died 2nd November, 1871, aged 41, and was buried at Mylor, 
Cornwall. He married, fecondly, 5th June, 1872, at the parifh church, Brighton, 
Sarah-Anne, eldeft daughter of John Athawes, M.A., Rector of Loughton, 
Bucks. 1 

By his firft marriage he had iflue twelve children : — 

a. Herbert- Arthur, born 2nd December, 1853, baptifed 11th January, 1854, in 
Madeira, died 8th Auguft, 1863, and buried in the Englifh Cemetery there. 

b. Agnes-Mary, born 21ft October, and baptifed 19th November, 1855, at 
Great Berkhampftead, Herts. 

c. Louifa-Jane, born 12th May, and baptifed 12th June, 1857, at S. Mary, 

d. Raymond- John, born 8th Auguft, baptifed 19th September, 1858, at Whick- 
ham, Durham, died 21ft November, 1862, and buried in Madeira. 

e. Cuthbert-Edward, born 22nd January, and baptifed 26th February, i860, at 
Thames Ditton, Surrey. 

f. Frederick-William, born 4th May, baptifed 1 ith June, and died 27th 
October, 1861, in Madeira. 

g. Harold-Shaw, born ift December, and baptifed 31ft December, 1862, in 

1 John Athawes inherited the property of his father's coufin, Samuel Athawes, of Kingfbridge in 
Swallowfield, Berks, and of Medmcnham, Bucks, who fold his large eftates in Virginia and purchafed 
lands in Wilts, Eflex, Bucks, and Kent, and died in 1822, aged 88, and unmarried. His fon, Edward 
J. Athawes, M.A. Trinity College, Cambridge, Barrifter-at-Law, and Stipendiary Magiitrate for 
Chatham and Shecrnefs, fucceeded to the eftates on his father's death in 1 864 as tenant in tail male. 
Arms of Athawes, Sable, a chevron or between three carpenter's squares, points to the dexter, the 
chevron charged with a . 

Herbert Mayo, D.D. 95 

h. Alan-Henry, born 9th February, baptifed 13th March, and died 13th Sep- 
tember, 1864, in Madeira. 

i. Amy, born 24th February, and baptifed 26th March, 1865, in Madeira. 

j. Ellen- Annette-Marie, born 21ft May, baptifed 19th June, 1867, and died 
28th July, 1868, at Bexhill, SufTex. 

k. Brian-Kenard, born 8th May, and baptifed 17th May, 1869, at Bexhill. 

1. Grenfell, born and baptifed 2nd July, and died 9th July, 1 870, in Trefco, Scilly. 
By his fecond marriage he has iffue a fon, Herbert-John- Athawes, born 16th 

February, and baptifed 18th March, 1874, at S. Peter's, Flufhing, Cornwall. 

2. Frederick, fecond fon of Herbert Mayo and Sarah {nee Harman), born 27th ». Frede- 
October, 1832, and baptifed at Bridlington. 

3. Charles, born 12th Auguft, 1834, died 27th January, and buried 4th Feb- ai. Charles 
ruary, 1841, at S. Giles, Oxford. 

4. John, born 1 8th June, and baptifed 10th Auguft, 1836, at S. Giles, Oxford, iv. John 
He entered the army and received his commiflion as Enfign 30th March, 1855, and ayo ' 
as Lieutenant 7th July, 1857, in the 38th Foot. He ferved at the fiege and fall of 
Sebaftopol, from 29th Auguft, 1855, an ^ he has the Crimean medal and clafp and 

the Turkifh medal. He afterwards ferved in India, and was in the relief of Lucknow. 
He was invalided and placed on half pay, 17 th May, 1861. 

5. Sarah-Louifa, born ift October, and baptifed 12th November, 1838, at S. v. Sarah- 
Giles, Oxford. She was married, 15th February, 1870, at Jefus Church, Forty M ° a u y ' a 
Hill, Enfield, to Walter-Sutton Flack of S. Mary Axe, London, and has four 
children, Louifa-Caroline-Sutton, born 3rd February, 1871, Lucie-Margaret-Sutton, 

born 20th October, 1872, Conftance-Mabel-Sutton, born 12th May, 1875, Gwendo- 
line-Sutton, born 23rd Auguft, 1881. 

6. Arthur, born 18th May, and baptifed 22nd July, 1840, at S. Giles, Oxford, vi. Arthur 
He entered the Indian Navy at the age of fixteen, and received his commifTion as v.c°,' 
Midfhipman, 19th February, 1857, and was attached to the "Punjaub" fteam- B-A '' 
frigate. He ferved in India in the Indian Naval Brigade during the Mutiny, and 
obtained the decoration of the Victoria Crofs for his gallantry during an engage- who ferves 
ment at Dacca, Bengal, on 22nd November, 1857, between No. 4, I.N. Detach- during'the 
ment, and the mutineers of the 73rd Native Infantry and Bengal Artillery. Charles MutlI, y> 
Rathbone Low, in defcribing the engagement in his " Hiftory of the Indian Navy, 

1613 — 1863 " (London, Bentley, 1877), vol. ii. page 442, ftates that "After half 
an hour's hard fighting the buildings were carried, though not without considerable 
lofs to the failors, who efpecially fuftered when clearing the loop-holed barracks on 
the Embankment. As a laft hope the Sepoys made a ftand around the nine- 
pounder gun which they had ftill at work, and the failors now prepared to charge 
down upon it from the top of the Embankment, where they remained under 
cover to reform after capturing the barracks. A young midfhipman, (Mr. 

96 Herbert Mayo, D.D. 

Arthur Mayo, a gallant and accompli (hed young officer,) who was awarded the 
Victoria Crofs for his gallant conduct on the occafion, placed himfelf at the head of 
about twenty of his men, and led them at full fpeed, and with a loud ' hurrah ! ' 
ftraight upon the gun." 

Lieutenant Lewis, the commanding officer, fays in hisdefpatch," I beg particularly 
to bring to notice the conduct of Mr. Midfhipman Mayo, who led the laft charge on 
their guns moft gallantly, being nearly twenty yards in front of the men." The 
defpatch from the Governor-General in Council, 4th December, 1857, ftates, " His 
Lordfhip in Council notices with approbation the conduct of Mr. Midfhipman Mayo 
in leading a charge againft the enemy's guns." 

Arthur Mayo was alfo engaged in operations againft the Abor hillmen, where he 

was flightly wounded, and mentioned for bravery in the defpatches of Lieut.-Colonel 

and is S. F. Hannay, commanding the expedition. He was gazetted as a recipient of the 

tYththe Victoria Crofs, 25th February, 1862, and prefented at the Levee, 22nd June, 1864, 

viaoria to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, in the abfence of the Queen, by the Secretary of 

Crofs. , ^~ ' 

State for India. 

The following letter may be read with intereft : — 

War Office, 

17th July, 1862. 

I have received Her Majefty's Commands to tranfmit to you herewith the 
decoration of the Victoria Crofs, which the Queen has been gracioufly pleafed to 
fignify Her intention to confer upon you for having headed the charge on the 22nd 
of November, 1857, in the engagement between the Indian Naval Brigade and the 
Mutineers of the 73rd Native Infantry and Bengal Artillery, when the former was 
ordered to charge two fix-pounders which were keeping up a heavy fire. 

Her Majefty defires me to fay how deeply fhe regrets not being able to 
decorate you with the enclofed Crofs Herfelf. You will be fo good as to acknowledge 
the receipt of it. 

I have the honor to be, 
Your moft obedient fervant, 

(Signed) G. C. Lewis. 
Midfhipman Mayo 
(Indian Navy), 


Waltham Crofs, 


Arthur Mayo matriculated at Oxford, 2nd May, 1862, from Magdalen Hall, 
aged twenty-one, as " Armigeri filius," and as the Indian Navy foon after ceafed to 

Herbert Mayo, D.D. 97 

exift, was penfioned 28th November of the fame year. He graduated B.A. 15th 
June, 1865, and was ordained Deacon at Sarum for the Bifhop of Exeter 25th 
February, 1866, and was Amftant-Curate at S. Peter's, Plymouth, for a year and 
eight months, but was received into the Roman Catholic Communion 5th Novem- 
ber, 1867. He married 18th July, 1865, at Oxford, Ellen-Horfer, daughter of 
Jofeph Baker, and has iffue — 

a. Mary-Agnes- Ellen, born 20th April, and baptifed 10th May, 1 866,at Plymouth. 

b. Arthur-John, born 9th May, baptifed 30th May, and died 23rd November, 

1867, at Plymouth. 

c. Edward- Aloyfius-Arthur, born 6th November, and baptifed 13th November, 

1868, at S. Mary Church, Devon. 

d. Francis-Xavier-Maria, born 3rd September, 1870, and baptifed the fame day 
at S. Mary Church. 

e. Raymund, born 5th December, and baptifed 6th December, 1871, at S. Mary 

f. Margaret-Mary, born 18th March, baptifed 19th March, 1880, at S. Mary 

7. Edward, youngeft fon of Herbert Mayo and Sarah (nee Harman), was born vn. Edward 
19th February, and baptifed 2nd July, 1842, at S. Giles, Oxford. He matriculated ay ° 
at Oxford from S. Edmund Hall, 27th October, 1864, aged twenty-two, as 
"generofi filius," and was ordained Deacon 1 8th December, 1 870, and Prieft 31ft May, 
1874, at Winchefter. He married 25th October, 1881, at Herfham, Surrey, Mary- 
Grey, only daughter of Henry -Robert Lloyd, M.A., Rector of Cliffe-at-Hoo, Kent. 

Thefe pictures are now preferved in the ancient hall of Chefhunt Great Houfe. The pic- 

tures in 

1 . An original painting of Cardinal Wolfey. chefhunt 

2. The fecond Sir John Shaw, Bart., with his wife and nine children. Houfe, 

3. Robert Shaw, grandfather of the above-named, when aged 100. He died in 
1678, aged 108. 

4. Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of John Domelaw, Efq., of London. 

5. Sir Hugh Middleton. 

6 and 7. Portraits by Vandyke. 
8 and 9. Portraits. 

10. Richard Cromwell. 

1 1. James II. 

12. William III. at the battle of the Boyne. 

13. Peter, third fon of the fecond Sir John Shaw, by his fecond wife, — in 
Turkifh drefs. 

14. William Shaw (fon of the fecond Sir John Shaw, by his fecond wife), High 
Sheriff of Herts, 1 740. 

98 Herbert Mayo, D.D. 

15. Elizabeth, wife of the above-named William Shaw, and daughter of John 
Blandy of Inglewood, Efq. 

1 6. Portrait. 

1 7. The Earl of Orrery. 

18. The Earl of Radnor. 

19. A lady, by Sir Peter Lely. 

20. The fecond Sir John Shaw, Bart. 

21. Belfhazzar's Feaft. 

22. Margery, firft wife of the fecond Sir John Shaw, and daughter and heirefs 
of Sir John Peake, Knt., Lord Mayor of London. She died 23rd Auguft, 

23. Queen Efther before King Ahafuerus. 

24. Mr. Madox, a legal antiquary and hiftoriographer, by Sir Godfrey Kneller. 
25 and 26. Queen Mary and King Philip of Spain. 

27 and 28. Portraits. 

29. Queen Elizabeth. 

30. A fon of Mr. Madox, by Sir Godfrey Kneller. 

31. Solomon's Idolatry, by Carlo Loti. 

32. Sampfon and Delilah. 

23. The firft Sir John Shaw, created a Baronet 15th April, 1665. He died 
1 ft March, 1679-80, aged 64. 

34. Mrs. Meliora Shaw, wife of John Shaw, Efq., and daughter of Thomas 
Huxley, Efq., of Eaton Park, Beds. 

35. Mary, wife of William III. 

36. William III. 

37. Charles II. by Vandyke. 

38. Charles I., by Vandyke. 

39. Lucius Cary, Lord Falkland, born in i6io,and killed at the battle of New- 
bury, 1643. 

40. Thomas, Lord Fairfax, who died in 1671. 

41. Rev. Arnold King, by Hudfon. 

42. A portrait infcribed " Ano Dni, 1629, astatis fuas 34. Aflidue addifcens ad 
fenium propero." 

43. Queen Anne. 

44. Archbifhop Juxon, infcribed " aetatis 80, 166-." 

45. Archbifhop Laud, dated 1644. 

46. Dr. Hicks, who died in 17 15, author of " Thefaurus Grammaticus Criticus 
et Archaeologicus Linguarum Veterum Septentrionalium." 

47. Portrait. 

48. Portrait, infcribed " Ars longa, Vita brevis. Hip. Ap. 1 ms." 

of" arms. 

Herbert Mayo, D.D. 99 

49. Mrs. Anne Shaw, wife of the firft Sir John Shaw, and daughter of Jofeph 
Afhe, Efq. 

50. Queen Henrietta Maria. 

The hall alfo contains ten hatchments with armorial bearings. with the 


i. Quarterly, i and 4, Shaw. 2 and 3, G. two chevronels A. Fettiflace. Over 
all on an efcutcheon of pretence ermine, a bend cottifed G. charged with three 
crefcents O. Huxley. 

1. Gyronny of eight Az. and O. [an inefcutcheon A.] Landon, impaling O. two 
bars G. each charged with three trefoils of the field, in chief a greyhound courant, 

3. Az. a pale engrailed erminois between four unicorns' heads erafed A. Gwilt, 
impaling Shaw. 

4. O. a bordure engrailed G. and three griffins' heads erafed of the fecond, 
impaling per chevron S. and A. three elephants' heads erafed, counterchanged, 

5. Shaw; on an efcutcheon of pretence, Huxley. 

6. Az. a lion rampant O. impaling S. a chevron between three efcallops A. 

7. Landon impaling Palmer. 

8. G. a lion paflant reguardant between two mullets O. as many flanches A. 
each charged with a lion rampant S — impaling A. a chevron S. between three 
ftorks proper. 

9. Quarterly, 1 and 4, A. a chevron S. between three torteaux each charged with 
an efcallop of the firft, D acres. 1 and 3, A. a chevron cottifed S. charged with three 
efcallops. Over all an efcutcheon of pretence bearing quarterly, 1 and 4, A. a fefs 
between three — S. 2 and 3, S. on a bend O. between 2 — heads erafed A. three — S. 

10. Gwilt impaling Shaw. 


Thomas Mayo and William Mayo, M.A., sons of Charles Mayo of 

S. Peter's in Hereford, together with the offspring of 

Thomas Mayo. 


and has a 

HE prefent chapter is devoted to the hiftory of another branch of 
the Mayo family, and begins with the name of Thomas Mayo, 
fifth fon of Charles Mayo and Anne {nee Prichard), who was 
baptifed in the parifh of S. Peter in Hereford 29th October, 
1723. He was admitted a freeman 1 8th June, 1747, and 
continued to refide in that city, where he filled the office of 
Mayor in 1767. He was buried at S. Peter's 8th December, 1779. His will is 
dated 7th February, 1775, and was proved in the Confiftory Court of the Diocefe 
4th January, 1780, by which he leaves a portion of his property to his wife, £300 
to truftees for the ufe of his fon John at the Univerfity, and ,£1000 to be given to 
his daughter Mercy-Beata. 

Thomas Mayo married 1 8th February, 1755, by licence (S. Owen's Regifter), 
Deborah, daughter of James and Eliza Watkins, and the marriage is regiftered in 
the Royal College of Arms. She was buried at S. Peter's 16th October, 1805, and 
her will proved 28th February, 1 806, in the Confiftory Court. 

They had iflue a daughter, Mercy-Beata, 1 baptifed 26th Auguft, 1757, at 
S. Peter's, who died unmarried, 29th April, 1 831, and was buried in S. John's 
Wood Cemetery, and a fon, John Mayo, baptifed 19th December, 1761, in the fame 

1 See Chapter TV., p. 51. The name Mercy-Beata appears to have been adopted from Mercy- 
Beata, the wife of James Brome of Withington, gent, (executor to Charles Mayo in 1741), daughter 
of Timothy Geers and Mercy his wife, daughter of Henry Winford of Aftley, Worcefterfhire (fecond 
fon of Sir John Winford, Knt.), and Mercy his wife, filler of Sir Thomas Cookes, Bart., founder of 
Worcefter College, Oxford, and daughter of Sir William Cookes of Norgrove, Bart., by his fecond 
wife, Mercy, daughter of Edward Dineley of Charlton, Worcefterfhire. 

Thomas Mayo and Willia?n Mayo, M.A. 101 

John Mayo matriculated at Oxford, ift June, 1778, aged fixteen, as " generofi and a fon, 
filius," having entered at Brafenofe College, and he graduated B.A. 14th January, 1782. m.a., ay °' 
He was elected Fellow of Oriel College, 16th April, 1784, and proceeded M.A. ° r'c' p 
2nd June, 1785, B.M. 31ft January, 1787, D.M. 15th July, 1788, as a member Feiiow of 
of that Society. He was admitted a Candidate of the Royal College of Phyficians, college, 
30th September, 1788, and a Fellow, 30th September, 1789, and he was Cenfor in 
1790, 1795, 1797, 1804, and 1808, Harveian Orator in 1795, and Elect on 10th 
April, 1807, which laft office he refigned, 6th October, 18 13. He was Phyfician Phyfician 
to the Foundling Hofpital from July, 1787, to 1809, and to the Middlefex Hofpital Foundling 
from 6th November, 1788, to the date of his refignation, nth January, 1803, and Hof P' u '' 
he was alfo Phyfician in Ordinary to the Princefs of Wales. He is defcribed in 1789 
as of Lamb's Conduit Street, and in 1 8 1 2 of Albany, in London. 

Erafmus Wilfon, in his " Hiftory of the Middlefex Hofpital," 1845, page 197, 
gives an account of Dr. Mayo's appointment at that inftitution. 

" In the month of September, 1788, it was refolved by the weekly board that 
by reafon of the avocations of Dr. Smyth and Dr. Milman it is expedient to elect an 
additional phyfician to the hofpital. Some preparations for this vacancy had been 
made on the preceding board-day, when Dr. John Mayo became a governor of the 
Hofpital, and at the prefent board the Rev. Dr. Herbert Mayo paid his ' firft 
annual fubfcription.' The candidates for office were Dr. John Mayo and Dr. John 
Hamon. The latter gendeman, at the quarterly Court held November 6th, 1788, 
withdrew his pretenfions, and Dr. Mayo was unanimoufly elected." Later on in and phy- 
the fame work, at page 200, we read that, "at the weekly board, December, 1802, Middlefex' 
it was ' moved by Mr. Treafurer Collick and feconded by Mr. Howard, furgeon, Hof f" tal - 
which motion was carried unanimoufly, that Dr. Mayo, who has been phyfician to 
this hofpital with equal advantage to the charity and honour to himfelf for fourteen 
years be folicited to attend the cancer ward as phyfician extraordinary.' " Dr. Mayo's 
reply was as follows : — 

4 January, 1803. Letters 

SlR, written by 

' Dr. John 

The refolution of the laft board, containing a requeft that I would attend the Mayo. 
cancer ward as phyfician extraordinary, needs only the confirmation of a general court 
to have my moft hearty acquiefcence. I fee in the adminiftration of that part of its 
eftablifliment the moft important interefts of the inftitution involved ; and as far as in 
me lies I fliall be happy to join my endeavours to thofe of my colleagues to enfure its 
fuccefs. If, in the fituation I have now for fome years held as one of the phyficians of 
the hofpital, I have acquired the approbation of the board, I cannot forget how much 
of that I owe to the kind affiftance of thofe colleagues. I have the honour to be your 
faithful fervant, 

John Mayo. 

102 Thomas Mayo and William Mayo, M.A. 

At the next weekly board the following letter was received from Dr. John 
Mayo : — 

Berners St. 

January 1 1, 1803. 


It was my intention, juft before I was afflicted with the illnefs from which I 
am happily now recovered, to refign the fituation I have for many years filled of one 
of the phyficians to the Middlefex hofpital ; and I hefitated only left my refignation, 
confidered as the confequence of my illnefs, might appear to the public as a 
relinquifhment of all my profeffional purfuits ; at the fame time I had the fatisfaction 
of knowing that my fhare of duty in the hofpital was very ably executed by my 
colleagues. The flattering offer which has been made me by the board of the new 
appointment of phyfician extraordinary to the cancer ward makes me reluctant to 
quit the hofpital altogether, and as the duties of the fituation are not incompatible 
with my other profeffional engagements, I have done myfelfthe honour to accept the 
appointment, provided it meets with the concurrence of the next quarterly Court. 
In the meantime I muft refign the office I now hold ; and truft it will be to the 
general interefts of the charity at large that my attention fhould be folely directed to 
the cancer eftabliftiment. 

I have the honour to be, etc., 

John Mayo. 

Dr. Mayo held this new appointment until 1817. " For many years before his 
death," to quote Dr. Munk's Roll of the Royal College of Phyficians, 1861, vol. ii., 
page 343, " it was Dr. Mayo's cuftom to divide his time between London and 
Tunbridge Wells, refiding at the latter during the fummer months. There he enjoyed 
the implicit confidence of all ranks, and took the undifputed lead in the medical 
bufinefs and emoluments of that town and neighbourhood." 

Dr. Mayo fixed his permanent abode in Tunbridge Wells in 18 17, and dying 
foon after was buried at Speldhurft, 8th December, 18 18, and his will was proved in 
the Prerogative Court (Crefwell 573). He was the author of a fmall pamphlet 
entitled, " The information and complaint made to the Court at the Hofpital 
for the Maintenance and Education of expofed and deferted children. London. 
1790." 8vo. 

He marries He twice married, on the firft occafion, 5th February, 1789, Jane, daughter of 

of Thomas Thomas Cock of Tottenham. 1 

Cock, gent. ; 

1 The will of Thomas Cock of Tottenham, gentleman, dated 30th November, 1790, was proved 
in the Prerogative Court lit December, 1791 (Bevor 562). He mentions the marriage-fettlement of 
his prefent wife, Ann Green, dated 20th Auguft, 1760, and his three children by her, viz., John, 
Thomas, and Ann Cock : Jane, the only furviving child of his firft wife, and then married to Dr. 

Thomas Mayo and William Mayo, M.A. 103 

Lyfons, in his "Environs of London," 179 5, vol. ii.,page 2 57, under "Edmonton," 
ftates that the Manor of Deephams was aliened by Thomas Highlord Ravenfcroft, 
Efq. to Thomas Cock, Efq. of Tottenham, whofe widow, Mrs. Anne Cock, was 
proprietor at the date of his work. A note in the " Gentleman's Magazine" at the 
end of the year 1791 records that "Lately, at his houfe at Tottenham, a martyr to 
the gout, died Thomas Cock, Efq., a Hamburgh merchant." 

Dr. John Mayo married fecondly, on 12th September, 18 12, Frances-Lavinia, and 2. 
daughter of William Fellowes of Ramfey Abbey and Narjton, Suffolk, M.P. for Sud- Lavinia, 
bury and Andover, who died 4th February, 1 804,— by Lavinia his wife, daughter and wi °| iam 
coheir of James Smyth of S. Audries, Somerfet. She died without ifilie in 1837. ffp Wes ' 

A pedigree of the family of Fellowes may be feen in Hutchins' Hiftory of Dorfet, 
third edition, vol. ii., p. 565, under " Stinsford," and in Burke's Hiftory of the 
Landed Gentry, fixth edition, 1879, P a g e 55 1 - 

Arms of Fellowes, Azure, a fefs dancette ermine between three lions' heads Or 
murally crowned Argent. 

Dr. John Mayo had iflue by his firft wife three fons, Thomas, John, and and has 
Herbert. Thomas Mayo the eldeft fon was baptifed ift March, 1790, at S. T1 J^ 
Andrew's, Holborn, as fon of " John Mayo M.D. and Jane his wife, of Lamb's Ma y°. 
Conduit Street." His education was begun under the Rev. John Smith of Eltham, d.m.' 
with whom he remained three years, and he was then for eighteen months at Weft- f.r'.s ' 
minfter School. In a note to Dr. Munk, dated 28 th May, 1861, Dr. Mayo writes, 
" I was a fellow of Oriel, to the attainment of which honour I had pledged myfelf to 
my father, provided he would permit me to efcape the" foundation "of Weftminfter 
and its peculiar training, which combined with a very fair proportion of Latin and 
Greek occasional aeroftation in a blanket." 

" He was therefore," Dr. Munk adds, " transferred to the private tuition of the 
Rev. George Richards, Vicar of Bampton, and formerly fellow of Oriel College, 
a diftinguifhed fcholar, and ftill remembered by his prize poem, c The Aboriginal 
Britons.' Under Mr. Richards' guidance he made rapid progrefs and in due courfe who pro- 
was entered at Oriel College, Oxford, and gained a fellowship of that Houfe. oxford, 
He pafled a moft brilliant examination, and took a firft clafs in Literis humani- andpaffes 
oribus." (Roll of Royal College of Phyficians, 2nd edition, vol. iii., p. 200.) He examina- 
had matriculated at Oxford, 10th June, 1807, aged 17, gained his firft clafs in tlon ' 
Eafter Term, 18 11, and graduated B.A. 24th October the fame year. An 

John Mayo : his brother John Cock, gentleman, of Chefterfield co. Derby : his fitter Sarah Blacker : 
his niece Jane, daughter of his brother William Cock. In a codicil without date he mentions the 
intended marriage of his daughter Ann with Mr. Cooper. Robinfon, in his " Hiitory of Tottenham," 
1 840, vol. i., page 136, mentions that in 1789 corn and oil mills, a houfe, and 5 1 acres of land attached, 
were fold to the late Mr. John Cock for ^3000, who in 1836 fold the freehold of this property to the 
New River Company for a very confiderable fum of money. 


Thomas Mayo and William Mayo, M.A. 

from Dr. 

Fellow of 


He fettles 
In London, 

interesting extract may here be given from a letter written by Dr. Coplefton 
(Provoft of Oriel, 1 8 14, and Bifhop of Llandaff) to Mr. Richards. 

Oriel College, 15th May, 1811. 

"My dear Richards, 

It will give you I know unfeigned pleafure to hear that Mayo has acquitted 
himfelf nobly at his examination. It was by far the beft appearance I have ever 
witnefled. He had Ariftotle's Ethics Rhetoric and Poetics, all the Tragedians, 
all Homer, Demofthenes, Thucydides and Pindar, Tacitus, Livy, Virgil and 
Juvenal. His Greek Teftament and anfwers in religion were all excellent as well as 
his logic. 

1 often wifhed you had been prefent to witnefs the firm clear and manly 
expreflion he gave to the meaning of his authors, and his wonderfully accurate 
account of the argumentative treatifes of Ariftotle. He has gained already no fmall 
reputation by the difplay he made in the fchools, and there can be no doubt this will 
receive a durable ftamp when the lift of honours appears. He fully juftified the 
opinion I had conceived very early and which I communicated to you of the manly 
tone and vigour of his intellect. He has befides great firmnefs of nerve and a ready 
command of language which all turned to a good account on this occafion." 

Dr. Coplefton wrote at the fame time to Mayo's father, as follows, " Although 
I have had fome experience in the matter myfelf, I muft fay without hefitation that it 
was the beft clafllcal examination I ever heard." 

The Rev. John Davifon (author of " Difcourfes on Prophecy") in a letter to Mr. 
Richard sfpeaks in fimilar terms, and adds that Mayo received " what was a very 
unufual thing from that folemn bench the immediate applaufe of fome of the 
examining tutors." 

Thomas Mayo was elected Fellow of Oriel 23rd April, 18 13, and proceeded 
M.A. ift June, 1814, B.M. 4th February, 1815, and D. M. 17th June, 1818. He 
entered upon his profeflion at Tunbridge Wells, but at the date of his marriage in 
1817 he is defcribed as " of Queen Anne Street," London. On the death of his 
father in the following year he fucceeded to his large and remunerative practice in 
the former town. In 1835 he fettled in London, and refided at $6, Wimpole 
Street, and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society on the fourth of June in the 
fame year. On 25th March, 1841, he was elected Phyfician to the Marylebone 
Infirmary. He was alfo Phyfician in Ordinary to H.R.H. the Duke of Suflex. 

Again to quote the narrative of Dr. Munk. " He had been admitted an 
Inceptor-Candidate of the College of Phyficians 25th June, 18 16, a Candidate 30th 
September, 18 18, and a Fellow, 30th September, 18 19. He was Cenfor in 1835, 
1839, and 1850. He delivered the Lumleian Lectures in 1839 and 1842, the 
Harveian Oration in 1841, and the Croonian Lectures in 1853. He was Con- 

'Thomas Mayo and William Mayo, M.A. 105 

filiarius in 1838, in 1842 to 1844, ' n ^48 to 1850, in 1852 to 1854, and laftly in 

1856, and was named an Elect 26th June, 1847. Finally, on the 5th of January, 

1857, he was elected Prefident in fucceflion to Dr. Paris, deceafed, and was annually and is 
re-elected until 1862, when he was fucceeded by Sir Thomas Watfon, Bart. prefident 

" Dr. Mayo prefided over the College at a moll critical period of its hiftory, when cJuege of' 

it was undergoing thofe changes in its conftitution that were rendered necefiary by Phyficians, 

the Medical Act of 21 and 22 Victoria. In the lengthened deliberations which 

preceded the fundamental alterations finally agreed on, Dr. Mayo, as prefident, took 

an active part, and the fellows of the College acknowledged their fenfe of his 

fervices by retaining him for another year in his office as prefident, on the change in 

the mode of election, when the eight elects and the exclufive election of prefident 

from and by that order were abolilhed and the election to the prefidency was veiled 

in the fellows at large. On his retiring from that pofition in 1862, it was propofed whkhoffice 
& & r r r he holds tm 



by Dr. Hawkins, feconded by Sir Charles Locock, Bart., and agreed to unanimoufly 
in a very large afiembly of the fellows, ' That the fincere and cordial thanks of the 
College be returned to Dr. Mayo, the late Prefident, for the indefatigable zeal and 
entire devotion, the never-failing courtefy and dignity, with which he has prefided 
over the College during upwards of five years, and efpecially for his great and 
difinterefted fervices in promoting and carrying into effect during his period of office 
important changes in the flate and conftitution of the College.' " 

From this time Dr. Mayo withdrew from practice, and refided firft at Yarmouth 
in the Ifle of Wight, and then at Corfham, Wilts, where he died 13th January, 
1 87 1, and where he was interred. His portrait, painted by J. Lonfdale, is in the 
pofleffion of his fon Charles-Thomas Mayo, and a crayon drawing of his likenefs 
was prefented in 1880 to the College of Phyficians by G. Richmond, R.A. The 
latter, with the permiffion of the College and the artift, has been engraved for 
infertion in this work. 

106 Thomas Mayo and Willia?n Mayo, M.A. 

Extraft The "Journal of Pfychological Medicine," vol. x., p. 412, fpeaks thus of Dr. 

"journal Mayo in 1856. " The election of this eminent phyfician to the high and honourable 

loi k% ch °' on ^ ce °f Prefident of the Royal College of Phyficians, confequent on the death of 

Medicine." £) r . Paris, is entitled to more than a patting notice. We have on more than one 

occafion confidered it to be our duty to oppofe in this journal fome of the medico- 

pfychological and judicial opinions propounded by Dr. Mayo ; we neverthelefs are 

glad to avail ourfelves of this opportunity of fully and freely acknowledging this 

phyfician 's varied attainments, great talents, and undoubted private worth. As an 

accompli filed and vigorous writer, acute and logical thinker, he occupies a high and 

enviable pofition among his contemporaries. Dr. Mayo's fcholaftic and literary 

attainments are of the higheft order. We feel afiured that he will gracefully wear 

the laurels that have fallen upon him, and that all the anxious and refponfible duties 

of his elevated pofition will be difcharged with honour to himfelf and with fatisfaclion 

to the profeflion of which he forms fo bright an ornament." 

The recoi- The following recollections of this phyfician have been communicated by Dr. 

Dr.'Robert Robert Druitt. "When I was attending the Middlefex Hofpital in 1835 I found 

Drmtt. Y) r Thongs Mayo, whom I had feen in conftant attendance on his brother's lectures 

on the nervous fyftem at King's College, equally diligent in going round with Dr., 

now Sir Thomas Watfon, and the other phyficians, in their clinical vifits to the wards. 

His character at that time was pithily exprefled by a ftudent, who faid that he 

looked like a man who read Aretasus. In fact he infpired refpect by the depth and 

folidity of his attainments. He was affected with a fort of nervous twitching of the 

eyes, which deprived him of the appearance of eafe and fluency as a fpeaker, yet he 

fpoke readily and well, though with fome apparent effort, and was always liftened to 

with attention. He delivered a remarkable addrefs at one of the Friday evening 

Addrefsat meetings at the Royal Inftitution in Albemarle Street, nth May, i860, 'On the 

relations of the Public to the Science and Practice of Medicine,' the Duke of 

Wellington being in the chair. But the boldeft and belt, fpeech I ever heard him 

make was at a meeting of the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society in Berners 

Street, I think about the year 1845. The difcufiion was about mefmerifm and its 

alleged power of producing anasfthefia or catalepfy, in fo much that the patient 

might fuffer a furgical operation without knowing it. At that time mefmerifm was 

very unpopular; it was mixed up with a lot of incredible and difcreditable theories 

and practices ; neverthelefs it is an eftablifhed fact that fuch phenomena can be 

produced, and Dr. Mayo's calm, deep, philofophical recognition of this was in 

ftriking contrail to the wild denunciations of thofe who only regarded the roguery of 

the mefmerift, without considering the validity of the nervous phenomena which were 


Dr. Mayo's Thefe works have proceeded from Dr. Mayo's pen. 

" Remarks on Infanity, founded on the practice of J. Mayo, M.D., and tending 




Thomas Mayo and William Mayo, M.A. 


to illuflxate the phyfical fymptoms and treatment of that difeafe." Highley. London. 
1 8 17. 8vo. 

" An Eflay on the Influence of Temperament in modifying Dyfpepfia or 
Indigeftion." Fellowes. London. 1 83 1. 8vo., pp. ix. and 144. 

" An Eflay on the Relation of the Theory of Morals to Infanity." London. 
1834. 8vo. 

" Elements of the Pathology of the Human Mind." Murray. London. 1838. 
8vo., pp. xi. and 182. 


thomas mayo, m.a., d.m., f.r.s., F.R.c.P., 1790-1871. {From a drawing by G. Richmond, R.A.) 

" Clinical Facts and Reflections. Alfo remarks on the Impunity of Murder in 
fome cafes of prefumed Infanity." Longman. London. 1847. 8vo. 

" Outlines of Medical Proof." Longman. London. 1848. 8vo. 

"Sequel to Outlines of Medical Proof." London. 1849. 8vo. 

" Outlines of Medical Proof, revifed and corrected, with Remarks on its applica- 
tion to certain forms of Irregular Medicine." London. 1850. i6mo. 

" Medical Teftimony and Evidence in Cafes of Lunacy, being the Croonian Lectures 
for 1853, with an Eflay on the Conditions of Mental Soundnefs." London. 1854. 8vo. 

108 Thomas Mayo and William Mayo, M.A. 

" Supplement to the Croonian Lectures." London. 1856. i2mo. 
" Medical Examinations and Phyfician's Requirements confidered." London. 
1857. 8vo. 

The title of Dr. Mayo's Lumleian Lectures in 1 842 was " On Nervous 
Apoplexy and Palfy and Hyfteria." (London Medical Gazette for 1843.) 
He marries Dr. Mayo twice married, on the firft occasion, 28th November, 

d.' o/john mS) ^iJlfW I ^ I 7> at Alton, StafFordfhire, Lydia, youngeft daughter of John 
f^ e ° f mi] pp4^[-~M|f Bill, M.D., of Farley Hall in that county. She died 26th January, 
YV%*4^?^/ 1 859, at Wimpole Street, aged 64, and was buried in Kenfal Green 
yfN&&P<r J Cemetery. An account of her family will be found in the concluding 
\^Ci^/ chapter, 
and 2. x-V^ ^ e man "i e d fecondly, 6th November, 1 861, at All Saints, Knightf- 

iMary.Lady bridge, Sufan-Mary, widow of Rear-Admiral Sir William Symonds, 

Symonds. an j youngeft daughter of John Briggs, clerk in Holy Orders, Fellow 

of Eton College. She died 27th May, 1869, and was buried at Yarmouth, Ifle of 
Wight, f.p. 
He has He had ifTue by his firft wife feven children. 

children. I. Auguftus- Frederick, born in Tunbridge Wells, who matriculated at Oxford 

14th June, 1838, from Oriel College, and graduated B.A. 17th December, 1842, 
having obtained a third clafs in " Literis Humanioribus." He was called to the 
Bar, (Inner Temple,) in 1846, and died 20th April, 1869, aged 50 years, and was 
buried in the Brompton Cemetery. An article written by him, " On the compen- 
fatory relations between the faculties of Order and Memory," may be read in the 
"Journal of Pfychological Medicine," vol. x., page 715. 

II. Jane, born 31ft December, 1821, at Tunbridge Wells, and died there in 

III. John, born about the year 1825, and died about 1839. 

IV. William-Reginald, born 18th April, 1830, at Tunbridge Wells. 

V. Robert, born 29th February, 1832, at Tunbridge Wells, and matriculated at 
Oxford 1 2th June, 1851, aged 19, from Chrift Church. He obtained a fecond clafs 
in Claffical Moderations, and third claries in the Claffical and Law and Modern 
Hiftory Schools, and graduated B.A. 7th February, 1856, and fubfequently entered 
Holy Orders. 

VI. Charles-Thomas, born 3rd January, 1 834, at Tunbridge Wells, and educated 
for the law ; — now a refident at Corfham, Wilts. He married 7th September, 
1865, at Cameley, Somerfet, Mary-Hayward, eldeft daughter of Jofeph Perrin of 
Templecloud, and has iflue 

i. Thomas, born 8th April, and died 9th April, 1866. 

ii. Charles- Jofeph, his twin brother. 

iii. Edmund-Godfrey, born 26th April, 1867. 

Thomas Mayo and William Mayo, M.A. 109 

iv. Herbert- Edward, born 20th November, 1868. 

v. Edith-Mary, born 10th April, 1870. 

vi. John-Pym, born 31ft January, 1872. 

vii. Florence-Mary, born 10th October, 1873, and died 21ft February, 1875. 

All thefe were born at Corfham. 

VII. Lydia, born 23rd March, 1836, in London. 

The fecond fon of Dr. John Mayo and Jane his wife was named after his father John Mayo, 
John Mayo. He entered at Caius College, Cambridge, and graduated there B.M. in (l ,' con 'd f on 
18 16. He afterwards was admitted to Holy Orders, and lived at Sutton-at-Hone, ^J ^" 
near Dartford, Kent. He died 14th July, and was buried at S. Mary's, Cheltenham, d.m., 
23rd July, 1827, "aged 38 years." ord£, H ° ly 

He twice married ; firft, in 1 8 13, Marianne-Frances Mantel], filter of Very Rev. and marries 
Edward-Reginald Mantel], M.A., of Horton Priory, Kent, Prebendary of Lincoln, ^J^" 
Dean of Stamford, and Rector of Gretford cum Wilfthorpe, Lincolnfhire. She FT"" 5 , 
died 2 1 ft May, 18 14, and was buried at Ware, Herts, having had one child John, 
who died in infancy, and was buried at Grantchefter, Cambridgefhire, 9th May, 
1 8 14. The arms of Mantell are Argent, a chevron engrailed between four martlets 
fable. 1 

He married, fecondly, 16th July, 18 19, Mary-Hunter, fecond daughter of John- and 2. 
Alexander Ogilvie 2 of Tanhurft Park, near Dorking, and had iffue an only child, H ^ teT 
Captain John- Pole Mayo, born 12th Auguft, 1822, at Tanhurft Park, baptifed at °g' lvit , 
Sutton-at-Hone, and fubfequently an officer in the Royal Irifti and 74th Highlanders. a fon, capt. 
He married, 4th October, 1856, at S. Marylebone Church, London, Sarah, only m^ oe 
daughter of Richard Crifpin of Sydney, New South Wales. 

Herbert Mayo, a noted phyfiologift and anatomift of the prefent century, was Herbert 

the third fon of Dr. John Mayo and Jane his wife. He entered the Middlefex d.m? 


1 The following particulars relating to this family are taken from Baker's " Northamptonshire," 
vol. i., page 183, and Halfted's "Kent," vol. iii., page 319. John Mauntell of Hey ford in the former 
county, fallying forth in company with his brother-in-law, Lord Dacre, and others, on a nofturnal 
frolic, to chafe the deer in Sir Nicholas Pelham's park in Suflex, encountered three men, one of whom 
was mortally wounded in the affray. Mauntell and his affociates were convifted of murder, executed 
28th June, 1 541, and their eftates efcheated to the Crown. His fon, Walter Mauntell, who had pur- 
chafed the fite of Horton Priory of Sir Richard Tate, engaged in the infurredlion headed by Sir Thomas 
Wyatt, and being taken prifoner was fent to the Tower, executed at Maidftone 27th February, 1553-4, 
and attainted. His fon Matthew was reftored in blood, and the eftate of Horton again granted to him 
and his heirs male, 13 Elizabeth. The Dean of Stamford is the lad male reprefentative of this family. 

2 This lady had two brothers, Charles, R.N., killed in action off Flufhing, and William-Henry- 
Middleton, of the 46th, and 4th King's Own, who died in India, and one fitter, who was married to 
her coufin Alexander Ogilvie, Lieut.-Colonel 46r.I1 regiment, of which he died in command in India. 
Arms, quarterly, 1 and 4. Argent a lion paflant guardant gules imperially crowned proper, Ogilvie. 
2 and 3. Argent a crofs engrailed fable, Sinclair. 


I 10 

Thomas Mayo aitd William Mayo, M.A. 

third Ton of 
John Mayo, 

Surgeon at 
the Middle- 
fex Hof- 

and Pro- 
fefTor of 
at King's 

Notes by 
Dr. R. 


are remark- 
able for an 
account of 
the minute 
anatomy of 
the brain, 

Hofpital as furgical pupil 17th May, 18 14, when Mr. John Joberns was furgeon of 
that inftitution, and, as he himfelf tells us in his book on the Nervous Syftem pub- 
lished in 1 842, was a pupil of Sir Charles Bell during the years 18 12, 18 13, 18 14, 
and 1 8 1 5. He alfo ftudied at Leyden, and was M.D. of that Univerfity. He was 
appointed Houfe Surgeon at the Middlefex Hofpital 18th Auguft, 1818, and a year 
after, on the 6th of Auguft, 18 19, became a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, 
of which fociety he appears as one of the Fellows in the firft lift, 1843. He next 
became Lecturer on Anatomy in the celebrated Medical School in Great Windmill 
Street, an eftablifhment which was conducted by a joint body of lecturers connected 
with the Middlefex and other London Hofpitals ; and on the ift of January, 1827, 
publifhed his firft edition of " Outlines of Human Phyfiology," being heads of phy- 
fiological lectures delivered in that fchool. He was appointed Surgeon of the Mid- 
dlefex Hofpital 23rd Auguft, 1827, which poft he refigned on account of long 
continued illnefs, 15th November, 1842. He was ProfefTor of Anatomy and 
Surgery to the Royal College of Surgeons, 1828 and 1829, and was elected a Fellow 
of the Royal Society 17th April, 1828. On the eftablifhment of King's College he 
received the appointment of ProfefTor of Anatomy, which he held from 1830 to 
1836, and was ProfefTor of Phyfiology and Pathological Anatomy at that inftitution 
in the laft named year. In 1832 he was elected a Fellow of the Geological Society. 
The Medical School in connection with the Middlefex Hofpital was commenced ift 
October, 1835, and Herbert Mayo held the pofition of Lecturer on Surgery from 
the clofe of the feflion of 1836-7 till his refignation in 1842-3. 

The following valuable particulars relating to Herbert Mayo's career and his 
contributions to fcience have been furnifhed by Dr. Robert Druitt. 

" In Auguft, 1822, appeared the firft part of the Anatomical and Phyfiological 
Commentaries, the fecond and only other part in July, 1823. Thefe Commentaries 
are a collection of efTays defcribing various points of anatomy and phyfiology made 
out by H. Mayo's own refearches, but there are two points which give them an 
enduring place in the annals of medical literature. In the firft place they contain 
an elaborate, fomewhat abridged, tranflation of ProfefTor Reil's papers on the minute 
anatomy of the brain, tranflated from the original German ■ Archiven fur die Phyfio- 
logie ' of Reil and Autenrieth, 1807 and 1808, quite unknown in England before 
Mayo's tranflation, and illuftrated by 14 Plates, drawn and printed by W. Sheldrick. 
Thefe papers of Reil's in their Englifh drefs form the mine to which every one had 
recourfe who defired a found knowledge, fo far as it goes, of the moft difficult and 
intricate part of human anatomy. The brain, as is well known, confifts of two por- 
tions, one a grey cineritious fubftance, compofed of minute cells or veficles and 
fuppofed to be the feat of the real operations of the nervous fyftem ; the other part 
is a white or medullary fubftance, compofed of minute tubes or hollow fibrillar form- 
ing an infinity of connections between the different parts of the brain and fpinal cord. 

Thomas Mayo and William Mayo, M.A. 1 1 1 

Of fimilar ftruclure, but firmer, are the nerves which are attached at one end to the 
brain or fpinal cord, and at the other to every part of the body. The courfe of the 
medullary fibres of the brain may be fhown in a rough manner by fcraping or tearing 
— (the mafs is of about the confiftency of blancmange) — a method which was, as 
Mayo called it, facile and popular, and was much employed by phrenologifts. Red's 
method was much more fevere and thorough. He immerfed the brain in alcohol till 
it had become fhrunken and hard, and thus was enabled to give, not a parting 
glimpfe merely, but a pofitive demonftration of the courfe of the fibres, or at leaft of 
fuch of them as are capable of being traced. For the next 10 or 15 years phreno- 
logy, or craniology as it better deferves to be called, was very popular with people 
who would now be faid to be of ' advanced thought.' Mayo ridiculed and hated it, 
for he was difTatisfied with their anatomical method, and affirmed that there was no 
connection between the fo-called organs into which the furface of the head was mapped 
out, and the real fubdivifions of the brain within. 

" The fecond point of intereft about the Commentaries is that No. I., Auguft, 
1822, contains Mayo's aflertion of his difcovery of the real funclion of the nerves of and for his 

r • i-i 1 • --r^i - in- claim to the 

the face, and his account of the experiments which proved it. This was the itarting difcovery 
point of an exceedingly bitter and' prolonged controverfy with Sir Charles Bell, who ^4™ of 
alfo claimed the difcovery. In order to make this clear we mull: obferve that there ^^"fa" 
are certain points about the nerves which continued unfolved puzzles till the year 
1822, when they were cleared up by the fimultaneous but independent refearches of 
Magendie, Sir C. Bell, and Herbert Mayo. It is well known that an ordinary nerve, 
fuch as thofe of the limbs, contains bound up in one fheath and inextricably united 
together the nerves of fenfation which convey impreflions from the furface to the 
centre, and the motor nerves which fet the mufcles in aclion by a force travelling 
from the centre to the circumference. It was long known that each nerve-trunk 
that ftarts from the fpinal cord arifes by two fets of roots, the anterior and the pos- 
terior ; the pofterior has on it a fmall ganglion or knot of nervous matter ; the two 
roots foon unite to form inextricably one trunk, which ferves for fenfation and 
motion. It was not known till Magendie eftablifhed it by experiment in 1822 that 
the pofterior roots of the fpinal nerves are the real nerves of fenfation, and the ante- 
rior the nerves, of motion, which are diftinct at their origin but foon become blended 
as we have faid. The nerves of the face offered a ftill greater puzzle ; there are 
three on each fide, one emerging from the flcull above the eyebrow, (fupraorbital or 
frontal,) another below the eye on the cheek, (infraorbital,) and the third on the 
lower jaw, (inferior maxillary,) while there is another and very remarkable nerve 
which palTes through the internal ear and radiates forward over the whole of the 
forehead, face, and nofe; this is known as the ' portio dura' of the feventh nerve. 
The three nerves firft mentioned conftitute the three divifions of the fifth pair or 
trigeminus nerve ; a nerve which, like the fpinal nerves, arifes by two roots ; one of 

1 12 

Thomas Mayo and William Mayo, M.A. 

thefe has a ganglion and is a fenfitive nerve fupplying, as it is now well known, the 
fenfation of the head and face ; the fifth nerve has another fmall portion which cor- 
refponds with the anterior root of the fpinal nerve and is diftributed folely to the 
mufcles of maftication. Now the firft clear and emphatic announcement of the 
function of thefe nerves of the face was made by Herbert Mayo, in No. I. of his 
Commentaries, dated Auguft, 1822, page 112. 'I infer,' he fays, 'from the pre- 
ceding experiments, that in the afs the portio dura is a fimple nerve of voluntary 
motion ; and that the frontal, infraorbital, and inferior maxillary are nerves of fenfa- 
tion only.' 

" Sir Charles Bell up to this time held that the three divifions of the fifth or trige- 
minus nerve, namely frontal, infraorbital, and inferior maxillary are ' mufcular 
nerves, ordering the voluntary movements of the frame ; that they are all exquifitely 
fenfible and the fource of the common fenfibility of the body.' On the other hand 
that the portio dura with others are ' refpiratory nerves,' that is to fay, * they con- 
ned: the internal organs of refpiration with the fenfibilities of remote parts, and with 
the refpiratory mufcles, and are diftinguifhed from thofe of which we have been 
fpeaking by many circumftances.' With reference to Sir C. Bell's memoirs pub- 
lifhed in the Philofophical Tranfaclions for 1821 and 1822, 'his main point,' fays 
Dr. Whewell, ' is that certain nerves are nerves of fenfation and volition, and that 
certain others are refpiratory nerves. This refpiratory fyftem of nerves, faid Bell, 
is fuperadded to that of mere feeling and agency.' 

" Neverthelefs we foon find, namely in June, 1823 (fee Phil. Trans. 1821, 1822, 
and 1 823), Bell abandoning his recently expreffed views, and claiming for himfelf the 
There- difcovery which Mayo in Auguft, 1822, afTerted as his own. Great are the bitter- 
troverfy "" nefs and eagernefs with which rival phyfiologifts contend for the honour of priority 
in refearch or experiment and the tranfmiffion of their names in the annals of fcience. 
Bell was a man Angularly genial and popular, he had been working hard at the 
nerves for years, propounding various theories which time has obliterated. No doubt 
he came very near the truth in his experiments on the afs, and it may have been 
deeply mortifying to find the laft glimmer of uncertainty cleared away by a younger 
man who repeated Bell's experiments and deduced conclufions from them which he 
had been unable to fee. 1 Mayo was a man of clearer and acuter intellect than Bell, 
but Bell's claims were backed by a large circle of friends, amongft whom were the 
Edinburgh Reviewers. Dr. Whewell in his Hiftory of the Inductive Sciences, 
vol. hi., page 425, had coupled Mayo's name with Bell's as author of difcoveries in 

1 Mayo, as has already been mentioned, was a pupil of Sir Charles Bell for four years ending in 
1815. Up to this point, he fays, he was familiar with Bell's refearches. "After this he was not in 
any way of knowing, and did not know anything whatever of the nature of Sir Charles Bell's relcarches 
except through his publifhed writings." (" The Nervous Syltem and its Functions," 1842, page 37.) 

Thomas Mayo and William Mayo, M.A. 1 1 3 

the nervous fyftem ; for this he was attacked by the Edinburgh Review, which 
repudiated Mayo's claim, and accufed Whewell of unfairnefs towards Bell. This 
attack led Whewell to ftudy the whole fubject ' ab initio,' and he fummed up his 
judgment on the whole cafe in a remarkable letter to the Editor of the London 
Medical Gazette, dated Dec. i ith, 1 837. In this he reaffirms the view that we have 
given above of Mayo's clear enunciation in Auguft, 1822, of the purely fenfitive 
action of the three nerves of the face and of the purely motor character of the portio 
dura. At the fame time he beftows a warm and deferved eulogy on Sir Charles Bell's 
refearches and fhows that he very narrowly miffed the entire truth. ' No injuftice,' 
fays Dr. Whewell, ' was committed by joining Mr. Mayo's name to that of Sir C. 
Bell as I did. I mould defcribe the difcovery as having been made by Sir Charles fummed 
Bell, Mr. Mayo, and Mr. Magendie ; the two latter phyfiologifts having corrected whcLeii! 
and completed the refearches of the former.' 

" The writer of thefe pages has carefully read through Sir Charles Bell's memoir 
on the Nerves of the Face, publifhed in the Philofophical Tranfactions for 182 1, and 
compared it with Mayo's Anatomical Commentaries, 1822, and his judgment is that 
Mayo was the firft in enunciating the pofitive doctrine that the portio dura is the 
nerve of voluntary motion for the face, and the fifth nerve, the nerve of common 
fenfation to the fame. It is true there are certain paffages in Sir Charles Bell's 
treatife in 1821 which make it difficult to conceive how he could have miffed the 
truth, whilft there are other paffages which fhow pofitively that he did mifs it. 
Meanwhile, Mayo's ftatement and claim in 1822 were clear, precife, and unmif- 

" When the Medical School was eftablifhed at King's College, London, Herbert 
Mayo was appointed its firft Profeffor of Anatomy and Phyfiology. While he held 
this office he feemed to have obtained a folid pofition which brought all the higher 
honours and emoluments of the profeffion within his grafp. His maftery of the Herbert 
anatomy of the nervous fyftem, as evinced by his admirable plates and his Com- J^J^ of 
mentaries, was undifputed fave by the phrenologifts. His clear and comprehenfive anatom y» 
' Phyfiology ' was in every ftudent's hand ; his c Pathology ' fhowed that his 
infight into difeafed ftructure was as profound as his knowledge of the healthy. He 
was an admirable furgeon and held a pofition at Middlefex Hofpital which enabled 
him to fhow his fkill to the world. He was an admirable operator, and if he was fm-gicai 
confidered to have a fault it was that he was rather too fond of exhibiting his opera- 
tive fkill when milder meafures would have fufficed. For example he amputated the 
thigh of a girl at the hip joint for neuralgia. As a teacher he was admirable, bring- and excei- 
ing forward the leading facts or doctrines without fuperfluous detail, and illuftrating £%££* 
them with impromptu drawings on the black-board in which he fhowed great power 
as a draughtfman. He was an accomplifhed fcholar, profoundly verfed in the 
beft Englifh literature and hiftory, of a peculiarly quaint and pithy ftyle of converfa- 


I \± 

Thomas Mayo and William Mayo, M.A. 

tory lefture 
at King's 

tion, and he had a great power of attaching the ftudents to him, which is one of 
the higheft praifes that can be accorded to any profeffor. 

" The writer of this memorandum began his medical ftudies at King's College in 
October, 1834, in which year Mayo gave the introductory lecture to the Seffion, 
a brilliant difcourfe in which the orator unfolded to his delighted hearers the myfteries 
of the then little known facts which fhow that all living things are linked together in 

professor Herbert mayo, f.r.s., f.r.c.s. (From a mezzotinto engraving?) 

a kind of unity and continuity, and that the higheft animals m their embryonic 
period pafs through ftages and transformations refembling thofe ftructures which are 
permanent in the lower animals. During that portion of his lecture which related 
to the nervous fyftem the front bench of the theatre contained many veteran 
practitioners, amongft whom his brother, Dr. Thomas Mayo, fince Prefident of the 

Thomas Mayo and William Mayo, M.A. 115 

Royal College of Phyficians, was a conftant attendant. If eve*r a man feemed to 
have his foot firmly planted on the ladder, that man was Herbert Mayo, and it is 
fad to have to relate how his pofition was loft, his health fhattered, his practice 
failed, till he retired to the banks of the Rhine, and died in exile. 

" Firft amongft his misfortunes was a certain inftability of mind ; he could not Rivalry 
make up his mind to take his fide and ftick to it. King's College, London, as is Kings and 
well known, was founded by Church people in order to counterbalance the fuppofed colleges.'' 
influence of the lately eftablifhed London Univerfity, whofe principles did not include 
religious teaching. King's College on the contrary took for its motto, ' Sancte et 
fapienter,' and aimed at training its alumni in the paths of faith and difcipline. But 
like many other new and very large inftitutions King's College was not at firft fuc- 
cefsful, fo far as its medical fchool was concerned. The College fyftem was denounced, 
and its Profeflbrs held up to fpecial ridicule by the Lancet, a journal which at that 
time was fuppofed to take a radical view of medical affairs, and which employed all 
its battery of fcurrility againft the Profeflbrs of the College. The character of the 
oppofition may be gathered from the fact that nicknames formed one of the mod 
important weapons againft the profeflbrs, and that Mayo was perfiftently called the 
' Middlefex Owl.' Meanwhile the medical fchool at the Univerfity of London, 
under its free-thinking fyftem as it was then thought, was more popular and lucrative, 
and we muft record with a blufti the fact that Mayo, tempted by the profpect of a 
rife in the profeflion, had the incredible want of wifdom and good tafte to apply for 
a vacant profeflbrfhip at Univerfity College. This falfe ftep naturally exafperated his Herbert 
colleagues at King's College, who unanimoufly called on him to refign. I need hardly dresfrom 
fay that the Univerfity College people only laughed at him. After this he fucceeded cdfcge 
in founding a fmall medical fchool at the Middlefex Hofpital, which from fmall 
beginnings has become a highly refpectable fchool of great practical reputation. Soon 
after this he became affected by gradually increafing rheumatic gout, which reduced Hii hedth 
him to a ftate of the utmoft helpleflhefs, and he left his large houfe at 19 George St., 
Hanover Square, for a lodging in St. James Place. 

" It is painful to have to relate as part of the cafe that Mayo threw himfelf into 
the hands of the mefmerifts. His Philofophy of Living is a little gem of a book, 
witty, quaint, and fhowing great knowledge of what may be called the philofophy of 
common life and all that minifters to its enjoyment. His fubfequent works feem 
written with painful effort." 1 

The memoir of Herbert Mayo in the " Imperial Dictionary of Univerfal Bio- 

1 A note may be made of his conflict with Wakley the Coroner, when, conceiving that Wakley 
had infulted him, he fent him a challenge. This was almoft the laft cafe of duelling propofed or 
praftifed within the prefent era. 



Thomas Mayo and William Mayo, M.A. 

and he 
retires to 

and dies 
at Bad- 



graphy " tells us that "About the time when public attention was firft directed to 
hydropathy Mayo was debarred from profefTional exertion by fevere chronic rheu- 
matifm. Having tried without benefit the ufual methods of treatment, he went to 
Germany, and placed himfelf under the care of a hydropathic practitioner. From 
him he ftates he obtained relief, although during the reft of his life he continued 
crippled by anchylofis of the joints. He fubfequently became part proprietor and 
phyfician in a hydropathic eftablifhment at Boppart, and afterwards at Bad-Weilbach 
near Mayence." It is added in a notice in the " Medical Times," vol. xxvi., page 
226, that " Although he practifed hydropathy he only ufed it as one means of cure, 
and not as the fole remedy for the difeafe." Sir Charles Scudamore, in his work 
entitled, " A Medical Vifit to Grafenfberg in 1 843, for the purpofe of investigating 
the merits of the Water-cure Treatment," fays, " I was happy in the opportunity of 
meeting with my friend Mr. Mayo, whom I had attended occafionally in London, 
when fufFering moft feverely from chronic rheumatifm. I was extremely gratified 
to find him in a fatisfaclory ftate of improvement." 

Herbert Mayo died at Bad-Weilbach, 15th Auguft, 1852, from mortification of 
the arm confequent upon paralyfis. His portrait has been painted by J. Lonfdale, 
from which a mezzotinto engraving has been made by David Lucas, and a copy may 
be feen in the Hope Collection, in the Camera Bodleiana, Oxford. 

A lift of his publifhed works is here given. 

" Anatomical and Phyfiological Commentaries." Highley. London. 1822-3. 
8vo Sixty-two numbers, two parts. N.B. Each number has a diftinct title-page 
and pagination. 

" A Courfe of Directions for the ufe of Students." Burgefs. London. 1825. i2mo. 

" Outlines of Human Phyfiology." Burgefs and Hill. London. 1827. 8vo. 
pp. xviii. and 406. 

Second Edition. Burgefs and Hill. London. 

Third Edition. London. 1 833. 8vo. 

Fourth Edition. Renfhaw. London. 1837. 8vo. pp. xxiv. and 534. 

" A Series of Engravings intended to illuftrate the Structure of the Brain and 
Spinal Cord in Man." Burgefs. London. 1827. Fo. (With explanatory letterprefs.) 

" Obfervations on Injuries and Difeafes of the Rectum." Burgefs. London. 
1833. 8vo. 

" An Introductory Lecture." London. 1834. 8vo. 

" Outlines of Human Pathology." Renfhaw. London. 1836. 8vo. 

" Management of the Organs of Digeftion in Health and in Difeafe." J. W. 
Parker. London. 1837. i2mo. pp. xi. and 198. 

Second Edition. J. W. Parker. London. 1840. pp. xii. and 207. 

" Powers of the Roots of the Nerves in Health and in Difeafe ; likewife in 
Magnetic Sleep." London. 1837. 1 2mo. 

1829. 8vo. pp. xvii. and 551. 

e marries 

Thomas Mayo and William Mayo, M.A. 117 

"The Philofophy of Living." J. W. Parker. London. 1837. 8vo. pp. xv. 
and 318. 

Second Edition. J.W.Parker. London. 1851. pp.282. 

" A Treatife on Siphilis." Renfhaw. London. 1 840. 8vo. 

"The Nervous Syftem and its Functions." J.W.Parker. London. 1842. 
i2mo. pp. vii. and 182. 

" The Cold- Water Cure, its Ufe and Mifufe Examined." Renfhaw. London. 
1845. i6mo. pp. 85. 

" Letters on the Truths contained in Popular Superftitions." Frankfort on 
Maine. 1848. 8vo. 

" On the Truths contained in Popular Superftitions, with an account of Mef- 
merifm." Second Edition. Blackwood. Edinburgh and London, 1851. 8vo. 
pp. vi. and 217. 

Third Edition, 1851. 8vo. 

The " London Medical Gazette" contains many contributions from his pen. 

Herbert Mayo married Jeflica-Matilda, daughter of Samuel-James Arnold of h 
London, and fifter of Thomas-James Arnold, of 1 Greville Place, S. John's Wood, j^'aluda 
Barrifter at Law, Police Magiftrate for Weftminfter. She fubfequently was married, ArnoId . 
lft January, 1853, at S. Marylebone Church, to James- John Lonfdale, Barrifter at 
Law, and Recorder of Folkeftone, — and died July, 1866, leaving iffue by her firft and has 
huhband, three children, chUdren 

John-George, born in London, and called to the Bar (Lincoln's Inn), 1851. 

Jeflica-Mary, born in London, and 

Caroline-Matilda, born 13th April, 1830, in London, married at Iffley, Oxford- 
mire, 3rd July, 1856, to George- Robert Wyatt, L.R.C.P. Edinburgh, and M.R.C.S. 
London. She died at Palazzo Calabritto, Naples, 1 3th June, 1 87 1, and was buried in 
the Proteftant burying ground. Her children were eleven in number, of whom four 

1. Helen- Anne-Matilda, born 12th June, 1857, at Frewen Hall, Oxford. 

2, 3, 4. Jeflica, George, and Alfred, born at Iffley, and died in infancy. 

5, 6, 7. Conftance- Maria-Charlotte, born 24th Auguft, 1862, George- Herbert- 
Mayo, born 3rd October, 1863, and a daughter born and died in 1865, in Adelaide 
Road, London. 

8. Margaret- Jeflica, born 10th March, 1866, and died at Naples 7th June, 1871. 

9. Catherine-Ifabella, born 2 1 ft March, 1867, and died at Naples 8th June, 1 87 1 . 

10. Zoe-Anne-Euphemia, born at Palazzo Calabritto, Naples, 4th October, 1 869, 
and, 1 1, an infant who died at its birth, June, 1871. 

The fixth fon of Charles Mayo and Anne {nee Prichard) was William Mayo, wiiiiam 
baptifed 31ft May, 1726, at S. Peter's, Hereford. He matriculated at Oxford 24th JJ.X" 

1 1.8 

Thomas Mayo and William Mayo, M.A. 

born at 
Fellow of 
B. N. C. 

and Reiftor 
of Wootton 

June, 1742, aged 16, as " generofi filius," from Brafenofe College, and two days 
after was admitted Somerfet Scholar, and was fubfequently Fellow on that Founda- 
tion. He proceeded B.A. nth Odlober, 1746, and M.A. 19th June, 1749; was 
ordained Deacon 20th May, 1749, and Prieft 10th June, 1750, by Thomas Bifhopof 
Oxford in Chrift Church Cathedral; and was prefented by the College to the Rectory 
of Wootton Rivers, Wilts, and inftituted 1 ith May, 1768, and constantly refided on 
his living from the year 1770. He died 15th May, 1800, without iiTue, and was 
buried in the church of his pari (h on the 19th of the fame month. By 
his will, dated 14th April, 1797, and proved 27th May, 1800, in the 
Prerogative Court (Adderley 388), he left all his real and perfonal 
eftate to Dorothy, his wife and executrix. He married Dorothy, 
daughter of Simon Whorwood Adeane of Chalgrove, Oxfordshire. 
Mrs. Mayo in her will, dated 3rd January, 1803, and proved 
20th November, 1807, in the Prerogative Court (Lufhington 908), 
mentions her brothers Whorwood and John Adeane, and direfls a 
monument to be placed over their grave at Chalgrove, and another 
over her hufband's grave in Wootton Rivers Church. She leaves £200 to the 
Rev. Jofeph Mayo, Curate of Seend, and appoints as her executors the Rev. 
Jofeph Phillimore and his fon William Phillimore the Councillor. She was buried 
at Chalgrove, 1 ft May, 1807. An account of the family of Adeane of Chalgrove, 
fubfequently of Babraham, will be found in the concluding chapter. 


Joseph Mayo, son of Charles Mayo of S. Peter's in Hereford, and his 

descendants in england, the united states, and 

South Australia. 

-^ggSOSEPH MAYO was the thirteenth child and eighth fon of 
Charles Mayo and Anne {nee Prichard). He was baptifed in the 
parifh of S. Peter in Hereford ioth Auguft, 1728, and refided 
in Craven Street in the parifh of S. Martin in the Fields, Weft- 
minfter, and afterwards at Old Windfor, Berks. He is reported 
to have been a man of engaging manners, and his fociety was 
greatly prized by the circle of his friends. At the time of his death he was living at 
Ramfgate, and he was buried at S. Lawrence, in Thanet, Kent, 27th October, 1789. 
His will, dated 13th October, 1789, and proved 1 ith January, 179OJ is in the Pre- 
rogative Court (Bifhop 31). 

The will of Jofeph Mayo of Ramfgate in the County of Kent, Efquire. To 
my fon the Revd. Mr. Cooke's bonds and all intereft due thereon, and alfo what may 
be obtained from the eftate of Thomas Wynter Efq. in confequence of my claims 
delivered in to him in his life-time. To my wife all houfehold goods, plate, etc. The 
reft of my property I give to my nephew Charles Mayo of New Inn, in truft to 
inveft the fame as foon as may be in the public funds, and to pay the intereft and 
dividends thereof to my faid wife for her life, and after her deceafe to affign pay or 
transfer the fame to my faid fon or his executors, etc. Mary Mayo my wife, and 
Charles Mayo my nephew, executors. 

On 7th January, 1790, Herbert Mayo, D.D., Rector of S. George's, Middlefex, 
appeared and teftified to the hand-writing of the deceafed Jofeph Mayo. 

Jofeph Mayo married 14th April, 1763, at S. Martin's in the Fields, Mary, relict 
of John Davies of S. Dunftan's in the Weft, London, and daughter of John Hutchin- 
fon, Clerk in Holy Orders, of Aldgate, London, and Mary his wife. The marriage 
is regiftered in the R. College of Arms. John Hutchinfon had matriculated at Ox- 
ford 5th July, 17 15, aged 17, from Trinity College, as fon of John Hutchinfon, 
gent., of Bifhopfgate, London, and graduated B.A. 17th April, 1719. In Sey- 

born at 

dies at 

He marries 
Mary, d. 
fon, clerk, 

120 y°f e ph Mayo. 

mour's Survey of London and Weftminfter, 1734, Book ii., page 313, it is (rated in 
regard to Trinity Chrift Church, then called S. James, Duke's Place, that " The 
Minifter is the Rev. Mr. Beecher, and the Lecturer the Rev. Mr. Hutchinfon." 
The church is in Aldgate Ward. 

Mary Hutchinfon was married to her firft hufband at the age of fixteen, by 

whom fhe had one fon who died in youth. At her fecond marriage fhe was ftyled 

of S. Mary, Lambeth. She died 1804-6, and was buried in London. 

and has an Jofeph Mayo and Mary (nee Hutchinfon) had iflue one only child Jofeph 

jofeph ' Mayo, born 15th June and baptifed 28th June, 1764, at S. Martin's in the 

j^ a ^ ' Fields. He was fent at the early age of five years to Marlborough Grammar 

School in Wiltfhire, and fpent his Sundays with his Uncle, the Rector of the neigh- 

who enters bouring parifh of Wootton Rivers. Two years afterwards he was transferred to 

lege, Eton College, where his entrance was fignalized by a battle with another new boy, 

Frederick Eden (afterwards Sir F. M. Eden, Bart., who died 14th November, 1809), 

with whom he contracted a lafting friendfhip. On leaving Eton he matriculated at 

Oxford 16th January, 1783, aged 18, as " armigeri filius," from Univerfity College, 

graduates and occupied rooms over the gateway looking into the High Street. He graduated 

B.A. 21ft November, 1786, and M.A. 10th July, 1789. On leaving Oxford, and 

and is after a Continental tour, during which he vifited Paris and BrufTels, he was ordained 

to Holy Deacon 3rd June, 1787, in the church of Mungewell, Oxfordfhire, by Shute Barring- 

r ers ' ton, Bifhop of Sarum, and licenfed to the Curacy of Huifh, Wilts, where his fecond 

coufin Charles Mayo was then Rector; and on 19th October, 1788, was admitted 

to the Priefthood, in the chapel of the Palace, Salifbury, and licenfed to the Curacy of 

Seend, Wilts, at which place he refided for about eighteen years. He was alfo 

Curate of the neighbouring parifh of Poulfhot during a great portion of this period. 

In 1806 he removed to North Nibley in Gloucefterfhire, and lived at Nibley Houfe, 

where he kept a large and fuccefsful fchool of fome forty pupils. 1 

On 1 ith June, 18 19, he was licenfed to the Curacy of Ozleworth, and on 20th 
January, 1821, was inftituted to the Rectory of the fame place on the prefentation of 
Re'aorof Lewis Clutterbuck of Newark Park. In 1821 he was chaplain to William Miller 
of Ozleworth, High Sheriff of Gloucefterfhire in that year. Jofeph Mayo was fhort 
in feature, and of an extremely active frame, and in his early days was a fkilful fencer 
and fkater. He had a remarkable fenfe of parental authority which he fucceeded in 
impreffing upon his children and pupils, who looked up to him with the greateft 
reverence. He enjoyed uninterrupted health during a life prolonged beyond the 
common average. He refided at Ozleworth in the Rectory houfe, which he had en- 

1 Among thefe may be mentioned William-Piercy Auftin, D.D., Bifhop of Guiana, Matthew- 
Blagden Hale, D.D., Bifhop of Brifbane, and the late Jofeph-Trigge Schomberg, QjC., Recorder of 



Jofeph Mayo. 


larged, until his death, 30th December, 1851, and was buried in the churchyard to 
the eaft of the chancel. His will was proved in London in 1852 (No. 577). A 
painted window over the altar, reprefenting the four Evangelifts, was erected to his 
memory in the church of Folke, Dorfet, in December, 1875. He publimed "A 
Sermon preached at the Triennial Vifitation of the Hon. and Right Rev. Lord 
Bifhop of Gloucefter, heldat Dudley on the xxift of June mdcccxxii. By the Rev. 
Jofeph Mayo A.M. Rector of Ozleworth. Printed at the joint requeft of his Lord- 
fhip and the Clergy then prefent. London. Printed by R. Gilbert, St. John's 
Square, Clerkenwell, 1822." 8vo. pp. 19. 


His religious views were thofe of a High Churchman of the old fchool, and in 
this refpect he much refembled his uncle Dr. Herbert Mayo, in whofe church he had 
preached his firft fermon. A letter to his fon William, dated 23rd February, 1843, 
of which an extract is given below, written foon after the publication of the celebrated 
charge of Bifhop Blomfield, will ferve to indicate his ecclefiaftical pofition. 

"Ozleworth, 23rd February, 1843. 
" Confidering a late charge of the Bifhop of London, which muft certainly have 
attracted the notice of the clergy, I have much wondered that you have not taken 
notice of it in your letters, particularly as you now live at the head quarters of one 
divifion of the church. In my little way I have taken the hint of having the Sacra- 
ment once a month, and following the directions of the Rubric as far as the fmall 
number in my parifh require it, and even old as I am, was I in a place fo as to have 
a congregation, I would follow all his directions, as I am fure it would be of efTential 
fervice. If you have not heard of the charge, I would recommend you to buy 



"Jofeph Mayo. 

it. An old friend of mine, whom I have never feen, and who has been my inftructor, 
is mentioned in it, ' Herbert's Country Parfon.' " 

Jofeph Mayo married 2nd March, 1789, at Seend, by licence, 
Mary- Jane, only daughter of George Gibbes, D.D., Rector of Wood- 
borough, Wilts, and fifter of Sir George-Smith Gibbes, Knt., M.D., 
F.R.S., of 14, Queen's Square, Bath. His uncle William Mayo, 
Rector of Wootton Rivers, was the officiating Prieft. She was born 
26th March, 1766, and died 17th February, 1 8 1 6, and was buried 
at Woodborough. 

gibbes. A ftone on her grave in the churchyard bears this infcription : 

" Here lieth the body of Mary Jane wife of the Rev. Jofeph Mayo, and only 
daughter of the Rev. George Gibbes D.D. many years Rector of this Parifh. She 

and has 
iflue twelve 

M.A., his 
eldeft ion, 

Scholar of 
B. N. C, 

JOSEPH MAYO, M.A., I764.-185I. 

died the 17th of Feb. 18 16, aged 49. Her hufband, her children, her friends 
lament their lofs." 

Jofeph Mayo and Mary-Jane {nee Gibbes) had iflue twelve children. 

I. Mary-Jane, born 20th December, and baptifed the next day, 1789, at Seend, 
and buried 25th December, 1789, at Woodborough. 

II. Georgiana, born 23rd November,and baptifed 28th December, 1790, at Seend, 
and buried 12th March, 1845, at Ozleworth. She was never married. 

III. Jofeph Mayo, the eldeft fon, was born 30th March, and baptifed 20th April, 
1793, at Seend, Wilts. Four generations were prefent at his baptifm, viz., the infant, 
the father, the grandfather Dr. Gibbes, and the great-grandfather Charles Gibbes 
who adminiftered that Sacrament. He matriculated at Brafenofe College, Oxford, 
16th January, 181 1, aged 17, and was elected fcholar the 14th of November fol- 
lowing, and graduated B.A. 3rd May, 1815, and M.A. ift July, 1819. Here- 

Jofeph Mayo. 123 

ceived Holy Orders in the Diocefe of Gloucefter, and was Curate of Leighterton- enters Holy 
cum-Boxwell in that County, and afterwards of Poulfhot, Wilts, and for fome years 
refided at Devizes, where he held the Chaplaincy of the Prifon from 1823 to 1839. 
He publifhed " A Sermon preached at the Chapel of the new Prifon, Devizes, on the 
fecond Sunday after the execution of George Maflen, who was tried at the Summer 
Aflizes and found guilty of (hooting at, with intent to murder, Mr. Rumbold of 
Lyneham, on Tuefday evening, the 6th of February, 1838, on his return from 
Calne Market." 

While living at Devizes he inherited by will the eftate of Mifs Maynard, a de- 
fendant of John and Jane Maynard mentioned in the fourth chapter, and built the 
" Brow Cottage," on a portion of the property, in which he afterwards refided. 

In 1839 he left England with his family, and arrived in the United States 2nd and fettles 
June, 1839, and lived in Liverpool, Ohio, of which place he was " Reclor" for 
feven years. He then removed to the neighbourhood of Jubilee, Peoria, Illinois, 
and died at Radnor in the County of Peoria, 3rd September, 1859. His will was 


proved in London 14th December, 1859 (No. 739). He enjoyed the friendship 
of Dr. Chafe, Bifhop of Illinois, and his fons carried that Prelate to his grave. 

He married 3rd May, 18 19, at S. Crofs, Holywell, Oxford, Mary, daughter of with his 
William Browne, M.A., of Magdalen College, Clerk in Holy Orders, 1 and filler ^ f Mary ' 

■ William 

1 He was fon of William Browne of IfHey, and was chorifter of Magdalen College 1772-1780, c ]™k ne ' 
Chaplain 1 786-1 831, and alfo Chaplain of New College, and of the Oxford County Gaol, Clerk of M.A., 
the Market and Le&urer at Carfax. His children were Charles, chorifter of Magdalen College 1796- 
1804; William, chorifter 1805-1811, M.A. 1816, Fellow of Worcefter College 1819, Mailer of a 
fchool at Cheam (fee page 73) and Vicar of Letheringfett, Norfolk; Edward, chorifter 1811-1814, 
and afterwards a furgeon at Oxford ; Henry, M.A., above mentioned, who died 13th Oftober, 1872 ; 
George-Auguftus, chorifter of Chriftchurch 18 16-1824, M.A., All Souls' College and Chaplain of 
Magdalen College, 1831, and of the City and County Gaols, and died 8th Oftober, 1853 5 an ^ three 
daughters, Elizabeth, Mary, and Charlotte. Arms: Sable, three lions rampant in bend between double 
cottifes argent. A monument within iron rails in the churchyard, near the S.E. corner of the Church 
of S. Crofs, Holywell, Oxford, has this infcription : " Here reft the remains of Elizabeth wife of the 
Revd. William Browne, who died July 10. 1830, aged LXV years. Alfo of the Revd. William Browne 
who died Novr. 9. 1834, a g e d LXXIII years. The Lord gave and the Lord taketh away, Bleffed be 
the name of the Lord. Alfo of Edward their fon, who died 24 June 1837, aged XXXII years." 


"Jofeph Mayo. 

by whom he 
has twelve 
I. Mary- 
Jane Mayo; 

2. Elizabeth 
Mayo ; 

3. Jofeph 
Mayo ; 


4. Charles 
Mayo ; 

and heirefs of Henry Browne, M.A., of Lincoln College, Vicar of Letheringfett, Nor- 
folk, who died 13th Oclober, 1872. She was born 7th June, 1797, and died 19th 
June, 1869, at Normal, Illinois, aged 72 years. 

Jofeph Mayo and Mary {nee Browne) had twelve children. 

1. Mary -Jane, born 9th October, baptifed 5th November, 1820, 
at Poulfhot, Wilts, and married 22nd September, 1840, at Medina, 
Illinois, U.S.A., to William-Edward Woodward, fince of Rock Ifland, 
Illinois, fon of Henry Woodward of Drumbarrow, Meath, Ireland, 
by Sarah-Catherine his wife, daughter of Robert Wade, of Clono- 
braney, High Sheriff of Meath. An account of the Woodward 
family will be found in the next chapter. 

2. Elizabeth, born 12th April, and baptifed 12th May, 1822, at 
Poulfhot, Wilts. She died in September, 1839, and was buried at Liverpool, 
Ohio, U.S.A. 

3. Jofeph, born 2nd July, and baptifed 23rd September, 1823, 
at S. John Baptift's, Devizes, and now refiding at Albury, Peoria, 
Illinois. He married 15th November, 1868, at Jubilee College 
Chapel, Sarah-Samuel, third daughter of Samuel Chafe, D.D., 
Clerk in Holy Orders, Prefident of Jubilee College, of whofe 
family an account will be given in the next chapter. 
Their children are — 
chase. i. Jofeph, born 15th January, 1870. ii. March-Chafe, born 

25th July, 1 871, and iii. Mary-Sarah- RufTel, born 15th Auguft, 1876. 

4. Charles, born 20th January, and baptifed 14th July, 1825, at 
S. John's, Devizes, and now of Sunnyfide, Peoria, Illinois. He 
married 3rd September, 1853, at Jubilee College Chapel, Frances- 
Charlotte- Alicia-Henrietta, daughter of Charles Taylor Wade, Clerk 
in Holy Orders, of Kickapoo, Illinois — from Clonobraney, Meath, 
Ireland — (and Ifabella-Rebecca his wife, daughter of Henry Hamil- 
ton, of Ballamacoll, Meath) — brother of William-Blaney Wade, of 
Clonobraney, J.P. and D.L. for Meath. A fketch of the hiftory of 
the family of Wade may be feen in the next chapter. 

F. C. A. H. Mayo was born 29th May, 1829, and died 17th November, 1868, 
leaving iflue — 

i. Jofephine-Charlotte, born 22nd November, 1854. 

ii. Charles-Hamilton, born 21ft November, 1856. 

iii. Mary- Virginia, born 20th December, 1858. 

iv. William-Francis, born nth March, 1861. 

v. Fanny- Wade, born 26th December, 1865. 

vi. Henry-Jofeph, born 25th June, 1 868, died the 14th of July in the fame year. 

jfofeph Mayo. 125 

5. Charlotte, born ift May, and baptifed 29th May, 1826, at S. John's, Devizes, 5.chariotte 
She died at Clifton 29th April, and was buried 2nd May, 1837, at S. Michael's, Mayo ' 
Briftol, England. 

6. William-Maynard, born 8th March, 1828, and baptifed 21ft December, 6.waiUm- 
1829, at S. John's, Devizes. He was U.S.A. Conful at Otranto in 1867, and May"" 
fubfequently refided at Chicago. He died 20th December, 1880, and was buried 

at Jacksonville, Illinois. He married 6th November, 1862, at Jacksonville, Annette, 
daughter of Flemming Stevenfon of that place, but had no iffue. 

7. George-Gibbes, born 25th February, and baptifed 1 ith Auguft, 1830, at S. 7- George- 
John's, Devizes. He married 8th May, 1862, at Robin's Neft, Peoria, Elizabeth, Mayo; 
daughter of General Horace Capron, 14th Illinois Cavalry, Head of the Agricul- 
tural Bureau, Waftiington. She died 9th April, 1880. 

They have iffue — 

i. Mary-Louifa, born 25th April, 1863, at Middleport, Ohio, U.S.A. 

ii. Adeline- Frances, born 15th April, 1865, at Middleport. 

iii. William-Capron, born 26th July, 1871. He died 30th April, 1872. 

8. Henry-Herbert, born 24th February, 1832, and baptifed 25th January, 1834, 8 - Heni 7- 
at S. John's, Devizes. He lived at Hillworth, near Jubilee, and afterwards at Mayo, 
Rock Ifland, U.S.A. On the commencement of the war between the Northern and who ferves 

' in the 

Southern States he entered the Federal army, and his commiffion as Lieutenant of American 
company B., 14th Cavalry Regiment of Illinois Volunteers, is dated 14th June, 1 864, 
with rank from 22nd April of the fame year. He was Captain of the fame company 
1 2th December, 1864, with rank from the 19 th of the preceding October. He 
ferved in many engagements under General Sherman, in one of which, near Marietta 
in Georgia, Auguft, 1864, he received a fevere wound while leading a charge, 
from the effects of which he never completely recovered. He died 16th Auguft, 
1873, at San Jofe, California. The San Jofe Mercury of Auguft, 1873, fays, 
" Major H. H. Mayo, who recently died in our city and was buried under the 
aufpices of the Mafonic fraternity, had juft arrived here from Rock Ifland, Illinois. 
During the war he was a member of the 14th Illinois Cavalry, and participated in 
many fevere engagements, in one of which he received a wound, from which origi- 
nated the difeafe that caufed his death. Mr. Mayo was a gentleman of great worth, 
and was highly efteemed by all his acquaintances. He leaves a large family 
of children, who are now ftaying at Guffey's Hotel in this city. The family 
of the gallant foldier has the fympathy of all who know them in this their fevere 

He married 16th October, 1854, at Jubilee College Chapel, Agnes, daughter of 
Captain Edward Ingraham of Jubilee, coufin of the Right Rev. William Ingraham 
Kip, D.D., LL.D., Bifhop of California. She died 5th January, 1872, and was 
buried at Rock Ifland. 

126 yofeph Mayo. 

They had iflue — 

i. Janet-Content, born ift December, 1856, and married at Sunnyfide, Peoria, 
1 6th Auguft, 1877, to Charles- Alfred Freeman. 

ii. Anna-Chafe, born 9th October, 1858. 

iii. Henry-Browne, born 28th May, 1861. 

iv. Mary- Mercy, born 9th October, 1863. She died 14th December, 1865. 
Thefe four were born at Robin's Neft, Peoria. 

v. Jofeph, born 14th July, 1866, at Rock Ifland. 

vi. Elizabeth-Mercy, born 23rd January, 1870, at Rock Ifland. 

The following ftatement is taken from " Hiftorical Notes of the family of Kip 
of Kipfburg and Kip's Bay, New York. Privately Printed 1871," at pages 35-8. 
It is there narrated that the Ingraham family in the United States are defcended from 
Arthur Ingram of Barrowby by a daughter of Sir John Mallory. He was fecond 
fon of Sir Arthur Ingram, a Cavalier, who married, firft, Eleanor daughter of Sir 
Henry Slingfby of the Red Houfe, and fecondly, Lady Catherine, daughter of 
Thomas Lord Vifcount Fairfax of Gilling ; and his eldeft fon was created a Scotch 
Peer under the title of Vifcount Irvin, 23rd May, 1661. Portraits of Sir Arthur in 
Cavalier coftume, of the firft Vifcount Irvin in full armour, and of the fecond Vif- 
count Irvin in half armour, are in the collection of the Biftiop of California. Dun- 
can Ingraham, Efq., the father of Mrs. Leonard Kip of New York (the mother of 
the Right Rev. William Ingraham Kip, Bifhop of California), was a Loyalift during 
the Revolution, and went to Europe in 1776, where he remained until the Peace of 
1784. He is frequently mentioned by Prefident John Adams, then Minifter to 
France, in his diary kept in Paris in 1779. His portrait, nearly full length, in the 
crimfon velvet court drefs in which he was prefented to Louis XVI. is in the pof- 
feflion of his grandfon the Bifhop of California. He returned in 1784, conformed 
to the Government, and died at his place called " Greenvale Farm," near Plough- 
keepfie, New York State, in 1807. 

9 . Frances- 9- Frances-Ann, born 28th April, and baptifed 29th July, 1834, at S. John's, 

Ann Mayo; D ev i zes . 

10. John- 10. John-Browne, born 29th April, and baptifed 6th September, 1836, at S. 
Browne John's, Devizes. He now refides at 23 1 2, Calumet Avenue, Chicago. He 

married 25th July, 1 863, at S. John's Church, Portfmouth, New Hampfhire, U.S.A., 
Sarah-Mehetabel, daughter of Matthew Sheafe Marfh of Springfield, Illinois, formerly 
of Portfmouth, N. H, but has no children. 

11. char- 1 1- Charlotte-Sufan, born 22nd January, 1838, at Hillworth, Devizes, and bap- 
mT Sufa " tifed 24th July, 1838, at S. James', South Broom, Devizes. She was married 4th 

March, 1862, at Robin's Neft, Peoria, to Henry-Robert Woodward, of Peoria, fon 
and heir of Henry-Thomas Woodward of Drumbarrow, Meath, Ireland, and grand- 

Jofeph Mayo. 127 

fon of Henry Woodward, alfo of Drumbarrow. The names of their children are 
given in the next chapter. 

12. Elizabeth-Mercy, born 4th October, 1839, at Liverpool, Ohio, U.S.A. i». Eifea- 
She was married 19th October, 1871, at S. Paul's Church, Peoria, to Charles-Finny Mayo. 
Bacon of Peoria. 

IV. Charles Mayo, born 8th December, and baptifed 17th December, 1794, at Charles 
Seend, was fecond fon of Jofeph Mayo and Mary-Jane {nee Gibbes). He was edu- m.r.'c.s., 
cated for the medical profeffion at London, Edinburgh, and Paris, and was a ftudent e / j"^™ 
at the Bath Cafualty Hofpital, and at S. Bartholomew's. His name is in the lift of j^ a y°> and 
the members of the R. College of Surgeons, London, in 1820. He was appointed Mary-Jane, 
Surgeon in the H.E.I.C.S., and left England ift October, 1820, crofted the Line 
9th November, touched at the Cape 8th December, and arrived at Madras 13th 
February, 18 21, after a nearly five months voyage in the ftiip, Prince Blucher. In 
April he was pofted to the 2nd Battalion, 24th Regiment N.I., quartered at Walla- 
jahbad, as Afliftant Surgeon, and took charge of the corps on the 12th of May. In 
June the regiment removed to Bellary. In his diary, dated Bellary, 13th February, 
1823, he fays, " I have now been two years in the country, and not had a day's ill— 
nefs that has been caufed by the climate." On June the 30th, 1823, he arrived at 
Jaulnah, having been pofted to the Rifle Corps ftationed at that place. His rom- 
miflion as Aftiftant Surgeon from Sir Thomas Monro, K.C.B., Governor and Com- 
mander in Chief, Fort St. George, is dated 9th January, 1824, with rank from 24th 
September, 1820. 

From the records of the India Office it appears that he died of fever at Jaulnah, dies in 
Madras, 30th June, 1824. He never married. 

V. Mary-Jane, born 17th Auguft, and baptifed 2nd November, 1796, at Seend. 
She died 20th March, and was buried 25th March, 1879, in Lanfdown Cemetery, 
Bath, unmarried. Her grave is numbered 4. F. 1 5. 

VI. Frances, born 4th January, and baptifed 13th February, 1799, at Seend, 
and buried ift June, 1827, at Ozleworth, — unmarried. 

VII. Sufanna, born 26th May, and baptifed 18th Auguft, 1800, at Seend. She 
died in July, 1818, at Nibley, and was buried 6th Auguft following at Wood- 

VIII. William Mayo, born 24th November, 1801, at Seend, where he was bap- William 
tifed 21ft March, 1802. His early years were fpent at home, and he received his M a ^°' ; 
education under his father's care, with a view to entering the H.E.I.C.S., in which ^"?J?\ 
he was promifed a cavalry commiffion. He however matriculated at Oxford 2nd Mayo, 
July, 1 8 24, from Magdalen Hall, and preferring to ftudy for Holy Orders declined Mary-jane, 
the offer of a commiffion which he fubfequently received. He graduated B.A. 8th graduates'' 
May, 1828, and M.A. 25th May, 1831, and was ordained Deacon at Gloucefterby a ' Oxford, 


128 J°f e ph Mayo. 

and enters Bifhop Bethel 15th June, 1 828, and Prieft 28th June the next year, and was licenfed 
orders; to the Curacy of Oldbury-on-the-Hill and Didmarton, in Gloucefterfhire. As his 
next curacy he held the charge of Steeple Langford inWiltfhire, from 1833 to 1841, 
fettles at a living of which his wife's uncle was then Rector, and in the latter year removed to 
Salifbury. Here he became chaplain of the ancient foundation of S. Nicholas in 
the Liberty of the Clofe, founded by Ela, Countefs of Salifbury, in the 13th cen- 
tury, a picturefque range of buildings containing an arcade of tranfition arches 
between the Norman and Early Englifh ftyles, with pointed windows and many 
other interefting features, and with gardens running down to the river Avon. In 
this fpot he refided for nearly twenty-four years. But this did not afford a fufficient 
fphere of work for a man of his energy and confcientious devotion to hard and un- 
obtrufive work. The chaplaincy of the County Prifon foon after became vacant, and 
he was licenfed to this appointment by Bifhop Denifon, 29th July, 1843. The im- 
provement of the prifoners from henceforward became the great object of his care, 
and not content with difcharging the routine of duty which his office required, he 
devoted himfelf with great earneftnefs to the advancement of their education, before 
any idea of making a provifion for anything of the kind had entered the thoughts 
of the vifiting juftices. For this he received the thanks of the magiftrates in Quarter 
Seffions. The court in 1859 made the following order, " That the Court do put on 
record its opinion that the County is under great obligation to the Revd. Mr. Mayo 
for gratuitoufly undertaking and ably difcharging the onerous duties in connection 
with the inftruction of the prifoners confined in the County Gaol." To the prifoners 
on their difcharge it was his cuftom to give a copy of the New Teftament, and on 
many occafions pecuniary afliftance. He often remarked that the happieft days of 
his life were fpent within the precincts of the prifon, and that he never experienced 
the flighteft difrefpect from any of the criminals, though he was daily alone in a 
room with a clafs of them around him. During all thefe years he never had a 
day's illnefs, and his upright figure, as he walked through the Clofe from his houfe 
to Fifherton, a diftance of a mile-and-a-half, twice daily, with the utmofl punctuality 
and regularity at eight o'clock in the morning, and again later in the day, was as 
true an indication of the hour as the found of the Cathedral Clock. In addition to 
thefe duties he gave his fervices gratuitoufly for many years as chaplain to the Salif- 
bury Penitentiary, and when he refigned that poft the committee were compelled to 
provide a falary for his fucceflbr. 
nd finally On 20th April, 1 865, he was prefented to the Rectory of Folke, Dorfet, by the 

Hon. and Rev. Canon Gordon, it being his turn to prefent to this chapter living, 
and was inftituted 6th June, inducted 23rd June, and went into refidence 21ft July. 
On 7th Auguft the fame year he was prefented to the perpetual curacy of North 
Wootton, an adjoining parifh, by G. D. W. Digby, Efq., of Sherborne Caftle, and 
licenfed on 15th December following. But the hard work of previous years foon 

111 Dorfet. 

Jofeph Mayo. 


after began to tell upon his health, and for fome time before his death he was afflicled 
with deafnefs and other ailments. In 1876 he went to refide with his fon at Long 
Burton, but continued to take part in the duties of his parifhes, in which he was 
aflifted by a curate, until within fix months of his deceafe. He parted quietly away 
on the morning of the 29th of March, 188 1, and was buried in the churchyard of 
Folke on the 2nd of April, in the fouth-eaft corner of the churchyard, where a monu- 

WILLIAM MAYO, M.A., l8ol-li 

ment marks his laft refting-place. During his incumbency the church of Folke re- 
ceived a careful and confervative reftoration. 

He was a man of wonderful energy and determination, and worked without a 
thought of fparing himfelf, or of feeking any reward for his labour. Self-denial was 
the charadleriftic principle of his life. His great recreation was found in his garden, 
of which he was a fkilful cultivator, and he was an excellent practical carpenter and 

130 Jofeph Mayo. 

carver. In his earlier years, while living in the country, he produced many examples 
of curious and intricate carving, which have been mown in exhibitions at Salifbury 
and elfewhere. 1 He was 5 ft. 1 1 ins. in height, and upright to the laft, but his hair, 
at firft of a rich brown colour, began to turn grey foon after he had reached his 
thirtieth year. A pedigree of the Mayo family, with efpecial reference to his branch of 
it, may be feen in Hutchins' " Hiftory of Dorfet," 3rd edition, vol. iv., page 186, 
under the account of the parim of Folke. 



He marries He married 29th January, 1835, at Oldbury-on-the-Hill, Gloucefterfhire, Char- 

daughter e 'of |i|||i|li|[|||||||iii]i|||||i||i[|||ii|||i[|)||i l° tte > daughter of Robert Dyer, M.D., of Didmarton, and Mary his 
wife, daughter of Robert Coates, B.A., Rector of Little Sodbury, and 
m.d., fi||^ fitter and heirefs of Robert-Trotman Coates, B.D., Fellow of Corpus 

Chrifti College, Oxford, and Rector of Sopworth and Steeple Lang- 
ford, Wilts. Charlotte Mayo was born 17th January, 1802, and 
baptifed at S. Peter's, Briftol. She died 8th March, and was buried 
14th March, 1876, at Folke. A brafs on the fouth wall of the 
dyer. chancel bears, together with the Mayo and Dyer arms, the in- 

fcription : — 

"Jn mentor? of MlflUant 9£apo, 9£.a M ftector of jFolfce, (fon of 3]oCeplj Slpapo, 
9£.a,, Iftcttor of flDjletoortlj, commemorated tip tlje ao joining (Eatt (Lcliinooto,) Born 

1 Two of thefe may here be mentioned, — one a delicate box of open work, with a lid and two 
fufpenfory chains, all carved, without joining, from a fingle block of lime wood. The chains, which 
have each the fame number of double links, viz., 53, are cut from the fame block as the box, without 
a join in any part of them, or at the point where they fpring from the fides of the box. The other 
confilts of a crofs fufpended by a chain of 23 links from an ornament in the ihape of the figure 8, from 
the upper circle of which iffue two more chains of 40 links each. Thefe chains are interlaced with 
two other chains of 36 links each, and above thefe extend two further chains of 105 links each. All 
thefe links are double, and there are thus in the entire chain 770 fingle links, cut from one block 
without a join. 

jfofeph Mayo. 131 

jIMi 1 . 24, 1801 : 2Dieo 9£arcf) 29, 1881. Charlotte, toffe of net, 921* St^apo, anO 
Daughter of lELobect 2Dper, 9$.2D. Born Jan 5 17, 1802. 2Die& aparcb, 8, 1876* 
afliilliam^erbert, fon of &&iilltam--lR,obert 9£apo (Efqr,, ana ffcanUfon of tbe abobe ; 
Born aprt'l 19, 1871, 3Di£ti 3Decr. 1, 1872, in the Bermubass." 

Their children are — and h as 

1. Mary-Jofephine, born nth Auguft, and baptifed 15th October, 1837, at M° e '. 
Steeple Langford. She was married 7th July, 1868, at Folke, to Charles- Adams J°<ephine, 
Houghton, M.A., of Exeter College, Oxford, Clerk in Holy Orders, born 23rd De- charies- 
cember, 1837, Vicar of Eaft Harnham, 1 868-1 875, Rector of S. Peter's, Marl- Houston, 
borough, 1 875, and non-refidentiary Canon of Sarum (Prebend of Fordington), 1 88 1, M,A -' 
fon of John Houghton, M.A., C. C. C. Cambridge, born 30th March, 1802, Vicar 

of Matching, EfTex, 1837. 

Their children are — 

i. Mary, born 28th April, 1869, and baptifed at S. Thomas, Salifbury. 

ii. John-Mayo, born 27th June, 1870, and baptifed, as were the reft, at Eaft 

iii. Grace, born 31ft Auguft, 1871. 

iv. Frances-King, born 27th December, 1872. 

v. Edward-William, born 19th January, 1875. 

2. William-Robert, born 25th October, 1839, and baptifed 7th January, 1840, wiiiiam- 
at Steeple Langford. He was educated at Marlborough College, where he was ^° be o rt 
admitted 15th Auguft, 1850, entered the War Office in June, 1 858, and fubfequently Affiftant 
the Ordnance Department. He is now Affiftant CommifTary General of Ordnance, fary Gene- 
and his commiffions are dated ift April, 1861, ift October, 1875, anc ^ llt ^ i Septem- 
ber, 1880. He has ferved at Dover, Portfmouth, Bermuda, Chatham, and Devon- 
port. In 1862 he was prefented at the Levee at S. James's. He married 25th 
Auguft, 1868, at S. John's, Portfea, Anne, eldeft daughter of John-George-Francis- 
Henry Knapp, A.K.C., London, Clerk in Holy Orders, Vicar of S. John's, Portfea, 
and fince Rector of S. James', Shaftefbury. She was born 29th September, 1843, 
and baptifed at All Saints, Gordon Square, London. 1 

1 William Knapp, who was buried at Weft wood, Wilts, 2nd February, 1733, had iffue by Martha 
his wife a fon, Richard, baptifed 19th April, 1702, buried nth Oftober, 1752, the father of John 
Knapp, baptifed 25th February, 1725, who died in London 4th May, 1789. The only fon of the 
latter was John Knapp, born in the parifti of S. Paul, Exeter, who had iffue by his firft wife, Deborah 
McCall (born 17th January, 1 773, in Edinburgh), whom he married 14th January, 1793, at S. George's, 
Hanover Square, a fon, John Knapp, of London, who died in 1849, and left by Lydia his wife, 
daughter of Francis Powell of Buckenhill, Herefordfhire, two furviving fons, i. John-George-Francis- 
Henry, A.K.C., Vicar of S. John's, Portfea, 1853, and Reftor of S. James', Shaftefbury, 1880, who 
married at S. Pancras, London, Anne-Conftantia, daughter of William Croton, and died 3rd June, 
1 88 1 ; and 2. Frederick-Henry, Clerk in Holy Orders, of S. Helens, I.W., who died unmarried 15th 
September, 1 866. 


132 y°f e ph Mayo. 

They have iffue — 

i. Annie- Jofephine, bom 23rd June, and baptifed 1 9th Auguft, 1 869, at S. John's, 

ii. William-Herbert, born 19th April, and baptifed 24th May, 1 871, at S. John's, 
Portfea. He died ift December, and was buried 2nd December, 1872, in Pembroke 
Churchyard, in the Bermudas. This infcription is from his monument there, " In 
Memory of William Herbert Mayo, dearly loved fon of William Robert and Annie 
Mayo. Born April 19, 1871, died Dec. 1, 1872." 

iii. Mary-Katharine, born 10th November, and baptifed 12th December, 1872, 
in the Dockyard Chapel, Ireland Ifland, in the Bermudas. 

iv. Charlotte-Elizabeth, born 21ft January, and baptifed 10th March, 1875, in 
S. James' Church, Somerfet Ifland, in the Bermudas. 

v. Charles- Robert, born 2nd January, and baptifed 10th February, 1877, at 
Holy Trinity, Brompton, Kent. 

vi. John-Frederick, born 13th July, and baptifed 19th Auguft, 1879, at S. Paul's, 

vii. George-Dyer, born 1 5th November, 1881, and 

viii. Herbert-Coates, his twin-brother, both baptifed ift January, 1882, at S. 
Aubyn's Church, Devonport. 
and Charles 3. Charles-Herbert, born 28th February, and baptifed 21ft May, 1845, in the 
Mayo, Cathedral Church of Sarum. He was elected Scholar of Lincoln College 9th April, 
vktr'of 1864, and matriculated at Oxford on the 13th of the fame month, aged nineteen 
Long Bur- years. He obtained fecond claries in Claflical Moderations and in the Claflical Final 

ton, writer ' 

of this School, and graduated B.A. 18th June, 1868, and M.A. 9th February, 1871. He 
ory was ordained Deacon 21ft February, 1869, by Horatio, Biftiop of Sodor and Mann, 
acting for the Biftiop of Sarum, and licenfed to the Curacy of Folke and North 
Wootton, and Prieft 12th June, 1870, by Biftiop Moberly. He was inftituted Vicar 
of Long Burton with Holneft, Dorfet, 22nd Auguft, 1872, on the prefentation of 
Mifs Margaret Cofens, inducted 27th Auguft, and came into refidence the 19th of 
Oclober following. He is the writer of this volume. 

IX. Katharine, born 19th July, and baptifed 10th Auguft, 1803, at Seend. 
She died 27th June, 1857, and was buried 3rd July following at Lanfdown Cemetery, 
Bath, — unmarried. Her grave is numbered 4. F. 15. This infcription on a 
Pennant stone marks her refting-place : — 

" In Memory of Katharine Mayo who died June 27th, 1857, aged 53. Mary 
Jane Mayo died March 20th, 1879, a g e< ^ ^ 2 - Daughters of Rev. Jofeph Mayo, 
M.A., Rector of Ozleworth." 

X. Anne, born 4th July and baptifed 16th September, 1805, at Seend. She 
died 9th May, 1829, and was buried at Ozleworth. 

George XI. George Mayo, born 8th January, and baptifed 12th February, 1807, at 


Jofeph Mayo. 133 

Seend. He was educated for the medical profeffion, and ftudied at the Middlefex fourth fon 
Hofpital under Herbert Mayo, and became a Member of the Royal College of 5vJyo7 
Surgeons, London, 2nd January, 1829. For fome years he practifed at Devizes, ^j A ^ ar 
Wilts, and made his firft voyage to South Auftralia in 1837. He again went to Jane, «i 
that colony in 1839, where he then fixed his refidence. He vifited England in 1851, fettles \ n 
and became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons on the nth of December in ^° u u ^ alia 
that year. On 6th Oclober, 1859, he was appointed Captain of the Weft Adelaide 
Volunteer Rifles, with rank from the 29th of the previous September, and 
fubfequently promoted to be Major in Oclober, 1862, and Lieut. Colonel, 20th 
Auguft, 1863. On 2nd Auguft, 1865, he received the prefentation of a filver 
falver and claret jug from the members of the corps, bearing the infcription, 
<c Prefented to Lieut: Col: Mayo by the Volunteers of South Auftralia in recognition 
of his efficient fervices as Commanding Officer of the Adelaide Regiment, June 

He twice married ; firft, on 7th July, 1840, at Holy Trinity Church, Adelaide, andmarries. 
Maria, daughter of George Gandy. She died 15th December, 1847, and was Gandy7 
buried at the Weft Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide, the next day, leaving ifliie — 

1. Mary- Jane, born 17 th April, 1841, and baptifed at S. John's, Adelaide. 
She was married 4th January, 187 1, at Adelaide, to Richardfon Reid, Clerk in Holy 
Orders, and Incumbent of Holy Trinity Church in that city. 

Their children are — 

i. Gertrude-Mayo, born 29th July, 1876 ; 
ii. Norah-Richardfon, born 17th March, 1878 ; 

iii. Charles-Mayo, born 17th January, 1881 ; all baptifed at Holy Trinity, 

2. Kate, born 21ft May, 1843, and baptifed at S. John's, Adelaide. She was 
married 14th April, 1868, at Holy Trinity, Adelaide, to Alexander-Stewart Pater- 
fon, M.D. Edinburgh, and has iflue — 

i. Mary-Stewart, born nth January, 1869, and baptifed at Holy Trinity, 
Adelaide. She died 28th June, 1876, and was buried at North Road Cemetery, 

ii. Chriftian-Ifabelle-Stewart, born 9th Auguft, 1870, and baptifed, as were the 
reft, in Chalmers' Church, North Terrace, Adelaide. 

iii. James-Stewart, born 13th February, 1872. 

iv. Lilian-Stewart, born 19th July, 1873. 

v. Elfie-Stewart, born 12th April, 1876. 

vi. Hilda-Stewart, born 26th Auguft, 1877. 

vii. Efme-Stewart, born 2nd April, 1879. 

3. George-Gibbes, born 22nd February, 1845, and baptifed at S. John's, 
Adelaide. He accompanied McKinlay in the expedition to explore the Northern 

134 y°f e pb Mayo. 

Territory, fent out by the South Auftralian Government, which ftarted from 
" Efcape Cliffs " at Adam Bay, 14th January, and returned to the fame point, 5th 
July, 1866, after confiderable privations, and a voyage down the Eaft Alligator 
River, and along a portion of the northern coaft of Auftralia, in a rude veffel made of 
a framework of poles covered with the (kins of the horfes whofe flefh ferved for the 
fubfiftence of the voyagers. He came to England in 1868 and ftudied at the 
Univerfity of Glafgow, of which he is a Civil Engineer, and returned to Adelaide in 

He married 18th September, 1877, at Holy Trinity, Adelaide, Henrietta-Mary, 
daughter of Robert Donaldfon of Co. Berwick, Scotland, and has iflue — 
i. Helen-Mary, born ift Oclober, 1878 ; and 

ii. George-Elton, born 26th December, 1880 ; both baptifed at Holy Trinity, 

4. Maria- Louifa, born 5th February, 1847, and baptifed at Holy Trinity Church. 
She died 14th November, 1847, and was buried at Weft Terrace Cemetery, 
and 2. George Mayo married fecondly, while in England, 19th February, 1852, at 

r""" 6 Holy Trinity, Upper Chelfea, Ellen-Anne, daughter of H. S. Ruffell, H.E.I.C.S., 
and Cecil-Charlotte his wife, eldeft daughter of Chriftopher- Robert Pemberton (fon 
of Francis Pemberton of Trumpington Houfe, Cambridgeshire) . 

Arms of Ruffell. Quarterly, 1 and 4, Or a fefs vert over all a faltire gules, 2 and 
3, Argent four bars gules a lion rampant crowned with a ducal coronet. 

Mrs. Mayo has published " Lobgefange in Profa, aufdem Englifchen von Mrs. 
G. Mayo, 1 87 1. Gedruckt von Wm. Eggers & Eimer, Adelaide." Second 
Title, "Mrs. Barbauld's Hymns in Profe for Children." Small 4to. pp. 81. 
Englifh and German on oppofite pages, and three chromolithographs. A fecond 
edition was iffued in 1873, with fixteen chromolithographs. She has 
ifTue — 

Ellen-Stuart, born 28th June, 1853, baptifed at S. Peter's, Gle- 

nelg, S.A., and married 5th April, 1877, at Holy Trinity, Adelaide, 

to Arthur-George de-la-Poer-Beresford, fecond fon of William-George 

de-la- Poer-Beresford, Clerk to the Council, Adelaide, whofe anceftry 

is given in the concluding chapter. 

de-la-poer- XII. Benjamin, born 20th June, and baptifed 16th July, 1809, 

beresford. at North Nibley, Gloucefterfhire. He was buried 21ft March, 18 10, 

at Woodborough. 


Appendix. A Brief Account of certain Families which have Inter- 
married with the Family of Mayo. 


►N abftract is here given of the will of William Hayes, gentleman, Hayes of 
proved in the Court of the Bifhop of Sarum, 19th April, 1684. wiltfllire - 
" William Hayes the elder, of the parifti of the Blefled Virgin 
Mary in the Borough of Devizes in the County of Wilts, gent., 
20th January, 1683. To be buried on the north-weft fide of the 
church of S. Mary, a lug from the wall, where my wife fhall 
direct. My nine children, William, Henry, Philip, Michael, Richard, Katherine, 
Joan, Sarah, and Elizabeth. My uncle John Hayes. My wife Katherine, 
executrix. My brother Richard Watton of this Borough, gent., and Mr. Edward 
Hope, executors." Thefe children of William Hayes, gent., were born or baptifed 
at S. John's, Devizes. Joane baptifed 12th March, 1646-7, William born 22nd 
February, 1653-4, Sarah born 16th December, 1655, Henry born 28th Auguft, 
1657, Elizabeth baptifed 7th July, 1659, Phillip baptifed 12th May, 1661, and 
Michael baptifed 23rd January, 1662-3. In the regifter of S. Mary's we meet 
with — 

John Maio and Joan Hayes married 25th April, 1671. John Mayo 

William Hays and Grace Thurman, 12th January, 1679-80. joane" 

Anthony Peirce of Calne and Katherine Hayes, 27th December, 1668. Haycs " 

Mr. William Hayes buried 8th February, 1683-4. 
Mrs. Katherine Hayes buried 29th January, 1685-6. 

In the regifter of S. John's Church are the baptifms of four children of " Mr. 
William Hayes and Grace his wife," viz. Grace 9th November, 1680, Sarah 19th 
March, 168 1-2, Elizabeth 14th April, 1683, and William 27th June, 1685. The 
names of Watton and Hope are of frequent occurrence in this regifter. A fmall 
brafs on the floor of the north aifle of S. John's Church has the infcription, 

136 Appendix. 

" Here lyeth the Body of Edward Watton of this Borough gent. obt. 23 Oct. 
anno 1727, astats 64;" and there is a monument in the fouth aifle to Thomas 
Thurman, gent., who died 1 8th March, 1777, aged 86. 

The perfons mentioned below may poffibly belong to another branch of the 
fame family. Henry Hayes, Vicar of Great Sherfton, Wilts, 1641, died 13th July, 
1 678, and adminiftration of his eftate was granted at Sarum the 19th of the fame month. 
His wife Katherine died 16th May, 1664. Among their children were (i) Sufanna, 
married at Sherfton, 16th June, 1670, to Samuell Allway, clerk, (ii) John, eldeft 
fon, matriculated at Oxford, 17th March, 1653-4, from Queen's College, Rector of 
Caftle Combe, 1662, who married at Sherfton, 30th Auguft, 1665, by licence, 
Urfula Holliday of Woodchefter, co. Glouc, widow. His fon Thomas is mentioned 
in the will of Thomas Gore of Alderton, the antiquary, as the teftator's godfon, 
20th July, 1683, (hi) Nicholas, of Malmefbury, who was buried there 27th 
September, 1700. He married there 4th April, 1665, Ann Wayte, who alfo was 
buried there 15th November, 1724, and had ten children, one of whom was Henry 
Hayes, M.A., Rector of Caftle Combe, Vicar of Littleton Drew, 1706, baptifed at 
Malmefbury, 19th April, 1666, matriculated at Oxford, 10th November, 1682, 
from Magdalen Hall as " generofi filius," and died 17 14. His fon Thomas 
matriculated at Oxford, 9th July, 17 13, aged 17, from Trinity College. 


Dmittof Philip Druitt, furgeon, of Wimborne Minfter, Dorfet, was buried there 13th 

Mi^fteT, 116 February, 1736-7, and his wife Elizabeth 30th May, 1752 — his will being dated 
Dorfet. lQt ^ February, 1736, and proved 10th November, 1737, in the Peculiar of Wim- 
borne Minfter. He had iffue, with other children, Sacheverell Druitt, furgeon, who 
died 28th January, 1795, aged feventy-four, leaving a will dated 22nd January, and 
proved 9th March, 1795, in the Peculiar before-mentioned. By his wife Sarah, 
daughter of Nettleham Tory (baptifed there 9th May, 17 15), whom he married 12th 
May, 1739, Sacheverell Druitt had, in addition to other iffue, Thomas Druitt, of 
Wimborne Minfter, furgeon, who died 8th December, 18 14, aged fixty-three. 
Thomas Druitt married Mary, daughter of Robert Gutch, B. A., Clerk in Holy Orders, 
Head-Mafter of Wimborne Grammar School (who matriculated at Oxford 6th March, 
1 73 1 -2, aged nineteen, from Chrift Church, fon of Robert Gutch, of Wells, Somerfet, 
and died 19th October, 1787), by Anna Goff his wife, whom he married ift March, 
1743-4. Mary Gutch was baptifed 27th December, 1753, married to Thomas 
Druitt 4th February, 1784, and buried 30th December, 1809, and left iffue, with 
Robert others, Robert Druitt, furgeon, born October, 1784, who married 29th June, 1813, 


Appendix. 1 37 

Jane, daughter of James Mayo, B. A., Head Matter of the Grammar School, and died marries 
23rd March, 1822. Their defendants are numerous. 

I. Robert Druitt, M.D., F.R.C.S., M.R.C.P., of London, born 14th December, 
1 8 14. He married 1 8th January, 1 845, at S. Pancras, Ifabella, daughter of William 
Hopkinfon, and has ifTue — 

1. Robert, born 2nd April, 1847. B.A., and junior ftudent of Chrift Church, 
Oxford. He married 24th January, 1882, at S. George's, Campden Hill, Kenfing- 
ton, Alice-May, daughter of Daniel Tupper, of the Lord Chamberlain's Office, S. 
James's Palace. 

2. Charles, born ift November, 1848. M.A. Exeter College, Oxford, Clerk in 
Holy Orders. 

3. Cuthbert, born 15th June, 1850. Lieutenant R.N. Died 13th April, 1876, 
at Honda, Columbia, f. p. He married 15th February, 1876, at S. Gabriel's, 
Clarendon, Jamaica, Elizabeth-Mary, daughter of John C. Foulds of Clarendon 
Park, Jamaica, and of Glafgow. 

4. Ifabella, born 12th May, 1852, and married 4th November, 1880, at S. 
George's, Campden Hill, to Major the Hon. Horace-Miles Hobart-Hampden (late 
103rd Regiment), youngeft fon of the Earl of Buckinghamshire. 

5. Lionel, born 21ft May, 1854. 

6. Emily, born 18th February, 1856. 

7. Katharine- Fitzroy, born 6th July, 1858. 

8. Gertrude- Elizabeth, born 9th December, 1861. 

Dr. Druitt is author of the" Surgeon's Vade Mecum," which has pafTed through 
eleven editions from 1839 to 1878, and of other works. 

II. James Druitt, of Chriftchurch, Hants, born 10th May, 18 16. He twice 
married; firft, 6th March, 1843, at New Alresford, Sarah-Neyle-Chapman, daughter 
of Samuel Bofwell (died 26th September, 1858), and has ifTue — 

1. Sarah, born 3rd October, 1844, and married 19th April, 1877, at Chrift- 
church, to Edward-Montague Hare, M.A., Rector of Little Dunham, Norfolk 
(fecond wife). 

2. James, born 29th October, 1845. He married 8th October, 1874, at Wim- 
borne, Augufta-Sophia, daughter of Henry- Tremenheere Johns of Ringwood, and 
has ifTue Augufta-Mary, born 20th December, 1878, and Catherine-Sybil, born 19th 
Auguft, 1 88 1, at Bournemouth. 

3. George, born 12th February, 1847, Affiftant-Judge, Bombay Civil Service. 

4. Ann, born ift September, 1848, died 6th April, 1850. 

5. Jane, born 26th December, 1849. 

He married, fecondly, Matilda-Jane, daughter of John Mayo of Stoke-next- James 
Guildford, and had further ifTue — 


i. Matilda, born 22nd November, i860. 

jane Mayo. 

138 Appendix. 

1. John, born 27th February, 1862. 

3. Alan, born 30th July, 1863. 

4. Mary, born 2nd Auguft, 1864, died 10th March, 1865. 

5. Philip, born 4th October, 1865. 

6. Melville, born 19th Oclober, 1866. 

7. Barbara, born 22nd November, 1867. 

8. Mayo, born 13th December, 1869. 

9. Herbert, born 4th January, 1876. 

10. Charlotte, born 13th January, 1878. 

III. Thomas Druitt, of Cooma, N.S.W., born 2 ift October, 1 8 1 7, Clerk in Holy 
Orders, and Canon of S. Saviour's, Goulburn. He married 14th Auguft, 1845, at 
Lifbon, Helena-Clementina Purvis, and has iflue — 

1. Thomas-William, born 19th May, 1846. 

2. Charles- James, born 14th Auguft, 1848. 

3. Robert-Henry, born 21ft February, 1850. 

4. Helena-Elizabeth, born 27th October, 1851. 

5. Georgianna-Jane, born 25th April, 1853. 

6. Frederick- John, born 31ft March, 1855, died 2nd June, 1856. 

7. Edward-Frederick, born 29th October, 1856. 

8. Mary-Emilia, born 7th February, 1859. 

9. Anna-Barbara-Clementina, born 24th June, 1861. 

10. Alfred-John, born 21ft Auguft, 1863. 

11. Ethel-Robina, born 1 ft November, 1867. 

IV. William Druitt, F.R.C.S., of Wimborne Minfter, born 23rd Auguft, 1820. 
He married 3rd June, 1854, Ann, daughter of John Harvey, and has iflue — 

1. Georgiana-Elizabeth, born 19th April, 1855. 

2. William-Harvey, born 29th April, 1856, B.A. Trinity College, Oxford, 
20th June, 1878. 

3. Montague- John, born 15th Auguft, 1857, Scholar of New College, Oxford, 
B.A. 10th July, 1880. 

4. Edward, born 19th April, 1859, Lieutenant R.E. 

5. Arthur, born 5th June, 1863. 

6. Edith, born 1 8th July, 1867. 

7. Ethel-Mary, born 9th February, 1871. 

V. Jane Druitt, born 12th April, 1822. She died 26th April, and was buried 
30th April, 1880, in Wimborne Cemetery, unmarried. 

Appendix. 139 


A long account of this family may be feen in Burke's " Extinct Baronetcies," " ar f. of 
but the following particulars have been derived from private fources. , y Hail, 

Sir John Hare, knighted 4th December, 1 6 1 7 , at Newmarket ( 1 4th I 

in defcent from Sir John Hare, Knt.,who married Elizabeth, daughter V^Mil^f^ji^j 
of Sir John de Afhton), married Elizabeth, only daughter of Thomas y^^^v.^ y 
Lord Coventry, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, temp. Charles I. His NjjfpJ Mr 
fifth daughter, Sarah, was married to John Earle of Heydon, Nor- > a| «'{/ 
folk, whofe daughter, Mary, was married to John BafTet, Clerk in Holy Njjjir 

Orders ; their daughter, Mary BafTet, was married to Thomas Brett, HARE - 

and her daughter, Elizabeth Brett, became the wife of Humphrey Chriftian, Vicar of 
Docking, Norfolk. He was father of Edward Chriftian, Rector of Workington, 
Cumberland, to whom the eftate of Docking was left by his relative Mrs. Henley, only 
furviving child of the Hon. and Rev. Hugh-Charles Hare of that place. Edward 
Chriftian aflumed the name and arms of Hare in 1798, and dying in 1807 left iflue 
by his wife Frances, daughter of John Chriftian of Milntown, in the Ifle of Man, and 
Ewanrigg Hall, Cumberland, in addition to other children, a fon Humphrey-John 
Hare, of Docking Hall, B.A. Queen's College, Oxford, 14th January, 1799, Clerk in 
Holy Orders, a Magiftrate and Deputy- Lieutenant for the County of Norfolk, born 24th 
January, 1776, and died 30th April, 1856. He twice married, on the firft occafion 
Mary, daughter of Thomas Pattenfon, of Melmerby Hall, Cumberland, and had 
iflue a fon and daughter — 

Humphrey- John Hare, born October, 181 1, M.A. Wadham College, Oxford, 
1 2th November, 1 835, Barrifter-at-Law and Major in the 4th Weft York Militia, J. P. 
and D. L. for the County of Norfolk, who married nth September, 1833, Hannah- 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Newbould of Sharrow Bank, Sheffield, but has no 
iflue ; and 

Frances-Mary, born 1809, married to Robert- Woolmer Cory, Clerk, M.A. 
Pembroke College, Cambridge, who died without iflue in 1837. 

Humphrey-John Hare, the father, married fecondly, 21ft September, 1818, Bar- Humphrey- 
bara, daughter of James Mayo, B.A., Vicar of Avebury, and Head Mafter of Wim- j.p" d.iT,' 
borne Grammar School. They had iflue — Barbara 

I. Elizabeth, born 16th September, 1820, and married 13th Auguft, 1857, to Ma !™- 
George Copeman of Dunham Lodge, Norfolk, and has iflue — 

1. Robert, born 9th October, 1858. 

2. Alfred-George, born 17th November, i860. 

3. Hugh-Charles, born 19th January, 1862. 

140 Appendix. 

4. Beatrice-Elizabeth, born 7th June, 1863. 

5. Herbert, born 21ft May, 1865. 

II. Barbara, born 26th Auguft, 1821, and died 23rd September, 1859. 

III. Anne, born 27th March, 1823, and died 14th September, 1861. 

IV. Robina, born 6th October, 1825, married to Thomas Copeman of Aylfham, 
Norfolk, 23rd April, 1851, and died without iffue 25th September, 1853. 

V. Janet,- born ift January, 1827, married 8th July, 1847, to William-Daniel 
Chapman, afterwards Captain in the Madras Staff Corps, and died 1 5th February, 
1 863, leaving iffue — 

1. Gordon- Graham, Lieutenant Royal Engineers, born 5th May, 1848, and died 
15th February, 1872. 

2. William, born 2ift April, 1850, and died 27th February, 1855. 

3. Montague-Jafper, born 16th September, 1852. He married, 9th February, 
1 88 1, at Le Mars, Iowa, U.S.A., Aimee-Blanche, daughter of William-Jonathan de 
Pledge of Tynemouth, and granddaughter of John Grey of Dilfton, Northumberland. 

4. Theodore- Charles, M.A., in Holy Orders, born 17th January, 1856, and 
married 3rd Auguft, 1881, Alice-Barr, daughter of Patrick Keith, of 26, Queen's 
Gate Gardens, S.W. 

VI. Lucy, born 23rd February, 1828, and died 12th November, 1857. 

VII. Hugh-James Hare, M.A., of Queen's College, Oxford, Vicar of Docking, 
born 7th October, 1829. He married 16th April, 1856, Anna, daughter of John- 
Turner Graver-Browne of Morley Hall, Norfolk, and has iffue — 

1. John-Hugh- Montague, B.A., of Exeter College, Oxford, born 31ft May, 


2. John-Church- Francis, B. A., of Exeter College, Oxford, born 3 ift May, 1857; 

twin brothers. 

3. Charles-Baffet, born 14th February, 1859, and died a8tn December, 1859. 

4. Erneft-Bathurft, born 15th October, i860. 

5. Conftantia-Chriftian, born 2 ift November, 1863. 

6. Winifred, born 3rd September, 1866. 

7. Adeline-Barbara, born 24th May, 1869. 

8. Anna- Robina, born 3rd May, 1877. 

9. Margaret- Lucy, born 20th February, 1879. 

VIII. Edward- Montague Hare, M.A., of Trinity College, Oxford, Rector of 
Little Dunham, Norfolk, born 25th February, 1831. He married first, 2nd 
October, 1856, Lucy, daughter of Robert Copeman of Aylftiam. She died 18th 
June, 1875, leaving iffue — 

1. Edward- Humphrey, Lieutenant Royal Artillery, born 12th July, 1857. 

2. Hugh, born nth April, 1859. 

3. Henry -Montague, born 22nd November, i860. 



4. Janet, born 21ft April, 1863. 

5. Gordon-Chriftian, born 14th June, 1865. 

6. John-Curwen, born 4th Auguft, 1868. 

He married fecondly, 19th April, 1877, Sarah, daughter of James Druitt, of 
Chriftchurch, Hants, and has iflue— 

George-Bofwell-Montague, born 15th January, 1879, and Evelyn-Barbara, born 
1 1 th September, 1881. 

IX. Charlotte-Augufta, born 6th November, 1833, and died 16th December, 

X. Francis-Frederick, born 25th July, 1835, and died nth December, 1836. 

XI. Catherine-Chriftian, born 23rd Auguft, 1838. 

See alfo Burke's " Hiftory of the Landed Gentry," fixth edition, 1879, page 739. 

Arms of Hare, Gules two bars and a chief dancette Or. 

Arms of Chriftian, Azure a demi-mafcle between three covered cups Or. 


This monument is in the cloifters of Hereford Cathedral, removed thither from Aideme of 
its original pofition in the north tranfept. " Hunc juxta locum, tacito 
fepulchri finu, dormit Thomas Alderne, armig :, qui Praetor et Iren- 
archa, necnon Hofpitii Divi Egidii Cuftos, apud Herefordiam fuit 
digniffimus, urbis iftius anticuae et invicta fidelitate claras olim praefi- 
dium et decus, jam defiderium et dolor. Dubium eft an legum peritior 
an pacis fuit ftudiofior, lance tam jufta miniftravit jura, caritate tarn 
fedula elaboravit pacem. Tres duxit uxores, Elizabetham filiam Ed- 
wardi Honywood de Evington in Com : Cantii Baronetti ; Eleanoram 
filiam Johannis Guife de Abbotfcourt in Com : Glouceft : armigeri 
Auftin armig :, viduam Henrici Dryden de Londino generofi. 

Od. A. 

Mariam filiam 
Duos tantum 

filios ex conforte ultima fuperftites reliquit, Thomam et Edwardum. Thomas, 
natu maximus, paternae memoriae hoc fepulchrale marmor D.D. Q. obiit 3. 
Chrifti 17 17. 
aetatis fuae 68. 
On a fhield are four coats in pale, given by Duncumb but now obliterated — 

1 . Gules, three garbs Argent banded Sable. Alderne. 

2. Argent, a chevron between three hawks' heads erafed Azure. Honywood. 

3. Gules, feven lozenges conjoined vair, on a canton Or a mullet pierced Sable. 

4. Vert, a chevron Or, guttee de poix, between three ducal coronets of the fecond. 

142 Appendix. 

On a flat ftone on the cloifter green, " Here lyeth .... the body of Mary the 
wife of Thomas Alderne of this City fenr. who departed this life on the 20 day of 
February 1699." 

Francis Philpott of Hereford, gent., afligns the office of Dean's Regiftrar to 
Thomas Alderne 13th April, 1616. Thomas Alderne was Mayor of Hereford 
1624, and another of the fame name in 1696. Bifhop Godwin leafes houfes in 
Hereford to Thomas Alderne, gent., 23rd April, 5 Charles I. Thomas Alderne 
was Sheriff of Herefordfhire 15 Charles I., and was committed to the Gate Houfe 
touching the collection of Ship Money, May 8th in that year. (Domeftic State 

Duncumb names Thomas Alderne, Efq., among others, as a Commiflioner in 
1657 for collecting an afleflment of ^1000 a month from the City and County of 
Hereford. Captain Daniel Alderne was fined in the Civil War as a delinquent. 
Daniel Alderne of Nunnington (parifh of Withington), gent., appoints Edward 
Alderne, D.C.L., Steward of the Manor of Nunnington, 31ft March, 1656. (Ex 
evid : Decani et Cap : Heref :). 

The following is partly derived from the title-deeds relating to the premifes now 
the Bank, at Hereford. (Phillipps MSS.) 

Thomas Alderne of the City of Hereford, Efq., living 1 5th March, 1 647, married 
Beatrix, living 21ft Auguft, 1635, and had iflue three fons, Thomas, Edward, and 

Edward Alderne was of Exeter College, and was created D.C.L. 13th June, 
1638, and afterwards became Chancellor of Rochefter, where he died 1671, f.p. He 
married Jane, daughter of James Rodd of Hereford (third fon of Richard Rodd of 
Rodd), baptifed ift November, 1622, at S. Martin's, Hereford. 

Daniel Alderne is defcribed as of the city of Hereford, gent., in a deed dated 
22nd July, 1646. 

Thomas Alderne is ftyled Citizen and Draper of Coleman Street, London, in a 
bond dated 15th March, 1647, and releafes a moiety of the Manor of Orgarfwick, 
Kent, to Edward Alderne, D.C.L.,of the City of Hereford, by deed-poll 19th April, 
1656. The following entries probably refer to him : — 

" Thomas Alderne and Dorothy Roe, maiden, both of St. Stephen's, Coleman 
Street, were married 1 ith April, 1648," at S. Helen's, Bifhopfgate, London. 

" Captain Thomas Alderne, from Dalfton, buried 9th April, 1657 ; Mrs. Dorothy 
Alderne, from Dalfton, buried 7th September, 1658," at Hackney, Middlefex. 

He had iflue Thomas Alderne, defcribed in a deed 14th January, 1687, "as of 
the city of Hereford gent, fon and heir of Thomas Alderne late citizen and draper of 
London deceafed." He is the perfon commemorated in the monument in Hereford 
Cathedral. He was admitted a freeman of Hereford 30th May, 1689, and was 
mayor of that city in 1696. He married at Weftminfter Abbey, 12th June, 1673, 

Appendix. 143 

his firft wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Edward Honywood, Knt., and firft Baronet, 
of Evington, Kent. She is probably the perfon buried at S. Martin's-in-the- Fields, 
2nd July, 1674, as " — alder, woman." In his licence (Vicar-General's Office), nth 
Auguft, 1675, to marry with Eleanor Guife, he is defcribed as of S. Martin's-in-the- 
Fields, citizen and draper of London, widower, aged about 25. Her father, 
John Guife, was brother of Sir Chriftopher Guife of Elmore, created a Baronet 10th 
July, 1661. Thomas Alderne's third wife, Mary, was married 20th January, 1669- 
70, at St. Bartholomew the Great, London, to Henry Dryden (a younger brother of 
the poet, John Dryden), who is faid to have died in Jamaica. She was buried 23rd 
February, 1698-9 (S. Peter's Regifter, Hereford), having had iffue by her laft huf- 
band, Penelope, baptifed 29th January, 1682, at All Saints, Hereford, Thomas, 
baptifed 18th December, 1684, in the fame parifh, and three others baptifed at S. 
Peter's, viz., Edward, 15th May, 1686, Anne, 24th November, 1687, the wife of Charles 
Charles Mayo, and Mary, 9th May, 1689. 



Thomas Knowlys, fenior, of Manningtree, EfTex, gentleman, born in the parifh Knowlys 
of S. Mary, Ipfwich, and buried at the former place 25th April, 
1726, aged 86, whofe will was dated 8th February, 1724, and proved 
8th July, 1726 (probably the fame perfon as the Thomas Knowlys 
who was named in the Vifitation of Suffolk in 1664 as aged 20 years, 
and was eldeft fon and heir of Robert Knowlys of Walton, Suffolk, 
gent., 1 by Martha, daughter and co-heir of Thomas Knapp of 
Ipfwich, — the fon of Robert Knolles of Cold Afhby, Northampton- 
fhire, gent., and Dorothy, daughter and co-heir of John Barker of knowlys. 
Ipfwich, — the fon of Richard Knolles of Cold Afhby, and Frances, daughter and 
heir of John Haldenby), — had iffue by Elizabeth his wife, daughter of — Browne, 
who was buried at Manningtree in 171 1, Thomas Knowlys, junior, baptifed at 
Marlefworth, Suffolk, 24th May, 168 1, and buried 20th Auguft, 1761, at Bred- 
field in the fame couhty. This Thomas Knowlys married Chriftiana, daughter of 
Nicholas Cook of Ipfwich (buried at Bredfield 15th April, 1775), and was the 
father of William Knowlys of the City of London, born at Bredfield 1 5th March, 
1 721, who married at S. Sepulchre's, London, in 1750, Mary Porter of S. Andrew's, 
Holborn, and had iffue feven children, all born in the parifh of S. Dunftan's-in-the- 
Eaft, London ; viz., 

1 Buried at Walton in Oftober, 1679 ; will dated 30th September, and proved at Norwich 25th 
Oftober, 1679. 


144 Appc?idix. 

I. William-Cook Knowlys, born 4th May, 175 1, who married at Streatham, 19th 
April, 1794, Anne, eldeft furviving daughter of William Newman, Alderman of 

II. Thomas Knowlys, who married Mary, daughter of Ifaac Nelfon, Rector of 
Meldon and Vicar of Melford, Northumberland. 

III. John Knowlys, of the City of London. 

IV. Newman Knowlys, of the Temple, Councillor-at-Law, and Recorder of 

V. Mary, married to Nathaniel Jeffries of Dovert Street, Piccadilly. 
Charles VI. Elizabeth, married to Charles Mayo. 

mames VII. Charlotte, married to Colonel Newman. 

Thomas Knowlys above-mentioned, the fecond fon, had iffue one fon and one 
daughter, and the latter, named Mary, was married 29th June, 1822, to Geoffry, 
fifth fon of Sir Edward Nightingale, Bart., who died 15th January, 1864. The fon, 
Thomas-John Knowlys, of Heyfham Hall, Lancafhire, jure uxoris, was born 21ft 
April, 1803, and married 17th September, 1822, Anna-Maria, only daughter of 
Robert Hefketh of Roffall, fifter of Sir Peter Hefketh-Fleetwood, Bart., M.P. 
Their children were — 

i. Culling-Eardley, born 1829. 

ii. Robert-Hefketh. 

iii. Henry-Bold, born 1836. 

iv. Charles- Hefketh Knowlys, M.A., Trinity College, Cambridge, Rector of 
North Moels, Lancafhire, 1876, who married 12th December, 1872, Margaret- Ann - 
Howell, daughter of Richard-Howell Taylor, Vicar of Kemble, Wilts. 

i. Mary-Ifabelle ; ii. Frances-Mary; iii. Anna-Maria-Martha, married 25th 
February, 1868, to Major Geoffry Nightingale; iv. Louifa-Debonnaire ; v. 
Florence- Everilda, married 23rd November, 1869, to Louis-Arthur Goodeve, of 
the Middle Temple, Advocate of the High Court of Calcutta. 

Arms of Knowlys, Gules, on a chevron Argent three rofes Vert barbed and 
feeded of the field ; on a canton of the fecond a fleur-de-lis of the firft. 




This family is derived from the marriage in 1680 of John Shepheard, who was shepheard 
born in 1659, ferved as High Sheriff of Herefordfhire 1699, and 
died in 17 16 (fon of John Shepheard, clerk in Holy Orders, of 
Crowleafow in Bitterley, Salop, buried at Much Marcle, Auguft, 
1687, aged 62), with Frances (buried at Dormington, 1705), elder 
daughter and co-heirefs of John Walwyn, of Hellens in Much 
Marcle, Hereford/hire. The diftinguifhed anceftry of the Walwyn 
family, derived from Richard Walwyn, living in the 14th century, 
who married Joanna, daughter and heirefs of Walter de Helyon of 
Hellens, may be feen in Robinfon's " Manfions and Manors of Herefordfhire," and in 
the continuation of Duncumb's " Hiftory of Herefordfhire," by W. H. Cooke, Q^C. 


f Knighted by Queen Mary, 30 Nov. 1554 ; bur. 19 Sep. 1578. (See previouily at page 13.) 

will dated 16 Oct. 1571, pr. 7 Sep. 1579 P. C. C.) 

( Bur 7 July, 1616.) 

(Bur. 17 Feb. 1660-1.) 


( Mar. 16 Apr. 1620-; d. 1680.) 

( Bapt. 16 Feb. 16Z2-3 ; d. 1686 at Much Marcle.) ( Mar. 1649 ; bur. at Mordiford 1667. ) 






Wallwyn Shepheard, fon of the aforefaid John Shepheard and Frances his wife, 
was baptifed at Much Marcle, 7th September, 1683, and was buried at Dormington, 
1753, and had iffue by Rachel his wife, daughter of Edmund Lechmere, of Hanley 

1 46 Appendix. 

Caftle, who died in 1759 [or J u ty> I 77°l a fon, Wallwyn Shepheard, ofDormington, 
born 17 10, died 1772, who married Mary, daughter of William Collins, of Rich- 
mond, Surrey (born 1705, and buried at Sutton 1799). His fon Edward- Wallwyn 
Shepheard, of Lincoln's Inn, was born 19th July, and baptifed 8th Auguft, 1757, 
and died 10th December, 1824, at Calais. He married 12th Auguft, 1797, at 
Mitcham, Surrey, Dorothea- Maria-Tucker, daughter of Edward Barker (fhe died 
April, 1853), and had iffue — 

I. Edward- Wallwyn, of the Exchequer and Audit Office, born 24th May, 1798, 
at S. Pancras, London. He never married, and died 19th July, 1879, at Quatford 
Houfe, near Bridgnorth, and was buried in Kenfal Green Cemetery. His will was 
dated 17th December, 1875, anc ^ adminiftration was granted 13th Auguft, 1879. 

Charles II. Mary, born 2nd July, 1799, baptifed at S. Pancras, and married 30th June, 

ll.d'., i 83 1, at S. Mary Abbots, Kenfington, to Charles Mayo, LL.D. She died at 

manies Hillingdon, ioth May, 1877, an d was buried at Cheam. 

shepheard. HI. Elizabeth, born 4th October, 1 800, and married to Colonel, afterwards Sir 

Alexander Caldwell, G.C.B., 3rd July, 1835. He died 6th December, 1839, an< ^ 
ftie was married, fecondly, to Colonel Le Blanc, of Chelfea College?, ift July, 1844, 
who died 13th July, 1855. 

IV. and V. Louifa and Stewart, who died in infancy. 

VI. George, Affiftant Commiffary General, born 17th Auguft, 1805, died 23rd 
March, 1881, at Quatford Houfe, and was buried at Quatford. He married 
14th May, 1836, Amanda-Sidonie, daughter of Jean-Claude Duperrel, of Port 
Louis, Mauritius. She was born 2nd October, 181 5, and died 27th December, 
1838. Their only child, George- Walwyn, was born 27th December, 1836, and 
died 1 6th March, 1837. 

VII. Alfred, C.B., Major General, Bombay Army, born 19th April, 1807. He 
died unmarried 8th January, 1877, at Quatford Houfe, and was buried at Quatford. 

VIII. Henry, M. A., fellow of Oriel College, and Incumbent of Cafterton, born 
3rd February, 1809. He died 5th November, 1878, at Amblefide, and was buried 
at Cafterton, having married 18th April, 1843, Margaret- Jane, eldeft daughter of 
William Carus-Wilfon, of Cafterton Hall, Weftmoreland, Clerk in Holy Orders. 
She was born 1 8th November, 1815, and died 3rd April, 1873. They had iffue — 

i. Henry- Wallwyn, born 27th May, 1844, died 8th May, 1845. 

ii. Clement-Carus-Wilfon, M.A., Wadham College, Oxford, in Holy Orders, 
born 28th March, 1847. Affumed the additional name of Walwyn by deed poll, 
dated 18th May, 1881. He married 27th June, 1871, Matilda-Flavell-Lee, fecond 
daughter of David-Barclay Bevan, M.A., Vicar of Little Amwell, Herts, and has 
iffue — 

1. Edward-Walwyn, born 5th April, 1872. 

2. Hugh- Walwyn, born 24th October, 1 874. 

Appendix. 147 

3. Ethelwyn-Flavell- Agnes, born 30th April, 1878. 

iii. Arthur- Walwyn, born 25th February, 1851 ; afiumed the additional name 
of Walwyn by deed poll, dated 30th July, 1881. He married 29th October, 1878, 
Bertha-Thorold (born 13th June, 1857), daughter of Rupert-James Rowton, M.A., 
Vicar of Penkhull, and has ifiue — 

1. Bernard- Walwyn, born ift Auguft, 1879. 

2. Alfred-Irving, born 29th October, 1881. 

iv. Ellen-Neville, born 28th September, 1852. She was married at Chrift 
Church, Hampftead, 9th Auguft, 1881, to Auguftus-Henry Cook, M.R.C.S., 

IX. Emma, born 1 8th November, 18 10. She died 28th October, 1872, and 
was buried in Kenfal Green Cemetery. 

X. Caroline, born 23rd October, 1812. She died 23rd September, 1878, at 
Reigate, and was buried in Kenfal Green Cemetery. 

XI. Frances, born 28th October, 18 14. 

Arms of Shepheard. Azure, on a chevron between three fleurs-de-lis Or as many 
mullets of the field. 

Arms of Walwyn. Gules, a bend Ermine. 


John Jauncye, of Whitwick, in Stretton Grandifon, Herefordihire (Vifitation of Betheii of 
1683), married Eleanor, daughter of Thomas Charlton, of Salop, and had ifiue an "" e e . ford ' 
eldeft fon, John Jauncye, of Whitwick, who died 1666, aged 74, leaving ifiue by 
Anne his wife, daughter and co-heirefs of Francis Lifle of Yatton, Herefordihire, 
Thomas Jauncye of Whitwick, his eldeft fon, — aged 23 m 1683, — who died 26th 
May, 1707, aged 57. 

Thomas Jauncye married Dorothy , and had, with other ifiue, an eldeft 

daughter Dorothy, who died 9th June, 1776, aged 90, and was buried at Dinedor, 
having been the wife of Samuel Bethell (fon of William Bethell of Hereford), who 
matriculated at Oxford 28th March, 1705, aged 17, from B.N.C., graduated B.A. 
23rd June, 1 709, was made Rector of Dinedor, 8th March, 1730, on the prefentation 
of the Duke of Beaufort, and died 9th November, and was buried 13th November, 
1766, aged 80. They had ifiue Dorothy, eldeft daughter, died 19th November, 
1820, aged 92; Mary, youngeft daughter, died 29th May, 18 16 ; and Samuel, who 
matriculated at Oxford 26th April, 1738, aged 17, from Wadham College, and 
became B.A. 19th June, 1742, Rector of Stretton Sugwas 23rd February, 1767, 
and Rector of S. Nicholas, Hereford, and was buried at S. Owen's, Hereford, 26th 

148 Appendix. 

samuei May, 1777. He married Sufanna, daughter of Charles Mayo, 26th May, 1755 

B?A. e , U ' (S. Owen's Regifter), and had iffue— 

Suflnnl *■ Samuel, baptifed 8th January, 1756 (S. Owen's Regifter), matriculated at 

Mayo. Oxford 17th March, 1774, aged 18, from B.N.C. ; admitted B.A. 10th October, 
1777, M.A. 28th June, 1780; Fellow on the Elton Foundation as Founder's kin, 
1782-95; Lecturer at S. George's, Middlefex, 1784-96, and inducted Rector of 
Clayton-cum-Keymer, Suffex, 9th November, 1793. He died 5th April, 1803, 
aged 47, and adminiftration of his eftate was granted in the fame month, P.C.C. 

II. Herbert, baptifed 25th January, 1759, at S. Peter's, Hereford. 

III. Anne, baptifed 10th October, 1760, at the fame. 


Bin of Richard Bill, the firft owner of Farley Hall, Staffordfhire, fettled there in 1607 

Stafford^ c==i;a ,..,.. e==ga= , f rom Norbury in the county of Derby, and having married Elizabeth 
(hile ' %1'BY &! ~§JP\' I Shenton, an heirefs, had iftue Robert Bill, who died in 17 10, aged 85. 

Richard Bill, of Alton Lodge and Farley Hall, eldeft fon of the laft 
named, married Hannah Morris, and dying in 17 16 left a fon, Robert 
Bill, who had iffue by his wife Lydia, who died 22nd February, 175 1, 
daughter of Robert Hurft of Cheadle Grange, a fon, John Bill, Rector 
of Draycott, who married Mary Harrifon, co-heirefs of Dilhorn Hall, 
Staffordfhire. She died 29th December, 1801, and her hufband in 
May, 1806, aged 80 years, leaving two fons, the elder being Robert 
Bill, who married Dorothy, daughter and co-heirefs of William Horsfall, of Storthes 
Hall, Yorkfhire, and died 7th January, 1806. His fon, Charles Horsfall Bill, of 
Storthes Hall, married Emma Wainman, and dying in 1863 left, with other iffue, a 
fon, Charles Horsfall Bill, of Storthes Hall, and of the Priory, Tetbury, J.P. for 
Wilts and Gloucefterfhire, who married in 1841 Anna-Maria, daughter of General 

The fecond fon of John Bill, Rector of Draycott, was John Bill, M.D., born 
1758, who married Efther Grundy, of Lyme Field, Bury, Lancafhire, and died 
1848. His wife died 7th December, 1833, and their iftue were — 

I. Mary, wife of E. Whieldon, Clerk in Holy Orders, of Hales Hall, Staffbrdfliire. 

Thomas II. Lydia, wife of Thomas Mayo, M.D., Prefident of the College of Phyficians. 

mT.', HI. Robert Bill, M. A., and Barrifter at Law, who matriculated at Oxford 1 8th 

WUBili March, 1807, aged 17, from Oriel College, as fon of John Bill, " armiger," 

Manchefter, and married Louifa, daughter of Philip Dauncey, 4th January, 1 8 20. 

IV. John Bill, J. P., born 1795, died 15th February, 1853. He married Sarah, 

Appendix. 1 49 

daughter of A. Humphrys, who died 2nd July, 1878, at Oldfield, Uttoxeter, aged 
79, and had ifTue, with others, Charles Bill, J.P., Captain 3rd Stafford Militia, 
M.A. Oxford, and Barrifter at Law ; born 8th January, 1 843, and married in 
1870 Ellen-Margaret-Hepburn, daughter of Lieut.-Col. Fitz-Herbert, of Somerfal 
Herbert, Derby fhire, and has iffue Charles-Fitz-Herbert, born 1872, John-Hugo- 
Hepburn, born 1877, and Ida. 

Arms of Bill. Ermine, two bill-hooks in faltire, on a chief Azure a pallet Or, 
charged with a rofe Gules, between two pelicans' heads erafed Argent. 


Simon Adeane, who was buried at Watlington, Oxfordshire, 27th Auguft, 1686, Adeaneof 
married at S. Alphage, London, 22nd May, 1652, Mary, daughter ^,..,.,. ... .. — — , oS-"' 

of John Whorwood, of Mansfield, Notts, who alfo was buried at | ""«■ 

Watlington, 5th February, 1703-4. They had five children, bap- 
tifed at Chalgrove, Oxfordshire, viz., Mary, baptifed 8th March, 
1652-3, and married at Berwick Chapel, 23rd September, 1672, to 
Mr. John Barrett; Simon, baptifed 21ft December, 1653 ; Eliza- 
beth, baptifed 8th January, 1656 ; John, baptifed 26th July, 1658 ; 
and Alice, baptifed 5th May, 1662. The daughters, Elizabeth adeane. 

and Alice, were the wives of — Peacock, and — Greenway, as appears by their 
brother's will. Simon Adeane, the fon and heir, who took the additional name of 
Whorwood in compliance with the will of his uncle Robert Whorwood, died 13th 
July, and was buried 21ft July, 17 19, at Chalgrove, aged 66, and his will, dated 
28th September, I7i4,was proved 29th July, 1719, P.C.C. (Browning, 119). His 
wife Sufanna died 28th January, and was buried 3rd February, 17 17, aged 62. 
They had iffue Simon Whorwood Adeane, eldeft fon, who married at S. Michael's, 
Oxford, 20th October, 17 13, Mary Wright, and died 6th November, and was 
buried 13 th November, 1760, at Chalgrove, his wife having been previously buried 
there 17th May, 1743. 

Whorwood, buried 12th December, 1742. 

Robert, 4th fon, buried 9th Auguft, 1 705, aged 20 years. 

William, 5th fon, baptifed ift March, 1686, and died 10th November, 1688. 

John, 6th fon, baptifed 20th March, 1687, died 3rd July, and buried 4th July, 
1688, aged 4 months. 

William, 7th fon, baptifed 18th November, 1695, and two daughters, Sarah, 
married to Richard Templer, and Mary, baptifed 18th January, 1692, the wife 
firft of William Tipping of Oxford Street, and fecondly of Captain White. 

150 Appendix. 

Simon Whorwood Adeane and Mary [nee Wright), had iflue (a) Simon Whor- 
wood Adeane, fon and heir, buried at Chalgrove 12th July, 1747, will dated 25th 
January, 1743-4, and proved ift September, 1747, P.C.C. (Potter, 221), who 
married Mary, daughter of the Hon. and Rev. Henry Brydges, brother of James, 
firft Duke of Chandos (ante-nuptial fettlement dated 25th July, 1739). 

(b) William, M.A., Merton College, who matriculated at Oxford 14th 
December, 1736, aged 19. In Holy Orders. 

(c) John, buried at Chalgrove, 3rd November, 1750. 

(d) Whorwood, buried 22nd September, 1789, who (probably) had iflue by Ann 
his wife, who died nth November, and was buried 15th November, 1 821, aged 
77, a fon James, buried 25th September, 1770, in infancy, and a daughter Dorothy, 
baptifed 20th Auguft, 1782, married to Thomas Coles 17th September, 181 1, and 
buried ift June, 1843. 

(e) Sufanna, baptifed 28th September, 17 15, and 

wuiiam (/) Dorothy, buried ift May, 1807, the wife of William Mayo, M.A., Fellow 

mX; of B.N.C. Oxford, and Reftor of Wootton Rivers, Wilts. 

marnes Simon Whorwood Adeane and Mary [nee Brydges) had an only child, James, 

Adeane. baptifed 14th December, 1740, Lieut.-Colonel ift Regiment of Grenadier Guards, 
and General in the Army, M.P. for the town, and afterwards for the county of 
Cambridge. He married Ann, daughter and heirefs of Robert Jones of Babraham, 
Cambridgefhire, and had iflue, Robert-Jones Adeane of Babraham, who married 
26th Auguft, 1785, Annabella, daughter of Sir Patrick Blake, Bart. ; Jane, married 
13th July, 1784, to George-Henry Law, afterwards Bifhop of Bath and Wells; 
Margaret, married 2nd June, 1785, to John Ofborne of Malfhot Park, Hants ; 
and Mary-Anne, the wife of General Tinling. 

Henry-John Adeane of Babraham, fon of Robert- Jones Adeane above mentioned, 
was born 1 8th June, 1789, and had iflue by his fecond wife, the Hon. Matilda- 
Abigail Stanley, daughter of Lord Stanley of Alderley, befides others whofe names 
may be feen in " Burke's Landed Gentry," a fon, Henry -John Adeane, of Babraham, 
born 9th June, 1 833, Cuftos Rotulorum of the Ifle of Ely, Major in the' Cambridge- 
fhire Militia, J.P. and D.L., M.P. for Cambridgefhire 1 857-1 865, who married 
5th June, i860, Lady Elizabeth-Philippa Yorke, eldeft daughter of the late Earl 
of Hardwicke. 

Arms of Adeane. Vert, on a chevron between three griffins' heads erafed Or as 
many eftoiles Sable. 


l 5 ] 


This family was long fettled in Warwickftiire, on an eftate at Honington, and Gibbes of 
pedigrees may be feen in the Heralds' Vifitations for that county, 
wherein mention is made of Sir Ralph Gibbes, Knt., and his fon, 
Sir Henry Gibbes, the latter baptifed in 1593 and buried in 1668. 

Simon Gibbes, M.A. (derived from Honington), was inftituted 
Rector of Stowe, '9th November, 1557-1572, and Rector of Bod- 
dington, 3rd June, 1559, wmcn he exchanged for Wicken, 14th 
September, 1596. He was alfo Rector of Church Brampton in the 
fame county of Northampton. He was buried at Wicken 23rd gibbes. 

November, 1603. ;By his wife Joane (living 16 18, and then wife of 

Biftiop), he had, with other ifTue, a fon, 

Anthony Gibbes, of Weft S. Dunftan's, London, whofe will was dated 20th 
June and proved 23rd July, 16 18, P.C.C. (Meade, 74). For his family fee the 
Vifitation of Co. Northampton, 1682. He married Elizabeth, daughter of John 
Stephens of Eaft Claydon, Bucks. His fon, 

Anthony Gibbes, of Wicken Park, aged 68 in 1682, purchafed lands in Wicken 
of Henry Lord Spencer, 1 9th February, 17 Chas. I., 1 641, and was buried there 16th 
October, 1693. He married firft Eleanor, daughter of Richard Short, M.A., 
Rector of Wicken, ift June, 1635, by whom he had no ifiue ; and fecondly 
Chriftian, daughter of Thomas Chamberlayne, of Oddington, Gloucefterfhire. She 
was born at Great Rollright, Oxfordfhire, 21 ft May, 1632, married at Wicken 19th 
Feb. 1660-1 (her marriage fettlement being dated the day previous), and was living 
23rd July, 1689. Anthony Gibbes had ifTue by his fecond marriage five children, 
Charles, Chriftian, Thomas, Anthony, and Francis. 

Francis Gibbes, the youngeft fon, baptifed at Wicken, 8th January, 1669, and 
aged 11 in 1682 (Vifitation of Co. Northampton), matriculated at Oxford from S. 
Edmund Hall, 7th April, 1688, aged 16, graduated B.A. 10th March, 1691, 
M.A. 9th May, 1695; became Rector of Huifh, Wilts, 1702, and was buried 
there 25th May, 1751. He married Sarah, daughter of James Dyer, B.A., Rector 
of Devizes, and Sarah (Gearing) his wife, fon of Edward Dyer, M.A., Rector of 
Ilchefter 1644. She was baptifed 31ft January, 1682, at S. Peter's, Marlborough, 
and married 16th October, 171 1, at S. Mary's, in the fame town. Francis Gibbes 
had ifTue (with two other fons, George, furgeon at Devizes, and Francis, Rector of 
Belton, Leicefterfture) — 

Charles Gibbes, baptifed 28th Auguft, 17 12, at Huifti, matriculated at Oxford 
8th May, 1730, aged 18, from S. Edmund Hall, B.A. 22nd February, 1733, 

152 Appendix. 

Rector of Chitterne All Saints, 1743, and Chitterne S. Mary, 1750, Wilts; 
Chaplain to the Duke of Queenfberry, and buried at Urchfont, 25th November, 
1794. He married, firft, 26th Auguft, 1737, in Salifbury Cathedral, Jane, 
daughter of George Jaques, and fifter of Henry Jaques, B,A., Rector of Leigh 
Delamere, and of George Jaques, B.A., Vicar of Tilftiead and Urchfont, and 
Prebendary of Wells. She died 15th November, 1764, aged 60, at Urchfont. 
He married, fecondly, 25th Auguft, 1768, Mrs. Ann Turner, of Weft Lavington, 
by whom he had no iflue. She was buried at Urchfont, 28th October, 1784. By 
his firft wife he had iflue an only child, 

George Gibbes, born 23rd April, baptifed 28th April, 1740, at Urchfont, matri- 
culated at Oxford 28th March, 1757, aged 16, from Trinity College, B.A. 6th 
February, 1761, M.A. ift July, 1763, B. and D.D. 16th May, 1782, and Rector 
of Woodborough, Wilts, 1764. He died 20th February, 18 13, aged 72. He 
married, ift October, 1764, Mary, daughter and heirefs of Peter Smith of Shercot, 
Pewfey, Wilts, by Sufanna his wife, daughter of — Batchelor, of Afhman worth, who 
died 19th January, 1824. He had iflue one fon and one daughter; the daughter, 

jofeph Mary-Jane, was married to Jofeph Mayo, M.A., Clerk in Holy Orders (fee the 

mXJ preceding chapter) , and the fon, 

M^v-iane George-Smith Gibbes, matriculated at Oxford 9th April, 1788, aged 16, from 

Gibbes. Exeter College, proceeded B.A. 17th February, 1792 ; M.A. (Magdalen College), 
21ft May, 1795 ; B.M. 6th April, 1796; D.M. nth April, 1799, and became 
Fellow of Magdalen College, F.R.S., F.L.S., F.R.C.P., F.R.L.S., Phyfician to the 
Bath General Hofpital, and Phyfician Extraordinary to Queen Charlotte, 18 19. He 
refided at 14, Queen's Square, Bath, and was knighted in 1820. He was J. P. for 
Somerfet, and died 23rd June, 1851, aged 80, at Sidmouth, and was buried 28th 
June, at Woodborough. He married firft, Frances, daughter of Edward Sealy of 
Bridgwater, who died 29th March, 1822, aged 46 ; and fecondly, Marianne, 
daughter of Captain Thomas Chapman, 23rd Foot. She died February, 1865, f. p. 
He had iflue by his firft wife — 

I. Frances, born 19th September, 1800, died ift February, 1879. 

II. Heneage, of whom prefently. 

III. Mary, born 21ft December, 1803, died 5th March, 1806. 

IV. Elizabeth, born 24th May, 1805, and married to Thomas-Chapman 
Harvey. He died 2nd February, 1 873, having had iflue — 

1. Thomas-Gibbes. 2. George-Samuel. 

3. Francis-Heneage. 4. Louifa-Harriet-Elizabeth. 

V. George-Smith, born 23rd March, 1 809, and admitted Gentleman Commoner 
Downing College, Cambridge. He entered the H.E.I.C.S, and died 15th July, 
1 833, at Madras, from a fall from his horfe. 

Heneage Gibbes, the eldeft fon, M.B. Downing College, Cambridge, in Holy 

Appendix. 153 

Orders, and Rector of Bradftone, Devon, was born 7th January, 1 802, in Walcot, 
Bath. He married Margaretta, daughter of John Murray, R.N., 28th October, 
1834. She died 4th November, 1876, aged 69, and had iffue — 

i. Heneage, M.D., King's College, London, born 9th March, 1837, at Berrow, 
Somerfet. He married, 28th April, 1869, at Chrift Church, Lee, Jeffie-Emily, 
daughter of Thomas-Bruce Swinhoe, Solicitor to H.E.I.C.S., Calcutta, and great 
grand-daughter of Sir Thomas Carew, and has iffue Jeffie-Bertha, born 16th 
October, 1870. 

ii. Marianne, born 4th Auguft, 1838, and married to George Alexander in May, 

iii. George-Edward, of Adelaide, SA., Clerk in Holy Orders, born 8th 
February, 1840. He married Charlotte, daughter of Thomas Dalton, and has 
iffue — 1. Murray-Heneage-Golden. 2. Charlotte- Alice. 3. Alexander-Edward. 
4. Edith-May. 

iv. John-Murray, M.B., born 17th April, 1841. He married Florence- 
Hyde, daughter of J. J. Timmon, M.D., of Liverpool, 17th June, 1873, at S. 
John's, Napier, Hawkes Bay, N.Z., and has iffue— 1. Florence-Ethel-Murray. 
2. Heneage-Murray. 3. Ellefton-Murray. 

v. Margaretta- Alice, born 6th October, 1843, and married to William-Hancock 
Wheeler, B.A., Vicar of Berrow, Somerfet, 21ft February, 1865, and has iffue. 

vi. Elizabeth- Augufta, born 26th July, 1846. 

vii. Cuthbert-Chapman, M.D., born 5th September, 1851. He married 
Mary-Lucy, daughter of Frederick Granfmore, R.N., 16th January, 1878, at 

Arms of Gibbes. Argent, three halberds Sable, quartering Smith > Ermine, three 


Benjamin Woodward, a Major in the Army of the Commonwealth, fettled in woodward 

(-11 11 j of Drum- 

Ireland, and had a grant under the Act of Settlement by patent enrolled fiB Se/Sk barrow > 

23rd June, 1668, of the lands of Drumbarrow, Difmrath, and 

Newrath near Kells, in the county of Meath. He had iffue Jofeph 

Woodward, born 25th October, 1654, who, dying 15th January, 

1702, left a fon, Charles Woodward, who died 28th May, 1726, 

having thrice married, firft, Ann Clement or Clements, nth January, 

1705, who died 20th March the fame year, f.p. ; fecondly, Mary 

Partington, 20th Auguft, 1706, who died 1 2th December, 17 17; woodward. 

and thirdly, Margaret Elwood, 13th Auguft, 17 19. By his fecond marriage he 

had a third fon, Benjamin Woodward, born 20th November, 17 10, who died 


154 Appendix. 

9th January, 1761. The latter married 20th October, 1733, Judith, daughter 
of Thomas Meredyth of Newtown, Meath, through whom his defendants are 
deduced from Edward I. She died 12th December, 1779, having had iffue fix 
children. Benjamin, the youngeft, born 19th July, 1750, died in Devonshire, 
1 80 1, leaving by his wife, Elizabeth Grant, a fon, Henry-Thomas Woodward, 

who married Lovedy, and left a daughter Either, married to her fecond coufin 

Henry-Thomas Woodward, to be hereafter mentioned. Charles Woodward, D.D., 
the eldeft fon and fecond child of Benjamin and Judith Woodward, was born ift 
January, 1740, entered Holy Orders, and died 9th Jarruary, 1793, having twice 
married — firft, on 8th September, 1 764, Efther (who died 5th Auguft, 1 776), daughter 
of John Wade of Clonobraney, High Sheriff of Meath ; and fecondly, on 1 8th 
January (or June), 1780, Eliza, daughter of Paul Minchin of Ballynakil, Tippe- 
rary, and Henrietta his wife, daughter of Jofeph Bunbury. Eliza Woodward died 
17th November, 1788. By his firft marriage he had iffue Henry Woodward 
of Drumbarrow, born 24th September, 1775, who married 4th January, 1800, 
Sarah-Catherine, daughter of Robert Wade of Clonobraney, High Sheriff of Meath, 
and died 22nd November, 1838. She died 1868, having had iffue — 

1. Frances-Judith, born 17th October, 1800, died 3rd March, 1802. 

II. Charles-Benjamin, born 6th January, died 4th February, 1802. 

III. Sarah-Efther, born 3rd November, 1803, died 23rd April, 1826. 

IV. Robert, of Drumbarrow, born 20th June, 1805; B.A. Trinity College, 
Dublin, 1826 ; called to the Irifh Bar, 1829 ; and died 12th July, 1864. 

V. Efther, born 3rd November, 1806, died 10th May, 1831. 

VI. Sufanna- Maria, born 20th Auguft, 1808, and married to Robert Batterfby, 
M.D., of Liflin, Cavan. 

VII. Henry-Thomas, of Peoria, Illinois, U.S.A., born 26th October, 18 12, and 
married, 1 834, Efther, daughter of Henry-Thomas Woodward, previoufly men- 
tioned. She died 21ft Auguft, 1851, having had iffue (with four others, Lovedy, 

Henry- Frances-Letitia, Elizabeth, and Walter), Henry-Robert, of Peoria, fon and heir, who 
woodward married 4th March, 1862, Charlotte-Sufan, daughter of Jofeph Mayo, M. A., B.N.C., 
™ rri . es f , Oxford, and has iffue— 

Charlotte- » 

Sufer. I# Mary-Efther, born 28th January, 1863. 

2. Jofeph-Henry, born 3rd September, 1864. 

3. Francis- Auguftus, born 10th September, 1866. 

4. Lovedy-Elizabeth, born 25th October, 1869. 

5. Margaret-Ackerman, born 1 6th January, 1872. 

6. Herbert-Rotland, born 31ft May, 1874. 

7. Ruth, born 13th May, 1877. 

IX. Benjamin, born 23rd October, died 24th October, 1820. 

X. Letitia, born 17th July, 1822, died 8th April, 1827. 

Appendix. 155 

VIII. William-Edward, of Rock Ifland, Illinois, born 22nd Auguft, 1814, wuiiam- 
married 22nd September, 1840, Mary-Jane, eldeft daughter of Jofeph Mayo, M.A., woodward 

B.N.C., Oxford, and has iffue — Ma™" 

1. Mary-Catherine, born 4th July, 1842, married 30th April, 1873, at Rock Jane Mayo. 
Ifland, to Charles Jamifon, and has iffue — 

i. Albert, born 21ft March, 1874. 

ii. Herbert, born 17th September, 1875. 

2. Ifabella-Frances, born 1 8th October, 1843, married ift May, 1866, to Samuel 
Seabury, fon of Richard Seabury, and grandfon of Rt. Rev. Samuel Seabury, Bifhop 
of Connecticut in 1784, and has iffue — 

i. Edward- Francis, born 26th March, 1867. 
ii. William-Samuel, born 26th April, 1868. 
iii. Charlotte-Ifabella, born nth January, 1870. 
iv. Fanny-Mayo, born 15th March, 1871. 

3. Charlotte-Elizabeth, born 30th April, 1845, died 22nd December, 1876, 
having been married 13th May, 1872, at Rock Ifland, to Stillman-Kendall-White- 
man Field, by whom fhe had iffue — 

i. Albert-Stillman, born 13th April, 1873. 
ii. Seward-Irving, born 16th November, 1874. 
iii. Ralph-Maynard, born 4th October, 1876. 

4. Sufan-Gay, born 23rd December, 1848, and married 5th June, 1878, to 
Lucian Adams, Judge of County Courts, Rock Ifland, and has iffue a daughter, 
Catherine, born 4th March, 1881. 

5. William-Henry, born 24th April, 1851. 

6. Bertha, born ift Auguft, 1854, married 1 8th October, 1875, to Milton G. 
Miles, and has iffue — 

i. Lucian-Rofs, born 8th November, 1876. 
ii. Mary-Woodward, born 31ft October, 1877. 
iii. James-Milton, born 31ft Auguft, 1880. 
Arms of Woodward, Quarterly, 

1. Argent, three buck's heads couped. 

2. Azure, two arrows pointing downwards. 

3. Gules, a talbot tripping. 

4. Argent, a lion rampant. 

The pedigree on the following page gives the defcent of this branch of the 
Woodward family from Edward I. 

i 5 6 






of WOODSTOCK, K. G., D. of 
GLOUCESTER, 5th fon of ED- 

JOHN B0UCH1ER=CECILIA, filler and h. of HENRY 










(2) JUDITH, d. of Rt. Hon. PHILIP SAVAGE, Chanc. of Exch., Ireland 

(Marriage licence dated 12 Sept. 1704.) 



Appendix. 157 


Thomas Chafe of Hundrich in the parifh of Chefham, Bucks, with whom begins chafe of 
the pedigree given in the Vifitation of that county in 1634, had iflue, i ^^jMhM§§ lanl, from 
with other children, Richard Chafe of Chefham, baptifed 3rd Auguft, | J '£J|j| ^ c e jf s am ' 

1542, who married Joan Bifhop, 16th April, 1564, and had ten 
children, the fixth of whom was Aquila Chafe, baptifed 14th Auguft, 
1580. Aquila Chafe had a fon Aquila, born in 1618, who emigrated 
to New England about the year 1636. The latter died 27 th 
December, 1670, his will being dated 19th September in that year. 
By his wife Anne, daughter of John Wheeler (or, according to 
another account, Mary Townley), he had iflue Mofes Chafe, born 24th December, 
1663, of Newbury, Mafs., an Enfign in the EfTex Regiment. He married Anne, 
daughter of Thomas Follanfby, 10th November, 1684, and had iffue Daniel Chafe, 
born 20th September, 1685, who died at Sutton, New England, April, 1768. 
Daniel married 6th January, 1706, Sarah March, and had iffue Samuel (known as 
Judge) Chafe, born 28th September, 1707, who married Mary Dudley, and removed 
with his family to Cornifh, New Hampshire, on the Connecticut River, of which place 
he was one of the founders. He died 12th Auguft, 1800, leaving iffue, with others, 

I. Dudley Chafe, born 1730, married 23rd Auguft, 1753, Alice Corbet of 
Mendon, and dying 13th April, 18 14, left iffue the following fons — - 

1. Salmon, of Portland, born 14th July, 1761, at Sutton ; an eminent lawyer. 

2. Ithamar, ofVermont, born 1763, at Sutton, who married Janet Ralfton, and 
was father of Salmon-Portland Chafe, born 13th January, 1808, Senator of United 
States 1 849- 1 8 55, Governor of Ohio 1 855-1 859, again Senator in 1861, Secretary 
of the Treafury 1861-1864, and Chief Juftice of the United States in 1865. 

3. Baruch, born 27th March, 1764, at Cornifh. 

4. Heber, born 2nd September, 1770. 

5. Dudley, born 30th December, 177 1, Senator of the United States, 1813- 
18 17, and Chief Juftice of Vermont, 1817-1821. 

6. Philander, born 14th December, 1775, Bifhop of Ohio 1818-1831, Bifhop 
of Illinois 1835. Died 1852. 

II. Solomon (known as Dr. Chafe), born ift September, 1742, and married 15th 
June, 1767, Sarah March, by whom he had iffue a fon, 

Samuel-March, born 13th November, 1772, who married Ruth-Curtis Childs in 
February, 1803, and had iflue Samuel Chafe, D.D., Prefident of Jubilee College, 
born 9th January, 1809, and married Sarah Ruflel, 25th December, 1834. His 
furviving children are — 


158 Appendix. 

i. Lucia-Sophia, born 1 6th October, 1835. 
jofeph ii. Sarah-Samuel, born 16th Auguft, 1 841, and married to Jofeph Mayo. 

iii. March, born 2nd April, 1843, Rector of Alton, Illinois. 

iv. Catherine-Olivia, born 8th March, 1846, and married to G. R. Higgins, 
chafe. Clerk. 

v. Horace-Ruffel, born 6th July, 1848, Attorney and Counfellor. 

vi. Kenneth, born 22nd October, 1855, a Solicitor. 

Arms of Chafe. Gules, four croffes patonce Argent, on a canton Azure a lion 
paffant Or. 


wade of Henry Wade of Clonobraney, near Croffakiel, Meath, High Sheriff of that 

braney, \. ■■ ■■^z-^^mw'-: •-■•■ t county, 1669, whofe will was dated 19th May, 1685, and proved 

' 7th June, 1689, had a grant of Clonobraney and 1490 acres of 

land in Meath by patent dated 3rd November, 1684. He married 

Anne O'Brien, and had iffue a daughter Catherine, married to 

Bridges Daniel of Dublin, whofe will was dated 31ft July, 1740, 

and proved 18th February following, and whofe eldeft fon John 

Daniel of Clonobraney took the name of Wade, and filled the 

WADE - office of High Sheriff in 1748. He married his coufin Efther, 

daughter of Robert Shields of Wainftown, in 1739, and was fucceeded by his fon 

Robert Wade of Clonobraney, High Sheriff in 1772, who married Frances Leigh 

of Drogheda, in 1774. The children of the latter were — 

I. William-Blaney Wade of Clonobraney, J. P. and D.L. for Meath, who married 
Frances, daughter of Sir John-Craven Carden, Bart, of Templemore. 

II. Charles- Taylor Wade, Clerk in Holy Orders, born September, 1793. He 
died at Kickapoo, Illinois, 20th December, 1857. He married 6th June, 18 18, 
Ifabella-Rebecca, daughter of Henry Hamilton of Ballamacoll, Meath (by Mary 
his wife, daughter of John Wetherall of Dublin), brother of Hans Hamilton of 
Abbotftowne, M.P. for County Dublin, and had iflue — 

1 . Robert-Henry, born 1 8 1 9, and died in infancy. 

2. Mary- Frances, born 25th September, 18 21. Died 19th July, 1848. 

3. Charles-Cooper, born 10th March, 1824. Died January, 1863, having 
married 19th July, 1849, Sufan Lemon. 

4. Ifabelle-Harriette, born 13th December, 1825, married 21ft Auguft, 1850, to 
Frederick Lloyd, M.D., of Louifville. 

<p harles 5. Henry-Edward; 6, William-James-Hamilton, who both died young. 

Mayo J 

F. C. A. H. 


7. Frances-Charlotte-Alicia-Henrietta, married to Charles Mayo of Peoria. 

Appendix. 1 59 

III. Edward, in Holy Orders. 

IV. Thomas, a Colonel in the army. 

V. Sarah-Catherine, married to Henry Woodward of Drumbarrow. 

VI. Frances, married to John Batterfby, J. P. for Meath. 
Arms of Wade. Azure, a faltire between four efcallop fhells Or. 

See Burke's Hiftory of the Landed Gentry, 6th edit. 1879, page 1667. 


This family was anciently of note in Somerfet, and pedigrees of it are contained Dyer of 
in the Vifitations of that county. In addition to two baronetcies, 
one extinct, and the other now held by Sir Thomas-Swinnerton 
Dyer, it has produced many perfons of eminence, among whom 
ftand forth more prominently than the reft, — Sir James Dyer, Knt, 
Lord Chief Juftice of the Common Pleas, 1558, who died 24th 
March, 158 1-2, his will being dated 13th March, 1 581, and proved 
28th June, 1582, P.C.C. (Tirwhite, 28) ; Sir Edward Dyer, Knt, 
Chancellor of the Garter, a poet of the reign of Elizabeth, who DYER - 

was buried at S. Saviour's, Southwark, 11th May, 1607; and Edward Dyer, of 
Sharpham Park (buried at Glaftonbury, 26th Auguft, 166 1), who received a Com- 
miffion from Prince Charles, 27th January, 1644, to raife a regiment of Foot for 
the King, and to be Colonel thereof, which commiffion is in the pofleffion of the 
widow of the late Robert Dyer, M.A., Clerk in Holy Orders, of Bournemouth, 
who will be hereafter mentioned. A portrait of Sir James Dyer is in the pofleffion 
of the writer of this volume, and another was deftroyed by fire, 9th Auguft, 1877, 
together with the Town-Hall, Wincanton, where it was depofited. 

This family fuffered for its devotion to Charles I., and from that period it has 
generally been difficult to trace its hiftory. John Dyer, who in an old family paper 
is faid to have loft his eftates in the Civil War, was buried at Burrington in the 
County of Somerfet, 24th April, 1697, and left iflue by his wife Mary, who was 
buried there 6th April, 1695, a fon, William Dyer, who removed to Wootton-under- 
Edge, in Gloucefterfhire, and died there 13th Auguft, 1740, aged 54 years (will 
dated 19th April, and proved 6th December, 1740, P.C.C, Browne, 318). William 
Dyer had iftue by his wife Mary, who died 25th November, 1762, aged 68, nine 
children, baptifed at Wootton, whofe names are here given in order. 

I. Mary, baptifed nth February, 17 15-6, died 9th March, 1787, having been 
married at Wootton, 5th June, 1743, to Thomas Veyfie, whofe fon Daniel Veyfie, 
B.D., baptifed 24th November, 1754, became Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, 

1 60 Appe?idix. 

Whitehall Preacher, Bampton Lecturer, 1795, Rector of Plymtree, Devon, and Pre- 
bendary of Exeter, and died 7th July, 1832, having had iflue by his wife Ann, fifter 
of Sir John Arnold, K.C.B., a General in the Bengal Army, two fons, Daniel Veyfie, 
B.D., Student of Chrift Church, Oxford, and Vicar of Daventry, and Colonel William 
Veyfie, H.E.I.C.S., and three daughters, Anne, Mary, the wife of her coufin Robert 
Dyer, M.A., and Penelope-Gertrude. 

II. Elizabeth, baptifed 14th April, 17 18, and died 4th November, 1747, un- 

III. John, baptifed ift October, 1720, and died ift May, 1768, who married 
Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Webb of Cromhall Court, Gloucefterfhire, and fifter 
and co-heirefs of Thomas Webb of Stone in the fame county (the other co-heirefs 
was married to Sir John Coxe-Hippifley, Bart.), by whom he had iflue, befides other 
children, Samuel Dyer of Coombe, who married Anne, daughter of Lieut.-Col. 
William Adey of Uley, whofe grandfon and reprefentative is Samuel- Webb Dyer, 
LL.B., of Caius College, Cambridge. 

IV. William, baptifed 27th December, 1722, who will be mentioned prefently. 

V. Samuel, baptifed 6th June, 1725, and died 1 8th July, 1749, unmarried. 

VI. Thomas, baptifed 4th September, 1727, and buried 22nd October, 1731. 

VII. Charles, baptifed 9th September, 1729, and died 13th July, 1789, having 
married Sarah, daughter of Henry Winchcombe, by whom he left a fon, Harry- 
Winchcombe Dyer, J.P. and D.L. for Gloucefterfhire (baptifed 7th March, 1765, 
and died 20th July, 1835), who married Mary, daughter of Charles Lee, M.A., 
Head Mafter of Briftol Grammar School, by whom he had iflue three daughters, 
Anne, Emma, the wife of William Leman, and Ellen, and one fon, Charles Dyer of 
Woodend, Wootton, who died 3rd February, 1825, aged 28, and left iflue by his 
wife, Anne-Gravenor, daughter of John Lavifcount of Antigua, an only daughter, 
Mary-Lee, married to Henry Graves, M.D. of Cookftown, Ireland, and mother of 
Emma, Lady Cavagnari, widow of Sir Louis-Napoleon Cavagnari, killed at Cabul, 
3rd September, 1879. 

VIII. Thomas, buried 10th May, 1732. 

IX. Ann, baptifed 1 8th June, 1734, and died 22nd May, 18 16, unmarried. 
William Dyer (IV.) already mentioned, entered the medical profeflion, and 

married nth February, 1744-5, at S. Thomas', Briftol, by licence, Bridget, daughter 
of Job Charleton, 1 and died 25th January, 1805, and was buried at the entrance of 

1 Rice Charleton, gent, (brother of Job Charleton), had a daughter, Sufanna, married in 1750 to 
Harry-Farr Yeatman, gent., father of Hany-Farr Yeatman of Stock Houfe, Dorfet, and a fon, Rice 
Charleton, M.D., of Bath, who married nth November, 1757, Mifs Wright, niece of Sir Robert 
Henley, Lord Keeper (Earl of Northington), and was father of Robert-John Charleton, D.D., Vicar of 
Olvefton, Alvefton, and Elberton, Gloucefterfhire. This family is probably derived from Andrew 

Appendix. 1 6 1 

the Lady Chapel in S. Mary Redcliffe, Briftol, where his wife was alfo buried, having 
died 4th October, 1792. They had iflue — 

1. William-Charleton, born January, 1746, and died unmarried. 

2. Elizabeth, born February, 1 748, and married to Theophilus Thomas, by whom 
me left iflue. 

3. Mary, born December, 1749, and died unmarried. 

4. Samuel, born January, 175 1, became Colonel, 10th Bengal Native Infantry, 
and Quarter-Mafter General, and died 12th December, 1802, at Calcutta. He 
married Eliza- Ann Burdekin, January, 1794 (who married fecondly, 10th Auguft, 
1803, in Ireland, Captain John Lowe, who died 10th September, 18 16), and had 
iflue — i. Eliza-Mary, wife of George Proctor, M.D. ; ii. Emily, born 24th Auguft, 
1801, died 5th May, and buried nth May, 1876, at Borthwick, Midlothian, 
married to James Dewar of Vogrie, Midlothian, who died 13th October, 1869; and 
iii. Rofe-Lowe. 

5. Job-Charleton, born March, 1752, and died unmarried. 

6. Bridget, born February, 1754, and married to John Selwyn, Rector of Lug- 
garfliall and Coulfon, Wilts, and Succentor of Salifbury Cathedral, and left iflue. 
Their monument is in the South Tranfept of Salifbury Cathedral. 

7. Sarah, born October, 1755, and died unmarried. 

8. Charles, born December, 1756, and died unmarried. 

9. Robert, born 19th Auguft, 1759. 

10. Anne, born Auguft, 1760, and married to Jofeph Eyre, M.A., Vicar of 
S. Giles, Reading, and Prebendary of Mapefbury in S. Paul's Cathedral, whofe fifth 
daughter, Bridget, was married, 28th July, 18 12, to John-Fraunceis Fitz-Gerald, 
Knight of Glin, M.A., J.P., D.L., and High Sheriff of co. Limerick, 1830. 

1 1. Richard, born February, 1765, and died unmarried. 

12. Philip-Duval, born November, 177 1, and died unmarried. 

Robert Dyer, juft mentioned, a Doctor of Medicine, was born in Briftol, 19th 
Auguft, 1759, an< ^ died 16th February, 1830, and was buried at Sopworth, Wilts. 
He married 9th October, 1787, at Chipping Sodbury, Mary, fifter and heirefs of 
Robert-Trotman Coates, B.D., Fellow of Corpus Chrifti College, Oxford, and Rector 
of Sopworth and Steeple Langford, Wilts, — and daughter of Robert Coates, B.A., 
Rector of Little Sodbury, by Sarah, his wife, daughter of Francis Gold, B.A., Vicar . 
of Wapley, and Perpetual Curate of Rangeworth, by Mary, his wife, daughter of 
Jofeph Hardwicke, Lord of the Manor of Tytherington, Gloucefterfhire. She died 
1 8th December, 1836, and was buried at Sopworth. Their children were — 

Charleton, Sheriff of Briftol in 1620, and Mayor in 1634, who was a fcion of the Charleton family of 
Apley, Shropfhire, to which belonged Sir Job Charleton, Knt. and Bart., Chief Juftice of Chefler and 
Speaker of the Houfe of Commons, who died 27th May, 1697. 


1 62 Appendix. 

i. Maria-Trotman, born 13th November, 1788, and died 19th January, 1816. 

ii. Robert, M.A., Oxford, and M.D., Aberdeen, born 16th July, 1790, Clerk 
in Holy Orders. He married Mary, daughter of Daniel Veyfie, B.D., Fellow of 
Oriel College, previoufly mentioned, and died 8th September, 1878, and was buried 
at Sopworth, f.p. 

iii. Harriette, born 7th March, 1792, died 10th December, 1861, and buried at 

iv. Samuel, born October, 1793, and loft at fea off" the Mauritius in the " Bengal," 
14th March, 1809. 

v. William, Surgeon H.E.I.C.S., born 9th Auguft, 1795, went to New Zealand 
with his family, 20th June, 1853, and died at Auckland, 20th June, 1877. He 
married Charlotte, daughter of William Baker, Colonel 46th Grenadier N.I., and 
had iflue — William, who died young ; Robert-Coates, who married Caroline Fifher, 
and has iflue ; Henry-Hardwicke, who married Emma-Clinton, daughter of Major- 
General F.-K. -Clinton Baddeley, R.E., and has iflue; Mary-Charlotte, married 
to Alexander- Knowles Churton, and died in 1858, leaving iflue ; Harriette-Eliza- 
beth, married to Henry-S. Stratford, and has iflue ; Conftance-Louifa, married to 
Henry-Clinton-Salkeld Baddeley, fon of Major-General F.-K.-C. Baddeley, and has 
iflue ; Alice-Katharine, died young ; Charles-Carden, drowned near Auckland, 1 853 ; 
and Alice-Caroline, married 10th June, 1874,10 Frederick-Auguftus, eldeft furviving 
fon of F.-H.-Marvel Blaydes, M.A., Vicar of Harringworth, by Fanny-Maria his 
wife, eldeft daughter of Sir George-Thomas Page-Turner, Bart., of Battlefden Park, 
Beds, and Ambrofden, Oxon, and has iflue. 

vi. Charles, born^th July, 1797, died 13th January, 1848, and buried at 

vii. James-Hardwicke, B.D., born 19th June, 1799, Fellow of Trinity College, 
Oxford, and Vicar of Great Waltham, Eflex; died 14th November, 1871. He 
married firft, 9th February, 1 840, Maria-Anne, daughter of Charles Maitland, Rector 
of Little Langford, Wilts, and After of Charles Maitland who fucceeded as twelfth 
Earl of Lauderdale, ift September, 1878, by whom he had iflue — Mary-Elizabeth, 
who died young, and Harriet-Louifa. He married fecondly, 31ft May, 1 849, Emma- 
Paris, daughter of Thomas Mills, Vicar of Helion Bumpfted, Eflex, and had iflue — 
Hardwicke-Mills, M.A., Oriel College, Vicar of White Waltham, and Rector of 
Shottefbrook, Berks, who married Lilian-Mary, daughter of William-James Beadel, 
and has iflue; Emma-Mary, married to Clement-Fox Harvey, M.A., Rector and 
Canon of Truro, and had iflue; Frances- Elizabeth; Charlotte-Hefter, married to 
F.-R. Dicken, Commander R.N., and has iflue; Emily-Charlotte-Dewar ; and 
Charles-Robert, 77th Regiment. 
May°. viii. Charlotte, born 17th January, 1802, and baptifed at S. Peter's, Briftol, and 

rrics married to William Mayo, M.A., afterwards Rector of Folke, Dorfet. 

Charlotte J 





Appendix. i 6 3 

ix. Elizabeth- Anne, born 4th Auguft, 1803, died 4th February, 1882, and 
buried at Sopworth. 

Arms of Dyer. Or, a chief indented Gules, quartering, Quarterly, 1 and 4, 
Ermine, 2 and 3, Paly of fix Argent and Sable, Coates ; and Argent, a crofs Gules 
between four rofes of the fame the barbs Vert, Trotman. 


Sir Marcus Beresford, created Baron Beresford of Beresford co. Cavan, and Vif- De-ia-Poer 
count Tyrone, 4th November, 1720, and Earl of Tyrone, 1 8th July, 
1746, married Catherine Poer, Baronefs de-la-Poer, daughter and 
heirefs of James, third Earl of Tyrone, and had iflue a fecond fon, 
John de-la- Poer-Beresford, born 14th March, 1737-8, Barrifter-at- 
Law and a Commiflioner of the Revenue in Ireland. He married 
(as his firft wife), 12th November, 1760, Anne-Conftantia, daughter 
of General Count de Ligondes of the Houfe of Ligondes of Au- 
vergne in France, and had iflue a fecond fon, George de-la-Poer- de-la-poer- 
Beresford, Lord Bifhop of Kilmore and Ardagh, born 19th July, »«««>rd. 
1765, died 16th October, 1841. He married in 1794, Frances, daughter of Gervais- 
Parker Bufhe of Kilfaine, M.P. for Kilkenny, and had iflue John de-la-Poer-Beref- 
ford, born April, 1796, Colonial Secretary of the Ifland of S. Vincent. He married 
6th May, 1822, Harriet- Eliza, eldeft daughter of the Hon. William Wylly, Chief 
Juftice of S. Vincent, and died September, 1856. She died nth October, 1857, 
leaving an eldeft fon, George- William de-la- Poer-Beresford, born 5th June, 1823, 
Clerk to the Council, Adelaide. He married 19th June, 1848, Elizabeth-Hannah- 
Nicholfon, eldeft daughter of Captain Donald Maclean (born 16th February, 1824), 
and has iflue — 

1. May, born 6th Auguft, 1850. 

2. Donald-John, born 6th February, 1852. 

3. Arthur-George, born 18th November, 1853, married 5th April, 1877, Ellen- Arthur- 
Stuart, daughter of George Mayo, F.R.C.S., and has iflue— J^K- *" 

Arthur-Mordaunt, born 1 6th November, 1877. Beresford 

' t 1 marries 

George-Stewart, born 16th November, 1877, a twin. Eiien-stuart 

Ifabel- Marian, born 10th February, 1880. 

4. Richard, born 23rd June, 1856. 

5. Ethel-Maude, born 1 8th January, 1859. 

6. Dora, born 13th Auguft, i860. 

7. George-Clement, born 8th November, 1865, died 3rd March, 1877. 

164 Appendix. 

Arms quarterly, 1 and 4, Argent, crufilly-fitchee three fleurs-de-lis within a bor- 
dure engrailed Sable, Beresford ; 1 and 3, Argent, a chief indented Sable, La Poer. 


Chapter II. 

Page 14. Richard, fon of Thomas Elton, M.D., may be the author of the 
following treatife, a copy of which is in the pofleflion of Major Prower. " The 
Compleat Body of the Art Military : Exactly compiled, and gradually compofed for 
the Foot, in the beft refined manner, according to the practice of Modern Times 

The fecond Edition with new Additions, by Richard Elton, Lievtenant 

Collonel. London, Printed by R. and W. Leybourn, in Monkfwel-Street, in Lambes 
Chappel neer Criplegate, 1659." Folio. The frontifpiece contains a portrait of 
Richard Elton in armour, with the infcription, " Vera et Accvrata Effigies Richardi 
Eltoni Generofi Briftol, nee non Artis Militaris Magiftri ano 1649. ALtatis fu<e 39," 
and the Elton arms and creft, with a crefcent for difference. He was an officer in 
the Militia of the City of London, and in the epiftle dedicatory, addrefled to Thomas, 
Lord Fairfax, " Captain General of all Military Forces for the Parliament of 
England," he fays, " In all whofe Honorable and fuccefsfull Undertakings I had an 
aime at no greater happinefle, then to have been the leaft Part in fo noble an 

Imployment under your Excellency, had not the Military Affairs of this 

Honorable Metropolis unavoidably engaged and oblieged me to attend the Service 
of their own Militia ", and fpeaks of his book as having " broken from the wombe 
of my feven yeers endevours." " Aprill 13, 1649. Imprimatur, Sir Nathanael 

Page 23- Arms of Powles : Azure, a fefs Ermine between three lions paflant 
Or. Haynes : Argent, on a fefs Gules, between three demi-hinds couped Azure, as 
many bezants. Coles : Argent, a bull paflant Sable, on a bordure of the fecond ten 

Chapter IV. 

Page 54. The name Thermuthis occurs on a tablet in Langley Burrell Church, 
Wilts, as the name of the wife of Robert Afhe, Efq., and daughter of Samuel Marty n, 
Efq., of Kennett, who died 21ft December, 1823, aged 76 years. 

Page 58. Matilda, daughter of Major Robert Horfley, and widow of John 
Mayo, died at Stoke-next-Guildford, 11th March, and was buried at Avebury, 
17th March, 1882. 


Appendix. 165 

Page 66. Anne-Agatha, daughter of James Mayo, B.D., and Annie his wife, 
was born 27th November, 1881, and baptifed 6th January, 1882, at Watford, 
Herts. James Mayo is author of " On Metaphor in Preaching," Newport-Pagnell, 
1 87 1, and " Ceres and Proferpine, a Tranflation from Ovid," Watford, 1881. 

Chapter VIII. 

Page 134. Margorie-Stewart, daughter of Alexander-Stewart and Kate Paterfon, 
was born 27th September, 1881. 

Chapter IX. 

Page 139. Robert Copeman is B.A., Clare College, Cambridge, and Hugh- 
Charles Copeman, is Lieut., ift Battalion, EfTex Regiment. 


)BBEY Dore, Rec- 
tory of, 23. 
Abbott, 77, 86. 
Aberdeen Univer- 

Abernethy, Letter from Dr., 59. 
Abrahall, 36. 
Adams, 126, 155. 
Adeane, 149-150. 
Adeane, 118. 
Adey, 160. 
Adys, 15. 
Ainfworth, 67. 
Alderne, 141-143. 
Alderne, 68. 
Alexander, 153. 
Alford, 47. 

Alice, The Princefs, 6z, 65. 
Alice Hofpital, Darmftadt, 62, 

Allan, 48. 
Allway, 136. 

Alvefton, Vicarage of, 160. 
Amwell, Little, Vicarage of, 146. 
Andrews, 66. 
Anne, Queen, Portrait of, 91, 

Antiquaries, Society of, £9. 
Ap-Harry, 145. 
Arney, 23. 
Arnold, 117, 160. 
Arundel, Earl of, 156. 
Afhe, 99, 164. 

Afhley, 54. 

Afhton, 139. 

Afton of Tixall, 14, 16, 17, 19, 

Atchin, Dutch War at, 63. 

Athawes, 94. 

Atkinfon, 52. 

Aubery, 52. 

Audeley, 7, II. 

Auftin, 68, 120, 141. 

Avebury, Vicarage of, 42, 52, 

5 6 . 57- 
Awdry, 50. 

Bacon, 127. 

Baddeley, 162. 

Badlefmere, Lord, 156. 

Baggefhewe, 20. 

Baggett, 31. 

Baker, 45, 55, 56, 97, 162. 

Baldwin, 22, 156. 

Bampton Lecturer, 160. 

Barfoot, 56. 

Barker, 143, 145, 146. 

Barrett, 149. 

Barwis, 46. 

Baflet, 139. 

Ballard, 56. 

Batchelor, 152. 

Batterfby. 154, 159. 

Bayne, 83. 

Beadel, 162. 

Beard, 29. 

Beecher, 120. 

Beeckingftoke, Reftory of, 45, 

Belknap, 13. 

Bell, Sir Charles, 1 10-113. 
Belton, Reftory of, 151. 
Benfon, 31. 
Beresford, 163-164. 
Beresford, 134. 
Berrow, Vicarage of, 153. 
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Bethell, 11, 51, 83. 
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Biddulph, 21, 27, 28, 33, 71. 
Bill, 148-149. 
Bill, 108. 
Birch, 40. 

Bilhop, 56, 151, 157. 
Bifmark, 62. 
Blacker, 103. 
Blackland, Reftory of, 56. 
Blackleech, 17, 33. 
Blades, 94. 
Blagrove, 55. 
Blake, 150. 
Blanchard, 53. 
Blandy, 90, 98. 
Blaydes, 162. 

Boddington, Reftory of, 15 I. 
Bohun, 156. 
Bonville, Lord, 1 56. 
Boft, 55. 
Bofwell, 137. 
Bouchier, 156. 
Boulcott, 37. 




Boys, 37. 

Bradftone, Rectory of, 153. 

Bray, 18, 19, 33. 

Brereton, 36. 

Brett, 139. 

Bridges, 40. 

Bridgnorth Grammar School, 

Bridgwater, Earl of, 156. 
Briggs, 108. 
Brome, 69, 1 00. 
Bromwich, 19. 
Brookman, 55. 
Browne, 73, 123, 124. 
Brydges, 150. 
Buck, 40. 
Buckenhill, 18, 29. 
Buckland, Kent, Rectory of, 

Buckle, 92. 
Buckley, 48. 
Bucknill, 34. 
Bullock, 30. 
Bunbury, 154. 
Burdekin, 161. 
Burgherfh, Lord, 13. 
Burroughs, 32. 
Burton, Long, cum Holneft, 

Vicarage of, 131. 
Burton, 12. 
Bum, 46, 47, 88. 
Bufhe, 163. 
Butcher, 53. 
Byrde, 12. 

Caldwell, 146. 

Calne Grammar School, 53. 

Cambridge Univerfity: — 

Caius College, 92, 109, 

Clare Hall, 93. 

Corpus Chrifli College, 


Downing College, 152. 
Pembroke College, 139. 
Trinity College, 21, 26, 
66, 78, 94, 144. 
Cannynge, 12. 

Capron, 125. 
Carden, 158. 
Carew, 12, 153. 
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Carus-Wilfon, 1 46. 
Cafterton, Inc. of, 146. 
Caitile, Eleanor of, 13, 156. 
Caftle Combe, Rectory of, 1 36. 
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Charles II., Portrait of, 91, 98- 
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Chefhunt, Manor of Andrews 
and Le Motte, 89, 90, 91, 


Chefhunt Great House, Hatch- 
ments at, 99. 

Chefhunt Great Houfe, Portraits 
at, 97-99. 

Chefhyre, 27. 

Chichelter, 156. 

Childe, 34. 

Childrey, Rectory of, 7. 

Childs, 157. 

Chippenham, M.P. for, 39. 

Chitterne All Saints, Rectory 
of, 152. 

Chitterne S. Mary, Rectory of, 

Chriikhurch, Middlefex, Rec- 
tory of, 71. 

Chriftian, 66, 139, 141. 

Church Brampton, Rectory of, 

Churton, 162. 

Clare, 46. 

Clare, Gilbert de, 13 

Clayton cum Keymer, Rectory 

of, 148. 
Clement or Clements, 153. 
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Corringham, Rectory of, 27, 28, 


Cory, 139. 

Cotton, 8. 

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Courtenay, 156. 

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Cox, 19. 

Coxe-Hippifley, 161. 

Cradley, Rectory of, 31. 

Crambe, Vicarage of, 55. 

Crayford, 12. 

Creech, 56. 

Crifpin, 109. 

Croft, Rectory of, 25. 

Croft, 25. 

Cromwell, Richard, Portrait of, 

Croton, 131. 

Cryckelade, Vicarage of, 7. 
Culpepper, 14. 

Dacre, Lord, 109. 
Dacres, 90, 99. 
Dalton, 153. 
Daniel, 158. 
DAubenay, 156. 



Dauncey, 148. 

Daventry, Vicarage of, 160. 

Davies, 1 19. 

Davifon, Rev. John, Letter by, 

Dean, 56. 
Delamotte, 55. 
De-la-Poer, 163. 
Denifon, 88. 
Dennis, 60. 
Denny, 90. 
Denton, 12. 
Defbovery, 90. 
Defpenfer, 13. 
Devereux, 13. 
Devizes, Reftory of, 151. 
Devon, Earl of, 156. 
Dewar, 161. 
Dicken, 162. 

Dinedor, Reftory of, 147. 
Dineley, 100. 
Ditteridge, Reftory of, 53. 
Docking, Vicarage of, 139, 140. 
Domelaw, 97. 
Donaldfon, 134. 
DornfeifF, Letter from, 63. 
Dowding, 48. 
Draycott, Reftory of, 148. 
Drew, 54. 
Drewe, 34. 
Driver, 34. 
Druitt, I 36-138. 
Druitt, 58, 66, 141. 
Druitt, Dr. Robert, Notes by 

106, 1 10. 
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Dyer, 130, 131, 151. 
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Eden, 120. 

Edmonton, Manor of Deep- 
hams, 103. 

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Edwards, 14. 

Eggbrecht, 55. 

Elberton, Vicarage of, 160. 

Eliot, 48. 

Elizabeth, Queen, Portrait of 
91, 98. 

Elliot, 19, 48. 

Ellis, 17. 

Elton, PaJJim in chap. II. 

Elton, vii., 71, 84, 148, 164. 

Elton, alias Baker, 7. 

Elton, alias Birte or Birts, 34. 

Elton, Foundation at B. N. C, 

Elton, Dorothy = Adys, Nicho- 
las, 15. 
„ Ambrofe = Afton, Anne, 

„ Thomas = Afton, Jane, 


„ Elizabeth = Baggett, 
James, 31. 

„ George = Beard, Eliza- 
beth, 29. 

„ John = Benfon, Anne, 


„ Gertrude = Blackleerh, 

Abraham, 17. 
„ Ambrofe = Bray, Mary, 

„ Margery = Buckenhill, 

John, 29. 
„ Elizabeth = Bucknill, 

John, 34. 
„ Mary = Bullock, 


„ Edward = Burroughs, 
Hefter, 32. 

„ William = Carew, Mar- 
gery, 12. 

„ William = Carpenter, 
Mary, 32. 

„ Elizabeth = Childe, 
Richard, 34. 

Elton, Sufanna = Coles, John, 

„ Catherine = Comerall, 

Frederick, 30. 
„ Arthur (alias Birts) = 

Drewe, Anne, 34. 
„ George = Elton, Eleanor, 


„ Anne (alias — ) = Evans, 
John, 34. 

„ Charles = Fowler, Mary, 

„ Ann = Gardiner, Tho- 
mas, 34. 

„ John = Garners, Anne, 


,, John = Gwynne, Eliza- 
beth, 32. 

„ Sufanna = Hall, Richard, 

„ Anne = Hammond, 
James, 30. 

„ Sufanna = Hankins, Wil- 
liam, 34. 

„ John = Haynes, Eliza- 
beth, 3 1 . 

„ Edward = Hay ward, 
Joane, 29. 
Mary = Holyland, 
Chriftopher, 30. 

„ Ann = Hope, John, 


„ Martha = Hopkins, Ste- 
phen, 30. 

„ Margaret = Jauncey, 
Francis, 3 1 . 

„ Anne = Jauncey, James, 

„ Martha = Jones, Thomas, 

„ Hefter = Kirkman, 

Jofeph, 30. 
„ Edward = Langford, 

Elizabeth, 34. 
„ William = Leighton, 

Margery, 12. 
„ Alice = Lettice (Lieut.), 




Elton, Elizabeth = Lloyd, Per- 
cival, 32. 
„ Joan = Love, William, 


„ Anne = Lucy, Jonathan, 

„ Peter = Matthews, Eliza- 
beth, 32. 

„ Elizabeth = Matthews, 
Richard, 30. 

„ Mary = Minors, Tho- 
mas, 30. 

„ Sybil = Nalhe, Anthony, 

„ Peter = Norris, Ann, 


,, Joyce = Northen, 
Anthony, 1 5. 

„ Margaret = Painter, 
Richard, 3T. 

„ John = Parker, Eliza- 
beth, 29. 

„ Elizabeth = Perks, John, 


„ Judith = Phillips, Vin- 
cent, 17. 

„ Mary = Powles, Michael, 


„ Margery = Scrivener, 
Hugh, 15. 

„ Anthony = Scudamore, 
Alice, 13. 

„ Elizabeth = Seaborne, 
Richard, 12. 

„ Martha = Sheriff, Tho- 
mas, 32. 

„ Joyce = Skynner, Ed- 
ward, 16. 

„ Conftance = Skynner, 
John, 16. 

„ Peter = Smith, Eleanor, 


„ John = Sparkes, Mary- 
Ann, 33. 

„ Maud = Stocke, Tho- 
mas, 34. 

„ Elizabeth = Unett, Rich- 
ard, 16. 

Elton, Anne = Unett, William, 

Marie = Weaver, Ed- 
mond, 17. 

Thomas = Wickham, 
Hefter, 30. 

Anne = Willaffon, Rich- 
ard, 12. 

Anne = Willis, Thomas, 

William = Wilse, Sybil, 

Elwood, 153. 

Enfield, S. James, V. of 93. 
Ernie, 11, 12. 
Ernly, 23. 
Ellington, 56. 
Eton College, 108, 120. 
Evans, 34. 
Ewe, Earl of, 156. 
Exeter Cathedral, Prebend at, 

Eyre, 161. 

Fairfax, Thomas, Lord, 126, 

Fairfax, Thomas, Lord, Portrait 

of, 91, 98. 
Falkland, Lucius Cary, Lord, 

Portrait of, 98. 
Fellowes, 103. 
Ferrers, Lord, 13. 
Fettiplace, 8, 99. 
Field, 155. 
Finch, 88. 
Fifher, 162. 
Fitz-Alan, 156. 
Fitz-Gerald, 52, 161. 
Fitz-Herbert, 149. 
Fitz-Mahu, 2. 
Fitz-Warine, Lord, 1 56. 
Flack, 95. 
Flower, 53. 
Floyer, 23, 33. 
Folke, Reclory of, 128. 
Follanfby, 157. 
Ford, 54. 
Fortefcue, I 56. 

Foulds, 137. 

Foundling Hofpital, 101. 

Fowler, 30. 

Francis, 55. 

Freeman, 126. 

Frodfham, 6. 

Froxfield Hofpital, 47, 48. 

Full:, 20. 

Gainesford, 156. 

Gal ton, 63. 

Gandy, 133. 

Gardiner, 34. 

Garners, 34. 

Gearing, 151. 

Geers, 100. 

Geological Society, 93, 110. 

GlBBES, I 5I-I53. 

Gibbes, 51, I 22. 

Gibbons, 54, 56. 

Glafgow Univerfity, 134. 

Gloucefler, Duke of, 156. 

Gloucefter, Earl of, 13. 

Gloucefterlhire, High Sheriff of, 
19, 120. 

Goddard, 46, 53. 

Goff, 136. 

Gold, 161. 

Goode, 1 1 . 

Goodeve, 144. 

Goodier, 37. 

Gore, 136. 

Gorge, 37. 

Gorges, 38. 

Granfmore, 1 53. 

Grant, 61, 154. 

Graver-Browne, 140. 

Graves, 1 60. 

Greenhoufe, 38. 

Greenway, 149. 

Gregory, 17. 

Gretford-cum-Wililhorpe, Rec- 
tory of, 109. 

Grey, 140. 

Grundy, 148. 

Guile, 68, 141, 143. 

Guffage All Saints, Vicarage of, 




Gutch, 136. 
Gwillim, 38, 39, 40. 
Gwillym, 10. 
Gwilt, 99. 
G wynne, 32, 33. 

Hackford-eum-Whitwell, Rec- 
tory of, 92. 

Hacklayt, II. 

Haldenby, 143. 

Hale, 120. 

Hall, 20-21. 

Hall, 19, 24, 26, 33, 53. 

Hamilton, 124, 158. 

Hammond, 30. 

Hankford, 156. 

Hankins, 34. 

Hardwicke, 75, 161. 

Hardwicke, Earl of, 1 50. 

Hare, I 39-141. 

Hare, 66, 137. 

Harington, 48. 

Harman, 93. 

Harnham, Eaft, V. of, 131. 

Harringworth, V. of, 162. 

Harrifon, 148. 

Harrow School, 78. 

Harvey, 138, 152, 162. 

Hafte, 55. 

Hawkins, vii., 105. 

Hayes, 135-136. 

Hayes, 41. 

Haynes, 31, 32, 164. 

Hayward, 29, 44, 45. 

Hazeland, 5 1 . 

Head, 22, 23. 

Helion Bumpftead, V. of, 

Helton, 6. 

Helyon, 145. 

Heneage, 47, 51. 

Henley, 139, 160. 

Henrietta Maria, Queen, Por- 
trait of, 99. 

Heralds' College, Letters 
Patent from, 71. 

Hereford, Archd. of, 8. 

Hereford, Bifhop of, 5. 

Hereford Cathedral : — 
Chancellorfhip of, 7. 
Prebend of Bartonlham, 

Prebend of Cublington, 26. 
Prebend of Hinton, 23. 
Prebend of Withington 

Parva, 7. 
Precentorfhip of, 23. 
Hereford, Earl of, 156. 
Hereford, Mayors of, 68, ioo, 

Hereford, M.P. for, 17, 38, 


Hereford, Cuflos of S. Giles 

Hofpital, 68. 
Hereford, R. of S. Nicholas, 

83. HT- 

Herefordfhire, High Sheriffs of, 
16, 18, 37, 38, 69, 142, 

Hefketh, 144. 
Hicks, Dr., Portrait of, 98. 
Higgins, 158. 
Hill, 10, 20, 25. 
Hille, 12. 
Hillier, 42, 46. 
Hillingdon, S. Andrew's, V. of, 

Hobart-Hampden, 137. 
Hobfon, 40. 
Holford, 43. 
Holland, 23, 39, 40. 
Holley, 92. 
Holliday, 136. 
Holyland, 30. 
Home and Colonial School 

Society, 75, 79, 80. 
Honywood, 68, 141, 142. 
Hope, 13, 135. 
Hopkins, 30. 
Hopkinfon, 137. 
Horlock, 56. 
Horneby, 7. 
Horsfall, 148. 
Horfley, 58, 164. 
Hofkyns, 17, 24. 
Houghton, 131. 

Howard, 101. 

Hudfon, Portrait by, 98. 

Hughes, 38, 87. 

Huifh, II. 

Huifh (Wilts), R. of, 47, 151. 

Humphrys, 149. 

Hungerford, Lord, 156. 

Hunt, 38. 

Hurft, 148. 

Hutchinfon, 119, 120. 

Hutton, 12. 

Huxley, 90, 98, 99. 

Ilcheiter, Reftory of, 151. 
Ikon, 15. 
Indian Navy, 95. 
Ingraham, 125, 1 26. 
Ingram, I 26. 
Irons, 87. 

Irvin, Vifcount, 126. 
Ivie, 14. 

James II., Portrait of, 91, 97. 

James, 72. 

Jamifon, 155. 

Jaques, 152. 

Jarrett, 37. 

Jauncey or Jauncie, 15, 31, 

Jefferies, 36. 
Jeffries, 144. 
Johns, 137. 

Jones, 19, 30, 55, 150. 
Juxon, Abp., Portrait of, 91, 

Keith, 140. 

Kemble, Vicarage of, 143. 

King, Rev. Arnold, Portrait of, 

King's College, London, 67, 

no, 113, 115, 131, 153. 
Kip, 125, 126. 
Kirkman, 30, 82. 
Knapp, 131, 143. 
Kneller, Portraits by, 98. 




Knowlys, 143-144. 
Knowlys, 73, 81. 

Lacon, 12, 13, 33, 145. 

Landon, 89, 99. 

Lancham, Vicarage of, 93. 

Langford, 34, 72. 

Langford, Little, Reftory of, 

Langford, Steeple, Reftory of, 

130, 161. 
Langrine, 40. 

Laud, Abp., Portrait of, 91, 98. 
Lauderdale, Earl of, 162. 
Lavifcount, 160. 
Law, 150. 
Laxton, 48. 
Le Blanc, 146. 
Lechmere, 145. 
Ledbury, Manor of, 6, 26. 
Ledbury, Manor of Hazle, 6. 
Ledbury, Reftory of, 7, 2;. 
Ledbury, Vicarage of, 26. 
Lee, 160. 
Leigh, 158. 

Leigh Delamere, R. of, 152. 
Leighton, 12, 13, 33, 71. 
Lely, Portrait by, 98. 
Leman, 93, 160. 
Lemon, 158. 

Letheringfett, V. of, 123, 124. 
Lettice, 1 5. 
Levett, 16. 
Lewes, II. 
Lewis, 96. 

Leyden Univerfity, 110. 
Ligondes, Count de, 163. 
Limerick, High Sheriff of, 161. 
Lincoln Cathedral, Prebend at, 

Linde, 55. 
Lingen, 25, 33. 
Lille, 147. 

Littleton Drew, R. of, 136. 
Llandaff, Archdeaconry of, 23. 
Lloyd, 32, 97, 158. 
London Univerfity, 67, 115. 
Long, 10. 

Lonfdale, 105, 106, 117. 
Loti, Carlo, Pifture by, 98. 
Loughton, Reftory of, 94. 
Love, 34. 
Loveday, I 54. 
Lowe, 161. 
Lucy, 18, 19, 33. 
Luggarfhall, Reftory of, 161. 

Maclean, 163. 

Madox, Mr., Portrait of, 98. 

Magendie, ill, 113. 

Mainprize, 93. 

Maitland, 162. 

Mallory, 126. 

Mantell, 109. 

March, 157. 

Marcle, Much, Manor of 

Helens, 13, 145. 
Marcle, Much, Vicarage of, 21, 

23, 26. 
Marlborough College, I 3 I. 
Marlborough, S. Peter, R. of, 

7, 131. 

Marlh, 126. 

Martin, 70. 

Mary I., Portrait of, 98. 

Mary II., Portrait of, 98. 

Matching, Vicarage of, I 3 I. 

Matthew, 92. 

Matthews, 11, 17, 30, 32. 

Mauntell, 109. 

May, 1, 3, 4. 

Maycock, 3. 

Mayer, 4. 

May hew, &c, Chap. I. 

Maynard, 42, I 23. 

Mayo, PaJJim in chapters I., 

III.,. IV., V., VI., VII., and 

Mayo, vii, viii, 11, 23, 28, 29, 

3i. 3 2 > '35. 137. '39. H3. 
144, 145, 146, 148, 150, 152, 
154, 155, 158, 162, 163-5. 

Mayo, Richaid, Bifliop of Here- 
ford, 5, 4 I, 44. 

Mayo Exhibitioners, Lill of, 

Mayo, William = Adeane, Do- 
rothy, 118, 150. 

Thomas = Ainfworth, 
Lucy-Elizabeth, 67. 

Charles = Alderne, 
Anne, 68, 143. 

James = Andrews, 
Annie, 66. 

Herbert = Arnold, Jef- 
fica-Matilda, 1 17. 

Lucy = Alhley, Peter, 

Herbert-Harman = 
Athawes, Sarah-Anne, 

Elizabeth - Mercy = 

Bacon, Charles Finny, 

Arthur = Baker, Ellen- 

Horfer, 97. 
Thirmuthis = Baker, 

Henry, 55. 
James = Barfoot, Jane, 

Anna-Katharine = Bayne, 

Peter, 83. 
Ellen-Stuart = Beref- 

ford, Arthur-George 

De-la-Poer, 134, 163. 
Sufanna = Bethell, 

Samuel, 83, 148. 
Thomas = Bill, Lydia, 

108, 148. 
Charles- William = 

Blades, Mary-Ann, 94. 
Thomas-Alfred = Bla- 

grove, Margaret- Law- 

rance, 55. 
James = Blanchard, 

Mary, 53. 
Humphrey = Boulcott, 

Mary, 37. 
Richard = Bridges, Mil- 
dred, 40. 
Jofeph = Browne, Mary, 

James = Buck, Maria- 

Florentina, 40. 



Mayo, Paggen-William = 

Buckle, Charlotte, 92. 

„ John = Butcher, Jane, 


„ George-Gibbes = Ca- 
pron, Elizabeth, 125. 

„ Jofeph = Chafe, Sarah- 
Samuel, 124, 158. 

„ John = Cock, Jane, 

,, Herbert = Coldham, 
Mary, 87. 

„ Charles-Theodore = 
Collins, Mary - Anne, 

„ Mary = Collins, Thomas, 

„ John - Pole = Crifpin, 

Sarah, 109. 
„ Jofeph = Davies, Mary, 

„ William = Delamotte, 

Louifa, 55. 
„ Charles = Dennis, Jane, 

„ George - Gibbes = 

Donaldfon, Henrietta- 
Mary, 134. 
„ Mary = Drew, William, 


„ Matilda -Jane = Druitt, 
James, 58, 137. 

„ Jane = Druitt, Robert, 
66, 137. 

„ William = Dyer, Char- 
lotte, 130, 162. 

„ Elizabeth = Eggbrecht, 
D.-N.-C, 55. 

„ John = Fellowes, Fran- 
ces-Lavinia, 103. 

„ Sarah - Louifa = Flack, 
Walter-Sutton, 95. 

„ Mary-Jane = Ford, 54. 

„ Ann-Legaffic = Francis, 
George, 55. 

„ Janet - Content = Free- 
man, Charles-Alfred, 

Mayo, George = Gandy, Maria, 


„ Jofeph = Gibbes, Mary- 
Jane, 122, 152. 

„ Lucy = Gibbons, John, 


„ Mary = Greenhoufe, 38. 

„ Jane = Gwillim,Tamber- 
lain, 38. 

„ Barbara = Hare, Hum- 
phrey-John, 66, 139. 

„ Herbert = Harman, 
Sarah, 93. 

„ Edward = Hafte, Cathe- 
rine-Mary, 55. 

„ John = Hayes, Joane,'4i, 

„ John = Hay ward, Mary, 


„ John = Hillier, Eliza- 
beth, 46. 

„ James = Hobfon, Rachel, 

„ Mary = Holland, Rogers, 

„ John = Horfley, Matilda, 


„ Mary - Jofephine = 

Houghton, Charles- 
Adams, 131. 

„ Henry-Herbert = Ingra- 
ham, Agnes, 125. 

„ Thomas = Jauncey, Mar- 
garet, 31. 

„ William - Robert = 
Knapp, Anne, 131. 

„ Charles = Knowlys, 
Elizabeth, 73, 144. 

„ Charles = Landon, 
Louifa, 89. 

„ Theodofia - Elizabeth = 
Leman, Thomas-Fran- 
cis, 93. 

„ Edward = Lloyd, Mary- 
Grey, 97. 

„ Jeffica-Matilda = Lons- 
dale, James - John, 

Mayo, Charles- Erflcine = Main- 
prize, Elizabeth, 93. 

„ John = Mantell, Mari- 
anne-Frances, 109. 

„ John- Browne = Marfh, 
Sarah-Mehetabel, 126. 

„ Jane = Maynard, Jacob, 

„ Emily = Merriman, Ed- 
ward, 81. 

„ Thomas = Meyler, Eliza, 


„ Thomas = Meyler, Mary, 

„ John = Ogilvie, Mary- 
Hunter, 109. 

„ Kate = Paterfon, Alex- 
ander-Stewart, 133. 

„ Charles - Thomas = 
Mary-Hayward, 108. 

„ James = Pigott, 40. 

„ Martha - Conftance = 
Porcelli, Erneft-Fre- 
derick-Jofeph, 83. 

„ Charles = Prichard, 
Anne, 28, 68. 

„ Herbert = Quin, Mary- 
Anne-Grace, 82. 

„ Mary - Jane = Reid, 
Richardfon, 133. 

„ James = Rofe, Ann, 53. 

„ George = Ruffell, Ellen- 
Anne, 1 34. 

,, James = Saunders, Mary, 

„ Margaret = Shayle, Wil- 
liam, 31. 

„ Charles = Shepheard, 
Mary, 78, 146. 

„ Anne = Smith, John, 


„ Thomas = Spencer, 

Elizabeth, 31. 
„ William-Maynard = Ste- 

venfon, Annette, 125. 
„ Thomas = Symonds, 

Sufan - Mary, Lady. 




Mayo, Charles = Taylor, Ann, 

„ Herbert - Harman = 
Thorp, Jane - Sophia, 
„ Elizabeth = Tucker, 

Thomas, 45. 
„ Charles = Wade, F.-C- 

A.-H., 124, 158. 
„ Thomas = Watkins, De- 
borah, 100. 
„ James = Willis, Jane, 

„ Charlotte - Sufan = 
Woodward, Henry- 
Robert, 126, 154. 
„ Mary - Jane = Wood- 
ward, William-Edward, 
124, 155. 
„ Newman - Knowlys = 
Wroughton, Frances, 
„ Caroline - Matilda = 
Wyatt, George-Robert, 
„ Alfred = Wyllie, Eliza- 
beth, 55. 
Mayos, 3. 
Mayot, 3. 
McCall, 131. 

McKinlay, the Explorer, 134. 
Meade, 52. 
Meath, High Sheriff of, 124, 

154, 158. 
Meldon, Rectory of, 144. 
Melford, Vicarage of, 144. 
Merchant Taylors' School, 73, 

Meredyth, 154, 156. 
Merriman, 81. 
Meyler, 67. 
Middlefex Hofpital, 92, 101, 

no, 113, 115. 
Middleton, 148. 
Middleton, Sir Hugh, Portrait 

of 91, 97. 
Middleton Cheney, R. of, 84. 
Miles, 155. 

Miller, izo. 
Mills, 162. 
Minchin, 154. 
Minors, 27, 28, 30, 71. 
Mods, North, Reftory of, 

Moore, Vifcount, 1 56. 
Morris, 91, 148. 
Murray, 153. 
Myldenhall, Reftory of, 7. 

Name, 1 3. 

Nelfon, 12, 144. 

Newbould, 139. 

Newman, 144. 

Newton, 1 1. 

Nichols, alias Maio, 4. 

Nightingale, 144. 

Norris, 13, 29. 

Northen, 1 5. 

Northington, Earl of, 160. 

Northey, 53. 

Norton Biihop, Vicarage of, 8. 

Norwich, S. Mary Coflany, 

P. C. of, 92. 
Nutt, 48. 
Nuttall, Vicarage of S.Andrew's, 


O'Brien, 158. 

Ogilvie, 109. 

Okyng, 12. 

Olvefton, Vicarage of, 160. 

Orgarfwick, Kent, Manor of, 

Orrery, Earl of, Portrait of, 91, 

Ofborne, 150. 
Oxford, Archd. of, 5. 
Oxford Univerfuy : — 
Chancellorfhip of, 5. 
Coroner of, 62. 
Graduates of, 1. 
Profefformip of Anglo- 
Saxon, 88. 
All Souls' College, 123. 
Balliol College, 8, 21, 23, 
26, 78. 

Oxford Univerfity: — 

Brafenofe College, 8, 10, 

14, 16, 17, 23, 24, 26, 

27, 28, 29, 32, 71, 84, 

101, 1 17, 1 18, 122, 147, 

148, 150. 
Chrift Church, 25, 108, 

123, 136, 137, 160. 
Corpus Chrifti College, 32, 

130, 161. 
Exeter College, 131, 137, 

140, 142, 152. 
Lincoln College, 124, 

1 32. 
Magdalen College, 5, 27, 

123, 1 52. 
Merton College, 1 50. 
New College, 5, 61, 64, 

123, 138. 
Oriel College, 8, 76, 101, 

103, 104, 108, 146, 

148, 159, 162. 
Pembroke College, 57, 94. 
Queen's College, 43, 47, 

52, 56, 57, 60, 136, 

139, 140. 
S. John's College, 73, 83, 

88, 91. 
Trinity College, 27, 39, 

1 19,136, 138, 140, 152, 

Univerfity College, 1 20. 
Wadham College, 139, 

Worcefter College, 66, 73, 

100, 123. 
Hart Hall, 22, 42. 
Hynxey Hall, 7. 
Magdalen Hall, 28, 60, 

88, 96, 127, 136. 
S. Alban Hall, 27. 
S. Edmund Hall, 97, 

Ozleworth, Rectory of, 1 20. 

Page-Turner, 162. 
Paggen, 87, 90, 91. 
Painter, 3 1. 



Palmer, 89, 90, 99. 

Papworth, 55. 

Parker, 29. 

Partington, 153. 

Paterfon, 133, 165. 

Pattenfon, 139. 

Payn, 33. 

Peacock, 149. 

Peake, 98. 

Pearley, 88. 

Peirce, 135. 

Pemberton, 134. 

Penkhull, Vicarage of, 147. 

Perks, 30. 

Perrin, 108. 

Peftalozzi, 73, 75, 76, 79. 

Phelps, 43, 48. 

Philip of Spain, Portrait of, 

Phillimore, 118. 
Phillips, 17. 
Philpott, 142. 
Phyficians, R. College of, 62, 

92, 101, 104, 105, 137, 

Pigott, 40. 

Plantagenet, 13, 156. 
Plaxtol, P. C. of, 83. 
Pledge, 140. 

Plymtree, Reclory of, 160. 
Poley, 89. 
Poore, 46. 
Pope, 43. 
Porcelli, 83. 
Porter, 143. 
Portfea, S. John's, Vicarage of, 

Powell, 131. 
Powles, 31, 164. 
Prichard, 25-29. 
Prichard, 11, 68, 71, 88. 
Proctor, 161. 
Prower, 33. 
Publications, 47, 60-66, 76-78, 

80, 81, 83, 102, 106-108, 

1 1 6, 117, 121, 123, 134, 

137, 164, 165. 
Purvis, 138. 

Pye, 145. 
Quin, 82. 

Radnor, Earl of, Portrait of, 
91, 98. 

Rallton, 157. 

Randolph, 27, 28, 34. 

Rangeworth, P. C. of, 161. 

Ratcliffe, Stepney, Reftory of, 

Ratclyffe, 1 1 . 

Ravenfcroft, 103. 

Raynsford, 37. 

Reading, S. Giles, Vicarage of, 

Readinge, 36. 

Reid, 133. 

Rendall, 1 1. 

Reynolds, 75. 

Richards, 103. 

Richmond, George, R.A., Por- 
trait by, 105, 107. 

Ridgway, 10. 

Riding, Eaft, Archd. of, 5. 

Roche, 13. 

Rochefter, Chancellor of, 142. 

Rodd, 142. 

Roe, 142. 

Rogers, 53. 

Rofe, 43, 53. 

Roter, 6. 

Row ton, 147. 

Royal Inflitution, Lectures at, 
75, 136. 

Royal Society, Fellows of, 89, 
104, 1 10, 152. 

Rudbaxton, Reftory of, 67. 

Rufh, 84. 

Ruffe], 157. 

Ruflell, 134. 

S. Bartholomew's Hofpital, 127. 

S. George's, Middlefex, Rec- 
tory of, 84. 

S. Marylebone Infirmary, 104. 

S. Paul's Cathedral, Prebend 
of Mapefbury at, 161. 

Salilbury Cathedral : — 

Prebend of Fordington, 


Prebend of Grantham, 
North, 7. 

Prebend of Grantham, 
South, 7. 

Prebend of Grimftone, 7, 8 

Prebend of Ram (bury, 5. 

Succentorfhip of, 161. 
Salilbury, Earl of, 90. 
Saunders, 46, 47, 99. 
Savage, 156. 
Schomberg, 1 20. 
Scrivener, 15. 

Scudamore, 13, 17, 23, 33, 1 16. 
Seaborne, 12, 33. 
Seabury, 155. 
Sealy, 152. 
Seddon, 10. 
Selwyn, 161. 
Seward, 10. 
Shaftelhury, S. James, Reftory 

of, 131. 
Shaftefbury, S. Peter, Vicarage 

of, 57. 
Shaw, 87, 89, 90, 91, 99. 
Shaw Family, Portraits of, 91, 

97, 99- 
Shayle, 31. 
Shenton, 148. ' 
Shepheard, 145-147. 
Shepheard, 13, 76, 78. 
Sherborne, Dorfet, Plague at, 


Shergold, 46. 

Sheriff, 32. 

Sherfton, Vicarage of, 7, 1 36. 

Sherwell, 22. 

Shields, 158. 

Shipmeadow, Reftory of, 92. 

Shippen, 27. 

Short, 151. 

Shottefbrooke, Reftory of, 162. 

Sinclair, 109. 

Skinner, 18, 31. 

Skynner, 16, 21, 25, 33. 

Slingfby, 126. 



Smith, 8, 30, 31, 39, 45, 51, 

103, 152. 

Smyth, 101, 103. 

Sodbury, Little, Reftory of, 1 30, 

Somers, Ear], 1 6. 
Sop worth, Reftory of, 130, 161. 
Sparkes, 33. 
Spencer, 31, 151. 
Spitalfields, Reftory of, 28, 29. 
Spooner, 48. 

Stamford, Deanery of, 109. 
Stanley, 1 50. 
Stephens, 151. 
Stepney, Reftory of, 28. 
Stevenfon, 125. 
Stinsford, 103. 
Stirridge, 14. 
Stock, 10. 
Stocke, 34. 

Stowe, Reftory of, 151. 
Stratford, 162. 
Street, 53. 
Stretch, 52. 
Stretton, near Sugwas, Reftory 

of, 83, 147. 
Surgeons, R. College of, 58, 

60,61, no, 117, 127,133, 

137, 138, 147. 
Sutton, S. Nicholas, Reftory of, 

25, 26. 
Swinhoe, 153. 
Symonds, 108. 

Talland, Reftory of, 94. 
Tapfcott, 47. 
Tate, 109. 
Taylor, 71, 144. 
Templer, 149. 
Thomas, 39, 1 6 1 . 
Thorp, 94. 
Thurman, 135, 136. 
Tibberton, Manor of, 32. 
Tilfliead, Vicarage of, 152. 
Timmon, 153. 
Tinling, 150. 
Tinker, 22. 
Tipping, 149. 

Tollelbury, Vicarage of, 84. 

Tonfon, 6. 

Tory, 136. 

Tower, 48. 

Townley, 157. 

Townfhend, Lord, 92. 

Tregonwell, 11, 12. 

Trevor, 39. 

Trotman, 163. 

Truro, Reftory and Canonry 

of, 162. 
Tryft, 26. 
Tucker, 45, 52. 
Tupper, 1 37. 
Turner, 152. 
Turpin, 69. 
Tyderleigh, 12. 
Tytherington, Manor of, 161. 

Unett, 16, 33, 71. 

Upton Bifhop, Vicarage of, 21. 

Urchfont, Vicarage of, 152. 

Vandyke, Portraits by, 91, 97, 

Veyfie, 159, 160, 162. 
Viftoria Crofs, 95, 96. 

Wade, 158-159. 

Wade, 124, 154. 

Wainman, 148. 

Wake, 156. 

Wakley, 115. 

Walker, 45. 

Waltham, Great, Vicarage of, 

Waltham, White, Vicarage of, 

Walthew, I. 
Walwen, 10. 
Walwyn, 6, 25, 145-147. 
Wapley, Vicarage of, 161. 
Ward, 40. 
Ware, 8. 
Watkins, 100. 
Watfon, 27, 105, 106. 
Wa'tton, 135, 136. 

Watts, 21-25. 

Watts, 26. 

Wayte, 1 36. 

Weaver, 17, 33. 

Webb, 160. 

Webley, 21. 

Weleford, Reftory of, 8. 

Wellington, 39, 40. 

Wells, 9. 

Wells Cathedral, Prebend at, 

Wentworth, Lord, 89. 
Weftminfler School, 103. 
Wetherall, 158. 
Wheeler, 153, 157. 
Whewell, 112, 113. 
Whieldon, 148. 
White, 42, 149. 
Whitehall, King's Preacher at, 

88, 160. 
Whorwood, 149. 
Wicken, Reftory of, 151. 
Wickham, 30. 
Wilcot, Vicarage of, 45. 
Willaffon, 12, 33. 
Wilkinfon, 48. 
William III., Portraits of, 91, 

97, 98- 
Willis, 25, 34, 58. 
Wilfe, 7. 
Wilton, 12. 

Wilts, High Sheriff of, 33. 
Wimborne Grammar School, 

5 6 > 57. 136- 
Winch, 22. 
Winchcombe, 160. 
Winchefter College, 61, 66. 
Winchefter, Mavor of, 60. 
Winford, 100. 
Winterborne Moncton, Wilts, 

Vicarage of, 52, 56, 57. 
Witherftone, 23, 33. 
Withington, Manor of Nun- 

nington, 142. 
Wolsey, Cardinal, Portrait of, 

Woodborough, Reftory of, 122, 



Woodward, 153-156. 
Woodward, II, 124, 126, 159. 
Woodroff, 14. 
Wootton, Dorfet, P. C. of 

North, 128. 
Wootton Rivers, Re&ory of, 


Worcefter, Earl of, 90. 
Workington, Reftorv of, 

Wright, 149, 160. 
Wroughton, 45, 81. 
Wyatt, 109, 1 17. 
Wyllie, 55. 

Wylly, 163. 
66, J Wyneil-Mayow, 3. 
Wynter, 1 19. 

Yeatman, 160. 
Yetminfter, Vicarage of, 
Yorke, 150. 




' .